Canadian Universities Awarding Up to $140,000 in Grants for International Students

In today’s world is a lot easier to get access to higher education. Just open a browser, perform a few, quick searches, enroll with an online degree and you’ll be on your way to getting a diploma in no time.

There are plenty of college degree online or offline providers today that can help you achieve your dream. An online college degree represents the exact equivalent of a traditional one, so you can be sure you’ll be able to use your diploma to get that job you’ve always wanted.

However, enrolling with an online degree is not free. Like in the case of traditional degree programs, you will need to pay a tuition fee. But what if you don’t have the necessary funds to go to school? Submit a few scholarship applications to a number of institutions and hopefully you they will be willing to offer you the financial help you need.

We can even lend you a helping hand and share with you a number of interesting grants you might want to send scholarship applications to.

Take for example, the York University which is currently offering the Global Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship and the International Entrance Scholarship for students who are interesting in enrolling with a college degree online or offline with the Canadian university.

The offer is quite generous. The first scholarship amounts to a total of $80,000 ($20,000 x 4) while the second one offers up to $140,000 ($35,000 x 4 years).

Applicants must be interested in joining one of the following faculties: Arts, Media, Performance and Design, Environmental Studies, Education, Health or Science.

If Canadian universities aren’t really your thing – why not consider enrolling with a traditional or online college degree with an Australian university instead. The University of Adelaide is also interested in providing financial aid to commencing internal students looking to enroll with an offline or online degree at the university.

The scholarship covers up to 25% of the annual tuition fee for each of the program for the full duration of the program, which can extend for up to four years. So if you receive this scholarship you might have to combine it with another one.

But what if you are looking to further your education by enrolling with a Master’s college degree online or offline? Then let us tell you about the Radbound scholarship program for International Student offered by the Radbound University in Netherlands.

It’s restricted to students of a few faculties like Arts, Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies, Faculty of Science or Faculty of Medical Science.

The scholarship is actually a partial tuition waiver. So students of offline or online college degree programs who are beneficiaries of this grant will be able to pay a tuition fee of just €2,006 instead of €9,432 or €10,360. Which is a pretty significant discount.

On top of that, the grant also covers costs for visa, residence permit, health insurance and liability insurance. These documents amount to a total of €725.

It is our belief that you should start researching scholarships early on, so you can be absolutely sure you have the necessary funds before you leave off to college. Don’t worry if the deadline has passed this year, you will be able to try your luck next year.

  1. I notice that the deadline for the scholarship is over.I am interested in studying accounting. It will help me meet my objectives

  2. I noticed that the deadline for this scholarship is over, but as I am interested to postulate to the next opportunity, how can I do the application? if the have a link to enter, please don\’t hesitate to send to me.

  3. I have a master degree in chemical pathology and I will to study medicine in Canada.
    However I need a full scholarship to enable my dream of been a doctor comes true
    Please how can I apply

  4. I want to study in masters to any kind of field related to civil engineering. I already have a bachelor degree in civil engineering and it is my passion to study in Canada

  5. I am a Sierra Leonean with the passion to be educated at a higher level and i already possess a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Community Development,i am interested in studying in Canada.

  6. I am from Ethiopia,and firstly let me thank for offering scholarships to students. This will make country improve much and also uplifts the status of the people in the country and outside country. I am interested in study Development Economics. Thanks much

  7. The challenge is no choice, but the victory is competition
    Some people are eager to make life successful in their life,so i would like to win this grant to succeed in my life and to introduce new things in the world.

    best regards!

  8. Can one get a grant to pursue CPL which he has started on his home country and flown already a total of 30 hours has encountered some financial constraints?

  9. its of grate joy a times to fill news of scholarships for sure in my life struggle of education i have never got chance to be sponsored if opportunity be there i will be grateful.Coming from Uganda and willing to obtain diploma in technical education.

  10. I want to take master program in pharmaceutical research and my daughter want to study medicine in uk, Canada or Germany. Tell me how to get a scholarship

  11. I am interested to study bachelor degree at any university in the world especially in Canada or USA in engineering faculties how should I be sponsored to fulfill my goals.

  12. I\’m an undergraduate. Please how do I apply for the Canadian scholarship? It\’s an offline scholarship I\’m interested in.

