Study in New Zealand with the University of Canterbury’s $20,000 Grant

Online colleges are the gateway to bettering your life and improving your self-esteem. Even if life somehow proved to be against your higher education pursuing goals, the contemporary wider availability of online degree programs makes it easier for individuals to study and graduate. Online universities weren’t heard of 10 years ago, but now no eyebrows are raised when someone admits he or she has graduated with an online degree.

Even traditional universities like Stanford have acknowledged the great benefits of education provided by online colleges and are now offering online courses of their own. But what if you tried studying with one of the programs available at online universities and noticed they are not for you? While promoting many opportunities, online colleges don’t foster human interaction which might prove hard for some students. But even if online universities lack in this department, traditional schooling institutions excel at it. Even if studying with an offline degree costs on average more than you would pay at online universities, there is a way to make your dream come true. Send scholarship applications to colleges or third-party institution and get your degree funded.

For example, the University of Canterbury in New Zealand is awarding grands with values of $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000 to international students who are willing to pursue an undergraduate degree in the country. Students need to demonstrate they are eligible to apply an undergrad program in the country. Applicants who have already undertaken partial study in an undergraduate degree program in New Zealand are not eligible to apply.

You must be looking at an undergrad degree for the first time in order to apply for this generous grant. We’re not told what the bursary covers exactly, but more info on the matter will be shared by Canterbury University as the dead line approaches (August 2017).

The University, located Christchurch is New Zealand’s second oldest college, as it was founded in 1873. The University offers degrees in areas such as Arts, Commerce, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Forestry, Health Sciences, Law, Music, Social Work, Speech and Language Pathology, Science, Sports Coaching and Teaching. As you can see there’s plenty of areas of study to choose from, so you’ll certainly be able to find something that suits your particular sets of talents and interests.

Travelling for studies has become the norm in the era we live in. So if you’re a more adventurous type, you should definitely try and place a few scholarship applications and see if you can get funding to study abroad.

However, if you prefer the comfort of your own home, online degree programs are always available for you to enroll in. While international scholarships require you to relocate for a few years, online degree programs allow you to stay where you are and maybe take care of family members too, whilst studying to surpass your condition. Note that grants and bursaries are also available for students of online universities, so if you have financial problems you can request additional help from educational or third party institutions.

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  1. Nice to know Even the underprivileged can realize his dreams through your initiative. Am from Cameroon and am interested but i don\’t know exactly what is required. Thanks

  2. dear sir /madam
    other request
    i hereby submits my request in the subjet above
    always i prayed for any other assistant if i may get because the family,and i will really appreciate so much thank you very much for your co operations

  3. dear sir /madam
    i hope my request wii be considerd through your good office and truely i will appreciate it very much and prayed that all my hope is on you.

  4. iam very very delighted and i will appreciate any assistant that i may get from you to procceed with my degree course
    thank you very much may god blessed you.

  5. dear sir/madam
    my name is lawises juma otete,iam from kenya i need to study purchase and supply degree but i could no manage because of financial difficulties. i need your assistant to proceed on.please me.
    thank you very for much for your positive responces.

  6. hi am Susan akinyi otieno I would like to be one of your student in your university, I want to pursue education.

  7. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I take this opportunity to say Hi to you.
    My names are Robert Ouma Afwamba.
    So far I came up with I dear of opening a clinic called MOTHER AND CHILD.I started doing well on helping Women,Men and childhood patient.On thinking more I dears from friends we came up with also this kind of machine called Portable Doppler ultrasound scan with two prob one is Abdominal prob,Pelvic probe,Transitional prob and Sony printer.much on that we look forward and we conclude that you people,your the one who can support us to get this kind of machine.
    Thanks in advance,
    Robert afwamba.

  8. This is Gabriel Chieng Tot Iam An Ethiopian citizen I pursue my Diploma in Theology Last 14 years ago in Nairobi Kenya At Timothy Training Institute, I need to study in one of Grants country Like Newzealand .My point of study Law or Legal study
    Thank for Linking me with program
    I,M now pursue my Degree in Addis Ababa Ethiopia .at Rift Halley University With Business Management and Banking System
    I need sponsor to sponsor my stand in Addis Ababa .Granted only $5000 for three study

  9. I am really intresting in this opportunity but looking forward to have all your requirements if l could become one of your student.

