Month: October 2017

Skye Foundation Offers Ph.D. Scholarships in South Africa

Established in 1997 by the Zylstra Family Trust, the Skype Foundation has been involved in supporting young and promising Ph.D. students in South Africa and abroad. Thus, annually, a certain number of scholarships go to South African Ph.D. students who have distinguished themselves academically and have been nominated for...
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Best Tips for Winning Online and Offline College Scholarships

Offline or online college classes, both allow you the possibility to undertake them being financed by a fully or partially funded scholarship. What would you prefer, spending hours applying for useful scholarships or paying off student loan debts? I guess we all know the answer. So, here are some...
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Felix Scholarships for Indian and Non-Indian Students

Outstanding students from India have been given the opportunity to shine even brighter benefitting of Felix Scholarships at the University of Oxford, the University of Reading, and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). Felix scholarships have been a big support for students since 1991. Securing one of...
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Associate degree students apply to win this $12,500 grant

Get funding for your associate degree with the grant offered by TheDream.US Associate degree students can also secure funding for their education, they just need to find and apply for associate degree scholarships There are many variables involved in whether a person attends college and one of them is...
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Military-friendly Online Schools Offering Scholarships

If you are in search of military-friendly online schools offering scholarships of all sorts, there are lots of options to choose from. Taking college education online can be one of the smartest moves you can make in your academic life. For online schools, there are lots to choose from...
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The Open University, A Different Type Of Online Education

If you are seeking a respected UK qualification but you cannot afford to travel all the way to the UK, you must consider other alternatives. Possessing a UK qualification is like having a key to a big house you are about to own which is precisely your future career....
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Do You Want to Know How do Online Classes Work?

You have decided your mind weighing your current situation and you intend to be an online student. Compared with the traditional classes, online classes are quite different and this difference resides in attending them, completing the online course assignments, being instructed online, communicating online with your teachers and many...
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Trends in Education: Distance learning vs Traditional Education

The last years have been showing a job market which is extremely competitive. Employees who wish to be more competitive in their current positions or want to make a successful career change opt for advancing their education. Nowadays, more people are returning to school than ever before and among...
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