Is Online Education A Fit For You?

Before you submit your candidacy for a certain distance learning program, make sure that the online college and the distance learning degree are what you are looking for. Being enrolled in a distance learning education program is an enjoyable experience. But, what you need to keep in mind is that online education does not suit everyone. While some students enjoy the freedom of being an online education student others find themselves regretting the choice of enrolling in a distance learning education program. However, those who are happy with the decision of graduating a distance learning degree program share the following characteristics.

A successful online education student does not need to be assisted 

In case you are the type of person who performs well while being assisted by a teacher, distance learning education is not exactly the type of education you should look for. If you cannot motivate yourself, distance learning education is not the right place where you can test your skills. Some of the most successful online college students are self-motivated and set their personal goals.

A successful online college student has good reading comprehension skills      

Most people learn by paying attention to classes and take notes. A successful distance learning degree student is able to comprehend written materials without being guided by a teacher. If you know you need the guidance of a teacher in order to perform, distance learning education will not pay off.

A successful virtual student can concentrate eliminating all the distractions

Everyone faces distractions but not everyone manages to resist them. A successful online student does not mind that Facebook is opened and ringing every 5 minutes. Or in case it disturbs him/her he/she logs out. A successful online student will know how to filter the disturbances that threaten their success. They do not mind turning down an invitation somewhere or picking up the phone later.

Being an online student is demanding especially if you are not accustomed to do everything by yourself. Online learning is not for everyone and it should not be a shame. If offline education caters more to your needs but you do not have time to attend it properly, try part time courses. What matters in the end is to have a diploma that can guarantee your knowledge. Good luck with finding the appropriate classes for you regardless  and how where they are lectured.

  1. My name is mahamoud ahmed i am from somalia i have graduated from high school 2018 in somalia i am very interesting to get scholarship so please help me to get this scholarship

  2. I\’m Okuti Daniel from Uganda Christian University I would love to get scholarships for my Bachelors in public Administration and Management. Thanks God Bless you

  3. Hi, I\’m Leo from PNG. Would very much interested in taking up a scholarship, please inform me if there is a room available… Thanks…

  4. Am from Uganda and I would really wish to have a favour from you people for a scholarship online. because I cannot aford to come over there….

  5. I need part time courses no teacher guidance ,I would like to proceed with my second level bed course I did my first level on 2015 including teaching practice 1 and dropped out due to financial problems .Now my dream is to complete my course according to your support thank you.

  6. Can you help me study offline to study bachelors of business administration and also help me with funding

  7. I want a degree distance learning course but I don\’t want it on line ,so I need funds to help me pursue an offline program

  8. I\’m to be committed while undertaking my course of degree in education with geography and history as my subjects of concern

  9. I am willing to take up any challenges that comes on my way.
    And I am interested in Study Law online with any University\’s in the US.
    I need your consideration and assistance for my studies.
    Thank you
    Hendick Henzilzs Silien

  10. I am tsegab niguse livng in ethiopia i want this scholar. My parents pass many thinges to make me a student i want to make them proud of me thamk you

  11. Thanks , all above are correct i will be truly committed, i will have to do so

    warm regards
    Katiba palek theng

  12. I am an Eritrean refugee living in Sudan
    And graduated by comprehensive nursing &mid wifery in my home country.I have great desire for upgrading my field

  13. Thanks more for ur constructive advice what I have to do to be succesful student( not to depend on others)

  14. Hi I am Eritrean refugee currently living at Sudan refugee camp and graduated in civil engineering. My desire to have ms in environmental engineering. Unless I would like to take other course.
    Thanks for everything.

  15. I\’m applying this bursary because I want to reach my dream and fulfil it by studying at University… 2019

  16. Well I can hear all of this my problem is that am currently studying in South African at Durban university of technology. I want to have this scholarship for another partime degree can you show me the choices of schools where I can make m degree….please

  17. I have apply this bursary because I want to reach my dream and fulfil it by studying at University….

  18. I am mahat Abdirashid Ali a Somali refugee living in dadab refugee camp and completed certificate in community health and development in north coast medical training college and need further study
    Thanks .

  19. Is it possible to apply for the distance learning programme while I wait for the scholarships to study.I want to know

  20. Hi, my name is Goni Nassir I am a refugee from the Central African Republic and I wanted to study them but I do not have any means for studying, please help me, I give them the UNHCR card the same

  21. is it possible to apply for distance learning program while waiting for full-time scholarship thanks I appreciate if you reply so to know the next line of action

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