Month: May 2017

A few reasons why you may not be shortlisted for a scholarship

Applying for a scholarship is an intensive process which requires full involvement. It is a commitment that you are in charge of your future. That is why applying for a scholarship should be treated accordingly. If not, the chances are that you will not be shortlisted. What does “shortlisted”...
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Coventry University awards the Future Global Leaders Scholarships

Striving to be successful by being dedicated to learning is the first step in securing a scholarship abroad. The students who share this particular mentality are awarded by the Coventry University, United Kingdom, and have the chance to learn without many financial efforts. Enterpresing and ambitious students are welcomed...
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Tips that will ease your study abroad. Part two

In the previous article, we have shed a a light on the first three aspects you, as an international student, should have them checked. Now, let’s see which are the following aspects you should put on your ”to-do list” in order to have a smooth stay abroad. 4. Purchase...
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University of People, an online tuition-free university for all

Education is the fundamental aspect in which University of People is entrusting its philosophy, perceiving it as a basic right. The access to higher education is an extremely important key which encourages a both economically and morally developed world. Hence, University of People is supporting students across the globe...
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The MEXT Scholarship Programs

Under the Japanese Government, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology (MEXT) is awarding scholarships to international undergraduate students who would like to study at prestigious Japanese universities. The host institutions are the Universities in Japan. Fields of study Those who are interested to study in Japan...
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Women of the Future Scholarships

The “Essex experience” is the equivalent of pushing the limits, an experience that all European and international students have embraced it during their period of study at Essex University, United Kingdom. Essex has a long history of welcoming students from all over the world into its global community. The...
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Tips that will ease your study abroad. Part one

Congrats! You have been accepted to study abroad and now you are planning the whole adventure preparing both yourself and the required documents, for a safe trip. However, the first question that pops into your head is: ”what should I pack for my travel?” followed by ”what are the...
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Deakin STEM Scholarship for International Students

Deakin University, Australia has more than 40 years of experience as one of ”Australia’s leading tertiary education providers” winning numerous awards. Deakin University has a number of 53.000 students who anually are offered world-class programs and limitless opportunities. The university is helping the innovators of today to achieve their...
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Nicolas Baudin Grants

The French Government will select this year international students, Australian and permanent residents, and New Zealand citizens as potential recipients for the Nicolas Baudin Travel Grant. This travel grant is aimed to encourage students to undertake study, research or professional development in France. The Travel Grant was named after...
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