Here are some of the best scholarships for single parents

Are you a single mother or father who is aspiring to make life better for your child by getting a college degree? Luckily with the advent of online education enrolling in college while you have a baby / child to take care of is actually a doable affair. Online university programs allow parents to remain at home and keep watch on their child, while also engaging in other activities like studying.

Online degrees offer a wide range of choices, so you can finally study what you truly like. What’s more online education institutions are open to offering student scholarships especially to those in need. But there are other organizations which are committed to helping single parents who want to go to college. If you too think would benefit from some extra financial help, here are three of the best scholarships you can apply to if you are raising an infant/child by yourself.

The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation Scholarship

The scholarship was named after Congresswoman Mink. The foundation aims to sponsor students enrolled or planning to attend an accredited offline or online university. Those who apply must be at least 17 years of age and have a minor in their care. Students also need to be low-income status according to IRS tax codes.

Offline or online degrees applicants are eligible to receive up to $5,000. It’s a respectable sum, which could help single parents cover the costs of their online education.

The Kathryn Kyriopoulos Colemere Endowed Scholarship

This grant is open to part-time students, so it’s perfect for someone enrolled in one of the many online degrees available. Applicants need to be single parents who demonstrate a financial need.

Students are required to have a minimum 3.0 GPA. A priority is given to students enrolled in business, education and nursing. Parents are eligible to receive up to $1,500.

While this grant might seem a bit small, you should know that there’s no written or unwritten law to prevent you from applying to multiple scholarships. The more you apply the better the chances of actually getting one.

The Scholarships 4 Dads Scholarship

One of the few scholarships which is only open for male applicants. Those interested in applying to an offline or online university are eligible, if they are over 18 years of age and US residents. Applicants need to demonstrate they are single, head of the household and custodial parents of a depended child.

A drawing determines which applicant gets ahold of the hefty $10,000 grant, which should be used solely for educational purposes.

As you can see just because you have a family to take care of now, doesn’t mean you can’t pursue your own offline or online education ambitions. Online classes give you more freedom to create a daily schedule fitting to your family’s needs. But the grands we outlined for you above can also be pursued by students who are enrolled or are planning to enroll with traditional universities. It’s up to you to decide what works best for your family.

  1. You are right I am single mother and I need many helps of my degrees idont have money I interested to learn abroad i don\’t won\’t online courses thanks

  2. thanks for information i dont have a child because i am single but want univeristy as my self if possible or takeple

  3. Not that I have a child,but i am in home where i have to work to feed the entire family, because of this,the little I get have to be spent to food and others.PLEASE and PLEASE I will be much grateful if you award me a scholarship to a University. Thank you

  4. Hi am Juma Mbwana from Tanzania I wish I could apply for 4dads scholarship so that I could fulfil my dream so plz help me to be among Them

  5. Hi I am Aldino from Mozambique I wish I could be eligible to apply in 4 dads scholarship grant .but I really need to get a grant so I can fulfill my dream i indeed am a single father and I have to do it for the kids.

  6. Thanks for the information.I think the PATSY TAKEMOTO MINK EDUCATION FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP will fit me as I have a low income inaccordance with the IRS tax codes.thanks

  7. I am not from USA but I am from LESOTHO and a single father(widow) of three(3) kids and would like to apply and be granted a scholarship for an online degree.

    Your cooperation in this regard is highly appreciated

  8. I need a sponsorship of fund from TANZANIA my a/c no 31110027840 NMB My swift code is NMIBTZTZ I have no way to reach the the succes your help is my need

  9. Sir I need this scholarship to further my education. I lost my dad last year aside that I have I also got my my appendix removed. Please this is my mobile number0502203818

  10. Hi I\’m a college undergraduate and a single mom . I really want to finish my degree but I cannot afford it . Is there anyone who can help me. Thank you

  11. This is the golden opportunity I have always dreamed of. Thank God the time has come for me to go to school again

  12. ADDISU ABIE from ETHIOPIiA i am a single parent having greet educational desire i want to provide phd program in development studies place help me to get chance /

  13. I am Lilian from Kenya a single mum.. If given this opportunity to further my studies will be more glad. I have the thirst to study but no funds. Thanks for your mails

  14. Hi thanks a lot for this opportunity i am happy to gain a scholarship my country is very power and ca finance all the student only view where choose.

  15. I am really in dying need of a fully funded international student scholarship. Thanks for all the e-mails that you keep sending to me. Please accept my apology for not responding to any of the mails. My country is undergoing a transitional problem-Presidential and Representative Elections. Somehow, we are living in fear for now. Elections in some African countries are characterized by violence. Liberia had suffered from fourteen years of civil war and these elections bring back the memory of the ugly past. My interest lies in the post graduate studies in educational leadership. I have my first degree in teacher education from the William V. S. Tubman Teachers\’ College, University of

  16. I\’m mohamed Kasım from somalia. I very interesting this golden opportunity. I have two degree for bachelor Business administration in Management science and international relations and diplomacy. I want to continue my education. I Would prefer MBA in Management science and Ma ınternational relations.

  17. Hi I\’m Busisiwe Binda I am 20 years .I am a single parent. I\’m looking for help to continue my studies I did my matric last and I didn\’t do well in two subjects which is I was running through tough time because of depression and school. I\’m willing to make a better life by reaching my goals and dreams .I took one year gap to raise my son then after to continue with my studies next year 2018.Anyone who will help. He or she will have done a great thing in my life.

  18. Dear sir/madam.I am single parent of a teenage girl and i live in Kenya .I just dropped out of St Paul university for lack of fees after losing a job.I would really be grateful if I am given scholarship to finalise my degree in Business Management. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards faith kimaita.

  19. my name is Godlove Samphody, from Tanzania am looking for funds to proceed with my studies Icompleted my Diploma holder level in Nursing and midwife so i need to study my degree holder levl although am in low social economic family with single mother parent if you can support or find for me a sponsor to help me study my degree levl thank you for your time and consideration.

  20. Well Sir/Madam,
    This is a very good help to single parent student of LOW INCOME GROUP.Please enroll me.Thanking you all Benevolents.

  21. Hi sir I am Jutowo J. Dolo a student of economic at Atlantic International University in Honolulu Hawaii .sir I am kindly asking your organization to please assist me with a scholarship to complete my study at master and PhD level in development economic in which I am completely stranded in tuition payment which I am finding it difficult to complete.

  22. I wish to apply for financial assistance
    to perdue PhD in Accounting and finance or ABA. I borrowed a lot for education and l couldn\’t pay .Therefore your assistance is needed.lam from Ghana in African.

  23. I\’m from Shan state, Myanmar.Now I\’m attending master degree at Thailand, our family don\’t have stable job by the civil war being in kachin state and Shan state of Myanmar, because our family was ran free from war , now I still living with my mother only, my father was died .if this scholarship is available for me, I would like to request, Thank You.

