Citizens of Developing Countries Will Benefit of master’s and Training Programs in Belgium

If you are a national of a developing country who holds a Bachelor’s degree or wishes to deepen his professional skills in a development-related theme, Belgium has some proposals for you. The ARES’s specialized training and master’s courses allow you the chance to attend a one-year master’s or a training course available between 4 to 6 months in an institution of the Fédération Walonie-Bruxelles in Belgium.

If you are not familiarized with what ARES does and is, allow us to tell you that ARES is an organization of public interest supported financially by the Federation Wallonie-Bruxile lles and brings together 127 higher education institutions which can be all checked here https://www.ares-ac.be/en/etudes-superieures/etablissements Among the institutions, there are 25 universities, 16 art colleges, and 86 higher education institutions of social advancement.

ARES offers you alternatively the possibility to apply for a scholarship as well. What kind of financial support is? Annually, ARES offers an average of 150 scholarships in the framework of the master’s programs and 70 scholarships distributed to training programs to citizens belonging to the countries of South.

The amount for a master’s scholarship covers the following:

  • International travel fees, in economy class on an IATA company, max one round trip/ academic year;
  • Living allowance which is 899€ per month;
  • Indirect mission fees, 150 € awarded per year stay, upon arrival of the awardee;
  • Arrival allowance which is 550 €, a unique amount awarded at the beginning of the first stay within the framework of the master’s scholarship;
  • Tuition fees, 500 € amount awarded per year stay upon the arrival of the awardee;
  • Insurance fees paid by ARES;
  • Accommodation allowance which is 389€ per month.

For a full list including the benefits offered by ARES, you can consult the following link https://www.ares-ac.be/en/cooperation-au-developpement/scholarships/masters-and-training-programmes-in-belgium#01-amount-for-a-master-s-scholarship. Here also, you can find the amount you can receive if you enroll in a training program.

The application form can be found at this link https://www.ares-ac.be/en/cooperation-au-developpement/scholarships/masters-and-training-programmes-in-belgium#03-application-form where it should be downloaded and filled. However, before applying for a scholarship it is best if you check the eligibility criteria established by ARES. Applying for an ARES scholarship is free. ARES will not charge you any amount at any stage of the application process. In case you have any questions about how to apply or others related to ARES Master’s and training programs, you can address them at maryvonne.aubry@ares-ac.be.

  1. Je m\’appelle chafiyeh issa Ragueh au djibouti je suis intéressé a étudier en master en commerce internationale. Je n\’ai pas suffisamment de fonds pour soutenir mes étude a l\’etranger s\’il vous plaît aidez-moi a atteindre mon objectif en fournissant une bourse entièrement financé

  2. I am Wali Ullah from Dhaka,Bangladesh. I am interested to study Master in International Relation or Criminology. I haven\’t sufficient fund to support my study abroad. If you help me, i must be able to study Belgium.

  3. My name is Caterina Pajume Cossa. I am interested to study Master in Applied Child Psychology, HR Management or Public Policy, but I have no funds to support my studies. Please help me to fulfil my goal by providing a fully funded scholarship.
    Kind Regards
    Caterina Pajume Cossa.

  4. I am from Ethiopia I have degree in department management now I am study master I am a poor family please help me hope Will get the response soon

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