  10. Thanks for such opportunities. I am writing from Cameroon. I wish to apply for this opportunity for someone living with a disability who is so much interested to further her education to obtain a degree in health sciences but does not have the funds. I wish she can have scholarship to study there.

  11. Wow, this is great. I am so happy with what I have read become it\’s the solution to my educational problemsproblems. Hope I will be granted this opportunity to study in new Zealand.

  12. I want full scholarship for PhD in public health related course\’s. I have a master in public health leadership. From Uganda.

  13. Hello am Asiimwe Sam a Ugandan national and a confessed Christian, I completed my advanced certificate of education but due to financial difficulties I could not continue with my studies and am kindly in need of sponsorship for a bachelor\’s program and am committed to work hard so as to add on the human resource, a positive response shall be highly appreciated please

  14. Hi
    Am Patrick Chandiwira Sichoni Malawian aged 44years from SouthernAfrica.
    I am looking for business grant because the high level of my academic qualification is high school were at my age life is already miserable.
    My focus is to build a business which will sustain the better education of my young kids who are in primary level.
    Your assistance will bail my kids not to face miseries I have undergone.

  15. My name is monica modika . I wish i can be considered so tht i can study nursing tht is my dream … but dure to financial problems .. nothing is moving im stuck no job i hv nothing ..

  16. iam much desirable to learning but due financial i could make it to continue, thanks for the opportunity
    Be blessed
    joseph dut makuei

  17. Dear Sir

    Thank you very much for advertising,I would like to pursue a doctorate on line,please do consider my aplication.

  18. Thanks for advertisement. I too need a scholarship for persuing masters online. Please I beg you to assure If I can get a full grant or partial . Select me a University ofering Masters of Project Management.

  19. I am grateful for this institution to select me for the scholarship. Indeed, having coming from Kenya which is a Common wealth nation and more so with so many similarities with my country, i will confidently accept the scholarship with honor and great humility. This way, i will be better positioned to transform my country and restore the honor as promote the world agenda for the sake of mankind and make the world an haven of peace and tranquility.

  20. Thanks to you very very much indeed.how shall I have access to this money? can I give my account number and the bank for you to deposit the in kindly if possible?

  21. I would love to study on the fine arts of music (songwriting and/or sound engineering courses) with the scholarship, including my family if applicable. Thanks!

  22. Yes I want to study in New Zealnd please give me a grant I will b very thank full to you .I pray for your God give long life.please give me a opportunity

  23. There is nothing more exciting that knowing that there are institutions out there that are so determined to see other people pursuing their studies to an extent of funding their education free of charge, I am touched and really would want to be given a chance to earn a scholarship and pursue.

  24. Yes I want to study in newzeland please give me a grant I will b very thankfull to you .i pray for your God goive long life.please give me a oppourtunity

  25. well very excitement to know about this online University i want to enroll to this online university as soon as possible but due to financial problem i request any help from you…

  26. Life is an uncertainty so you must grab an opportunity by its horns in other to beat others to the same race. I just want to study so that I become a renowned engineer In At least five engineering fields

  27. Thank you so much for informing me about this, I will real appreciate if you sponsor me towards my undergraduate degree of Bachelor of commerce

  28. Hello, thank you for the information and help that you give to students who can not afford to fund their higher education. I would like to find out when I can apply for a scholarship for programs that will be starting in 2018. Thank you

  29. I really need a full time scholarship to pursue masters degree in environmental impact assessment (EIA) with you if . However I don\’t prefer online program cause it may be inconvenient to me.

  30. Dear sir
    You know that I am intersted in studying, so, ask to send me a formal for full filling. Am a resident of DRC especially in North-Kivu Province.
    Thank you

  31. Very much impressed with your communication : I look forward to be one of your online student soon : but kindly help to pursue scholarship program with you

    George Obua
    Kole Intellectual Forum

  32. I would like to get money,
    because? Because money makes it possible to get your university education and everything else possible
      I hope we will get it
    I am happy if you consider my application.