  13. I am a applicant of the international students scholarship at the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada and i really want to forward my education at this university but i been face with financial situation because since I came out of high school my Mother died and my Father is not working, so can someone please tell me or help me how can I get financial aid to study in Canada at University of Prince Edward Island or any different college in Canada?????

  14. My country didnt have scholarship
    Please allowe to me to part of this education and develop my future

  15. It would be an honor and i would be the luckiest and happiest if you would grant me a free scholarship to pursue a dream in dentistry by offering me a master\’s degree in operative dentistry.

  16. Thanks so much for this opportunity given to student who want to pursue their education. I am from Liberia and had a diploma in social work and really interested in this scholarship program. How can I be a part of this now as I am presently down financially.

  17. I would like to learn Medicine if you sponsor me.
    I have BSC nurse in Bahir dar university.,ethiopia,Adis ababa.
    currently I am working in Black lion specialized hospital as anurse supervisor.

  18. I am John Ronald Ssekadde from Uganda ,
    I would like to study Information Technology, second option Industrial Art and Design.
    Please consider me.
    I completed form Six, ready to join, and passed with 11 points.

  19. I\’m from Ethiopia looking for a master degree in business &economics fields.A type of scholarship i want is fully funded if i get this chance,i may have a very good luck to access a quality education.Thank you.

  20. I\’m Alim from Sudan , interested in the Scholarship i agraduate in Chemistry i\’m looking for an educational Opportunity to Structure my knowledge and continue to grow as Professional Chemist.

  21. Thanks much for that aid, am Baraka Waziri from Tanzania finding scholershp in my bachelor degree of political science with public administration or human resource management may you help I please so as I can get education which I will use to liberate my society ,my words to you is that may God bless you all and your family because of your work you done of assisting poor people like I my gmail is Barakawaziry5@gmail.com

  22. I\’ve filled in necessary requirements but not sure weather it is submitted and reconsidered please contact me from my email thank you.

  23. I passed my high school education in Kenya but due to poverty and poor structures in our country I could not access quality education.any assistance will be highly appreciated thanks a lot

  24. Am Jackson nyakio I apply for scholarship in arts and any hands and mind based courses .I will be reply horned if recommended one . Am from kenya

  25. I\’m a student who willing to do anything in order to get a scholarship in order to permit to further my studies in your beautiful and wonderful. I don\’t care if i maybe required to work in order to pay for the scholarship given to me by the government

  26. I am really interested in your program but I have lack of financial means. I want to study master MBA in management and Finance. PLEASE WHAT CAN I DO?

  27. HI how doing am from Ethiopia(AFRICA) I want this program currently I have 3 degree IN HISTORY AND HUMANITY ,SOCIOLOGY AND SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY AND THE TIERED ONE IS CLINICAL NURSE. I want to apply for History ,International development studies OR child studies and I have more than 7 years experience in teaching and volunteer service so please I need ur help PLEASEEEE

  28. Dear
    We would like to thank you very much for your email but we as the management board of Action First For Progress NGO which was registered in kenya on 27/4/2005 as a National Non Governmental Organization
    Sir/Madam please we had requested collaboration so that you can deposit your grants for scholarships and basary in the account of action first for progress here in kenya please we are pleased to know that you knows the valve of education please the budget of one needy kenyan pupils is eight hundred thousands from form one to university here in kenya please we are ready to sign the memorudum of understarding (MOU) thanks
    PO BOX 113-20107

  29. Hi, that\’s a great and interesting supply.
    I\’m Mohamed Mignane Sakho, from Senegal. And, I\’m a student in Licence three(L3) in the ENGLISH Department at Cheikh Anta Diop University. Indeed, I wish to take this opportunity so as to pursue my studies and come back to my native country to take part to its development.
    In so doing, I would like you please to help me to apply because I really need this.
    Best regards,

  30. I am Joel O. Abraham from Nigeria, I am one of the underprivileged who can not afford to further his education to University level. But with this provision I wish to further my educational career in one of the University in Canada on Human Resources. Please tell me how to go about it now. Thanks.

  31. Off course its a good opportunity , but i am so tired of applying scholarship I\’m a clinical pharmacist @ haramaya university, I tried a lot but it seems like not working for me but thanks!

