George Brown College has invested $126.000 in the George Brown College Degree Scholarships for international students

If studying, living, learning and working in the heart of Canada is one of your biggest dreams then George Brown College is the perfect spot to mold your academic and personal future. The college is based in Toronto and offers you the great possibility to gain insight into work experience during your studies. As an international student you will be valued as a member of George Brown community formed by students from across the world. Citizens from more than 100 countries have opted for pursuing the programs at George Brown College in an attempt to benefit of the best high-quality education.

Currently, George Brown College is offering in-program awards considering the academic performances of the students after they have begun the academic programs. 31 George Brown College Degree Scholarships valued at $126.000 are awarded to eligible returning students in full-time post-secondary programs, diploma or degree. For the fall competitions, 14 scholarships worth $5000 and 17 worth $1.000 will be awarded, while during winter competition, 6 worth $5,000 and 9 worth $1,000 will be awarded. What does it mean a returning student? The student who wishes to return to the university after an absence is a returning student.

Below are the closing dates for both the competitions

For Fall competition, the closing date is September 30th and the winners will be announced by October 31st. For Winter competitions, the closing date is January 22nd and the winners will be announced by February 28th.

What are the eligibility criteria?

You need to be an international student who holds a valid Study Permit. You also have to be registered in a full-time 2, 3 or 4-year diploma or degree program. Your minimum cumulative GPA has to be 3.5 prior to current semester and it is mandatory that you have completed two consecutive semesters of study.

It is also mandatory to have participated in valuable activities for students or your academic department. You are not considered eligible in case you have been previously awarded a scholarship from George Brown College.

How to apply for the George Brown College Degree Scholarships?

You need to apply online for International Centre scholarship through STU-VIEW. You need to be enrolled full-time in a program as an International Student. Access the following link http://stuview.georgebrown.ca/. In case you have questions about the scholarships, feel free to submit them at awards@georgebrown.ca.

IMPORTANT NOTES! You will be notified only if you were successful. The awards are part of your taxable income for the year. Only if you are a returning student and meet the eligibility criteria, you will be considered eligible.

The recipients will be selected by a committee established by the College and the decision cannot be appealed.

  1. Hi Sir, my name is Ibrahim Mosto Conteh and i a Sierra Leonean by nationality. This is just to inform you that i have beenoffered a conditional admission at Spokane Falls Community College to pursue a BSc program in Prosthetics and Orthotics.I will be offeredfull admission upon presentation of sufficient financial support and for this reason therefore i shall be most grateful if you could finacially support me in order to pursue this course. Contact me in my email : enablesaloneworkshop@gmail.com or in my WhatsApp number + 232 76 82 38 48

  2. hi ,my name is Issa Conteh.I am a first class degree holder in geology.I would like to do project planning and management in all geology related project abroad.

  3. Dear Sir
    It so my desire to complete my first degree abroad most especially from a school like this. I really need this scholarship to study.
    This is my phone number+231776274670

  4. Hi Pete
    I am Sorry to respond late but I am really interested to take a degree course at george brown college under the canadian sponsorship.

    Cheers john.

  5. Hi there,
    Thank you for the information and I am interested to be an international student at st George college under this Canadian sponsor.

    Thanks john

  6. Hi I am Zehraa H.S. from Iraq . I want to study medicin in your college please. I have a high rank in my secondary school. The average degree is 94.7 out of 100. I need your help to study in the college of medicin and I am a female and I have not money to complete my study . Thank you so much.

  7. Hi my name is Abdi Ibrahim. I am from Ethiopia. I would like to get this opportunity to learn at your University. Please! contact me.. 251921363028

  8. hello,
    I am HICUMUNSI Evariste from Rwanda i come from a poor family and i would like your offer to study in this school if i have that chance i will do what ever to promote the power of that school. thx

  9. Hi my name is Lethokuhle ngcobo i allready finish at school but my parent can\’t afford to pay my studies i coming from poor family i need help.your concern will be greatful

  10. my name is Sianeh B.Mulbah,i\’m a Liberian.I would like to have this opportunity to in study in this college.

  11. Hi my name is Habtamu Bekele. I ma from Ethiopia. I would like to learn my education in your Univeristy. My dream is to become Certfied Accountant.
    please! contact+251961458651

  12. Good morning George Brown College
    I am very very much interested in this Educational Scholarship offered by your very prestigious Institution. I therefore say may the Almighty God continue to bless and provide thus protect you all in Jesus name.

  13. I appreciate this offers and really I want to continue with my studies out, having a Degree in special education and 5months training in brail I want to learn more on disabilities of children. If there is a university with this offer there
    Thanks Lawrence

  14. thank you for having this platform to learn online for success in my life. how can i be considered this noble cause?