  24. Am also waiting for any available opportunity come 2018/2019 especially on master on special education if available.

  25. Dear sir
    i am from Laos PDR i worked at university of health sciences pathology department now i want to study free scholarship but i don\’t know how to apply and i need some body support me education thanks.

  26. I\’m student and my father died in 2007, my mother Marooned me when i was child. I living with my uncle but he don\’t have conditions to put me in school.

  27. I am Engr Oluropo Ijasan. I have a passion for children, to build good life and love for themthem. I have a dream to build a good school here in Nigeria where both Christian and Muslim can school together at avoidable price. I need support from you sirs and mama. Lot of children are suffering in the rural area and can\’t go to school

  28. i m a student but my father died before 22 year so my mother is single who is stiching so i have more need of scholarship so i hope you help me

  29. Hello it will be grate if you will choose me as one of your scholar.I think I’m fit with it because It’s been 1and a half year we’re both me and my husband are separated so seriously I’m the only one who rise my four child and it will help me a lot you you do choose me.thanks

  30. Hello im very interested.hopefully you can help me rich my dreams by getting me as one of ur scholars.I am married but unfortunately we’re not together.I hope you can help me specially that I Have four kids my eldest was 8 yrs old and my youngest was 1yr old so the scholarship will surely help me a lot for our future

  31. hi sir/maam,i\’m not married and i dont have a child..I just askinG question maam,, if you have Other scholarship ??

  32. Am s single father and need support to have MBA in finance. I started with ASSAM DON BOSCO UNIVERSITY but due to financial problems, I have to hold on it. Please help me to achieved my goal. Am from Ghana.

  33. i have some question to you, one i stay in africa in namibia will i be granted that scholarship to study at one local university. second question do you sent money direct to the university since i m willig to purseu my study on november 2017 and it seems like these is an insurance not money givers to need people.

  34. I\’m a single mother my son is half Canadian since I\’m 3 months pregnant the father of my baby run away he said he scared in responsibilities I\’m from Philippines only me help my son no 1 that\’s why I\’m praying hope I can get scholarship to I can my son good thank you and god blessed I never give up my dream to finished study.

  35. Am Sedzro Ben, is a good opportunity given out n I thank this institution for this programs alot of people outside there need help like this but… God bless the institution n us all. Am willing to but this things are hardly to, thanks n am from Ghana.

  36. My name is Alhagie Sallah,from Gambia in West Africa i have 2 children. I have my Higher Teachers Certificate in Education and i want to pursue my Bachelor Degree in Education.
    Please consider my request because i don\’t have anybody to assist me and beside that my parents are no longer alive.
    I pray for the Almighty that you put me in to consideration.

    Thank you

  37. This is a nice opportunity,am Lindah Akinyi mboyah a mother of one, baby girl 4months,am really in need of a scholarship to get some knowled in school so that i may be able to help my child and those around me,am a partial orphan,my mum is a househelp and her salary needs to cater for my rent and bills plus the baby\’s needs and my younger bro in high school,its really hard to survive thats why am asking for a chance,am in kenya and i look forward hearing from u…Thank you

  38. Hi
    Am nasra from somalia iam studing a degree of development mangment in my country but i want to study sciology which i can\’t affiod or even our country universtys don\’t have that fuclt
    It was my dream since i was lil girl to study sciology or low plz help me to achieve that dream.
    Thank you

  39. Hi , am called Auson rutta from Tanzania am orphan I have only single parent (mother) but she do not have fund to help me in academic matter I would like to held degree of administration how ever now am taking bachelor of arts with education (BAED) at eckerrnford tanga university second year Ibeg your rescue please thank you
    My contact 0757695807 email muttaauson@gmail.com

  40. I\’m Hellen Akoth from Kenya. I have a Diploma in Environmental Health Sciences and requesting for scholarship to pursue a Bachelors degree in my course. please assist me as my parents are too old to support me In my higher education. I\’m there only hope right now.
    please i pray that you consider my request.
    Thank you

  41. hi
    i am single parent with 2 children .i have a passion in hospitality please help me achieve dreams i hospitality industry
    from kenya

  42. Am a single mother of 2 daughters and a nurse/ midwife by profession.I would like to further my education so as ill be able to support fully my children and give them a better life .This however has been impossible because of the many responsibilities and economic hardship.its my wish to be able to educate my children with ease and give them a goid standard of living. Thank you

  43. Am Brian from Kenya,a single parented guy,currently am unable to proceed with my higher learning due to my humble background,kindly wish that my pledge will be considered

  44. Hello!
    I am Muhammad Javed from PAKISTAN ,Am studying in the post graduation degree in agriculture university faisalabad (Pakistan). my dream from child to made the social welfare officer and help them humanity and needy people but my parents belong from the lower class ,so that my parents was not bear the educational expenditure ,because to give my scholarship to continue the proper education .
    Thanks !!

  45. Hello,
    Iam Ashaba Precious from Kampala,Uganda(East Africa)single parent to one child.
    I need a scholarship in fitness training studies,I already have great passion and some knowledge but its not enough,I want to be a Professional.I can\’t afford the study fees on my own now,but i know and believe if i gained professionalism my life will improve a great deal….I hope I get considered too..

  46. Am swirrivalery valery Fombuh I really need this scholarship please will be happy if you help me .I will like to read environmental Geography.Thanks God Bless you.

  47. My name is Eucheria from Nigeria,Africa
    A single parent, I wish to make life better for me through this platform.
    Thanks to patsy
    God bless you

  48. Hello am a single parent child base in Cameroon and looking for scholarship .don\’t know if The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation Scholarship may hold for me.somebody help me

  49. Hy,am a single mother I want to study online so as to be able to take care of my son.I need assistance too if you will grant my request I will be grateful.

  50. hello.. am Isaac I would wish to apply for a degree in business , I plan to do it online if I will get assistance on my fees. I will be much glad if I get someone will support me. thanks in advance.

  51. Wow, it is amazing i am glad and i am very lucky because it is a great chance for me to requesting you, i have just completed my first degree and i want to further my study therefore.so if i gate chance i want to learn theology in masters degree therefore i am kindly waiting for yours cordials corresponding response. FROM Gambella ETHIOPIA
    Melkamu Nemesha

  52. am single lady from Kenya, wish to enroll
    for degree in nursing upgrade.am financially unstable I will highly appreciate for any assistance accorded

  53. Hellow,am a single father with a one year old son.am applyling for this scholarshipThe Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation Scholarship

  54. I am a single parent in Nigeria, i had my first degree in Russia ( Information Technology) now i help a ICT unit of a Private University here in Nigeria as assistance web designer ,I wish to continue my education and get master degree to make life better and simple for my daughter, i would appreciate if i can be granted any scholarship in the united state, will much appreciate your good response.