    Thank you

  33. I come from a poor background and no one is there to support me for my education… I will be glad if you consider me.. Thank you

  34. My name is Niguse Gedamu Bichawond from Ethiopia and currently working at PATH with a job title of Program officer (Malaria surveillance officer) .Currently I am a holder of Master of Public Health (MPH) earned from Gondar University in Ethiopia on April 9,2016 .I now have a very great interest in doing my PhD in public health areas or Epidemiology in New Zealand to make successful changes in my life and also hope to put great impact in my family and people from my country or abroad.
    Hence, I am kindly requesting should you could grant me a fully funded scholarship to study (do my PhD in Public health areas or Epidemiology) in New Zealand with the University of Canterbury\\’s $20,000 grant.

    I thank you in advance for your prompt response.

    With best and Kind Regards

    Niguse Gedamu

    Cell Phone: +251 918806118
    Email: niguseg12@gmail.com
    Gondar, Ethiopia

  35. My name is Anolrd Marunze. I managed to educate my self to Masters Level. I desire to do a PhD in Old Testament. Currently I am working as a pastor in the remote areas of Zimbabwe.
    Hoping that you will consider my application

    Thanking you in Advance

  36. I am from Papua New Guinea, I come from a poor family where my parents can not afford to pay my school fee but somehow God opened a door for me to get educated so I completed my Bachelor Degree at Southern Cross University in Australia in 2015 via sponsorship from my Provincial Government. Currently I am working with one of the educational Institute called Institute of Business Studies (IBS) as Assistant Accounting Lecturer which my I started my current employment in April 2016..

    I now have a very great interest in doing my Masters in Business Management in New Zealand to make successful changes in my life and also hope to put great impact in my family and people from my district.

    Hence, I am requesting should you could grant me a scholarship to study (do my Masters in Business Management) in New Zealand with the University of Canterbury\’s $20,000 grant.

    I thank you in advance for you prompt response.

    Kind Regard

    Michael Nita

  37. I took it as a great opportunity, I have been already old, but again interested to do PhD in maths. I am 62 years old but continuously trying for better maths for young people. If there is scholarship for me to do PhD I will surely go for this.

  38. Am very happy for the response and also am looking forward of being part of you. I will be very glad for you good response again I\\’ll be happy to be the part of the Newzealand centerburies 20000 ,Please what are the requirement.

  39. Hello iam happy to hear such news iam one of those people who like borrowing ideas from different people I will be much happy if I will get a chance to validate my dreams in university of new Zealand

  40. My name is Rogers Kaweesa from Uganda, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering Degree from Makerere University and I would love to pursue a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering. Please how can I be helped. Regards.

  41. I come from Uganda my interest to upgrade in diploma with technical education but no hopes .so i do request any chance for me to be sponsored either in Newland or back at home all is welcome. Best regards to you all for the good job.

  42. Thank you for this scholarship, I applied on behalf of my son whose interest is in aircraft engineering,but are there any specific requirements to have and also does this grant cover for airfares to New Zealand ?

  43. I am happy to here that i can study in newzerland. Which further steps can i take now to make sure i start the course.
    Thank you

  44. Hello,
    Am Abraham Charles Bryant, I am a Liberian, I live in Liberia. Please I really need help to travel and study Barbering and Cosmetic. Thanks.

  45. hey,my name is Desire Mfashingabo i am from Rwanda please accept my dreams comes true by helping me
    to achieve my desire(free scholarship) i want to came to study automobile mechanical
    all the best…,ms/mr

  46. Sir/madam,

    I am from Bhutan, I am currently serving as a teacher. I have been searching for the scholarship for my masters degree. I would be so grateful to your admin, if your good admin could help me financially to pursue my masters degree.

