Month: December 2017

What to Ask When Selecting an Online Degree

Whether you planned to purse a distance learning program for a new job or to advance at your current work place, paying for your distance learning education is not as easy as you may think. However, addressing the right financial questions can save you from taking decisions that might...
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One Lucky Winner Receives €25,000 and Gets to Study in Amsterdam

Studying abroad does not always go as planned on paper even if you are scholarship awardee. But that does not have to discourage you as long as you know you can compete for the most generous scholarships around the globe. One of them is Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (AES) offered...
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Looking for funds for you online degree? Try applying to this $1,000 grant

Online students can get scholarships just like any other learner Online students are invited to apply to this $1,000 scholarship with a summer deadline offered by MyBioSource There are many benefits of obtaining your degree online. Perhaps the biggest one is flexibility. What differentiates, for example a masters degree...
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Pay for college with this easy-to-apply $1,000 scholarship

Getting a scholarship is a lot easier than it used to be Scholarships for students of accredited universities abound, but you need to make sure yours is accredited It’s one of every student’s worst nightmares: to have carefully investigated a school and enrolled in it, only to discover a...
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International Scholarship for Engineering Students

As an engineering student, learning is not really an easy task. It is an uphill task which most times might be frustrating. But a major frustrating factor is financial issues attached to university education. Students enrolled in online schools faces financial issues too. Internet courses are not always free....
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Save up to $5000 with the Master Nurse Leadership Scholarship

Whether you are a professional with a full-time commitment to work and family or a student willing to further his/ her education but burdened by the financial costs that come with being a student, University of Phoenix is waiting for you. The university was founded upon the vision of...
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