  55. My humble request to somebody who wish to pay my son\’s university tuition fees for next two years. He studing at QUT university in Brisben.I am a single mother with financial hardship and I have no any other way to pay his fees futher.Please let me know address of kind person who like to surport us. Thankyou

  56. Dear Sir.
    educational schorlaship to finance my degree course of information technology which will take four years. I go to the highly recognised university of Nigeria enrolling my first year. but due to lack of finance,i need your help thanks you .

  57. I Am Sanele, From Swaziland. I myself I\’m asking the educational schorlaship to finance my degree course of Law which will take four years. I go to the highly recognised university of Swaziland enrolling my first year. but due to lack of finance I might have to dropout, Please help me, I am really struggling

  58. I am also requesting to give all steps required in order to apply for scholarship for Master degree for the academic year 2017/2018. Lessons will begin on 6th November 2017. Thanks.

  59. I am Ngasa B. Ng\’humbu from Tanzania. I am not a single parent but I am begging the educational scholarships to support me for my master degree of science in Mathematics. I also in request to assist my children in their secondary simply because my disability and can not perform any difficult task. I am real in need of financial assistance.

    Please contact me through +255784343738/+255655343738

  60. I am a single parent in south africa and also working full time job.I wish to continue with education and get degree to make life of my child have better future.Im struggle in this job with less of income the scholarship Will make huge difference in my life living.

  61. I have just completed my first degree and i want to further my studies therefore, I will be glad if you give me this offer. Thank you in advance am kindly waiting for your corresponding response

  62. Iam unemployed/subsistence farmer who can\’t afford pay fees for a diploma or degree studies,earn good money and pay my children\’s school fees and their needs

  63. My name :Abdulbasit Ame Abdule
    My age: 23
    My nationality: ethiopia
    My education: computer science
    My batch or university year : 3rd year and one year is left for graduate my education
    And am single but i need to more and more knowledge so as much as possible please help me for this chance
    Contact me by this tel no: +251923111962

  64. I\’m in Tanzania and I real need scholarship please help me get it.

    My prayer has been about how I could get scholarship and complete my studies

  65. Am in my most desperate moment being of a single parent and can\’t afford my university fee. My mum being just a noble house help. Am interested in Theology study any help at +254714280776

  66. i am Yasin from Somalia one of the war torn countries in the world i would like to join this great university bye any means possible i have my primary and secondary certificates from the neighboring country (Kenya) through W.T.K trust support please let me get feedback

  67. Hello! I am a young Ivorian aged 27 , very interested in furthering my studies abroad . Presently I am a student in the department of English at the international university of my country, Cote d\’Ivoire. I would single-heartedly like you people to kindly assist me financially with your scholarships for single parents in order to see my dream be realized. Thanking you very much in advance and looking forward to hear from you very soon .

  68. I\’m a single my family is poor before 10 years my father death i can\’t guest who somenoe support my education so i need master program with a hambally request your i,m from eart africa specially from somalia plz contact me +252615051998

  69. Good day! I am a young cameroonian aged 41 , very interested in furthering my studies abroad . Presently I am a student at the Insurance International Institute preparing to sit for DTA in November. I would single-heartedly like you people to kindly assist me financially with your scholarships for single parents in order to see my dream be realized : the pursuit of my academic career into a recognised institution o higher learning abroad after the results of that diploma in January 2018. Thanking you very much in advance and looking forward to hear from you very soon .

  70. Hello I am a single mother with 4 children, and I live a very painful life with my children, I will be greatful if I get scholarship for online education

  71. I m drame daouda l m single un m\’y famille wich go to Scholl so l hadent any to paye m\’y master since 2005 l had LLB in law but havent to contenu m\’y master ni work so l néed this scholariship Thann you.

  72. I want to study abroad for my child and brother cause u am a single mum with one child and still has a brother that is in school and can\’t affort the two boys now i want to study to have better job and support the boys…..

  73. Thanks be to God….I am a Mosotho single parent- a dad to my 4yr old daughter. I feel blessed to get to this site because I have found admission to UNICAF University but I am unable to pay the sum of 250UD now. I so believe you have now came to my rescue. I really need to study the program I have already chosen. May you please kindly assist me , time is not on my side.

  74. I am a single dad for my daughter who\’s 4yrs now…and I am in need of scholarship, it\’s so painful that I really need to study. Currently I was granted an opportunity to study in one University which offers 75% sponsorship but I failed because I do not have the 25% that I have to pay before Wednesday. It\’s sad but I put my trust and hope to you.

  75. I am mr Abdiwahab Haji Ali Mohamed i m african especially somalia i need free scholership of environmental agriculture science or agronomy in USA

  76. I please with the University of Westminster to please offer me full time scholarship in their compus and train my as an Electrical Engineer or mathematician. Am an HND HOLDER with CGPA of 3.93.


  78. hi im a widow women i want to moove to UK i live in morroco what should i do i don\’t have money because
    The inheritance is suspended
    my husbend had a pervious women
    and we can\’t distrub the legacy
    till her 18 yo (my daughter)
    she has a good english and she wants to finish her syudies abroad as her father wish

  79. am very stuck bcoz i failed to pay tuition fees. i humbly request for your help. thank you. am denis besigye at mbarara university of science and technology in western uganda africa

  80. am requesting for a scholarship. am a masters student in faculty of medicine offering medical laboratory science course for 2 years at mbarara university of science and technology.am unable to pay for my tutuition fees because i come from a poor family background with many dependants.any help will be highly appreciated. call +256779052486

  81. I will very great fuel if this My request received friable
    Conditions I\’m a Liberian and having to be an..

  82. Kindly assist me in this scholarship as the single parent for our future.
    I ,m a single dad with one child.I m in PAPUA NEW GUINEA and do wish to secure a scholarship in the area of Business Management.
    I have studied in Queensland University,Australia on Public Administration [PaQU].
    I need this course urgently.
    My email:geraldhangiri@gmail.com and cellphone # +675 70383409

  83. Hello!
    I\’m Richard Lucas from Tanzania I like to study engineering courses based on IT I have only one parent and also I\’m a disable I beg your help on getting scholarship

  84. Hello I am Jenefe Jayme Samillano, 27yrs old I am a single mother with my one child, I want to ask a scholarships to continue my studies in college. I want to study online for me to finish my College degree to prepare the future of my child. I am looking for the School that can accept me and give me privilege to have a scholarship. Please you can contact me in this number +639751504863

  85. Am Mugabe Alex from kindly requesting for educational assistance to study from abroad,am an orphan with no parent.am interested in political science so that l can help my fellow deprived orphans in my country.thank you

  86. Am Mugabe Alex from Uganda am kindly for educational assistance,am orphan with no parent l wish l could abroad interested in political science, l want to help my orphans who are deprived.l wish my request will be put your positive response.thank you

  87. Hello! my name is Tolasa Tafa Wami from Ethiopia, and I am lecture at Wolaita Soda University. I have MA in Public Management and Policy Anaysis specialized in Development Management. I want to study free scholarship, in one of the following disciple, Public Administration,public Policy Development Management and Development Study PhD at abroad for further building knowledge of problem solving in community.

