Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for International Students

Switzerland, the most voted country for its attitude toward democracy, education, quality of life, and business is the proud host of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships dedicated driven and dedicated international students. The program which is awarded annually, it is aimed to promote international exchange and research cooperation between more than 180 countries and Switzerland.

The types of scholarships offered by the Swiss Government

The Swiss Government is offering two types of scholarships as it follows:

1. The research scholarships which are dedicated to post-graduate researchers who hold a master’s degree as a minimum in any discipline.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Only those who are nominated by an academic mentor at one of the Swiss universities where this scholarship applies will be taken into consideration. The accepted universities are all Swiss cantonal universities, two federal institutes of technology and all the universities of applied sciences.

2. Art scholarships which are dedicated to art students who wish to undertake a master’s degree in Switzerland.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Only the students who have been awarded a place to study can apply for the art scholarships.

The eligibility criterions

3 major aspects are taken into consideration when selecting the students: the candidate’s profile, the quality of the research project or artistic work, and the potential for a future collaboration. However, for exact info, the students who share an interest in this particular program are required to access this link https://www.sbfi.admin.ch/sbfi/en/home/topics/swiss-education-area/scholarships-and-grants/swiss-government-excellence-scholarships-for-foreign-scholars-an.html#1401831273. Here, at the “Interested” section, they should select their countries of origin for more info about the eligibility criterions established by the Swiss Government for each country.

The expenses covered by the program

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships include exemption of tuition fees, a monthly payment, air fare, housing allowance, health insurance and many more. However, for a complete list, students are advised to consult the list of their home countries where they will be able to read the full list of benefits.

Application instructions

Currently, the application process is closed but it will reopen by August 2017. All the needed info will be published at https://www.sbfi.admin.ch/sbfi/en/home/topics/swiss-education-area/scholarships-and-grants/swiss-government-excellence-scholarships-for-foreign-scholars-an.html#1401831273. It is important to consult the official website for accurate and updated info because each of the 180 countries eligible has different application procedures, deadline, and eligibility criteria.

Application process

If you fulfill the academic requirements, one way to apply for the scholarship is contacting the Swiss diplomatic representation in your country of origin. The Swiss diplomatic representation will offer all the necessary information about the documents and the application process. It will also provide an application form.

Remember, the applications are currently closed but they will be reopened by August 2018.

  1. Please I need to apply for a scholarship. I want you to help me in my application, thank you.

  2. How about medical courses?,doesn\’t SWISS sponsorship programme apply to science in medical courses especially at Bachelor\’s Degree level?…

  3. Thank you swiss government for that chance am mute for so long because am loosing my phone but I hope I have that chance I need to play my part for that chance thank you so much for that chance

  4. I we\’d like to know if I can get a scholarship for a bachelor\’s degree in education (primary) l am Karangizi Fidel from Uganda.

  5. Hi, I have received a e-mail by scholarship net, that I was awarded a a scholarship by Swiss government. Please who do I contact to get more information.


  6. I have completed a Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies and I want to pursue a masters degree .will I be considered a beneficiary?

  7. I have noticed that the scholarship is mainly for postgraduates and arts student, I just finished my bachelor\’s degree and I am a science student, who studied agriculture precisely agricultural economics, so is there any scholarship grant for me in this my field of studies please

  8. i will be happy to fullfill my dream if i will be the winner of this scholarship, my intension is study master in economic development

  9. Thank you very much for such a response i appreciate every effort you have made for me.my exact point of interest was pharmacy courses to do online because i was denied a full study leave from my employer ,currently im still looking for a free scholarship and a course online.

    I will gladly appreciate if there can be another provision

  10. Iam from pakistan,and firstly let me thank the Swiss Government for offering scholarships to students. This will make country improve much and also uplifts the status of the people in the country and outside country. I am interested in study development Economics. Thanks much


  12. First of all, I would like to appreciate the Swiss government for giving this scholarship. Then, I would like to join research scholarship in the field of road and transport engineering if the Swiss Govt. will accept my application. Regarding my educational background, I had graduated with BSc in Civil Engineering and MSc in Road and Transport Engineering.
    Hawassa, Ethiopia

  13. am fitsum kapital from Ethiopia I have Bsc in statistics now I want to study Msc in statistics, so pleas sponsor me

  14. I would like to join in the the who are under the educational scholarship…. It will be a pleasure….if my request is granted

  15. Am Jimmy from south Sudan l really have interest to Studies in Swissland it is good opportunity but problem of money travel need money everything need money

  16. Iam from Ethiopia,and firstly let me thank the Swiss Government for offering scholarships to students. This will make country improve much and also uplifts the status of the people in the country and outside country. I am interested in study development Economics. Thanks much

  17. Hi
    Studying abroad for PH.d and gaining international experience is my life time dream. I hope the swiss scholarship will grant me the opportunity of furthering my study in Agriculture, (Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security). Thanks

  18. I want to thanks the Swiss government for there sincere charity in given the opportunity to students to study in their country, I have always been praying for this opportunity I hope and believed that the government will considered me for the studying of public health in their country. I will be greatful if m given the opportunity to study, thank you hope to hear from you all.