    Thanking you
    Bhagat Bdr. Subba


  47. Hahaha…. New Zealand,
    I think this z one of the biggest great opportunities worldwide. Because according to the comments have read people are desperately in need of the scholarships. Some are even already in school in their home countries but yet struggling still, like the Zambian in 4th year who z failing to raise tuition I wished he could be helped, I just wonder whether the scholarship can stretch that far: for someone from Netherlands paid my primary n secondly up-to the end of my ordinary level n I was so much blessed.
    Please keep it up n may my God almighty bless you mightily for such an idea in Jesus\’ name. Amen

  48. we are Said and Saido in Somalia, we are very interest your offer so please help us studying in New Zealand. I\’m Said a bachelor degre and Saido/female and she finished a secondery school now so please help us.

  49. Please i am in Ghana and am eager to study abroad for undergraduates program. God bless you for helping me.

  50. Hi am interested to apply for a bausary and I need your help am looking forward to be part of those who will be offered a bausary stay blessed

  51. Buhinza James from Uganda
    I have bachelor degree in biomedical laboratory technology, I need ful scholarship to do bachelor of medicine, help me please

  52. I\’m Solomon Ayele from Ethiopia. I have Bsc degree in department of geology and now I\’m Geophysicit. I\’m so interested to join your university to learn Msc. When I was study in university I have six standardize certificates that were given by Czeck Acadamic Institute University after I taken short practical cources that strengthen our regular classes and I pass the exames that were taken by them. please help me.

  53. I need to study for postgraduate in education either math or geography.
    Am also seeking help in terms of funds to set up a secondary school in a remote rural area to help especially girls who can\’t go further in education due to early marriages and pregnancies .the nearest secondary school with boarding facilities is more than eighty kilometres from where am teaching

  54. I write from Malawi to accept the scholarship to study in New Zealand and study Social Work.

    please let me hear from you the soonest possible


  55. Hi
    I\’m Amdegiorgis from Ethiopia.
    Please help me. I\’m eger of education to learn masters of civil engineering course. I learn BSC of civil engineering in Ethiopia Adama Sience And Techenology University.
    But to continiu for masters program in civil engineering I have no money so could you aid me.
    Best Regard

  56. Okay. $20,000 is for me or not. And how to apply to NewZeerland University. Please discribe something to clear the information.

  57. I was in refugee life more than 20 years I under went both primary and secondary in Dagahaley refugee dadaab refugees and I need further studies I would like to consider my application for free education at your university

  58. Hi I\’m a Liberian a student Journast and also a Gospel Singer and I\’m interested in the scholarship but I don\’t have the finice I only only need a sponsor to sponsor and he or she will get all what they will spend on me my contact 231880820451 or 231770045828.tim Robert Argbah thank you God bless

  59. i want to learnMSC in neonatology/ pediatrics nursing. so i am glad if i get a chance to learn in NEWZEALAND. SO PLS sponsor me and make my dream come true.

  60. New Zealand was my dream country of studying. Currently persuing my Bachelors in Ghana I wish it would be a great investment in assisting me to persue my dream in New Zealand. Hope my comment would be attended to

  61. It would be greatful if am granted achance ,I Finished A\’LEVEL last year from Uganda. I want bachealors degree in civil engineering

  62. Well… too I have gotten lots of intrest in Newzealnd University… I m intrested in pursuing any Medical Degree… kindly assist…

  63. I am Jumayma Gamdust 18 years old from Tanzania,Africa.I would like to do my collage in Newzealand.I\’ll appreciate your assistance if possible.I have a great interest in forwarding my education but I\’m unstable financially.

  64. anything opportunity for any one who wants to study communication technology and cinematography.. .I would really love that. thanks

  65. I am Papua New Guinean by viewing through what you granted interest me a lot. I want to study there. Your response would be highly appreciated..

  66. I would be really pleased and it would be an honor if you can accept me with a free scholarship in one of your high standard universities in new zealand to pursue a master\’s degree in operative dentistry..

  67. I am Agbolade Sunday from Nigeria. I studied computer science in first degree and second degree, please i need scholarship for PhD.