  88. I want to get free visa and want to learn with free scholarships. please help me !! and I am a single father ,yours sincerely !

  89. Am single mother who is looking for fully funded scholarship to further my studies…please send me the course you offer so that I able to select

  90. No no am alone : No child, parents or mother that\’s why I seek for scholar for hope helping my family at the end: Thanks:

  91. I am ibrahim Salihu wuna from Nigeria particular in Niger state Thanks u very much I really appreciate yur effort towards youth education I am also interested in d degree program

  92. Hello, My name is Anas Ahmed Ali Ahmed. I am from Yemen. I am Asian .I\’m 19 years old .I am graduate from high school. I got 90.75% . I need to study at college of medicine. I will be happy if you accept me .and I am aglad to join you .
    Your sincere:Anas .

  93. Hi I am from South Africa, doing grade 12. I really need financial assistance to proceed with my studies as I am interested in doing medicine. Ukho Gqada is my name.

  94. Hi dear:sir/madam
    my name is Abdullahi Hassan Abdi
    I from east Africa specially somalia in Mogadishu
    Yes both my Parents are single
    And i have no child because i am a young boy
    And I am 23 years old
    I really need and gewant to study in Collage.I Thank you.

  95. Yes both my Parents are single ,and i have no child because i\\’m a young boy.I really need and gewant to study in Collage.I Thank you.

  96. Hello my name is ganito ABIRHAME dotamo I am studing in south african in grade 12th by will of God I will be making my dream to the real which is medicine :may I please get financial help so that I will able to continue by education thanks I will expects from you

  97. Hello dear,

    I am a single parent from Ivory coast and I am realyin the need, I would like you to help me to get a schoolarship to end with my degree . I also would like to know how to apply to those schoolarchips. Thank you for helpping.

    best regard
    CONTACT : +225 57764292
    E-mail yaoangekouassi@gmail.com

  98. Hi my name is Bingiswa Doyi,from Eastern Cape.Yes both my Parents are single ,and i have no child because i\’m a young girl.I really need and gewant to study in Collage.I Thank you.

  99. Dear all
    I am a Cambodian student.i am 26 years old
    I am last brother in family,every day i findout money support my family because my parent very old.somes time i unhappy when that difficult in my life. Now live in Battambang Province, Cambodia Country. I live with fifficult family i have no money/ ability continue college. I want scholarship or Donor help me learn abroad. One more i need somes money support my daily expense.i want be continue Law subject at Austalia.level bachelor degree. My life i love studying , i know, gain my capacity, improve my ability for help other people can be help them no need profit.I want detail you specifically but my English is poor, so i am sorry for your understand. Especially if i got by donor somes money or go to abroad i hope my English is better than now.Please Sir/Madam help me too. I very happy saw this program by your kindly.Thank you very much.

    Best Regards,
    Mr.Tang ing
    My Email: sreng.tanging168@gmail.com

  100. Please I need your help of becoming a better person in the future so Please I want a volunteer to come to my aid and will never fail that person . Thank you

  101. Dear sir, I am a student of 4th semester, electrical engineering. I am very fond of studies. My previous academic record is an evident proof of this claim (position holder in classes at all levels).I belong to a poor family. Our monthly income is 132 $ which is not enough to support a large family of seven members. We are six brother and sisters and all of us are studying. Even basic necessities of life are hardly available to us. I can\’t pay my fee due to poorness. Therefore it is kindly requested to select me for any of the above scholarship especially for dad scholarship so that I could continue my studies. Please help me as soon as possible. I have great dreams for humanity and I will prove it after completing my education. INSHALLAH ! Contact me through my email:

  102. Dear,
    Respected Sir/Madam

    I really need your help now. Please try to reply me, its urgently for my future life. God bless you all. For my contact and email:-
    +959422092150 or by my email:runglsang@gmail.com

    Highly Regard,
    Mr. Rung Lian Sang

  103. Hllw ,my sincerely gratitude should be up on your\’s I\’ m young Tanzania , I am 21 years old also I have competed my Ordinary level certificate education and Advanced level certificate education and passed very well in merit ,Now I have no ability to continue with bachelor due to being poor and hardship of home\’s life and my father is sick about 12 years now and there is no any assistance from no where please help me ,I want to study bachelor of science in medicine,or bachelor of science in pharmacy

  104. Hi I am 19 years old and I recently finished my secondary education and would like to get a full scholarship to study abroad as a flight attendant which has been my dream and I\’d be so great full to anyone who would grant me the chance to full fill my dreams . I\’m from Africa, Kenya . Thank you for your time and may our creator bless you.

  105. Hello I am Leonard from Kenya .iam here to toget help I leave with my mum and my mother not working I just fished my college and trained electricall wire iwant job to work in German so that I can hellp my mama I will be happy if some one will here my problem can e-mail me : leonardkatonyamutua @gmail.com

  106. hi great people, I would appreciate to have a scholarship, Iam a teacher receiving a very low income, so am very passionate to pursue my dreams in education, what can I do right now in order to get this golden opportunity?

  107. I\’m abdulahi
    I like to reach high level with educetion but I dont have on abadent money
    I life in Ethiopia and like to leanr pilot please help me my parenta are poor family

  108. Hi, im fabrice and actually living in Ghana because of the war that occured in Cote divoire.
    i really need this scholarship to continue my education .

  109. Am charity, am Tanzanian girl.I have only Dady but he don\’t care about me and my life,please help me to get this scholarship

  110. Hi am Betelhem from Ethiopia am a single mother thanks for giving this chance I work in in a private company as a cleaner I really want to study and change my life. I want this opportunity ????

  111. I\’m from Tanzania and in need to progress to a bachelor degree in Nursing to your destination or here in my native country, what ever you would like for me. please consider me in nursing university studies scholarship. today I am a diploma holder with 28 years old, having a GPA more than 3.

  112. I Am Stiller very sorte for thèse. I Am Béring for help for thaïs woman Living in a desperat condition. If you can realy help her. For me i Am a religieuse.

  113. Hi everyone, am from the Pacific Region and am interested to study (Aviation or Aeronautics) at any universities in the world, kindly assist me with scholarships for aviation if available.

    Thank you.