  15. Am ubor uzodinma john from Nigeria, through with my national youth service Corp graduated with second class upper division under
    Logistics now looking opportunity this
    there, in Europe to further my education. Will be glad if I receive a prompt and favourable reply from u.

  16. I am a Kenyan and really financial unstable to join the university even though I was called to Kenyatta University…
    I will be glad if I get the qualifications and the scholarship

  17. Am interested to apply for the scholarship how should I go about please…
    I can be glad to have it

  18. Hi my name is Kamaru Isaka a Tanzanian i would like to join the university but i cant afford the contributions needed at the university.My phone number is 0653067185.Thanks

  19. I am a seventeen year old girl interested in education and will really apreciate this scholarship,i am a science student..thank you

  20. I pray you to give me this scholarship to pursue my studies in Master at Canada.
    I wish to continu it but me and my parents have no money. So, help me please

  21. My name is Alexander wei, I\’m a Liberian who is twenty six years of age reading nursing at the united Methodist university here in Liberia. It has been two semesters now that I\’m not going to school because of tuition. My dream is like dying and my hope of becoming a pharmacist is appearing also like dying but I thank God that you came for my rescue. I really need this your scholarship. My numbers:+231777252438/+231886367162

  22. Dear george,iwould be pleased if you could consider my request for sponsorship for internalship in business administration.ilook forward to hear from you.


  24. am Solomon Maonga i wish i go high with Education but dont have money to sponsor myself if that opportunity please consider me.

  25. Hie
    I have got a son in cyprus who did his first year degree in IT but I dont have a job now and I cannot afford to pay for his tuition fees. Is it possible for him to get funding from your scholarships

  26. hello , It\’s me Rekik from horn of Africa Ethiopia, before now i will attend journalism and communication degree program from recognize Universty in Ethiopia . my keen interest up grade my educational status and to achieve my goal . how ever , currently its difficult to obtain my goal. because of luck of many, i am coming the poor family in Africa, my parents can\’t afford to pay it. if i get a chance i will achieve more
    my contact adress 251911970567,

    with regards

  27. Wish to apply I pray am granted the opportunity and to be successful but the problem now is financing it.I don\’t have money to do all that is required

  28. I really like Canada, its safe and quiet. Tho, i never hear about people in Canada complaining.
    I would really love to take this golden opportunity.
    Imagine myself walking in the sstreets of toronto

  29. Hi George Brown College my name is Sannia bibi from pakistan I wanna get scholarship for MS in bioinfomatics plz help me i m waiting for your kind reply

  30. Greetings, my name is Hazel ,I am a Zimbabwean d currently residing in South Africa.I so wish to pursue a degree in Economics but i have financial problems. I am currently at looking for money to pursue my dream career and i hope you will be able to assist me.I will be so grateful to get a scholarship to Canada or Australia or any other country where they offer economics studies.

  31. To George Brown College:
    Am Doreen Njoki I completed my high school studies on 2015. Am interested in pursuing Bachelor\’s in BA Business Administration in your school. I hope that you consider me.
    Doreen njoki

  32. I am Lami Megersa,I live in Ethiopia,I work in Haragu Farmers Cooperative Union on the position of Vice Manager,and I study Agribusiness Management by BSC. And I really want to go GEORGE BROWN COLLEGE,and study in Canada and I want to achieve my dream—-hope to receive a positive answer from you.

  33. I Abeid Millanzi, I from Tanzania in Mtwara Region, Masasi Disrtrict. I would like to Study Masters course in Monitoring and Evaluation, or Masters in Planning Management in Canada, Australia or Nether land. Please help me to get Full sponsorship or means of getting sponsorship. Thanks.

  34. I wold like to study in your collage for the course of Monitoring and Evaluation. what i miss is full sponsorship. please help me to be sponsored. Thanks in advance

  35. Bye, there my name\’s Abdi Aden and I live in djibiuti located (east Africa) so, I need scholarship university however I thankful to accepted my demanded so meanwhile, what supposed to do now and also in my point I need help for future education

  36. I am from Nepal . I want to study in Australia through help of schoolarship how l can get your suport ? And what is the way??

  37. I am a senior school graduate from The Gambia
    I would like to get scholarship to study at your university

  38. Hi my name is Reinhertz Patuan Arifin Situmorang from Indonesia. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts , major in English. I would like to pursue a Master degree. my dream of obtaining higher education is my passion but due to the financial situation of my family , i m finding it so difficult to obtain this dream , if i m considered this offer it will be a dream come true. Currently I am teaching the senior high school in my country (Jakarta) .