  68. Please I want to know if such scholarship is available for Master\’s program, because I already have B.Sc. I will be waiting for a reply. thanks

  69. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am Rev, Robert Mateba, aged 30, (Anglican Church, Uganda) I have a bachelors degree in Divinity and Theology, I have always loved to upgrade for a masters Arts Religious Education but am financially unstable, do I also qualify for this generous scholarship.
    Your response is highly welcomed in advance,
    Rev. Robert Mateba.

  70. am hereby applying for un educational grant or scholarsship on my on going studies of barchelor of medicine and surgery.am financialy challenged to meet my fees.currentry am in my fourth year.
    your positvely responce to my plead will be appreciated.

    mutumba mutemwa

  71. I am interested in this and I need to know if I am going to spend some other fee other than the grants.When can I join the University?does that grant cover for all the years am gonna study or each year has got the allocated grants.

  72. Hi,
    I am Prince Adama from Ghana. I have the desire to pursue chemical or petroleum engineering but my financial status is making it imposible. Please can you help me to realize this my dream ?

  73. dear addmin,am hererby humbly asking for this offer,am a zambian male curretry in my fourth year of barchelor of medicine and surgery with a financial challege in meeting my tution fees.

    kindly seeking your support
    mutumba mutemwa

  74. hi, i have a national diploma in computerised accounting and management and i wish to forward my studies. this is an opportunity i cant afford to miss

  75. i would be very glad if granted the scholarship to study in the New Zealand. i have already gotten Bachelor of Arts in Religion with Diploma in Education and wish to further for Graduate studies.

  76. It is very amazing to read about professional development I am interested in PHD in Education especially EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP
    How long will it take

  77. I have always desired to study higher. At duch , l am so very happy to uptaine s degree to improve my life.

  78. I am mulugeta Abera from Ethiopia .I am graduated from Haramaya university in EDPM with CGPA of 3.14 I like t get MA scholarship from your university in educational leadership please help me my cell phone is +251913608348

  79. My name is mulugeta Abera and from Ethiopia.I am graduated from Haramaya university in B.A degree by EDPM with CGPA of 3.14 I like to study educational leadership my M.A please help me my cell phone is +251913608348

  80. The zeal of furthering education and exploiting individual\’s instinct traits avail much in few individuals but the constrain lays within the financial limitations. Such international scholarships available for online study, especially for third world countries, are the greatest opportunities available. Such opportunity is offered, it would be highly accepted with much much gratitude.

  81. hello, I am Ataobong peter Umosen by name. sir/madam, I will like to enroll my studies in the new Zealand university. But am financially unable, please help me. God bless you Amen.

  82. Hello,
    Thank you very much for your response to my email and taking your time to help me know more about Grants and Scholarships, I really appreciate. It has always been my desire to study for a degree and to further my education, i hope i will not miss this wonderful opportunity especially studying abroad.
    I have read and heard a lot of great things about New Zealand, it would be a great and wonderful opportunity if i get this scholarship.
    Many thanks!

  83. Hello,how privileged studying my bachelor\’s degree in Zealand is my dream..please assist me on how i can get there..scholarship is what i need..thanks

  84. Sir
    I hopefully you are fine .i am student of pre engineering. I got 802 marks in fs.c . I want to take admission in civil department plz appreciate him

  85. Please I am very interested to study there. Please help me how to apply. I study Computer Engineering first year in Cameroon. I will to continue over there.

  86. how can i get registered for this schoolarship programs becouse am interested in studying medecin abroad?

  87. my name is iragena carine
    direct my in the best way to
    do my application for this scholarship
    how to fill the form , i find complication infilling it
    when they ask to use abc123 what is exactly

  88. Hi there ,i want to apply but how ???????i am an undergraduate student studying at University of Johannesburg (Finance )PLEASE HELP ME OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

  89. Obtaining my bachelor\’s degree in New Zealand,has always been my dream. Irealy need God Almighty to grant me the Golden opportunity to study in the above institution.

  90. Chisom Loveth maduegbuna ,needed help to sturdy pharmacy in New Zealand come summer 2017,on scholarship

  91. i will be happy to learn at your institution but can you plase explain to me littli bit more abou the schoolar ship please

  92. I would like to study in New Zealand for a masters degree in Educational Administration. I have developed a very keen interest in some of the scholarships provided and I wanted to be associated with many people around the world who have benefited and have made their educational dreams come true. Can someone come to my aid and help me realize my dream. Am a holder of a Bachelor`s Degree in Education.