  19. I would like to get enrolled in your school and get a chance to study engineering at your university. I would like a reply from you ASAP. Thank you

  20. thanks so much for the golden opportunity i want to study social work and community development if i can get a scholarship for that i will be glad

  21. Thanks for these golden oportunity intrested in securing a scholarship to study on leadership course. Looking for considerations

  22. am mshamu abdallah….I real happy to get this chance please let me know how can I achieve my objective for getting this chance…..help me I want to study bachelor of doctor of medicine

  23. hey..am DESIRE MFASHINGABO ..i am Rwandan its will by giving me chance of studying in swiss..
    plz help me to achieve my desire…Sincerely

  24. Iam from Kenya,and firstly let me thank the Swiss Government for offering scholarships to students. This will make country improve much and also uplifts the status of the people in the country and outside country. Iam interested in study environmental science. Thanks much.

  25. I am Asma from Pakistan. I have finished my MBA and M Phil. I would like to continue my studies in this field. Given the chance I will do well and I am grateful for this oppertunity. Thank you and God bless you. Please do reply.

  26. My name is Vuyiswa thank you for giving me this opportunity to say something to you and thank you for taking your time to read, I\’m really interested to study , I\’m a South African who love kids A lot and I have seen how our children grow without being educated it is very painful.I\’m not working by the help of my sister I managed to study ECD Early Child Development but now she is no longer working a contract is terminated.Please if you can help me with A degree in teaching I really want to further my studies.Please help me.

  27. l need money to study, since l finish my secondary school education. lam struggle to enter university but no sponsor, so l want swiss to help me. my parent is decease no one to cater for my academic, so l see this as divine opportunity for me to enter higher education. and become reasonable person in life
    thank you

  28. Hi, I am solomon Negash from Ethiopia. If I get the chance of full scholarship, I want to study my doctorate degree in Switzerland in the field of educational leadership and curriculum development.Please help me to visualize my dream.Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  29. I have attained a bachelors degree in Agricultural Education and Extension and I would wish to pursue masters degree in Educational Planning and Administration. Financial barrier has stood my way. Would you please assist me further my education.

    SAMUEL OKEYO; Kenya, Nairobi

  30. Hi, am Mayende Evans a Kenyan citizen. It will be great pleasure to me if given these chance to exploit my potential and fullfill my dreams and desires of persuing my career. Thank you.

  31. Hi am Abdulaziz Idris from Nigeria,I want to be part of scheme,to study m.a Islamic religious or Islamic studies.

  32. Hi am Henry Losur from Uganda and interested in accessing a scholarship in BA in development studies or project planning and management.

  33. Hi,am Patrick – Kenyan citizen.Am a total orphan. Passed my KCSE with a B+ some a few years ago and hoped to persue Law at the university but up to now haven\’t gone to university due to lack of funds.Kindly help me achieve my dreams.Thanks.

  34. Am .,Princess Opoku ,I am a Ghanaian .Am using this opportunity to thank the Swiss Government ,for granting me scholarship as an international student to study in Australia …Thank you very much .

  35. Hi
    I am writing to apply for acceptance from any Swiss university to study MBA as I have B.sc. In civil engineering.

    Your feedback is needed

    Salah Abdelgafar Ibrahim

  36. I am writing to see if you and Swiss government would be interested in sponsoring my MA study to Your college. My name is MULUNEH NIGUSSE DEBELE i am from Ethiopia, I have BA degree from recognize university in accounting and finance currently am working in government office in small and micro enterprise office.

  37. Doctoral (Ph.D) Research Scholar in University of Uyo ,Postgraduate School of Environment and Development (PG-SED)Department of Geography and Natural Resources Management.P.M.B.1017,Uyo,Akwa Ibom State-Nigeria.

  38. I have a degree in arts with education civic education and religious and I would really love a scholarship to do my masters

  39. Would be very grateful if a receive a humble schorlarship from swisss Government at last, Dreams come true to be part of the advancing on the world of Human and psychological science for Human survival and wellbeing demanded so much by many to reach, Only the good and the humble in Heart will help another brother or sister in a global family as the Theme right to Education is preached and exercised globally.