  39. Me I have completed my senior six and I would like to know whether I can also compete for the scholarship!

  40. Hi my name is Daddy Nsenga Mpinga from D.R.Congo.I am living in south Africa as an asylum seeker because of the war that is not ending in my country as the whole world knows.my dream is to pursue my studies in medical sciences.That\’s why I am asking George Brown college to assist me to reach my goal.



  43. I am annah setake from south Africa I would like to study information technology there but money is the problem

  44. Hello my name is Madieu A Turay, I am an undergraduate student i may like to be pert of this scholarship but I am living in Sierra Leone.

  45. Hello am TWIJUKYE INNOCENT. I was born from a poor family in Uganda, my uncle has been paying my tuition up to the bachelors degree(Business Administration) from Mbarara university of science and technology but unfortunately he is not willing to pay for my masters and I have too much passion to develop my career by doing a masters in Business Administration. I very much appreciate you merciful people from George Brown for you are providing an opportunity to the less fortunate. I will be very grateful if am considered as one of the beneficiaries of the program. Thanks.
    contact; 0788653402

  46. I am Innocent Bandecha and Malawian by nationality. In addition Iam a university student at mzuzu university in Malawi and is where I am studying bachelor of arts in Geography and History and I am expecting to going in level two. But as amatter of fact, I am indeed in financial challenge to go further with my studies and there is tension that my future is at serious drawback following fees problem. So my request is at scholarship so that I can finish my studies without any challenge. Please consider me.

  47. Hi I am maniselvi.N 19 years old from India I like to complete my Post graduation but my dream is break because due to financial problem so I need your help for complete my degree please help me..

  48. I am Mngco Luyanda, I am currently syudying bcom accounting at tertiary instutition, but its difficult to study because of insufficient fund to pay my fees.

  49. hello i am Ihimbazwe Berthrand Honore iwould like to be one of your members in your college with your assistance

  50. i like to study in canada but i have no money . can you give me scholarship for higher education ….. recently i complete my DAE
    my contact number is +923149136997

  51. I am Adam Abdikadir Abdirahman 18yrs old from Somali actually I am coming from the poor family background. I really need a full scholarship because my family can’t afford to pay it.
    Please help me ok
    my contact: +252618121268

  52. Greetings
    My name is Mary mbue am a Cameroonian 18 years old please I will like to pursue my higher education but the schooling prob in my country won\’t let me and also financial problems I will be very grateful if u can help me.

  53. My name is Abel Girmai. I am from Eritrea east African country. I do have bachelor degree in anthropology and archaeology and diploma in accounting from Eritrea. I do have an interest in your scholarship. Am I eligible to study? Thank you for your response

  54. I am trying to get the scholarship but I can\’t access through your account. Please help me.
    Thank you
    Seal Becket Kaogo

  55. Hey my name is yasir and I am from Pakistan and I want to start my first year of college in George degree college please allow me a scholarship I will be give you the entry test but financial situation does not allow me to do this please I will be very thankful to you

  56. I\’m Edwin T. H. Saliky the age of 19 years I\’m a high school graduate of the John Joseph High school. I applied before for this scholarship but I have not hearing anything about it.I want to study Human resources but I don\’t have support. I\’m kindly asking the administration for assistant so that I can become somebody in the future. Intentionally your, Edwin Saliky.

  57. The George Brown\’s College is doing great by investing $126.000 for we the international students, to do a Degree Course. We\’ll be very grateful if we\’ll be selected for this Scholarship. Thank you.

  58. All those who want to study in India on 70% partial scholarship fees per year its $400 i\’ll will help you to get admission letter please may you kindly send email on theochancellor@gmail.com or to contact me on +918122668973 on whatsapp me on +263718262927 i thank you.

  59. Am Theo maliro from Malawi my dreams to pesue a high career and education but due to porvety in my country I find it difficult to continue please help me

  60. thanks for your good cooperation,as i want to take admission in scholarship bases. i hope that my application will be consider.

  61. My name is Nosipho.I am a 17 year old black female. I am currently in grade 12 in one of the high schools in South Africa-KwaZulu Natal- at Nondenisa Secondary school. I am looking for a bursary/ a scholarship for my studies next year in Medicine as my first choice,chemical Engineering and computer engineering.