  114. My name is Joseph Masase i am Congolese live in Zambia
    I want to take this opportunity with you people of God to help me out to continue my education
    Thanks my God bless you all

  115. Hello am from Ghana and am 25 years with only mother which I find it difficult to cater for my education so please I will be glad if you give me chance to offer BSe business administration.

  116. Hello my beloved parents!!

    I am Gilbert MBONIGABA GATERA from Rwanda, in Kimironko sector, i am single with 33years old, i am asking for help:

    I am Rwandan Genocide survivors of 1994 with my Mummy, and 3 brothers, my beloved daddy who supported us has died during genocide, and during the genocide the murders have destroyed all our houses and all others resources. after the genocide a fund that supported the victims has supported me to study and i have studied i completed a bachelor degree in agriculture. but after studies i have no known job, and my mummy because of genocide consequences is almost suffering stomach, headache.., and othe 3 brothers are jobless

    We live at Kimironko we lend a house, we do not have any own location because of genocide consequences and we need to eat whereas we have no means, so i am humble before you for asking you if you can support us to construct a house to live in, even one of 2 rooms we accept it or if you can help me to continue my master degree in agriculture so that i can find what to survive to them, because we have a serious problem of means for lending a house or finding what to survive.

    I thank you very much and God bless you abundantly!!

    Job28:28: The fear of the Lord the Source of Wisdom, to depart from Evil is understanding!!

  117. I would like to get this scholarship because am currently undertaking my degree ,and I have big problem with school fee.I come from Avery poor family

  118. Hi, my name is Samuel Rudolf Foeday. I am a Liberian with huge interest in the scholarships 4 Dads scholarship. My reason is, because I already have a family and with less income that can\’t help me get back into school so, I really need this scholarship to help myself.

  119. i did my secondary school exams in 2014.am a mother to babygal.i have always wanted to study cosmetology and beauty therapy but i havent had the chance to do so. Am from kenya.i would appreciate your helb.i want to make her life the best..
    Thank you

  120. I am Opio Leonard Norman from Northern Uganda. Aged 36yrs single parent with 6 orphans to take care of. i did diploma in education and would like to go on for a degree but hard up financially.I therefore seek for your financial support to run an online course.

  121. Hi,
    Am a Sierra Leonean leaving in Makeni, Northern Sierra Leone. I completed my secondary school education long ago since 1996. But since then, i entered one of our university here in Sierra Leone but could\’nt complete.
    Now i want to do online undergraduate programme, how can i access your scholarship scheme ?

  122. Searching for scholarship full scholarship for masters in food science,food safety and quality assurance,my name is Karim Msangi from Tanzania

  123. Thanks so much your scholarship. I am from Afghanistan. , I am single 18 years old, I am graduated from school in 2016 . I want to study on American University, but unfortunately I don\’t have money . I hope and suggestion from you please help me. Find the free scholarship for me. I need to much to helping

  124. Hi!There good evening I\’m Nshimyumuremyi Aboubakar I\’m from Rwanda I\’m interesting to this scholarship can you help me to get that scholarship please accept me for that scholarship please contact me on my phone number +250786039128or my e-mail; aboubakarnshimyumuremyi@gmail.com. and thank you for your time and information about this scholarship thank you so much, byby

  125. Thanks for good news of online scholarship its good but am interested to study direct to university. Please support to connect with full scholarship of MA Mass Communication in any better university in the world.

  126. I have a degree in environmental health I wish to do a masters in public health but I don\’t have scholarship

  127. I highly appreciate this opportunity offered to Parents but I wander to be informed weather it is exclusively
    concerned by Single Parents or Parents in general with a higher interest in study. This question is asked because
    some parents (couple) may have difficulties of supporting themselves while they are willing to be enrolled in Oneline
    studying due may problems including poverty and a number of children to take care.

    Best Regards

  128. Hey I am Henriette from RWANDA.I will graduate from high school this year in November, I live with my mother only because my father died, my mother has no money to pay for me in the university.If there is any help you can help me to continue to study abroad.In university I want to study Journalism and Communication. Thanks

  129. hi am victor kiprop from kenya single parent now my dad devorced us and marry second wife am only one saviour in house people have hopes on me i struggle to finish my 8:4:4 last year i got C+ and qualified for university of Nairobi to pursue Bachelor of science in Agriculture. I love reading alot but the problem am seeing that i wnt fulfill my dreams due to lack of fees kindly assist me to pay. fees for me only ksh28000 per year.
    If you have mercy on help if you won\’t help me reply to my email
    Thank you

  130. Hello I am Elizabeth karungi pursuing certificate in midwifery from nsambya hospital training school kampala ugandan first year and all along it is mum who have been paying my tuition ftom day one but now she has lost her job I don\’t know where to get tuition from.incase of any opportunity of a scholarship you can contact me on +256703644992.than you.

  131. I want to study any program that free and interested to apply to this because it my first time on applying scholarship.
    I\’m 18 years old form seven and I\’m from the small country which is KIRIBATI

  132. Hi i am a single parent and i am 39 years of age i completed my education since 2001 i want to persue my education in abroad i apply for one of the colleges but i have no sponsors to persue my education. i want to study Master in Business Management. And am a Gambian by birth.

  133. Am south Sudanese single mother of one . am currently in kenya in Kca university. I enrolled last year but didnt resume this semester because i cant affort the fees. I really need help

  134. I support two orphans(one without father and mother died the February 26th,2017.The other, Father died and I married his mother).I support another boy of my wife because his father became \

  135. For my 2 twins -boys and 2 twins-girls, I need money for their education at the college.The boys are born the February 7th, 2003 and the girls November 18th,2006.

  136. Hi im jonnafe garrido i am a single parent,female 32 years of age from Philippines i have 1kid a girl…and i want to continue my studying in college ,i need help so that i can give a good future to my baby,,,,,an im looking person who have a good heart to assist me a financial even a little bit.,….tnx an more power..god bless

  137. I\’m currently in my last year at high school and I want to further my studies but i\’m poor um from Namibia . .can you please look for me a scholarship

  138. hello good peoples am Abdel sesay a sierra leonenean I am 19year old. I would like to further my studies abroad as I am studying applied accounting. so I want u to please help me with scholarship to study because my parents have no money to further for me

  139. Sorry, for responding several times and as to your yes am single parent who is living in Hargeisa Somaliland. My desire is study to Business Administration.
    And I have no money no work as well in the meantime​ so would you please help me get free scholarship.
    This is my number +252 (0) 63- 415 9447

  140. No, am 19 years old who is looking for better life and I believe that through this scholarship is the road to my success. If am been offered this golden opportunity which comes once in a lifetime.


