Great Scholarship Opportunities at EUR 1,200

Education is a strange topic today. Some welcome it other condemn it. Vocational training, argue others, is much more important than going the full hog of learning. If you are a liberal art person such as myself, then you have condemned yourself to a life of either poverty or of literature. Many good examples out there exist that both statements are rather trite.

In general, education in the liberal arts will fetch you less money, but that does not mean you should avoid it. Pairing excellent grasp of a language or two, your mother tongue or foreign ones, should never be underestimated.

There are many things out there you can learn in a few weeks and contribute to your languages, making yourself well-equipped for the onset of the digital age. That is why in our article here we will talk not so much about mainstream education, but its alternatives. From the accredited schools online to the online school as a whole, you will find yourself picking many great options.

What has occasioned the onset of these new methods of learning is quite simple – people can no longer afford going to university, and there are many reasons for that. The unduly rising costs is one reason, of course. Sadly, in order for everyone to stay on top of their respective field, many technical improvements are necessary and that requires sacrifices, such as pushing up the costs of learning.

One positive aspect of mainstream education is the scholarships that the accredited schools online and the online school in most cases lack. However, immediately after that, students are forced to cover other expenses such as accommodation and living alone, plus there is the lost potential of what you could have earned in the years you have been studying instead.

The possibilities for those who seek them are quite substantial and today you can come across many mainstream offers that will surely strike home with you.

Speaking from experience, students at the University of Malta who want to make it big in the complicated fields of Electrical Engineering will be quite pleased to know that may now do just that.

The sums vary greatly, but you will be offered all opportunities to learn. For starters, you may get as much as EUR 1,100 every month to cover your costs of living. With another EUR 500 you will make sure that you have health insurance. There will be also enough money to allocate for travel fare.

  1. I am Tsiame Rapholo from Lesotho. I am interested in continuing with my studies online distane learning with Unicaf University. I have postgraduate diploma, so i want to take this opportunity to apply for scholarship for my education

  2. hallow am odwori gerald , i have certifate , diploma and degree in industrial art and design ,i would love to get this opportunity for the scholarship in order to fulfil my dream, advance in my masters program i will be great fully if my request is put into considation

  3. Moning i would so greatful if i cn get your scholarship so tht i cn fulfil my dreams in tourism management,am doing my final year at walter sisulu university in bika cumpus i ned your help guys ;\

  4. I am willing and ready to study…if your helping hand comes my way…and i will count my self bless, to study shiping management with a scholarship…God bless you for this access…long live Educationalacholarship.

  5. Am from kenya i may need to pursue B.Sc statistics but my family is unable to raise money for my studies , am orphan am living with my uncle

  6. I am 21 years of age studying for a Bachelor degree in Education(specializing in social studies)at eastern polytechnic community college kenema sierra Leone. Have just finished year one but financial difficulties have engulfed me.Please help me with a scholarship.

  7. l am in need of a scholarship, l am an orphan with only a single parent ( my mother) .l just want to propel my educational carrier to a greater height. Thank you for understanding . l am looking forwad for a favourable response.

  8. I am from Tanzania a nurse by professional holding certificate I need to study for speech language and audiology in any country abroad I need your sponsors please as earlier as much.

  9. good evening

    I\’ll be so great full if I can get this scholarship in other for me to start university next year.I\’ll be honored. what do I need to do in other to get this opportunity. I\’ll literally do anything as my family are financial unstable and they are depending on me,apparently their future is in my hands.

  10. I am kornelia Johannes in Ongwediva , I want a scholarship study medicine but my family cannot afford to pay for my studies

  11. I am Refiloe Raselane from Lesotho,I need to pursue my education but my family is financially unstable therefore I would like to get a scholarship to push further my education, I hope my point will be taken into consideration.

  12. Am Ewoi Joseph I want to upgraded my education bt my family are unable, I need your assistance. And from a poor family in a place call (Kakuma) Turkana county in Kenya my father last year i left with mother but she is fully illiterate she had never gone or even seen get to education.

  13. Iam Bii Linus,I want to pursue my education bt my family is financially unstable,I will like to have scholarship for my further education,I will appreciat your assistance.

  14. Thanks for giving us the financial support to learn.l urgently need this assistance to do doctorate and PHD in Public health so I can treat patients more productively and reduce refferal to oversea as well as reduce expenditure on oversea treatment

  15. Hello everybody please help me for higher study. I want to learn more but my family\’s economic status is low.At last please support me

  16. Hello

    My name is Tjatja Tjimbundu

    I would love to study abroad and I need a scholarship to make a great student and produce good results

  17. I am Rebecca Mathias aged 20. I sincerely want to specialise in airlines hospitality and tourism. I need a scholarship to fund my studies.

