Norman Palmer Partial Scholarship 2018/19

Becoming a lawyer is one of the most exciting and noble goal you can set. Depending on what area of law you decide to practice, the profession pays, indeed, well. But beyond that, knowing that your everyday work consists in helping people in need is more than rewarding that the payment itself. We know that you have considered all these main aspects which is why we intend to meet you halfway presenting you this offer made by Queen Mary University of London, School of Law.

Queen Mary School of Law is offering the Norman Palmer Partial Scholarship 2018/19 for brilliant students who wish to create their paths towards this noble profession but do not have the necessary means to reach it. Back in 1785 was founded the London Hospital Medical College, part of the London Infirmary that served the poor. The People’s Palace, opened in 1887, brought accessible education, culture and recreation to the East End uncovering so much ability that technical education soon blossomed into academic excellence in science, arts and the humanities.

By the 19th century, many workers in the capital called the East End home and grew as an institution committed to providing them with cultural and educational opportunities. Back to our days, Queen Mary University of London has evolved into an international hub of education and research excellence. As any center based on research excellence, Queen Mary attracts annually students who are interested to benefit of quality education while they are opening new doors toward brilliant careers.

Queen Mary University of London is accepting now applications for the Norman Palmer Partial Scholarship that will cover the partial cost of tuition only in the form of a fee waiver. In case you are one of the two lucky winners, the scholarship will not be paid directly to you but it will be off set against your student fee invoice. In order to apply for this scholarship, it is important that you have an offer of study – conditional or unconditional – on the Art, Business and Law LLM before applying for the scholarship.    Keep in mind that the deadline for submission of the scholarship application is March 19th 2018 by 16.00 GMT. S

You can download The LLM Art, Business and Law, Norman Palmer Partial Scholarship Application Form 2018/19 below:


For more info about the eligibility and the application process, consult the official website here: http://www.law.qmul.ac.uk/postgraduate/funding/norman-palmer-partial-scholarship/

  1. I like your scholarship so I want you to accept as someone who will enjoy this next academic year ,am a Gambian I don\’t have money to pay for my university next year thank you.

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