  141. Hi,am kenya student seeking for scholarship to further my studies.I kindly request to offer me the chance.

  142. Am Keith ongaya currently in Kenya pursuing a course in agriculture in bukura agricultural college .kindly help me pay my school fees to enable me complete my studies. I will appreciate if l get a scholarship to study abroad.

  143. Hi there

    I live in South Africa single mother
    My daughter is in matric this year
    I don\’t have funding to further her studies
    Can she qualify to have a scholarship?

  144. I\’m studying electrical and computer engineering student in the Ethiopia at university of Arbaminch Institute of technology 4th year

  145. I am studying electrical and computer engineering 4th year student in Ethiopia at Arbaminch university stil now no one helps me due to only I have Mather I wish to study abroad please help me

  146. I appreciate your work, am single mother of 3 and interested in studying at your college,am trained as primary teacher but I would like to further on, if given chance, for degree and financing my education, thank you

  147. I\’m 34 years of age south African woman and single parent…my dream is to study management assistance but don\’t have enough cash to further my studies…so how can I be helped in that

  148. Hi, I am a South Sudanese, not an American. Is there any chance for foreigners
    I would wish to study information technology in any university in Uganda so that I will keep an eye on my kid.
    thanks for everything.
    Anjo Emmanuel Albert

  149. Am Moses from Papua New GuinaGuinea and my mother died in 2007.There is no one to support my dad and now I than you that you will support my dad so that I will achieve my dream (Doctor of Medicine). Please help me with the scholarship to perssue my dream. Awaiting for your response.

  150. Am Wilson just finished my form four examination. Am looking forward to pursue my career. Please help

  151. I hereby wish to apply for a bursary or sponsorship or grant. I have matriculated in 2016 . I am currently not studying due to a lack of funds. I have obtained a Bachelor certificate. I would like to study towards an BA Law.

    Kind regards
    Ntsako Rhulani Rikhotso

  152. Am looking for a scholarship to study in Russia for BEng aerospace engineering which is to commence in September 2017 . My father is a teacher in Zimbabwe and he has failed to raise the fees which is needed and my seat is expiring on the 31of May 2017 so am really desperate please can you assist

  153. Hi I am Winnie sabo from Papua New Guinea. I am a single mother of two with no income earned fortnightly. Kindly advise scholarship programs for single parents as I interested in it to for future betterment of my children..

  154. Hello, am Benjamin from Ghana west Africa,, I will be very proud if I will get the scholarship in order to reach the higher point of my career. Thank you.

  155. Hello great ,I was graduated by Civil Engineering from Haramaya University.I am Ethiopians ,Now I want to learn masters in America,Please help me! with a great regard.

  156. My is mohamed abdi mohamed i am very happy to applay master degree i would like to study international relationship and diplomacy i need to get master free thanks

  157. Good day

    I am a single mother with two children and I am living in South Africa. I am currently doing my PGCE through Unisa part time. I work as an online English teacher at a language centre and my monthly income is around $800. Could I apply for any of these grants??

  158. I am Pastor Steve from Goma wanting to pursue my Masters degree in Theology ,how can l get your application form to complete. I also have a daughter how can she get a scholarship from you .
    God bless you ,
    Goma DRC

  159. Hi I am a ugandan living in qatar.I am working as a security guard in qatar
    I am a single father with a 5 year old boy child.the child was abandoned by the mother and I am the one toiling to take care of the child.i would like to study either captain or pilot course but I cannot raise that money for tuition fees so I was kindly begging for scholarship


  160. I\’am a papua new Guinean across the Pacific region,and require financial assistance to complete my further study in nursing .would you please help me cater for a scholarship.

  161. Am a Malawian man aged 21 and I hv been grown up with my mother only.my father died in 2005 .now am studying animal science at Lilongwe university of agriculture and natural resources but no one can support me with fees.help me please to continue my studies.

  162. Hi there am Carl from Kenya
    I was hoping to get a scholarship in order to do architecture which has been my dream

  163. I am A ugandan looking for possible ways of being help to continue to study I have no money therefore I will be very please if you help me find a free schlarshio thnas.

  164. I am a single mother who wishes to finish my studies for my child… i cant afford the price of college education here in our country, I am an undergrad at Western Mindanao State University taking up Bachelor of Science in Economics. But because i cannot afford to send my self to school, i stopped schooling and work for good. But now, i really want to pursue my degree.. how i wish that this site would help me.

  165. Good day,
    I am a single unemployed mother of two who is looking forward to study so that I can take care of my kids. I was wondering if you can offer me a scholarship please. Thank you

  166. Hay am ethiopian love in addis abeba
    i am student in high school but i need to study higher school level
    ma futher is to graduage by softwear engnnerimg
    plez help me as u can plez


  168. Hello there am Ronald ocaya from Uganda, am 17and really interested in the scholarship programe, I always wish to become a civil engineer but i don\’t have the financial support to join a engineering college, i have a single mom, i just pray that you help me

  169. Well like everyone else, a father is like shelter to from the rain, and a mother is comfort in storm. I personally do not feel what a parent would feel like, all i know is street. I was raise in a street by no one, and by one i grow up. Struggle to go attend school. Work in the night and attend class in the day.
    The story goes,
    David Totorea.

  170. Am a single mother who need to excel in my career to enhance my daughter future.i would need to upgrade in my education..i will be very grateful.thank you

  171. Thank you very much for the work you are doing. I am a student in ancillary nursing, I would like you guys to help me get a scholarship where by I will study diploma in nursing next year.

  172. Thank you very much but me is a child while my only parent left is mother and father die last year.
    Iam 19 years old so is it eligible?

  173. Hello. My name is Mmashela. I am 33 years old. From south Africa at Mpumalanga. I have N4 of music and grade 3. I need to further my studies but I do not have money. I want to do creative writing as a career as well. Please help me. Notify me when there is something for me.

  174. I am a Nigerian seeking for scholarship though l am currently in university , I still need an assistant to continue. ___studying in the university of Benin. course__Agricultural Economics and Extension services

  175. Thanks for this chance! I am PAUL D HILLYA from Tanzania, a student at the COLLEGE OF AFRICAN WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT-MWEKA which is located in the southern slope of the Mount Kilimanjaro where i am persuating a Bachelor Degree in Wildlife Management, I need a scholarship because I face a financial hardship to continue with my study, for me it is just a golden chance to find neary my career. Very sorry to this organisation because I am not a parent but I am parent in the future life. Please help me..
    Thank you.

  176. Thank you very much!
    I want to use this opportunity to seek for a scholarship so if there be any, kindly help me out.