  62. Hi….am Bryton from Kenya…am financially strained but have got a passion to pursue my dream career.. Please consider my problem

  63. Good morning.
    I am a teacher educator from Myanmar. I have completed a master degree in education specializing in guidance and counselling in 2015. I am 51years old and I have 28 year services in various posts (primary teacher 11 years; lower secondary teacher 6 years; principal of primary school; secondary teacher 4 years; tutor at education college 2 years). I would like to do PhD but my financial situation cannot alllow me to continue my study. I will be very glad and grateful if I can be received scholarship. I will contribute my knowledge and skill to my pupils ann I try my best for my country.
    Thanks a lot

  64. hi admin,
    i am a ugandan qualified in sports science with hands on group instruction ,personal training with great interest in coaching and health club management,seeking for achance to work and study in canada,
    thinks for you time and consideration looking forward to hearing from you .

  65. Hello I see you\’re advartismant in your website I would love to continuo my study in your college I am in11th class please help me

  66. thanks for this offer but i humbly request you to give me afull scholarship so that i can pursue with my studies because icant afford that payments but i want to study

  67. How can i apply.i am living in Ethiopia.the network is so poor.so i can\’t apply it easily.is there any others methods to get this chance.please help me and get me on imo,viber,whatsapp or normal call +251920401124

  68. I am Mohamed Fayenah Sesay . I am in search of fully sponsored scholarship that will enable me trained and qualified project planing and Management.
    Cell Number: +231-777-720-440. E-mail: mohamedsesay350@yahoo. Com

  69. Greetings,

    My name is Marlyse YESSOUFOU, native of Benin Republic, West Africa. I am a holder of Bachelor Diplome in Tourism. However, by the same time, I have been practising Conference Interpreting without Degree for more than 20 years now.
    Well, in order in continue in this last field I prefer, I have been requested a Master in Conference Interpreting French English. I will appreciate a lot to be granted such a scholarship in order to be able to fulfill my dream.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
    Many thanks in advance.

    Marlyse YESSOUFOU

  70. Hi,my name is mezieobi Vivian alexia I\’m so glad that a platform like this has been created to help students like us to study courses of our choices, I\’d be really glad if I be given the chance to study nursing at George brown college. Happiness would be an understatement, if I do get the opportunity. Thanks

  71. Hi. i am farah batool from Pakistan. i am looking for fully funded scholarship to accomplish my studies.i will be very glad if i would be assisted.
    contact number: +923009214924

  72. I would love to study forestry if Iam gives chance currently I have diploma in agro forestry which I struggled a midist heavy war in our region

  73. I am Theresa P Neewray and I am from Liberia; I have been praying and hoping that one day God will grant my request of studying abroad; thank God for George Brown College Degree Scholarship and I pray to be apart of it. My # 0770378068/0888284859

  74. Good morning, my name Nwachukwu Chimaobi Gerald, am 19 years From Imo State Nigeria, l would like to pursue my higher education in the field of Medicine, Nursing or Biochemistry but my financial situation cannot allow me to obtain an undergraduate certificate. I am deeply requesting for a scholarship at George Brown College to allow me to meet up my goals in life.
    My Details are as follows:
    NAME: Nwachukwu Chimaobi Gerald
    PHONE: +2347065953592

  75. Good morning, my name is Taiwo from Nigeria, need more info on how to apply for this scholarship online as an international student without making any payment, I\’ll be glad if I\’m being favoured, thanks.

  76. God\’s Name be Praised because of You-Matthew25:31-40!
    As usual I am not fit for the Sponsorship because of my age of 67 yrs! Kindly allow me Introduce to You My Son
    Dembe HHerbert, he is finishing his Senior Secondly this Year Next Year he will be entering University, he is interested in Wildlife and Tourism!
    May the Almighty God enable You Consider him and You reserve that Opportunity for the Sponsorship in George Brown University in Canada!
    This will be the Best Support accorded to our third world remote community, here deep in Eastern Uganda-Proverb22:9! Thank You for Your Side Parental Consideration and being Concerned about us the unknown citizens of the world! He will be returning after Studies! We are looking forward to hearing from You

  77. Hi, my name is Endale Yifru Belachew, i am graduated in undergraduate program of applied Biology in Woldia university, Ethiopia. I have cGPA 3.82 so, if i have a chance to earn my MSc in any biology related courses please contact me. thank you for your continues help.

  78. i am a Zimbabwean teacher who has just completed a masters degree in education specialising in languages. i am awaiting the dissertation results only. i would want to do my PhD, unfortunately i do not have money to finance my education. i am a willing to be an academic and have the determination to further my studies. i an man aged 45 with two kids and a lovely wife. i am a teacher at a high school called Mpopoma high school in Zimbabwe, in Africa.
    Mhlupeki Gift Cube

  79. my Zelalem Kefyalew Gesesse, am from Ethjiopia, my dream of obtaining master degree in business administration and management is my passion. But, I don\\’t have money due to financial crisis in my country. I will be very glad and greatful if I can be assited. I will contribute my skill to them best knowledge of my ability to work for them country. Thanks . My contact number is +251920288601

  80. I have completed my high my name is mahder mohammed osman omer from Eritrea.now at this rime I want to continue my study up to university.I have financail problems so could you help me to abtain this scholarship. Thanks ako

  81. hii iam from Ethiopia ihave frist degree in Water & soil management know iam looking for master degree in Water resource engineering.