    I wish I receive a scholarship fro the Swiss Government, will be dreams come true for so long.
    Further communication through my email, charry@rsipf.gov.sb

    Kind regards,

    Clotilda Claudia Harry.

  40. Receive from the Educational Scholarship net into my Inbox, God bless the heart of the person who sends me this message, \

  41. Please I will.like the Swiss government to help me so that I can patake to their scholarship am a second year student at using medical laboratory science am grateful thanks

  42. I would like the Swiss to give me a hand I\’m really disparate I need to study for higher education but I don\’t have money.I completed my matric 2016 with Bachelor\’s pass but still at home hence no money for varsity fees

  43. Hi I Alemeneh Regassa from Ethiopia I have bachelor degree in Ethiopian languages and literature i am a public relation practitioner I Have served over 31 years as a public relation officer in different levels of my government including the president office .I want to learn my MA in one of swiss universities i hope you will Award me this fruit full scholarship.

  44. I am Akullo Mirriam from Uganda and i have been offered placement at Makerere University to do a Masters in Sociology. However, i would like to know if the Swiss Government is able to sponsor my studies from Uganda until i can apply for a PHD program when i am done with the Masters program.

  45. i am
    sahlie from ethiopia and I have tourism coures level two from college and I am really interested to study in one of the your university to study tourism if possible unless any fields in short training courses I have four years work experience in tour guides I have lead many groups in the mountain .

  46. HI? I\’m Benti Mosisa from Ethiopia and I have great interest to study in one of the Swiss University. I have BA degree in Geography and Environmental Studies and now seeking for MA degree. So, I hope you will award me this wonderful chance. Thank you!

  47. Hello!!!!!!! Am glad to know about this scholarship being given by this great country that i have ever been dreaming of and i hope that God will help me to have the position and i thank you for this.am from Rwanda and may God protect you all.

  48. hello am glad to get this opportunity to use this scolarship in advansing to my future.thank you my name is ndahimana derrick and am a Rwandan.

  49. Mr/ Ms
    my name is Asmatullah Safari and i am from Afganistan i stady. But I would like to stady uneversity in swess I need a chance to improve my self I wish you well give me a chance
    I am graguvated from high school
    date of birth 1998/2/5

  50. Mr/ Ms
    my name is Asmatullah Safari and i am from Afganistan i stady. But I would like to stady uneversity in swess I need a chance to improve my self I wish you well give me a chance

  51. Thank you 4 letting me know. . but still I don\’t know hw would I get this scholarship. .. can u help me plz.. I get a message which says Alhagie u ar awarded. . but I don\’t understand. . I really need da scholarship. . 2 continue my education. . I am from the Gambia. ..

  52. Kindest Regard!
    I am a master qualified in mass communication and now I want to do phd doctrate degree in swiss university on free tuition or scholarship basis kindly provide me guidance keeping in view my following given data whether I am eligible.kindly inform me soon in positive.thanx.
    my data is as under:
    1.Tanveer Akhtar
    Qualification:M.A.Mass Communication
    Degree awarded in:1998
    Date of Birth:)01-04-1969 Yours Sincerely
    Mobile#+92 333 6476855 Tanveer Akhtar

  53. Hello, This Dessalegn from Ethiopia studying Economics in Addis Ababa University. I am very interested to study Economics in one of the Swiss University if it is available, so please give me the chance if this chance is coming soon. You can contact me in any of the following address.
    phone +251930603340
    email tdessalegn3422@gmail.com

    Thank You!!!

  54. Hi my name is Gebreyesus Gemeda from Ethiopia, Konso. I have interest to study in your campus I hope you will give me the chance


  55. I would like to pursue a postgraduate programme at one of the universities in Ghana. May I be excused to apply for a Swiss Government scholarship for the programme?

    Please acknowledge receipt of this letter.

    Gloria Amoah

  56. I wish I would be selected for scholarship award to enable me read my Masters program. I am counting on the Swiss Government for such an opportunity, thanks.

  57. Am very interested but I don\’t have money ,I would be very glad if u can assist me to be part of beneficiary.Thank u

  58. Hi everyone, my name is Amadou w Jallow from the Gambia the smallest country in west africa.I studied nursing at college and now want to go to University for bsc but I don\’t have money.I come from a very poor family and brought up by a single parent who was very instrumental in my wellbeing as well as my education.Now everything has change and notting is done for me to complete my education as well as my leaving.I have tried but notting succeeded.Therefore, am asking for support in any other means to archieve my deams….email:amswurryjallow@gmail.com

  59. i am Linose Chimwemwe Linzi who is a Malawi and i completed my 12th glade and i would like to be offered a free scholarship at your institution because i cant not manager to pay fees due to financial problems so please help .
    And i will be looking foward to hearing from you.

