Month: January 2017

Studying in South American is easy if you have a bursary

I don’t know about you, but for us Latin America has always been a mythical, culture rich land. Just think of the ancient civilization that dwelled on the continent like the Inca, Olmec, Toltec or Maya people. Latin America is definitely a place you should travel to and the...
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Here are some of the best scholarships for single parents

Are you a single mother or father who is aspiring to make life better for your child by getting a college degree? Luckily with the advent of online education enrolling in college while you have a baby / child to take care of is actually a doable affair. Online...
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More about online bachelor degree

What is the meaning of an online bachelor degree? For you, it can be a very important thing for your future, for your family will be a reason of joy but you must take a good decision and find an online university which can offer you some student scholarships....
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EdX Free Online Courses

EdX Free Online Courses are being gifted by the best of the best colleges. For instance Harvard and MIT want to give the highest quality classes that can be afford. The intense courses offered are computer science, psychology, languages, electronics, writing, marketing, biology and engineering. While powered by an...
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Penn State Online College Degree

Have you heard of Penn State World Campus? Well it’s practically Penn State Online. By picking from over 120 courses, programs and possible online college degree choices from health care, business, law, engineering and education. Each program is selective and bases around Penn State’s Online terms. One will be...
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The Beit Postgraduate Scholarship Program Grant

Scholarship Programs are an act of kindness generated towards a body of students who have been gifted with some sort of academic excellence throughout their school career. A grant is a federal handout or in the case of The Beit Trust, a Parliament act associated with Zimbabwe, Malawi and...
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