Grab This $10,000 Undergraduate Scholarship


The number of people who are taking one or full course online nowadays is increasing. The high rate of smartphone usage and computer usage has dynamically changed the mentality of people towards Online University.

Statics has shown that millions of people spend most hours of the day online. Do you know what this means in the educational field? It means that the traditional method of teaching and learning will soon fade away. Online Universities has proved to be the best alternative to a four-walled school. Come to think of it. We book flights online, order for goods and services online, who says we can’t earn a degree online? You see what I am driving at right?

Pause. Online University is not all that sugar-butter. Most of them are quite expensive too but not as expensive as those traditional university especially for those who has always dream of studying abroad.

This is what the University of People has considered and decided to offer students free education online. This literally means that you no longer have to travel abroad to get good quality education; abroad will come to you with all the good things it has to offer to those students who are learning on-campus over there. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Of course it does. The University of People is offering you the best of education from its top-university partners at your beck and call.

The courses included in this scholarship may be few but very rewarding. At University of People Online University, you can comfortably advance your career in the following fields of education; Health Science, Computer Science, Business Administration, and MBA too.

Interested applicants from anywhere in the world can apply for this scholarship. All they just need to apply and get involved is an internet enabled computer.

It might also be of great interest for you to know that UoPeople does not charge its students for annual enrollment, study materials nor to take classes. You only have to pay for what is called “Processing fees”. This fee helps the institution’s management to sustain and maintain the school so it won’t vanish because of financial issues.

As an eligible high graduate, you can apply for this scholarship. The deadline for this scholarship session is October 5th, 2017. This is for the class starting November 16th, 2017.

With this free online degree program, you don’t need to bother about tuition fees and other similar fees that are attached to studying abroad. The need for student visa, travelling fares, money for lodge and much more will be avoided and hence possibly lead to increased saving in you r account. Why delay your career by sitting duck? Get up and grab this scholarship offered by this Online University while it lasts.

For detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship, you can visit http://www.uopeople.edu

  1. I have master degree in industrial/ organizational psychology and I have interest to continue my PhD in psychology or related field but I don\\’t have financial capacity to do that so I need fully funded scholarship please help me by accepting me thank you in advance

  2. Hello.
    i would really appreciate if i would be selected for any scholarships available.
    Im doing grade 8 in swaziland metric system.

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