The Beit Postgraduate Scholarship Program Grant

Scholarship Programs are an act of kindness generated towards a body of students who have been gifted with some sort of academic excellence throughout their school career. A grant is a federal handout or in the case of The Beit Trust, a Parliament act associated with Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia only.

One particular part of The Beit Trust to highlight is the Beit-COSECSA surgical scholarship only available to surgeons in training. Before diving straight into the descriptive details involved with The Beit Trust take into account that each individual applying (except veterinary & medical doctors) has to be under the age of 30. However veterinarians and doctors must be under 35. Where the doctor or veterinarian must have completed a 1 year internship beforehand.

Now what little has been explained above only applies to Postgraduates.

Based on possible fees and tuition are covered by Beit Trust to a chosen college. Even all over expenses (mainly allowances) are paid for. The coverage for the allowance only extends beyond the individual and not to any immediate family members. Merit awards are not only ideal but should be noted within the application before submission. Including an independent reference is a must, so do not skip out on this action.

The history of The Beit Trust extends from 1906 to today where the trust funded a significant amount of South Africa Rhodesia’s railway system. Over time when 1954 was reinstated by an Act of Parliament in the UK. As of now a restriction has come down to only 3 countries to which will benefit from the Trust. In doing so, the benefits entrusted within the countries focus’ on education, welfare, environment and even teacher training. As the continued growth of this program continues, we could see it headed towards an online college, online degree or towards differed online degree programs.

Within the year only one individual will be selected to receive this Postgraduate Scholarship Program. Once attending the university selected, one could attempt an online degree reasonable within The Beit Trust Program. As quickly as online colleges and online degree programs tend to fill up space; surgical Postgraduate scholarships are hard to come by. However, taking a few online college classes or an online degree program would be an added notch to write on your application. Especially if an online degree is the light at the end of the tunnel of the Postgraduate educational front.

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282 thoughts on “The Beit Postgraduate Scholarship Program Grant

  1. Hi.
    How about Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management scholarship?, and para-climatologist training . if you will grant me a scholarship it will be serve as preparation for the competitive and innovated worker in the future.


  2. Thanks so much. Am almost 40 years. Wanted a scholarship for postgraduate in education leadership or management. What do I do? Please help. Am a Zambia and teacher, marist brother…a Catholic religious.

  3. Are students outside the three mentioned countries(Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia) favoured too? Because I am Ugandan.

  4. Zimbabwe,Malawi abd Zambia are the only countries involved but i am a Ghanaian and i also need a scholarship can i also apply

  5. Am faridah from uganda, am 23yrs old and i want to get a scholarship to continue my studies because my parent can’t afford the tuition fees for the university. Please help me i really want to go back to school.

  6. I am called BAHATI Jean Claude, I am Rwandan aged of 44years old I want to pursue masters but I have not possibility of paying school fees that why I want to get scholarship for pursuing masters

  7. Thanks for informing me, I will try to apply this scholarship, I think I will be succeeded in this, myself I am a youth of 28 years old,I completed my 0’level education. here no job at all so I beag to get this chance from you. thanks and God bless you.

  8. Hi Does one have to be finished with the undergraduate program before doing this postgraduate program and do you guys pay for everything or what and how does your system work.

  9. I have finished Bechelor of Theology from Kachin Theological College in Kachin state and certificates of development study from Chiangmai University in Thailand.Now, I am leading a local church and a promise children’s home( orphanage). I would like to study more about Christian study and child education. Please let me know the suitable programs for me.

    ah si

  10. My name is Vika Mthembu from vryheid i want to gow at College i want to improve my skills doing boilermaker so i can’t to gow becouse i don’t have money
    so please if have someone who want to help me i will be happy in my life
    Thank you

  11. Okay am supposed to go for undergraduate course but now what you offering here is postgraduate,is there possibility of consideration for that?

  12. Can I avail scholarship here in the Philippines? Im taking veterinary medicine in Central Luzon State University, I just need it so badly. Or if not, is there any applications that you may refer ? Thank you so much.

    • I would like to apply for the undergeaduate programe which is offrered in your university.
      Iam currently Political Science student at university of Papua New Guinea but I withdrew from academic year 3rd yaer of study.And I am looking for better studies in the world.

      Could you kindly offered me to stuy in your university on the undergraduate on the course (Political Science)?

      Thanks and haer from you soon.

  13. Thanks for the update but am currently pursuing my bachelors Degree in Agriculture and enterprise development.
    Am really in need of assistance.

