Be Part of the Nigerian Scholarships in 2018

We are all eager to learn today, and that is why we seek the help of institutions, technologies, friends and family if it is a matter of money. You will be quite pleased with the possibilities and the motley bunch of ideas that have been floated out there in the hopes of boosting education to the point where it is a reliable and accessible mode of learning for everyone.

Many things can be garnered from the current state of affairs, but one thing we know for sure is that costs can be a bit more acceptable or that at least students who demonstrate brilliant academic merit can be given an easier admission.

Instead of doing that, universities today are operating based on their own internal rules. They will request people not only based on their merit but their family’s purchasing power and that is just undermining everyone’s faith in learning.

You will yourself quickly become cognisant of the simple fact that rigorous training may soon uproot academic merit and the fact that someone attended a better school.

Even Ivy League colleges these days are giving preference to candidates who have attended better high schools, and that is understandable as the standards there are more rigorous.

However, there is a lot that can be done for candidates to assess their individual merit without involving how prepared they are to meet the monetary criteria that inevitably come hand in hand with applying for any institution that has distinguished itself in the world of higher learning.

You will be offered so many opportunities and so much good advice as long as you are willing to take it and to act on it. We believe that there are opportunities for everyone and all individuals of academic merit should be given a chance.

One of the best way to balance today between our busy lifestyles and desire to study is perhaps through the online associate degree, which will truly help us attain the results we have always hoped for.

As busy individuals, we will do well to ensure that an online associate degree is the way to go when it comes to studies as well as handling our personal life well. With an online school, you can most certainly sign up for all sorts of schools out there. Specific scholarships are also available.

You will be quite pleased to explore all possible options at your own leisure.

  1. Please offer me a scholarship to study in Nigeria I am a Cameroonian
    I will like to study food science as a biochemist masters degree

  2. I wish to do master degree in agriculture and I did a bachelor degree in science (agriculture )and education of Busitema university uganda

  3. I am currently pursuing a bachelor\’s degree in nursing in Busitema University, Uganda and will be honoured to be sponsored in Nigeria. Thank you

  4. It would be greatly appreciated if I am given a chance to benefit in this Scholarship program

  5. Alemayehu Fanta from Ethiopia, I have BA in civic education from hawassa university now I want to improve my boss in any related field of Master\’s degree if you give the chance to me

  6. I urgently need a scholarship to do Doctorate degree in Public health in LUTH where l was taken as supernumerary

  7. Am adeleke David student of Adeleke university mass communication department I would be happy if I can get scholarship to study further thanks for your usual cooperation

  8. I am looking for MA scholarship or if i can get sponsorship and pursue my MA in my country, I am from Ethiopia, specifically, from Gambella Region in Western Ethiopia.

  9. I need the scholarship please. I have passion to learn at contributing towards the economic development of the nation

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