  32. firstly i would like to thank the donors for this great opportunity;
    am from ivory coast ,just completed my frist degrees in Nigeria and would like to proceed on for my masters in biological sciences; a financial aid is the only way thhrough which i can achieve this. iwould like to knw the procedures and steps towards gaining the schorlarship.

  33. Thanks for the above information. I intend to study M.Sc; Facilities Management in Australia University later this year. However, i am interested on how to get available grant or scholarship to support my little savings for this educational pursuit.

  34. In would be greatly interested in getting this kind of scholarship to study in Canada. How do I go about applying for the scholarship; can I please have the scholarship link.

  35. very nice
    how i can get scholarships ???
    i am fond of studying but i am findind very difficulties dues to lack of money

  36. how i can apply for scholarship.what are the requirement for scholarship.
    i have no financial capacity that i could study aboard…
    pleas tell me the web where i can apply for scholarship.

  37. i\’m very interested to study civil engineering or pharmacy with scholarship because i\’m from a poor family.i have applied many scholarship and i have not succeeded.so,i need your help so that my dream will come true…Kindly reply

  38. I like that Canadian award winning scholarship program for international developing countries suck as Ethiopia thanksgiving

  39. Greetings l hold a MASTER OF EDUCATION Degree IN MATHEMATICS. I need a scholarship to pursue a PhD in applied mathematics.

  40. i am a cameroonian graduate from high school and looking forward to study political sciences in any of the canadian universities but suffering from financial issues.i will be glad if this scholarship will be granted to me to aechieve my dreams

  41. i am a cameroonian high school graduate and wish to study political sciences in abroad but suffering from financial problem to finace the program.i will be glad if this scholarship is granted to me to archieve my dreams.

  42. please I am a Nigerian I need your financial help to study in your institution, I have a diploma in medical laboratory, MLT(Medical Laboratory Technician) and my O level result is good. Thanks I hope that my request will be granted.

  43. I really like to have joined to university especially in health sector as part of my dreams so as to save some of problem facing people and the world in general

    Am so gretfull for the chances that you are offering to the students and the world of education.

  44. i am very happy dueto the participating of this chance. but how to apply and the requirements to me one of the winners?

  45. I am interested in your offer to students who are unable to continue their college degree. With the help of your great offer I believe that my long a awaiting dream will be meant.

  46. Interested in joining any university of your placement provided an granted scholarship either in Canada or Australia to pursue computer science thank you so much

  47. please we need the link for the scholarship so that we can apply on time,,, before the offer expires…thanks and we will be expecting the link in our various mail..

  48. My name is Haris khan I am associated engineer want to bachelor education in canada Good place for education.
    How can I apply for scholarships

  49. I\’m interested in studying abroad, my problem is finances my Mom is a single and she in working we are struggling to have all what we need ,I passed my studies and I didn\’t have anyone to help m !at you please consider my request as I want to make a difference in my family and I\’m interested in studying Chemical Engineering.

  50. I want to do my first degree in accounting or Finance, can some one assist me to complete this course.

    Steven Andandi

  51. Yea i think am the lucky one it in cases like these a nes born baby can\’t just be born and at tbe same time learns how to chew bone he needs a coach. Here we are just left on our own where i cant understand were i should start from so please am the student grant help me and other thousand and one students who have these burning desire to achive thier dreams please ldead us and lets all be sure that we ate save and e are on the right track.am grateful for the se medium and i would be expecting a nince and wonderful and positive outcome
    My regards.

  52. Been in search of a scholarship opportunity in environmental studies, am Malawian with a diploma in environmental management but failing to go further with my education due to financial problems..hope to be granted this opportunity.

  53. Hi dearest respectful top scholarship program awards for international initiative affiliation offers I do appreciate your support thanksgiving may I keep in touch offline M.B.A. degree deferral

  54. Hi I\’m very eager and interested to come and study media but the problem is that I don\’t have money to fulfill my career. So I\’ll be very happy to be one of those who will get this educational scholarship please if reply me if I have obtained the scholarship….thank you I\’m Tsepo France Magane from South Africa

  55. hello am Eric from Rwanda ,am very much glad with this grant ,please I beg u finance me to study there thank u

  56. Sweet to get this new, I have looked for it but in vain, I am Alexis musafiri aleph from Congo D.R if you can help me to find it or the website which is only treated this thing so that We may log on it please,
    kind regard on my request

  57. Please, I am a High School graduate and I want a scholarship to further to the university to acquire my bachelor\’s degree in sociology. Please how do I apply? THANK YOU

  58. Thanks for the information.
    I want to benefit from the scholarship
    But how do I apply for the scholarship
    Could you please help me with the website.
    Thanks for your understanding.