  14. Do you give out scholarship to fresh year undergraduate students.? Am in need of scholarship to finance my education. I would be grateful if you will help to finance my education to Germany. Thank you.

  15. Hi
    Am Celestine Kiplagat am requesting if there any collage for undergraduate study.
    Thanks in advance,


  16. Please any scholarship for teachers who wants to study English language at their masters level? I had lower class from Valley View University

  17. Happy new year,
    Thank you for this great opportunity
    I would request this opportunity to be extended to Uganda if possible
    I have seen Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
    thank you.

  18. I will be very happy when i receive message from your hands informing me that i got a scholarship from your hands.

  19. I agree to the terms of the grant and much appreciate your concern. Am also grateful and i wish that my dream of being part of your kindness and genorosity will b fulfilled. I am looking forward to hear from you.

  20. greeting

    I want to know that how do you apply for this scholarship because i only have a matric certificate and i passed with higher certificate and i want to study for metro police.
    so looking forward for your respond.


  21. my name is bilal ahmed and I live in a student of A level and I want to know that do u give Scholarships to A level

  22. Am Miss Irene A Byashara .Am a Tanzanian girl aged 24 yrs. Am asking for scholarship support to study degree in diagnostic Radiography.Since in our country no collage that is offering bachelor in Radiography ,and no financial support to study abroad.So am asking kindly so that I can fulfill my dreams.Thanks you.

  23. Thanks for the grants…please what exactly do l need to know about the school and what to do because l can’t wait to start my study as soon as possible…

  24. pls I’m electrical engineering student and I will complete in 2017 of may. can it be possible for me to apply for the scholarship. how do I apply.

  25. Im am a first nursing student at Near East University in Cyprus. I am female 18 years old. Will I get any help here or im just supposed to unsubscribe

  26. Hello,I’m kenyan.A teacher by profession.I’m not within the countries’ listed down.In need of a scholarship to further my teaching career.Any help from you will be greatly accepted

  27. Hi sir or madam how can i apply for this scholarship I really need it to forward my education I have a Bsc in biology .what are d requirements pls

  28. Joy Ndeley
    Hi sir, i need to apply for this do i go about it? i am a Cameroonian (African) residing in ny country. female

  29. Dear sir/madam. My name is elida Abrahams. I am interested in yr post grant scholarship. I’m currently studying at a college here in studying Ecd. In two years I will qualify with a teaching diploma. I need financial assistance to continue with my studies. Please let me know if you can assist me.


  31. Iam looking for scholarship or bursary or grant for my secondary school.i had to deop off school last year because nobody paid my school fees..per year its only 60.000 including books,busfare,lunch money uniform, school trips and school fees

  32. I recently completed my form four exams and passed well.I am therefore requesting for a scholarship to study abroad please help.

  33. Alex T.Fallah is my Name,I need scholarship pls, I am an up coming graduate with Bsc in Economics.
    I am kindly seeking an MBA. PLS HELP ME.

  34. dear sir/madam I’m looking for bursary for my career doing level 3 in transport and logistics
    my mom & I survived byR1510 per months
    can anyone please assist to complete my course
    all terms marks are above 70
    I applied the bursary to lot of companies but no reply

    Themba Mkwebani

  35. Thanks sir for your concern.I am a continuing student persuing Bachelor of Education. I am interested in this scholarship because I am extremely poor.

  36. Dear sir/madam, am grateful to find a thing like this, that can help people to advance their knowledge. Please am an agricultural technician and i drop at this level because of financial difficulties, i wish to study community development to start working with poor and vulnerable persons. i don know how ton go about it

  37. Hello sir/ madam am inquiring is this scholarship for only people who did sciences?????/
    This is my contact 0778420378

  38. I have been admitted in one of the university’s in Belgium and I have paid half of my masters tuition, can I also be helped here if at all I do not wish to change my university

  39. I have got a boy by name OMONDI EMMANUEL ODHIAMBO who sat his KCPE exams in2016.He got 377 points out of 500.He has been admitted in One the national school in Kenya.I am asking for help.First term school fees is Kshs 40000.

  40. I am currently studying nursing at the William V S Tubman University in Southeast Liberia. Can I also benefit from this program?