  60. It will be of great pleasure if i will be lucky to be awarded the scholarship since it has been my dream to study in the swiss .

  61. Dear Sir or madam

    My name is Zanele N.Dlamini from Swaziland. I am very much interested in studying medicine in your University with the scholarship you are providing.

    I hope my request will be taken into higher consideration .

  62. Hi, am enoch from Ghana. Please i am a high school graduate and i want to apply for undergraduate schorlaship to the universities in switzerland. I would be very grateful if you help me out. Thank you.

  63. I am from Uganda pursuing my bachelor\’s degree in law and am more than interested in this scholarship award. My single mum always defaults in my tuition payment making me miss doing exams. Any positive response will be my pleasure.

  64. Thanks,I\’m currently studying with university of venda bachelor of education im on 3rd level,can u please assist me with the scholarship!

    Best Regards

  65. Thanks for the offer I wish my career was among them, nevertheless I\’m still waiting to be an I.T student.

  66. Am grateful with the award of scholarship. Am a graduate of education majoring in Agriculture, very much in need to persure a master course

  67. I am very much interested to master study rural development, or Climate change or development studies or sociology. I am NGO professional. Currently working with the Northern based NGO name Community Development Association (CDA) in Bangladesh. I am very much like to obtain such kind scholarship.


  68. its my pleasure to study in swiz electrical and control engineering …..am just try to do some project in control system

  69. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am very please to inform you that, I am in receipt of your mail. I am a Sierra Leonean currently working for the Ministry of Trade and Industry and who is very fanatical to upgrade my educational status in your remarkable country.

    Thanks in advance for offering me your highly needed scholarship.

  70. Please I would be happy to be part of the scholarship to achieve my goal as a clinical practitioner and a full time student. Thank you very much.

  71. I hope all are fine there , my name is Faris Ragassa 25 years old . I have Bsc in nursing ,Iplease help me to procees your sholarship

  72. Ali Zaib I am very thank full to swiss govt for giving this oppertunity and im very intrusted to study in this campus.

  73. I am B bhatt residence of nepal.i have completed two masters degree one from nepal another one from japan kyoto university.i am willing to join PHD program

  74. I would truly wish to be part of the scholarship for degree in forestry or environmental science all my education was from single hand as I could struggle year in and out

  75. Hi I\’m Wilma Franco from Philippines I\’m so very interested to have a scholarship. I need scholarship to continue my study. Thanks

  76. I am Phiwokuhle Mkhonta a Ka-Boyce student who wants a scholarship to study abroad as a Mechanical Engineer. I\’m currently doing grade 11 and willing to put in the effort for the scholarship. Please raise my dream.

  77. May Name is IRASUBIZA YONA from RWANDA i would like to join you i think with GOD it will be possible we like you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. It is vivid that I\’m in an enormous interest to your scholarships. I would like to thank you again, for apparent desire I personally apply right now. I am very ambitious for I will be joined in you. Now I am attending my university courses in Addis Ababa university ,Ethiopia.Naturally seek wisdom,elevate life and campaign for nation building,that is through the work-force of scholars from you!!

  79. I am very happy to join the scholarship in your home land i like it too much! Please don\’t hesitate to contact me by my e-mail. Thank You!

  80. Kindly in need of scholarship in order to achieve my dreams am currently working as a nanny but still can\’t manage even a quarter of fee. Please help out

  81. I am a visually impaired graduate teacher of Economics and Geography. I would like to get a master degree .

  82. i would like to apply for this scholarship. I came from a single parent poor and destitute and given the priority will be to find the right university in Switzerland that offer course relating to this scholarship.I am interested to study business administration and to major in human resources social work and community development. Please keep me informed if the scholarship is open fully in August 2017.
    christine mueni kivisu
    contact: +245725697272
    thanks may God bless you in helping us to get high education..I would like to study in your campus.Hope you will grant me a chance.Thank you for helping me , that will not change only my life,but many lives but i don\’t have enough finance which i want to apply for scholarship i am interested in this scholarship
    I\\’m very interested in this program. I wish to be the winner because my family is not financially buoyant to pay my school fees always am praying to the Almighty to make it for me, pliz finance me. Hope to hear from you soon and I\\’m really in need of scholarship.
    i will like to know in with way do guys help and international student who want to study in
    i would like to apply for this scholarship. I came from a very poor and destitute parents and i have very good academic start after graduating from a senior school. My priority will be to find the right university in Switzerland that offer course relating to this scholarship.thank you.