  59. what a help to some of us who have interest to further our studies but lack of fees disenable us. I want to do Masters degree with Radbound University in Theology and Religious Studies and currently I have a degree in Divinity studied at University of Malawi and iam ministering a presbyterian church here in Malawi. And the other chance I have is to study a masters degree in development with a presbyterian university here in Malawi the fee for the whole course is 2500 United States dollars and coming across you dear people of God I see that this can be the chance for me. Could you help me please. God bless you in this calling you have to help people.

  60. Hello , thank you so much for this grand opportunity. Is there a website to apply ? Please, how do we apply ?

  61. This a beautiful opportunity and I definitely want to be beneficiary of this . I want to know how I can apply ? Is there any specific website?

  62. it would he a really big favour if this scholarship was awarded im so broke but yet gat big dreams, please help any african child cries

  63. hie um a first year student in botswana international university of science and technology studying materials and nano chemistry i need the scholarship to continue with the course outside Botswana due to poor resources in the university how do i apply for the the scholarship…….plis send link on how to acces it

  64. First of all I\’d like to say thank you,you are commited to change people abroad Specialy who are seeking scholarships like me.
    I graduate in information system at mekele unversity of ethiopia ,now I\’m very intersted to pursuing masters degree but I had financial problem please include me on your scholarahips in online program.

  65. I am actually enthusiastic to enroll my LLB degree in one of these International universities like Canada as I am an African. And I am also in need for a bursary because I have no means financially, but zealously willing to further my studies. I have just matriculated last year. But How can I trust your offer?

  66. If you want scholarships, grants and fellowships to study in Europe, Asia and America (North, South Central), at Bachelors, Master\’s, PhD or Post-doctoral level, just send for a copy of the new book WORLD SCHOLARSHIPS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. It is a compendium of world scholarship opportunities. That is the book you need to settle your funding needs and relief your parents or guardians of high blood pressure. For more information call QUEEN through the number: +234-070-I975-45I8. You can also send Email to dekedeke200I@yahoo.com

  67. please how can I go through it so as to achieve the scholarship.I really intend for the offline grant but defeated due to lack of funds.


  69. Your life will make a whole lot of difference if you get just a copy of the new book WORLD SCHOLARSHIPS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. The book is a complete guide to global scholarship opportunities.It will be delivered at your doorsteps once an order is made and paid for.Just give us the correct address for house delivery. CALL THE FOLLOWING NUMBERS: +234-70I97545I8 EMAIL: dekedeke200I2yahoo.com

  70. i want to study accounting which of the universities that will offer me full scholarship and help me and my family to come there because they are my dependant i can not study without them.

    from Ghana

  71. Dear Sir:

    I would like to apply for a full scholarship for PhD in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). I have an MA degree in TEFL. Ethiopian and a teacher of English.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Very sincerely,

    Yonas Berkessa


  73. I would love to enroll for Degree in Environmental Science and Management. But I will also need scholarship. How do I go about it?

  74. Iam Deogratius ,a Ugandan and i would love to do a post graduate diploma in public health from Canadian Universities if provided with an opportunity and considered.No family/Country will be considered developed unless ,she has a better health system.
    I confident that if provided with this opportunity ,i can do something.

  75. Am a Kenyan citizen and I currently study in a Kenyan university. I would really love to study abroad in any institution that you would offer I.e in accordance to your instituition varieties. Am partaking BBA IN CRIMINOLOGY. Your comply would greatly be appreciated.

    yours faithful,
    Ezna Pamela.

  76. I am so lucky to learn that there chances to study in Canada and wish to have this opportunity within my reach to deepen my knowledge on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction interventions.

  77. please does it support masters programs? what are dome of the criteria for qualification for application? and how can I apply?

