Deakin STEM Scholarship for International Students

Deakin University, Australia has more than 40 years of experience as one of ”Australia’s leading tertiary education providers” winning numerous awards. Deakin University has a number of 53.000 students who anually are offered world-class programs and limitless opportunities. The university is helping the innovators of today to achieve their potential and go beyond it, whether these inovators are European or International. Hence, Deakin University is offering the STEM scholarship – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – for international students.

More about STEM scholarship

The STEM scholarship is a 20% scholarship offered to international students who are applying for undergraduate and postgraduate courseworks in the following disciplines: Architecture and Built Environment, Engineering, Information Technology, Science or Environment. The Deakin University is renowned as a globally connected university which owns 5 popular offline and online campuses; the online campus is called ”Cloud Campus”. Also, Deakin is known as a ”technology – rich learning centre”.

Students eligible to receive the STEM scholarship

1. The citizens from Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan or Sri Lanka

2. The students who meet the eligibility requirements for their course, including the English language requirements.

3. The students who maintain a WAM (weighed average mark) of at least 65% during each year of study so that they can maintain the scholarship for the following year.

4. The students who will be studying an undergraduate or postgraduate in Architecture, Construction Management, Engineering, Environment, Information Technology or Science. The STEM scholarship is also availabe for the Research Master of Science. Check the available disciplines here: http://www.deakin.edu.au/

5. The students who will achieve the relevant scores for their current program as detailed in the link below: http://www.deakin.edu.au/courses/scholarships/find-a-scholarship/deakin-stem-scholarship Scroll down and read the undergraduate or postgraduate entry requirements depending on your current academic situation.

The value and duration of the STEM scholarship

The STEM scholarship is 20% of the student’s tuition fees. The payment will be applied to the student’s free record after each applicable census date. However, the recipients must continue to meet the eligibility requirements during their Deakin studies in order to receive the STEM scholarship.

The deadline

The opening date of the STEM scholarship is now open for Trimester 2, 2017, which is July 10. The closing date is Trimseter 3, 2018, which is November 6.

Find out how to apply

The students who are sharing an interest in the STEM scholarship do not need to fill an additional scholarship application form. All the students who will apply for the mentioned courses will be assesed automatically for the scholarship nd will be also advised of the outcome.

Please visit the links from below and read how to apply as an undergraduate or postgraduate



We wish you the best of luck!

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