The University of Southern Queensland is Supporting Online Distance Learners by offering a $2000 Bursary

The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) is renowned for its leading reputation as one of the best provider of on-campus and distance education programs. More than 75%of students are undertaking online classes and this means that the university’s external education resources lead the way. USQ is committed to provide high quality learning experiences which are delivered through an educated stuff, advised on course content and delivery and professional learning systems.

Starting with Semester 3, 2017, the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) will offer bursaries to distance learner international students interested to undertake an online program at Queensland. The University recognizes the fact that support should be offered to everyone whether they are offline or online students.

Moreover, the university extends the award’s categories so that undergraduate, postgraduate and research students will have equally a chance to win. Also, students across areas of study can apply also as this bursary is available, in equal measure, for students studying law or IT. Students can consult the official website https://www.usq.edu.au where they will find the list of available online classes where they can submit their application.

The worth of the value is $2000 and the prize will be credited directly to the winner’s account as a contribution towards his/her tuition fees. Eligible for this bursary are international students who have not been sponsored so far. In order to receive the $2000 bursary, international students must hold an offer from USQ.

Students will be considered for this bursary based on the info which will be provided by the applicants and approved by USQ International. The admission process consists of completing the USQ International Student Application. The following link will provide a step by step guide on how to apply to USQ https://www.usq.edu.au/study/international/apply. Every aspect is explained so that students will not meet any inconvenience along their path. Entrants will have to submit also a transcript of their academic achievements such as high school report cards or post-secondary academic history results or transcripts as applicable.

The closing date for the application is November 10th 2017. For further information students can use the following email internationa@usq.edu.au to send their inquiries to. IMPORTANT NOTE! Sending an email to internationa@usq.edu.au does not count as a step in securing the USQ bursary. Only if the criteria are met and the necessary documents are uploaded, only then a student completes the application process.

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