  83. Thanks! My name is Nathaniel Joseph I\’m from Tanzania I would like to be one of the winner of this scholarships.

  84. I am a Kenyan and a single mother i am using this platform for a needy ready to excel and move higher notch and height given the opportunity student to my phone no is 0725697272 g mail ckgladwell@gmail.com

  85. i am very interested to be a winner of scholarship i need money to pay my school fees i lost my father i am a single parent i have a son i am the bread winner and have to struggle have not yet completed my diploma due to financial constraints . i would be delighted if i got assisted fare air ticket and accommodation health insurance to advance and be able to sustain myself and my family thank you. i am under pressure and due to poverty i am denied chances to expound due to lack of funding.i am interested to study in you\’re campus i hope you give me a chance.i am interested i have done a diploma in social work and community development but not yet completed due to lack of school fees.i would love to advance a bachelor degree up-to masters level.

  86. Thank you for awarding me. I like Swiss.and I\’m interested in studying there. Please help me, how can I apply? Thank you

  87. I am a Liberian, I am a high school graduate,I am very happy to be a part of this Switzerland university scholarship. I believe by the power of Almaty God I will be once of the student sent for to improve my landing skills in that great city of Switzerland.I am a Young economics to be, but I awake to hear from the scholarships department.I am Harrison Torkor, Gmail: harrisontorkor64@gmail.com ,phone number +231777395707/+231886560073,Thanks.

  88. Hi I\’m EDOH KOKOU LOUIS from Togo.I live Ivory Coast, I hope that by God grâce this chance will ne given to le. God you that thinking about US.

  89. Dear Editor,
    I am a young boy from Ghana and has just completed the senior high level of education and want to pursue first degree in law in your highly esteemed institution. As the name scholarship goes \’\’ A fund set up to help brilliant but needy students\’\’ I am using this platform for you to give me the necessary requirements of this scholarship scheme. Thank you

  90. My name is lonsako abute, Im from one of the universities in Ethiopia. So I want to study my PHD program on public health in Switzerland. please help me, Im waiting ur response, my email-bt.lnsk@gmail.com and phone no-0912274086.

  91. I get always only the advert of the scholars but, you are not even telling us how to apply for the scholarships.. please help us out to get the scholarship opportunities

  92. my name Negash Gole i am from Ethiopia and i have a university students and i have interest to get scholarship and learning in Turke please help me thanks!!!!

  93. Hello thank you for informing me about this. I\’m a Liberian and I want a scholarship to do my master in Public Administration.

  94. Thank and more power!
    May God bless you your absolute support to upgrade ourself through education!

    This is a Global think !

    Have a BLESSED Day!!!!!!

  95. Am really interested in attaining a schorlaship n joining on of your campuses,currently i dont have the money 2 fund my studies and i would really appreciate any help from you

  96. I\’m very interested in this program. I wish to be the winner because my family is not financially buoyant to pay my school fees

  97. hello
    my name is UMUHIRE Blaise Arnaud i need a scholarship for studying in canada please help me.

  98. i am a senior high student who want to study a degree in business management/ information technology, and don\’t have enough finance which i want to apply for scholarship.

  99. I\’m steel undergraduate,My interest is to study the Bachelor of Architecture.In few years come I want to be a qualified Architecture and to develop many countries. To help and change people\’s lives it\’s my wish, as I expected the same from you.I want to fulfill my Dreams but because money is like a key in order for to do so,is the one I don\’t have even my parents has nothing to mend in order to produce something for me.But I\’m sure by helping me , that will not change only my life,but many lives

  100. Hello my name is Temesgen negera I\’m from Ethiopia and student of engineering bachelor degree at university of gondar institute of technology 1st year am interested with this scholarship please contact me +251927487810

  101. Hi i am Kipkebut Kevin..I would like to study im your campus.Hope you will grant me a chance.Thank you

  102. My name is Philemon machaba mgosi from Tanzania East Africa, am a student at Forestry Training Institute i have completed technician certificate in forestry and on october i will join ordinary diploma in forestry and finishing next year 2018 there fore am expecting after completing diploma in forestry to join bachelor degree in environmental and natural resources, so please assist me to get scholarship from abroad so that i can achieve my career especially on conserving our environmental and natural resources in general, as i can\’t afford to pay for bachelor degree and am interested to study outside of my country especially in Swiss country. i will thanks if my request will be considered positively.this is my email : mgosiphilemon@yahoo.com mobile phone; +255 766373542 or + 255 762 030411 .thanks may God bless you in helping us to get high education.

