Nigerian Students Who Are Good At Writing Can Earn a £18,000 Bursary

Nigerian students have plenty of opportunities to get scholarships

Funding programs can help Nigerian students in financial dreams follow their dreams and learn new skills and earn degrees

Have you recently enrolled in a degree program, but you don’t know how you’re going to tackle the financial aspect? It doesn’t matter whether you’re now a student of distance learning education or traditional institution. The fact is that getting a higher education costs money.

Luckily there are numerous funding programs out there targeting different student niches. For example, Nigerian students are a category which seems to be more and more in the spotlight these days.

International universities and institutions are making it a goal to support traditional or distance learning education students coming from Nigeria. If you too have been born in this country, below you’ll find three scholarships that will help you pay for your college education or training

Let’s begin with the Miles Morland Foundation Morland Writing Scholarships for African Writers. If you too are good at writing, then you need to make sure you don’t miss out on this competition.

You see to apply for this scholarship you don’t have to be enrolled with a literature degree program, you just need to have to possess a passion for writing.

Winners will be awarded a grant of £18,000 / month for the next twelve months if they are writing fiction, while non-fiction writers can stand to be rewarded with £27,000 / month paid over a period of eighteen months.

To qualify for these generous scholarships, candidates must submit a piece of their work between 2,000 and 5,000 words written exclusively in English that has been published or offered for sale.

Applicants also need to include a brief description and official documents showing they or both their parents are African.


Next off we have the Andela Nigeria fellowship which targets Nigerian applicants who want to pursue a technical leadership program. The fellowship can cover extensive training and work experience with top global technology companies.

Let us warn you that the application process for this fellowship is quite strenuous and you’ll need to dedicate a lot of time to it. First off you’ll have to apply online, then do some home study. Upon completing a technical test, you’ll be invited for a personal interview (or not).

If you successfully pass these stages, you’ll be enrolled in the final step – which is a two-week boot camp. Only then will Andela Nigeria committee decide whether you’ll be granted the fellowship or not.

The global engineering organization does not any degree or diploma requirements. However, note that if you have completed a University or have a Higher National Diploma from a polytechnic, you’ll be required to spend a year with the National Youth Service Corps before applying for the fellowship.


To conclude, we have the Early Childhood Development Reporting Fellowship for promising journalists in developing countries (Nigeria included).

In order to apply, students need to send in a resume CV, examples of stories produced on early childhood development, as well as outline story ideas the fellow will pursue once granted the scholarship.

Only journalist students interested in the field of child health and development who are employed by a news outlet or have a commitment to publish from a news outlet should apply for the fellowship.


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