  41. Hello sir/madam, i have just finish my matric this year and iam interested in this scholarship programme. Please tell me how to apply for it

  42. am a Ugandan and am looking for someone who can help me and I continue with my education… I really need to continue money is the problem

  43. Just completed my form four in Kenya,wanted to pursue a course in hospitality and am not able to pay my fees coz my father is suffering from a brain tumour. Will appreciate if u assist me.

  44. Hi . My name is lutfia M. Said. Im study social work in degree level. So please i need a schorlaship for enable me to continue with my study.
    Thank you.

  45. Hello there, I’m from Ethiopian, i have first degre by clinical pharmacy and I really want to upgrade but I don’t have enough money for that so is their any possible free scholarship chance for me, pleas let me know , Thank you!!!

  46. Hi,
    I am currently studing chemical engineer in addis ababa university in bachelor degree in ethiopia ,can I get the scholarships in this position?

  47. Hello Mr or Ms .I’ve already finished with my classical school but how can we help me find a scholarship free abroad?
    Thank you for your understanding!

  48. Hi how are you I’m fine my name sin vandet my skill medical doctor I’m graduated 2012 I live in Cambodia I want attention scholarship… What do I do thank so much

  49. I need this scholarship so I can finish my studies in time.If I don’t have enough money to pay my fees,this scholarship will help me

  50. I want to know whether you will sponsor me for a master programme in Law. I have obtained 9 distinctions in my LLB programme

  51. Hello my name is ASA BAYO SEGUN from osun state Nigeria I sincerely and seriously in need of a scholarship have always want to get in higher institutions but money issue.. I Just get no helper but I trust God as well as you Pls help me #

  52. Dear sir/madam,
    I am HASHAKIMANA Francois Frank, I am in Rwanda. I am very grateful to apply for this opportunity of scholarship, . I have done Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration in Finance at University of Rwanda, College of Business and Economics so i want to study Masters Degree in Finance but i face financial difficulties. So I need your help so that I can fulfill my needs. Please contact me: +250784747115 or via email:

  53. Am a Tanzanian,what about bachelor of public health scholarship please help me,I have graduated a diploma in medical laboratory sciences

  54. I graduated from high school since 2011, but failed to enter into college due to lack of fees. I would be grateful if I have someone help me forward my educational sojourn.

  55. Please do consider me for this kind of online distance learning ,I could not complete my Honours in pyschology

    Waiting to hear from the response in regarding my request

    Ntombifuthi Cele

  56. I feel that it is not too late until it is late. Old age is in the mind of an individual who have given up in life. In Africa we get things late and we must stop studying late as well to compensate the time lost. As African we must cast out the spirit of discouraging one another in life with an intention to rule others indirectly.

    I am 49 years with a loving family, I am looking for a scholarship to study for Doctoral studies in Public Policy Analysis. I will be very pleased if I can receive forms that will lead me to study and graduate in time.

    Thank you

    John Douglas Banda

  57. I Nozipho Goodness Simelane, aged 22 and I matriculated 2013. I did go to varsity at TUT where I was doing Diploma on Human Resource Management first year on 2014. Nsfas did not approve so I had to leave school. since then I have been struggling to find a job. Please help me with anything you can offer, to help young South African build a future and achieve her goals.

  58. my name is Duguma Fulea. I Have graduated from Addis Ababa University in LLB and MA. I am requesting scholarship to learn my PhD abroad an.

  59. hi, my name is Augustin HAVUGIYAREMYE i’m burundian, i did law at Hope Africa university, i’m gratuated. i’d like to to benefit this scholarship. how can i get it? please email me on it will be a pleasure for me to hear from you a good answer.

  60. Im currently working but need t change my career bt i havent done anything related to science at school. I really need this programme, what is the criteria?

  61. name is Tabota Awali,am for the last 4years looking for a scholarship but i have failed to get one i have a degree in procurement and logistics management with a strong second class upper division and had and always wish that i can get scholarship for a post graduate program me of masters degree in entrepreneurship and business,
    i will be grateful if you select me for such a great opportunity.
    kind regards

  62. Hi am Muabutoh Issa and a Cameroonain by nationality and also a 18 year old of age . I do study Information and communication technology am it quite expense to under study such a program in my country without assistant . please I really need this aid of scholarship to use the opportunity polish my Education and as a little boy I have alway have that love and to work in the department of information and communication technology (I C T ) and this aid is absulutely necessary for me be cause it can help me to makes my dreams comes in to reality

  63. What about Master of Public Health (MPH). Am involved in HIV/AIDS projects and am now looking to advance in the above mentioned field.