  103. I would like to apply for this scholarship. I came from a very poor and destitute parents and i have very academic start after graduating from a senior school. My priority will be to find the right university in Switzerland that offer course relating to this scholarship.

    I am interested to study computer science and to major in health science (Pharmacology)

    Please keep me inform if the scholarship is open fully in August 2017.
    Baboucarr Touray
    email: baboucarrtouray5@gmail.com
    contact: +220 3017551

  104. My name is Mr. Thurein Htun. I am from Myanmar. Now, i am working as Deputy Staff Officer at Environmental Conservation Department under Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation. I am responsible for reviewing Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIA), Initial Environmental Examination Reports (IEE), and Environmental Management Plan(EMP), especially for Energy Sector such as Oil and Gas Industry, Coal Fired Power Plant, and Hydro-power. I have graduated from University of Forestry since 2013. I am very interested to apply this scholarship. I would like to get a chance.

  105. Dear, Sir/Madam,
    My full name is RONALD OYOO OKIDI of Uganda interested in the scholarship not only the scholarship but also interested in studies but i have no hope of going back to school because of financial problem. i am undergraduate student wants to to upgrade in Accounting and Finance. Please i need your support help me with the scholarship i also go back to school and i also be like my friends. I completed diploma but there is no job i can do to support my education. Thanks May GOD bless You.

  106. I am a high school graduate from Liberia west Africa wanting to a scholarship from abroad to attend. because l don\’t have money to enter a university in my country because of the hardship and poverty. so how can l be part of this scholarship? l am begging you people to please help me get this scholarship or with financial support. this is my email trokonjohnson5@gmail and my number is +2310881325509 or +2310775847150.thanks. F

  107. Hi,goodday from philippines
    Thank u for the email u send.
    Im really need someone who have a kindly golden heart can do help my son to continue his study and go to school.
    My son really want to continue his study.from grade 1 to grade 6 he got high honnors. When he graduated grade 6 he is validectorian.
    So pls ..kindly help us.
    Thank you and GOD bless.

  108. I really want to take part in this process come August, but am under graduated student from Sierra Leone west Africa, l will be greatful if i get this opportinuty .

  109. I\’m kedir faris from Ethiopian, study my MA Degree in your campus is my great dream and if you give me this chance I\’m fully satisfied. I hope i wil.

  110. I am pleased to be an applicant for this golden opportunity one may say once in a life time opportunity to travel abroad study education administration . This scholarship opportunity will be a dream come true for me. I can wait to travel abroad for study. I am convinced that I am qualified for this scholarship program. I hope to be among those accepted candidates for this scholarship opportunity to enable me get my BSC successfully.

  111. I am in search for a campus base scholarship in order to advance my education in the field of Electrical engineering, I hold a diploma in general electricity from Booker Washington institute, Liberia west Africa. I graduated in 2014 since then I have not been to college due to low income. I am calling on your attention to please help support my dream .Thanks to all

  112. I am nugusse ghebreslase from Eritrean i have graduated in applied biology from the university of Asmara in 2008 and now i am working in the Eritrean Standards Institution as microbiologist so i want to have at least masters because i know that if i up graded my knowledge i can work more effectively for the society and the world as a whole in food related pathogens.

  113. Hello! My name is Blessings Njembe from Malawi. I\’m finishing my Diploma in Education double-majoring French and English. I hope the Swiss government scholarship will help me to continue with Bachelor\’s Degree. I\’m looking forward your help. Thank you

  114. I want to going for amelioration to my study and for have a good formation, because have a good formation is very good

  115. Greetings to all,am Sharon Kengonzi a Ugandan citizen.With great willingness,I subject to acquiring help to further my studies.helping me is helping my nation because i will also help many others in different ways.

  116. Am starting to enjoy this.I mean writing to you and getting positive feedback from you. My dream is to get a chance to study from a higher university in Switzerland.I believe this will enable carry out research about different significant aspects of life.This will allow me learn more skills and knowledge and become productive to the government of Switzerland. I will be grateful if my request is granted.I will be glad if my name is put among the chosen.Looking forward to hearing from you again.Thank you.