  177. hi i am a villeger my father is extremely supporter of study due to his grace i could complete my b.pharma degree and persuing in m .pharma but on my father a great load of education loan has come i want to return him in terms of thanks i am ready to do great hard work if it is possible then please provide a scholarship to do something

  178. Hello i am a man of 23 and i currently a holder of a masters degree.
    I really enjoy abroad in a good university so that i can come back and help my nation develop.
    A man without a vision is as good as death. It has always been my dream to study economics in a great univeristy so i want to seize this opportunity and ask for scholarship to fulfil my dreams. thanks

  179. hello there , this is Dawit Moges from Ethiopia , i have Bsc degree in electrical and computer engineering, and now i want a free scholarships to study my masters.

  180. I am 22 and I am a single parent who is unemployed .I have always wanted to further my studies so that I can provide for my son and I would like to get The Kathryn Kyriopoulos Colemere Endowed Scholarship

  181. I am zambian citizen, living in kabwe town mukululu. I am an intellegent student with good results.but money is the problem with me going to school and study my passion career which is computer science . So please people help me with scholarship and i will be greatful to study and have a good job to help my family to move poverty.

  182. Hi I hope that you are fine and healthy . My name is Abdulwahab my last name is haroon I am from Afghanistan I have graduated from Education university department of History I am so interested to get more knowledge about History and international relationship . in deed I would like to study in Turkey unfortunately I have no money if you find a free scholarship on campus please call me in this number . 0093 0794825420

  183. Hi everyone I am native of Niger is willing to study in USA but I am not rich so consequently I can pay me studies. someone can help me

  184. Greetings I’m Oben Theophil from Cameroon I’m 27 years old i have finished high school but lack the means to further so i humbly came before you to seek for assistance to study computer and software engineering which has always been my dream please help me or advice me on how to go about thanks in advance

  185. Hi my name is Kennedy lukudu , am south Sudanese a refugee in Uganda, the where about of my parents in unknown since the war broke out in 2013 in juba. I am 22 yrs old, i completed senior 6 in 2014 and now am just a mare refugee in Uganda with no parents, no education. Hope to get any schoolarship

  186. my name is Samuel Precious I am a Nigerian I really wish to further my education but money constrain isn’t allowing me doin dat but I would b apy if any opportunity comes up n u pple can pls inform me pls fnk u

  187. I really need a scholarship …I am being raise by a single jobless mother …I can take any full covering scholarship to anywhere

    please help

  188. Hello I’m Kabondo Talkmore, a Zimbabwean. l passed 11 subjects at O Level and obtained 13 points in arts at A Level. I’m looking for a scholarship to study abroad; please help me.

  189. Hello . I am a woman of thirty-two-year-Iranian. PhD student financial management. I would like to study in this field in the United States or Europe. However, due to financial problems can not I pay university fees. If I am grateful for the guidance and assistance.

  190. Shalom ! My name is teshale from Ethiopia I need a free tutition scholarship on biotechnology specially on agricultural based research. Thanks

  191. Salam my dear Sir i am Mahmood ur rehman from Pakistan . I completed 14 years education (B.SC) .Sir i want to complete my 16 years education ,but i have no money, So please sir help me . I shall be very thankfull to you. Good bye

  192. Dear sir,i am Tulesh roy from Bangladesh i interested to advance my massage tharpist course in south korea but i have fund or visa to came true drem.so i need help from scholarship in student visa.i beg to state everybody help me about my visa..

  193. Hello great people there.Really I am not an American native ! Iam a Somali, I live in Somalia, muqdisha city working as a private driver. I wish to study information security there if possible! I have no money! Will you please help me find a free scholarship.

  194. Hello,
    Is quite a great opportunity, to get what was looking for, am a citizen of northern Uganda where there was serous war, but now there is peace and we lost same of our people to support as in Education and the condition from same supporter, force you to do the course, which is not for your interest,since this opportunity is their,l want to do, theology,Business or Degree in Education ICT.
    Am welcoming any scholarship,l have traveling document (passport) it was process for me, by the late sponsors of mains and l stop in Diploma in ICT only, my mobile number is +256774137088/+256704760761
    l will be grateful if my request meet you standard.

  195. I am from ethiopia and from poor parents I havnt father I need your help. know I am grade 12 student and 19 years old I wish to learn chemistry so please can you help me to find free scholarship

    • Hello,

      There are plenty of scholarships in chemistry for Ethiopians. You just have to google it because you know best what suits you.

  196. I need your help and I need to learn chemistry I am from ethiopia and from poor parents I havnt father I need your help

  197. hi. am in Kenya a single mother I would like my daughter to get this scholarship. kindly if she gets a chance I will appreciate.

  198. I am a student who is not a parent, I am still working on my future and I would like to study medicine… Will you be able to help?

  199. Thank you. May you help me to get the 4 Dad’s scholarship. i am a young man aged 19, willing to go further with education bt my parents are not employed so finance is constraining me. i did exceptionally well at Olevel and Alevel. i want to do a degree in Computer Since . my cell is 0787351141. thank you

    • Hello,

      Unfortunately, we can not offer you a free scholarship but we can give you valuable pieces of information about scholarships around the world.

  200. Hi

    I am a 32 years old male. I have studied nursing for two years and completed in 2007 and never had a proper job. I am from South Africa and I intended to further my studies but as I am the only one who put bread on the tables family It impossible. Please I need your assist for scholarship

  201. My name is precious I’m a young Zimbabwean looking for a univesity scholarship I have a single parent who is straggling to pay my fees plz help

  202. I am a 14yr old South African recently doing grade and requesting a bursary to complete my high school education.I hope you find it in your hearts to able to help me.Thañk you

  203. Hi im jelly from Philippines I’m a single mom.,,im studying in batchelor of sciece in computer science..do I have a change to get a scholarship here in the philippines?? Because I don’t have money for now….please help me i want to continue to study for my son..

  204. Iam Ethiopian person living in Ethiopia and there working in wachemo university in teaching geology ,and am highly interested to study my masters in field of engineering geology in your country ,so is there any chance to do this by helping in financial aid?
    please please help me .

  205. Hi, I have been completing my graduation from Food and nutrition eengineering. I would like to take this opportunity. kindly inform me.
    Thank you.

  206. lam a Ugandan aged 20. am gona complete a diploma in clinical and community nutrition. I wish to upgrade from that side and become a senior nutritionist. I will be glade if i get a vacancy

  207. JUMANNE S. SENDEGE, Kindly please have my request for scholarship free for Masters degree in Community Economic Development (MACED) offered by Open University in Tanzania or any other university in the World because financially i can’t afford. If not that field, i am also ensures in studding Master degree in Natural resource management and Sustainable Agriculture, currently i have Bachelor of Science in Applied Agricultural Extension, with 52 years old, doing Agricultural extension duties to small scale and poor resource farmer’s and farmer;s groups at District level in Mkinga District, Tanga region Tanzania East African.

  208. I am kahsu gebrehans. I am fifth year mechanical engineering in arbaminch university, ethiopia. as a result I have knowledge related with the department and I am so interested with your activities, please notify me.