  78. I will be happy if I will get this sponsorship… I want to study master of surgery abroad but I don\’t finance to reach my dream… I already have bachelor of medicine

  79. I am very impressed by the great assistance that these funding organizations are giving for the sake of Human Resources development. My question is whether those of us who are 50 years and above can benefit especially if we are from very poor third world countries such as the Solomon Islands? Currently those of us who graduated in the mid 1980s with our first degrees cannot compete with the influx of Pre-service students that are going out for their first degrees. And because the Government does not have enough funding for the education of its citizens this is the best chance for many of us to go for our Masters and PHDs.

  80. Am a masters student in public health,holding a Diploma in pharmacy,I want a scholarship to study on line Bachelor degree in pharmacy.However,I would be able to pay part of the fees.

  81. Hi,I would wish to study in Canada. But due to finance I cannot make it.
    How do I apply for the scholarship?
    Please help me out to fulfill my dreams. Thank you.

  82. am Nicolaus N john from Tanzania, i have graduated Bachelor of arts with education from university of Dodoma-Tanzania, am interested to study masters in Canada but my family haven\’t money to pay for me in my study i need your support if possible please.

  83. please do you award scholarships for undergraduate programs ?
    My Name Is Alhassan Tofiq and am from the republic of Ghana, Africa I completed secondary school last year but am not getting any means of going to school I will be very thankful if am awarded scholarship to proceed with my education

  84. I would love to study in Canada. May you please help me with details on how I can get a full scholarship.

  85. I wish to further my educational career in Canada to enable me to help less privileged in my country because I has be doing the little that i can do in my disposal. if I can be selected I shall be very greatful.

  86. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I have secured my admission letter from the Unicaf University to study my MBA but i have to pay twenty percent something around 2,120,00 USD for the 20% . Do you provide assistance in such case?

  87. I really want to my masters and very interested in your offer but no funds. please any help for me.I am a holder of bachelor of commerce in accounting

  88. i am very interested to get Scholarship about the Media,the Canadian university.
    Becouse at list 14 years I am Journalist.

  89. I have got admission at Minnesota University of Twins City to study pharmacy, can you please help me financially to pursue my passion

  90. iI will surely like to be a beneficiary of Scholarship to help me achieve my dreams. Sincerely the duty bearers in my country (Sierra Leone) have little or no focus in helping civil servants to improve their educational ability as there are sponsorship for academic improvement and if are available they monopolized by a few individuals in groups in the ministry, so the only available means remains with the trial and error search.
    I will appreciate if you can help me with the application form, so that i can try my luck


  91. I am a Malawian who is in great need of studying abroad but having financial challenge. Please help me how to proceed with the Canadian University Scholarships ($140,000 Grant s).

  92. hallow.am very much glad with the scholarship and the encouragement your offering. Personally i only need finance to start my own business if it is possible.

    best regard

  93. these scholarships are realy what i want but is it possible for one to be enrolled in any Ugandan public university like Makerere, Busitema, Gulu, Mbarara and Kyambogo university?

  94. i am so very interesting and willing to join the Degree programs but iam orphan and i lack of finance but i want to be more educated what should i do now?

  95. I would like to get a full bursary scholarship while studying master degree in business management, how do I apply?

  96. Thank you very much! for arranging such a best program for developing countries and others, I have much more interest to study in Canada but I have lack of finance and I Need financial aids.

  97. I shouldn\’t say that am lucky yet ,bse I haven\’t got any scholarship in my life but I might be blessed due to the fact that am on right click ….am in Uganda I would like to be honored a scholarship in environmental degree -masters studies with my outflow with 14points A level year 2016…However how may I apply for an offline scholarship?

  98. My name is Abel Sorsa from Ethiopia.I deeply interested on this scholarship. Currently i am studying microbiology in master program in Addis Ababa University. I want to get online scholatship from your university. I do not apply any scholarship before this.tell me how i apply for this.l will wait you.Thank you.

  99. It is a good thing but is there no way a student get this grant, come over and do a part time job to cover the rest of the tuition? I am a Bachelor\’s degree holder in Mechanical Engineering looking for a scholarship to study Renewable energy engineering or maritime engineering, I had tried for years to get a scholarship but it isn\’t forthcoming.
    Please I really need one.

  100. i am very interested to study abroad,but i have no finacial calacity,if i get any scholarship it will helps me to lead my study abroad………………………..MIDUL

  101. Please l have secured admission at Russia university of Digestive medical state college to study maters in public health and allies science, but find it difficult to go due to finance. I need financial assistance.

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