  117. Sichali Stephen is my name. A Zambia male. May I request for more information on how I can get a scholarship. I intend to do postgraduate.
    Be bless in Jesus name

  118. I am a young Zambian lady aged 19..I am an orphan completed my high school education in 2015
    I have no money to pay for my college education
    please give me this opportunity please
    I\’ll be so grateful

  119. Hi my name is muzammil hussain i done my degree in bsc civil technology so how can i get scholarship? kindly inform me..if you have any online system so tell me..immidiatly reply me

  120. Hello, great morning.Please I\\’m interested
    in the scholarship and would want you to
    help send the link that I could register
    Thank you.

  121. Hi I\’m tsholo and would like to complete my honours in hospitality so it will be An Oort unity will be highly favoured

  122. country: Rwanda
    city: Kigali
    e-mail: nzinzyjoseph@gmail.com

    Dear sir,

    Hello, I have just inform you if is possible, I need scholarship of master in Mechanical engineering especially in Air conditioning and refrigeration the. I had been finished at IPRC Kigali in Rwanda

    thank you very much.

    Joseph Nzirorera

  123. I am a single parent from Swaziland I hereby apply for educational support to my university fees.

    DATE: 2nd/ 04/ 2012



    Dear Sir,

    I am by names called Nalumansi Sharon born from a single parent who
    passed away when I was 7 years old.
    A attended and finished by A level and I have failed to continue due
    to financial stand, since it was my mother struggling to pay my fees.

    Well, I am looking for somebody who can assist me pay my fees up to
    university level so that I can in future help the needy child like me.

    Currently, I am living a misery life as o am stack without continuing
    with education.

    Hoping for good result sir/ madam.

    Yours faithfully,


  125. I am looking for a scholarship from your government to pursue an undergraduate degree in Accounts or dentistry. Your generosity to third world nations especially my country Zambia has helped us alot. Thank you so much.

  126. Hi my name Moses Siwale. I am looking for a scholarship to undertake a masters degree in s computer studies. I am a holder of a higher diploma in software engineering but lacks sponsorship to further my knowledge and skill in these studies. I am hard working and would like to help develop my country Zambia [that is still lacking in technology advancement and stable networking systems] by use of the modern and advanced software engineering knowledge that I will acquire through your help in sponsoring my furthering education jn the chosen area. As we live in a global village I can also be of use anywhere in the world.

  127. I will grateful when you consider me my need, l just graduate leave 12 l like to continue to study but l am no money to finance. I need your help.l am mozambican

  128. As i haven\’t known too much about your scolarship programme
    But the way you could provide will be the best if u will then

  129. I\’m glad for opportunities. I would like to go for my water engineering course but due to financial status things are stacked. Please help me get the scholarship. Thank you and God bless you.

  130. Hie my name is Everjoy.i wish to be part of this scholarship .Currently im studying draughting and design but im facing challenges on fees payment

  131. Thank you so much Switcherland government for endosing this opportunity.
    Im thanking you in advance and looking forward to apply.
    John Joshia- Papua New Guinea

  132. Dear Swiss Government
    I have bachelor degree by health and physical education. I am interested to study in swiss and will work collabrate by athletics sport.

  133. Dear Sir/Madam, i am Mutarambirwa Francois,a Rwandan, and I am intersted in studying in your country. Really, I ended my undergraduates studies in Law since 2017. So, I am waiting to hearing from you.

    Heavenly God bless you in all!!!!

  134. Greetings I am Jachike Agu and I am undergraduate can I participate in this program please give me a call through this number for more information.thank

  135. It is a very important program for me to come true my dream. I have a master\’s degree in physical education (MEd in Ph.Edu). If I get the chance to do my Doctrate degree, I am extreamly happy to join it. Please help me in getting the scholarship. Thank you!!!

  136. Dear sir
    I have just inform you that I have need to study the master in my specific program Development management. I had been finished 5 degrees at unversity in DRC. Please, I\’m married, so, scholarships can take in charge my family? . I need your answer
    Best regards
    Munyororo Yade Gervais

  137. My name is Amanuel Tsegaw from Ethiopia, I want to study at your university, can I get golden scholar ship opportunity at your university?. pleas sent me application form.

  138. My full name is KODA Koffi Efanam. I got my Bachelor degree in English (American Literature) in 2014, and in April 2015, I got a job as a translator in a big institution \

  139. now am the worker at public institution named Ministry of Transport,Ethiopia .i do have BA degree in Anthropology ,ma GPA 3.28 I am very ambitious to learn MA in sociology/social Anthropology,to advance my occupational specialization.after that i serve my people honestly .finally i promise to enhance the true friendship of Swiss Government and my country, as ambassador of Swiss in Ethiopia.