  93. Hello. I am Appiah Kankam Yaw from Ghana. What to do my masters in art can you help me with scholarship?
    Thank You

  94. I need to pursue a master\’ s degree in Mathematics education( teaching Mathematics ), how possible is it?

  95. What type scholarships are offered,if there is an engineerig it will be my grate pleasure.
    Because I am interest .

  96. Hi am Aaron from Papua New Guinea and would much appreciate it if am sponsored fully to study there.waiting to hear from you soon.

  97. I would gladly accept such an offer to be fully sponsored to study in New Zealand as an international student as it is my wish to take the financially privileged in future where they do not necessarily want to be but ought to be. Thank you for this opportunity and I am looking forward to your reply.

  98. I am intersting to live new zealand I like the education in new zealand i want helpful becouse our familly poor one day i hope good life thanks

  99. If i can get a chance to study am gonna be the happiest girl ever…..please help me so that i can get it

  100. Hi, my name is emmanuella from Nigeria, I would much appreciate if am fully sponsored to study there. Thanks, hoping to hear from you soon

  101. i need to study clinical medicine but i got a certificate of clinical assistant of two years,so can i study degree of medicine??

  102. Hi my name is Siham Muhie I want to learn in New Zealand perhaps I am a public health officer I want to learn further.

  103. Iam lenah from kenya.I graduated in 2015.I shall appreciate if considered for a fully funded online programme (masters degree in E.C.D.E.).Iam eagerly waiting for that positive response.Thank you.

  104. I\’m interested if you can offer me a scholarship to be able to pursue a degree in nursing. Hoping to hear from you soon.

  105. Hi my name is Aman Ebiso from Ethiopia I am 4th year chemical engineering student at diredawa university my GPA: 3.75 if I fulfill the criteria of scholarship, I want to apply and I want to learn the related field of study by chemical engineering in newzealand

  106. KWAME DOE YENGBE is my name. Am from Ghana and a graduate from the university for development studies (integrated management studies) and want scholarship to do masters. I hope I will be considered when the opportunity comes. Thank you.

  107. I like to study degree in the New zaaland university of the course of education through scolarship. I hope that I will get chance of studying

  108. I will fulfilled if I can be given full scholarship in your most esteemed college.It has been my long held dream to study in that wonderful citadel of learning and my only hiccup has been financial constraint.I will be eternally grateful if I will considered.I cherish the wonderful ambience of the institution.Thanks.

  109. Am J Anthony N Browne fromfrom west Africa Liberia I really want to travel out of my country to New Zealand to pursue my studies in Biology please help finance my study and travel to New Zealand

  110. my name is ramadhan zubeir..i have intrested of $20000 fully sponsored in switzerland..i\’m registered nurse.. but i want to change my career to bachelor degree in civil engineering… can you help me

  111. Hi
    My name is Thomas Tarpeh, I\’m in china during computer science. If you help me I will continue my engineering career in New Zealand and I promise that both party will benefit.

  112. Am from uganda i finish high school iwant to join universitybeinomugisha don\’t afford myself am orphan

  113. Hi! my name is Maniraguha Thomas Am coming from Rwanda I\’m studying Hotel and restaurant management and i wish to get the scholarship opportunity. could you help me please

  114. Thanks for your mail on Educational Scholarship, I will appreciate if I could go for a first Degree in Accounting, in University of Canterbury.

  115. I would like to pursue a degree in Business Management but the biggest challenge am facing is lack of finance .I finished my high school in the year 2011 and my parents could not manage to pay even the least ;(college tuition )infact this has made me work for my up keeping since then… Right now as am typing this am jobless and my desire to work has been terminated by lack of education.If this word reaches anyone who can help i will appreciate with the last drop of my tear.

  116. Currently, I (Tommy Morris Mudeh is not working with any company or Organization. My work contract ended on March 31, 2017.