  82. Hi my name is Robert from Cameroon, my dream of obtaining higher education is my passion but due to the financial constraint in my country i am finding it so hard to obtain this dream. If this opportunity is given to me, this will be a dream come true and i am to abide to the growth and a good ambassador for the school.

  83. Good morning, I am from Somalia. I interested in this colleage and I would like to be part of the scholarship.
    Thank you

  84. My name is Theresa by name am 18, I really want to study oversea where I can gain more experience in becoming a lawyer. I want you to help me the best way you can in making my dreams come true. Thank you.

  85. Hi George Brown College!
    I am Luis Joaquinho, a Mozambican Medical Physician trained locally and now I really want to go and study in Canada and I want your assistance to achieve my dream…hope to receive a positiva answer from you.

    Best regards,

    Luis Joaquinho

  86. I\’m born in poor family we are three in family ,single mother ,my mother is jobless ,even if in formthree and four most of time I wasn\’t in school lack of school fee,even my mother became sick(bp) my mother she is struggle with my small brother who is in form one kin

  87. Hi am getahun from ethiopia 24 years old i finish bsc degree i interest upgread relat course pleas contact me

  88. My name is Mary mbue a Cameroonian by nature I want to obtain my high school degree bUT due to the strikes in my country schools are not functioning any more and also lack of money for school fees even when schools were functioning so pls I need a scholarship to help me make my future brighter and make my family and my self proud. Thanks hoping for the best

  89. I want to do a PHD in either Political Science or Religious and Moral studies. So give me a free scholarship to complete the course. I am the founder of Global Government and Global Moral Religion with 9 books all to come out next year. I have got 9 books at hand. Respond to me.

  90. Hello, my name is Neba Kalvin,
    I wish to further my studies in agricultural science but I don\’t have the means, please can I get a scholarship program for it?

  91. What can you do to a poor man like me who is interested in studies but lives on one dollar a Day. That means,i can not afford any Tuition. Please,be considerate and give me this opportunity. Thank you.

  92. my name is Owoseni Abiodun Dada, am from Nigeria, my dream of obtaining master degree in business administration and management is my passion. But, I don\’t have money due to financial crisis in my country. I will be very glad and greatful if I can be assited. I will contribute my skill to them best knowledge of my ability to work for them country. Thanks . My contact number is +2348133462979

  93. Am Burton Damson Mlimbila, wishing to study in your country from Tanzania but the problem is financial status.

  94. Dear management,
    Greetings to you. Am a 39 year old male from Uganda submitting my request to find out about your scholarship degree online. i did ordinary and Advanced certificates of education of Uganda. i did philosophy and some religious studies in the university of the seminary in Uganda but i did not finish. could you please help me to get some money in order to finish my studies under your programs.
    i would like to pursue a degree online under your programs in the field of Arts like, Public administration, Leadership, counselling and guidance, Humanities, peace religion and conflict resolution, and project management etc, if they are under your programs
    yours in Christ,
    Caesar Alengo

  95. Hi i would wish to be part of the scholarship but as a full time student not online. I did certificate in nursing before I will wish to continue with medical courses thanks

  96. I like to complete my postgraduation in reputed university in you country..because of finanacial problem I need to support of you to fulfilled my dream..if you give me chance its great favor of me…

  97. Thanks to GOD I hope I will attend clinical pharmacy degree in Canada I wish you give me chance my dream is I will finish degree then I will start master\’s degree so please give me chance!!!!!! thanks GOD & bless you and your family!!!!!!! thanks pete

  98. Good morning, my name is correty Mary from Kenya l would like to pursue my higher education and qualify but my financial situation cannot allow me to obtain my undergraduate.I\’m requesting for a scholarship at George Brown College to allow me achieve my dream and make this world a better place

  99. I am sifiso innoce Khumalo 24yrs old from south Africa actually I am coming from the poor family background. I really need a learnship but my family can\’t afford to pay it.

    my contact: 0767886725

  100. Hi my name is Rebecca andrews Enders from Liberia, my dream of obtaining higher education is my passion but due to the financial situation in my country i m finding it so difficult to obtain this dream , if i m considered this offer it will be a dream come and i ever work for the school in any way.

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