  64. God bless you I also want scholarship I real need to continue with masters iam Tanzanian hope you will consider me.

  65. I am Philile Hlatshwayo I am very desperate for going to the college to further my studies…how do I apply for this scholarship? THANKYOU

  66. Am a medical student at Busitema University faculty of health sciences eastern Uganda, currently in first year, however I have challenges with paying my tuition, I kindly request to be considered for a scholarship by your organization to pursue my bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery.
    My contacts are

  67. Hi….i finished my high school last year and attained a B I am requesting for a scholarship to the university to pursue Actuarial science or computer science…. Kindly help me..,.

  68. hi thanks for the updates from kenya i desire to pursue nursing undergraduate but am from a humble background and i kindly request for financial help.

  69. l Mr Uzuh wants to apply for your scholarship, fellowship/grant to enable me study PhD Management in of the universities in USA which l have applied for 2017 admission process. Do l qualify for your award? Please reply. Thanks.

  70. sir or madam please consider i am undergraduate student. I will finish my degree at February .so the scholorship help to follow the master degree programme.please sir consider me pls pls

  71. Am Zziwa Fredrick Walter and am seeking a scholarship because my parents are unable to push me ahead in my academics at University

  72. Thank you,oh please iam a continuing student persuing a bacheloor of scoence in clinical medicine and community health,please iam too highly in need,so greatful will i be if given consideration

  73. hi! im PHILIPO FROM TANZANIA i have diploma in medical field can i get scholarship for undergraduate especially medical doctor?

  74. Can I get a scholarship for a post-graduate study in computer science? am a kenyan and i got a first class honor in my bachelors degree in computer science

  75. hi
    i would like to get that scholarship i matriculated 2015 please email me the details i am under 25
    scholarship for education

  76. Im Ghati francis chacha, a graduate in one of yhe well known university, (masinde muliro university) in bachelors of education arts (geography and history with a second class upper division, and i would like to persue my masters in geography though am not financally ok, kindly if you can help me with your scholarship.

  77. am oliphia looking for a scholarship for my bachelor of arts in communication and media with a lot of practical work included so i may gain skills.i will appreciate your help thank you

  78. hi I’m spheleleinnocentnkwanyana I applied for electrical engineering at tshwane university of technology can I get the scholarship?

  79. Hi im a ugandan currently persuing masters of science in crop science, i have found it diffcult to continue.i need please.

  80. Hy there.
    I’m mekdes merkbwork I’m from Ethiopia and I’m undergraduates I’m studying accounting for degree and considering this I want you to give me that to this scholarship.please sir/Mrs don’t live my feedback.

  81. Hello.
    My name is mekdes merkbwork I’m from Ethiopia I’m studying accounting for my first degree I’m undergraduate please I want you to give me a chance to this scholarship please I really need it.please

  82. It will be of great interest on my side to receive a Scholarship to further on with my masters.. Will really appreciate it. I graduated with an Accounting Degree in 2015…

  83. hi and thanks. I need a sponsorship I’m playing guitar and I’m singing my own songs. so i get a shool at Damelin college for Deploma in sound technology. help me please i really need this.

  84. Am A Ugandan And Am A Stundent Who Is Struggling,may I Be Able To Benefit From The Sponsership.What Should I Do In Order To Benefit

  85. great,am Bernice..from Ghana,a first class degree holder from the university of cape coast.was thinking if you could help me with a scholarship to study master of dietetics.thankx

  86. My name is Shaukat Ali and I have completed my M.Phil. in Zoology from Quaid –e- Azam University Islamabad. I am looking for PhD position at your university my intention is to join a lab with the goal of performing a research related to Zoology. My research toward Zoology developed when I was always involved with research during my M.Sc. and M.Phil. For my research I came across your faculty web page and was impressed by your research. Kindly provide me the opportunity to work under your kind supervision for completion of my PhD. Ultimately I would like to gain more experience in the lab related to my field of interest and have the opportunity to work on original research and learn novel techniques. Please tell me I am enthusiastic and attentive and in knowing this I hope you will consider me to become the part of your lab. Thank you very much for your time. I am looking forward to hear from you.

    Shaukat ALI

  87. Nickson Musachi, currently a student at Moi university taking bachelor of education, i will be happy if you will sponsor me.

  88. Thanks for your massage.

    I am Zambian citizen looking for a scholarship for undergraduate. I wrote my grade 12 exam in 2014 and I obtain good results. I want to go in school of education. How can I get helped?