  117. My name is Moïse Banibona. I have a diploma in Scientifique B. I plan to contribut in health in my country but to realize this I have to study university for a bachelor. So I need your scholership to study # Bio-Medical # .I\’m Burundian Who live in Rwanda (Refugie).

  118. Hello,
    I am Tommy M. Mudeh. I am most interested and delighted to study at this University. I am really seeking for a Scholarship that will enable me why my dream in obtaining a career in Engineering. Please assist me with the easier way to apply for this opportunity.

  119. I am a first Degree holder and would like to pursue law in New Zealand. Please assist me on how to apply. I am from Ghana.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  120. Hello I have a diploma in education and an advanced certificate in movement science I want to pursue a master degree in sports coaching online. will I qualify for fundind? Please help.

  121. I, am Konlan Emmanuel Piteeb, 49 years old man a Ghanaian with Bsc in Public health. I want to pursue MPH in Ghana at GH₵18,000.00 as tuition fees. This is very difficult for me to raise. Please could you help me get this amount to realize my dream.

  122. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Greetings in the name of Jesus. My name is Birungi Mercy from Uganda, and have been happy to find an opportunity to study in New Zealand. I would like to pursue a degree in Petroleum And Gus Management, shall i be given an opportunity to take it? and how should I apply? Thanks,
    Yours faithfully, Mercy Birungi.

  123. Hi, am Gloria from Ghana and would much appreciate it if am sponsored fully to study there. waiting to hear from you soon.

  124. Glory honour and Praises be unto THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY IN CHRIST JESUS. Am Raphael Omulama,born again Christian, Kenyan.Kindly am need of scholarship .Am Form Four leaver waiting to join university/college.Kindly how can I apply.

  125. The more I read about the university and its study field the more I become initiated .
    And I want to witness all this .. I may not make a significant change on the college as a single individual but i am sure it can make a whole new change in my life. I want to be part of it !!

  126. Hi my name is Abrham Getachew i am second year Mechanical engineering student in Ethiopia and i wish get a scholarship opportunity ,So could you help me please.
    call number +251910117574

  127. Respective Greetings to you all, am Omuut Abraham from Uganda male aged 19 high school graduate of mathematics economics and geography I really appreciate for the opportunity and I request for you to help me pursue this scholarship of $20000 because since I finished high school for a couple of months now andI hhave not got chance to join university because am from the financial poor background. I shall be grateful for your positive concern.

  128. I will be glad if I got a chance to study in New Zealand,please inform me when the application will commence.Thank you

  129. I am interested to study Business Information and Technology, I have 12 points at A Level. I need you help please.

  130. please l would love to study at your university pursuing social work its a passion l hope that l will be imparted with the proper skills for this course and if you show that you have accepted me l will be the most happiest person Thank you .

  131. Hi my name is mohamed Abdi Kadir Hassan i live in somalia and i was graduated secondary school in2015–16 i want to learn somthing but i don\’t have enough money so i want to help me

  132. Please I\’m interested in the full scholarship one. And I would prefer studying in New Zealand not from my home country. Any help with that please?

  133. I am Michael Innocent Quiah, a Liberian with great interest in forwarding my education, but I\’m financially unstable, if there is any way you could be of help to me I promise you will be very glad that you had me.
    Hope to make it to New Zealand. Thanks in advance.

  134. l really appreciate you to give me this chance to me to study in New Zealand and I hope i will study my degree program in New Zealand university

  135. Am George William Ekadu 32 yrs a Ugandan with diploma in accounting and finance, really I want to upgrade for bachelor of science in accounting and finance but the fact is financially I am not stable. How can you help me please.

  136. I want to do my Collage in New Zealand, that was my goal. If you can help fund my staying there?
    I am from PNG but residing in Vanuatu. If you assist will be greatest investment.

  137. Am very happy for the response and also am looking forward of being part of you. I will be very glad for you good response again I\’ll be happy to be the part of the Newzealand centerburies 20000

  138. The world is not further apart what is apart is sunset and sunrise because, it will never set and rise at the same time but, people move from place to place. I believe is my time now.

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