  18. Am Mercy Mlilima based in Malawi and in need of the scholarship.Want to pursue business Administration.Can someone assist

  19. Hello! Wishing u all the best
    I am Eritrean female refugee living in Sudan.
    Graduated by comprehensdive nursing and midwifery.my daily dream is to upgrade my field especially and to widen my knowledge generally at any schollarship please try my best.

  20. I got admission to texilla american university,lusaka,zambia for medicine in september,2018.
    I humbly request for scholarship to help me achieve my academic dream.


  22. am EYASU
    I desperately want to further my medical education.
    and I really don\’t want to lose this chance.
    so contact me by this address.
    thank you.

  23. Hello Madam /Sir

    Am Madii David Kalesto from South Sudan have the interest of applying for this scholarship . I will be grad i my massage is taken in to consideration

  24. I would like to study medicine and I financial assistant. so in case you are in position of offering any help pleas do so. I need it most.
    Am prepared to go to any college which you may wish me to go and do my study. In fact I am a Malawian young man an am in need of financial support help me.
    thank you
    MacLean Kilembe

  25. my name is Akaro Racheal, am Ugandan and I really don\’t want to miss out on this chance. This is my only opportunity now because I can\’t fund my self .Thank you for this opportunity.

  26. Am south Sudanese applying for scholarship help in faculty of civil engineering and ur help is high success for me

  27. Am a Zambian looking for a scholarship. Want to study biomedical engineering or public administration.

  28. My name is Gifty, a Ghanaian. Have gained admission to study medicine in Greneda, I cant afford to miss such an opportunity since it\’s my dream. Hope to get scholarship to help fund myself through school. Thank you

  29. My name is Charles Victor kpaka,I am a sierra leonian and am studying comptia a+(information Technology) but I want a scholarships to study abroad.


  31. I am hanna wubishet from ethiopia i am 22 years old i am pharmacy student pls help me to get this chance i am female

  32. I really appreciate the fact people can chances in life through scholarships to achieve their dreams..I am a study businees adminstration BA Degree & electrician in diploma who is done with my diploma ..I am in need of a full scholarship to advance my studies to master ms .I will greatly appreciate if a chance is given to me as the I am not in a position of financial wellbeing due to my family\\’s poor financial position..I will be happy If you put this into your positive consideration.

  33. I\’m a 28 years old man from republic of Namibia in the southern west Africa. I\’m currently working as Enrolled nurse just with a certificate i obtained from a local health centre. I want to be awarded a scholarship to further my study and obtain a degree in any field of study.

  34. I am graduated from Adama Science and Technology University (Ethiopia) in Chemistry. I want to learn my MSc (2nd Degree) in your university. If there are Chemistry related based courses in your university please contact me.

  35. Hi! I\’m Nahum From Philippines I have 3 kidz all off them go to school im a jobless father I try to find a work but I always rejected/fail due I\’m over age at the age of 37 and may number one problems the daily expenses of my 3 kids hope you Read my message please help 3 kids for there study.thanks

  36. Hi it\’s my son\’s first year at whitestone college ,he is doing I T courses, so please we need a help for paying his studies, we are here in Johannesburg. Thanks

  37. I\’m a South African citizen,i would like to apply for the scholarship I want to further my studies at Unisa

  38. I would wish to apply for a scholarship at the university of Malta in order to advance my studies to a bachelor\’s degree in procurement as currently I hold a diploma in procurement and logistics management..

  39. I really appreciate the fact people can chances in life through scholarships to achieve their dreams..I am a study who is done with my diploma in procurement and logistics management at laikipia university in Kenya..I am in need of a full scholarship to advance my studies to a bachelor\’s degree..I will greatly appreciate if a chance is given to me as the I am not in a position of financial wellbeing due to my family\’s poor financial position..I will be happy If you put this into your positive consideration

  40. Am a South African citizen and am doing my first year at Rosebank College doing Diploma in Accounting and Financial Computing. I would be glad to be counted from those students who will be offered this studying fund.

  41. Hi
    I started my foundation level this year, I need funds if possible to continue on my study in side of (Information technology in international university of East Africa)
    Help me to complete this, in order to have a Strong skill ,in your consideration please.

  42. Hi, My name is Vanlalmuanpuia I\’m from Myanmar how can i get scholarship in this year, please help me I\’m study in Civil Engineer.

  43. I had already enrolled in another university in Zimbabwe and l would appreciate if you can assist me to complete my masters degree.

  44. Learn to see others through the eyes of love and cherish them more for who they are and the good things they do.Good luck.

  45. Rather than trying to piece together a doubtful frame work of part life experience shrouded in mystery,why not take time to examine my priority for today,creatures of profits./[needed a backbone/cash or support- mssge from young african legend

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