  89. Hulo am Dorcus Asianut Ugandan aged 23yrs of age and having a degree in Developmental studies would Like to go for masters and will be grateful if am favored thnx

  90. Hulo am Dorcus Asianut Ugandan aged 23yrs of age and having a degree in Development studies can I please gt a scholarship for masters?

  91. Hi..
    Am here.. Alone confused with what will happen on where you get the fees of the DEGREE OF COMPUTER SCIENCE.. Any where across the world.. My parents both got an accident towards Christmas 2016 am aloe who survived. .

    On that every time I cry.. Once remember of that..


    My contacts +255766499726
    And email

  92. it might be a best opportunity and a chance to explore new career venture, however, I am a South African and do not have passport yet.

  93. Hi my name is Siphiwe Mfundo Manana. I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering at ZHEJIANG UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY IN Hangzhou. This is my fist year and need Scholarship.

  94. I humbly request for the scholarship as to pursue civil engineering or mining engineering.
    I am applying for this scholarship due to my financial problems. I will be glad to be considered.

  95. Thank you for this opportunity. My name is Ugwu Emmanuel Chukwueloka . I am a Nigerian, I have a first class in crop science during my undergraduate program. Will wantbto further and I need your help to sponsor me. Thanks


  97. Hey .I am a Rwandan by nationality,named Jonathan URIMWIJURU .I am glad to write you this message .I was done with my studies of two years in a university within an Educational diploma degree in arts and social sciences .If I become granted with your schorlaship,I will get on my dreams.Thank you indeed.

  98. hi sir/madam am Mabula Gimu Yohana loking for scholarship in Agricultural fields, I did Agriculture at Sokoine university of Agriculture 2016

  99. My name is brian from kenya and i am looking for a atletic schoolership, and your school to offer me with my degree in nursing

  100. knowledge is a power, a man equipped with best knowledge can contribute to this world. please if possible give me a chance of scholarship .

  101. THIS IS ASRAT TONA FROM Ethiopia. i will be happy if this chance become true. and also i want study masters in business field. Thank you for all…

  102. Good post! I read your blog often and you always post excellent content. I posted this article on Facebook and my followers like it. Thanks for writing this!

  103. am a Ugandan and am looking for someone to help me complete my studies..I really need to continue with my studies money is the problem

  104. whoa1h this blog is great i love reading your posts. Keep up the great work! You know, a lot of people are looking around for this information, you can aid them greatly.

  105. whoa1h this blog is great i love reading your posts. Keep up the great work! You know, a lot of people are looking around for this information, you can aid them greatly.

  106. I have a dream to study to the level of a doctorate, right now i have a bachelors degree in business studies, accounting option ( second class). am aged 45 years now. My biggest challenge is that i have many responsibilities and am not financially doing well. I have tried to look for financial assistance but in vain. Please advise me.

  107. I dearly need scholarship in bachelor of business science. Hopefully you will guide and help me.


  108. Hey my name is lokeris Samuel baker age 24 years am a Ugandan by nationality and am looking forward seeking for ascolaship in a bachelor in business administration if my request will be taken under your positive consideration I would be very happy thanks

  109. thank u very much i am an Ethiopian, so i have no mother as well as father that eared money to studies tuition,please help me as much as possible. and i am around 36 years .my interest is to learn environmental science and management.

  110. Am 27yrs ugandan i hav a Bachlers in Art and Design can i knw the scholarships available 4 art and design? And steps to follow on hw to apply.Thnx

  111. Thanks in advance for the effort. I’m 20 years old from Liberia. I am very much interested in your scholarship and I hope to hear from u soon.

  112. Thanks in advance for the effort. I am 20 years old, from Liberia. I’m very much interested in your scholarship and I to hear from u soon.


  114. Please, how does one get the scholarship? I have tried several scholarships but it yield me no fruitful results so please i need your assistance.

  115. i am from Ethiopia my name Zuber Siraj , i was graduated by BSC Degree medical laboratory science from Hawassa University at 2014 and i want to upgrade my education but i have no enough wealth to learn master degree by my self but i have a dream to develop my education level if i get financial support

  116. hi: my name is Jackson… can you give me certain procedure to follow so that I can apply for the scholarship. I really to be part or involve for the scholarship opportunities.
    thank you

  117. Hi iam a Ugandan seeking scholarship in technical and vocational training in either Mechanical engineering or Automobile engineering

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