  140. I hold a bachelors degree in science education, math and chemistry, I wish to pursue Master\’s degree in mathematics, or business administration or information technology, thank you

  141. Mr. HRITHIK SAH Roll No. 04 CLASS X Govt H.s.school Basar Po.Ps Basar Dist West Siang Arunachal pradesh Roll 04

    Mr.HRITHIK SAH CLASS X Result 9.4

  142. Dear Guardians,
    Alex is my name is a Ugandan Citizen from East Africa.
    Am just done with my degree expecting to honor first class degrees in Bachelor of tourism 3rd year that will be approved in late October,
    I would welcome to get scholarship for Masters degree in Switzerland
    thanks alot,

  143. I want to take Msc degree but i don\’t have enough money to take Msc degree in Electrical engineering .I had CGPA 3.23 in Bsc degree in electrical and computer engineering focus on industrial control .please help me to take Msc degree .My phone number :0923230630.

  144. I want to be part of this process comes August, but can under graduate student take part too? am from Liberia West Africa.

  145. I would like to apply in suisse so that the knowledge which I got from the school can assist me to develop my country

  146. hello Dear friends who are willing to help me with Educational Assistance, i would like to Assure you that if i get some one who can help me with Educational assistance i can show him or her dreams that had promised me one of them is to fulfill my dream. and i want to lead Uganda.
    so help me people.
    thank you.

  147. Afternoon ,
    I salute the everlasting support you render to us the people of Zambia . You are a blessed nation ! Keep it up .


  148. I own bachelors degree in Business Administration and Management (BBAM).
    And would wish to study MBA

  149. I\’m Kenyan citizen who study one of the universities in Kenya, doing bachelor in Business Management for 3rd year. I may not continue my study due financial crises, so I would like to request if the Swiss government will able to take over and cover my fees for the remaining years of my study.

  150. Hello to all;
    Thank you for the information concerning the scholarship and I appreciate your effort by giving us the update about the scholarships.I am in need of any scholarship to learn.
    I need help to obtain a master.
    Faithfully yours;

  151. I am a Gambian who is interested in applying for a Ph.D in Public Health. Does Swiss Government have a diplomatic representative in my country?

  152. Hi, My name\’s Mai Perry and I\’m from Myanmar. I have a very very big dream since I was young. Now I\’m 21years old. My native town is one of country side from Myanmar.There\’s not much we can do and there\’s no special english training. I love speaking english and I\’ve learnt it by watching english movies and listening english song. I want to go to Switzerland and I love the rules they make and the places they have. Now I am a college student specializing at Database, Computer Science. If I were a winner for this scholarship ,I want to study and find a job in Switzerland. When I have a job,I want to build a new house for my parents and I want them to see be happy,healthy. It\’ll be the most possible reason why I was trying hard for. My college is far from my hometown.So I used to hire a hostel and I used to live appreciable to all of my friends. I\’m the eldest daughter and I have passed many difficulties when I was young. Whatever, It\’s just about my biography.It\’s one of my dreams to be there,Switzerland. I used to find a map of Switzerland and its places becoz it\’s the best thing that I can do😃\

  153. It will an honor for me to be chosen as one if your students . Am a hard worker very determine young woman who is willing to do whatever it takes to brighten her future even more . Thank you in advance.

  154. Hello, I am Godfrey Callisto Otieno. A Kenyan citizen. Am very interested in taking my studies higher in your country. I have attained a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science. If by any chance, can i get scholarship to pursue Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science.

  155. Am here writing to you as my only hope.my name is TEMBO STEWARD, I lead a miserable life just after the demise of my parents. and i was still a juvenile then. but by the grace of GOD I have managed to acquire A LEVELS. now I need your help to win this schoolarship so that in future I may too help someone who is needy

  156. Dear sir/madam,

    My name is Mahlet Zerihun Belayneh. I am an Ethiopianm female student who has completed 12th grade in the academic year 2916/17. I am very keen to study in Swizerland using the scholarship you posted. But I am undergraduate student wishing to study law with first degree. This is this possible?


  157. Thanks for letting me know.
    I am still confuse, how can i get the scholarship. I need the scholarship to continue my school..in university. I need someone to help me.!! i\’ll really thank God of someone wanted to help me.
    God bless you.

  158. Hi my name is mulu assefa from Ethiopia. I have interest to study in your campus I hope you will give me the chance


  159. Please I need money to pay my school fee I lost my dad I need 1500$ please help me out in am going to final year I don\’t have money to pay my school fee please help this is my number +2348102964246

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