  209. Hi, am Nansamba Jascent from Uganda .l completed secondary education but I don’t have money to continue .May you please give me a scholarship

  210. Hi am man 20years and am black Ghana in West Africa I just completed my senior high school education and I will be most grateful if am supported and given a scholarship to study abroad.thanks I will be waiting for your reply

  211. Hi i am looking a fully funded scholarship for a PhD in plant pathology.I have done my M.phill on moleculer level .i have published so many article .its relate to plant quorum sensing and plant genetics engineering level.I have to continue my study for this instance i need to your help .kindly ans me

  212. hi my name is ralph polo lauren i am highly intrested how can get in-tourch with you so that i will be connected

  213. Hellow I’m Rose samwel…. I have completed my advance level passing biology and nutrition and also am having a technician in fish processng…. I would like to be helped with a degree of human nutrition… my aim is to help my fellow Tanzanians… am 19 years

  214. Hello I’m Masana,but not a parents ,I’m enrolling at university of south Africa ,my parent cannot afford to pay the study fees because of earning little salary ,so I want help on paying my study fees I hope u will try to help me

  215. HELLO.

  216. Hi,Im a student of final year(MSc.CS) in Pakistan.I want to study in M.phill from foriegn university on scholorship.And also want to support my family as well.I’m topper of my session but unfortunatelly due to financial reasons i can’t continue my study.I have no money.Will you please help me to find scholorship to fullfill my aims.

  217. Hello I salute you in the almighty God am a Ugandan who would lyk to continue with my studies in surveying but coz of tuition am unable to join university

  218. Hi i am a female student from pakistan..i pursue myself doing phd …i want phd scholarship kindly help and guide me through this..thanks

  219. Hi I am a black male ETHIOPIAN 26 years of age and I scored 3.39 in my B.Sc. education in mechanical Engineering in 2012 willing to study offline M.Sc. in Industrial Management as I couldn’t further my studies due to financial constraints please kindly assist me with your scholarships to upgrade my studies.

  220. hi
    MY name is Edeh Frank. I am a citizen of Nigeria,but i earnestly want to study in US.my contact number is +2348146673859

  221. Hello! I am begging for scholarship were I lost my mum and Dad during the Ebola height in Liberia. I want to continue my education.

  222. Greetings, I am otia Roger a Cameroonian who studied banking and finance at the level of Batchelor degree. Want to pursue my educational career but because of financial problems I couldn’t. Please help me with application procedures and requirements. Thanks

  223. Am kulwa kipuga from Tanzania please I would like to know if it posible for me to get full scholarship and to be attending in the college? Please if its possible help me am a sigle mother only my father passed away

  224. Am an undergraduate looking for scholarship
    am from Uganda and i want to up grade my studies.
    i will be glad when am helped

  225. Moreover I am willing to take other courses relating to ‘Tax Administration’ in so far as less attention had been given in my homeland ‘ETHIOPIA’

  226. Am john Dickson with one parent(mum) in Kenya, Africa. Am seriously in need of my college fees where am taking Certified Public Accountant(Cpa). I have a strong believe with you in board that you will make my education time wonderful.
    Am humbling waiting for your regard through my mobile :+254795817744

  227. Hi I am langat victor from Kenya..may God bless you for the great hardword you do.I am requesting for scholarship to continue with my degree course,

  228. I really want to get the scholarship I really wanna make changes in my family and also in the world..I want to my dream to come through

  229. Please, I am Sarah Effah, a Ghanaian female single parent who is finding it very difficult to pursue my master’s degree program after completion of my first degree in Bsc. Information Technology Education. I am also struggling to cater for my daughter whose father is no more.
    My daughter is also in school so my passion of furthering my education is now handicapped due to financial difficulties. My parents are also old and I have to assist them for daily bread.

    I would be most grateful if you can offer me a full time scholarship to study my master degree programme in abroad.
    Thank you.

  230. I registered at menlyn technical college….i have proof of payment. I realy need a bursary ……..mamphoke kgahliso -0826979357

  231. I am Patrick omale I am in Kenya I have my sistors son who got a good grade in form four and he has a single parent please can help him to get scholarship phn0719799735

  232. Hey am a ugandan apparently a diploma software engineering student in my last semester and i would love to upgrade can i get a chance

  233. Am Mandela Isaya Chacha In Uganda can I get a scholarship to study law there I have no money could you please help me
    What I do in life I volunteer in one of the NGOs in Uganda know as Helping Hands Foreign Mission

  234. I catherine joseph from Tanzania i just completed my o level studies and would love to study abroad but my mother cant afford and shes the only one i have please would you kindly offer me a free scholarship

  235. Hi I am Fatma Ibrahim from Kenya in two three months I’ll be completing my four years course in Bachelors of clinical medicine and I sincerely want to specialize in a Master’s program in Reproductive Health in a university in Australia kindly help me achieve my dream because I come from a not well off family.

  236. Hello great people there, my name is TARIG YOUSIF.Im from SUDAN.l’m asingle parents
    .I havn’t enough money for further studies !will you please help me to find afree scholarship.

  237. Hello great peoplle there, my name is TARIG YOUSIF.Im from SUDAN.l’m asingle parents
    .I havn’t enough money for further studies !will you please help me to find afree scholarship.

  238. I really looking forward to study further with my studies and to grab an opportunity of studying in other countr.I will be happy if I get this schoolarship.Thank you

  239. I am Abdulkareem Mubarak Ayodeji,I’m Nigerian.Although, I’ve finished my secondary school and I wish to continue my education in abroad.I will be gland if you can help me.I want to study medicine.Thanks.

  240. HI. I am solomon Aregay from ethiopia. mekelle. I have BSC degree in civil engineering, now i want to join in masters program in HIGH WAY ENGINERING. so would you please to give me this opportunity if free scholarships are available. THANK YOU.

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  242. I want to go for Ph.D in Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation. I am a Nigerian with no financial strength. Please help me out by giving me scholarship

  243. Hi there my name is lehlohonolo and i am based in Johannesburg South Africa and I am a student who has just finished matric and I am in need of financial funding .I have enrolled at a higher institution but I am in need of funding

  244. Hello!
    I was so happy after have landed on this opportunity but unfortunately, am a Ugandan and am really wanted to get this scholarship.
    I wish the best to all those who are going to be given.

  245. Geetings,
    My name is Benjamin N. Moore, Sr. a single parent looking tobe awarded a scholarship. I am not an American, I am a Liberian student who have completed BA program in criminal justice Adm awaiting graduation in March 2017.
    I would appreciate a free scholarship to study Marine Science in any available university at your choice. I have a academic qualification of 3.0 GPA and will be willing to more study at your preferred university.

    Thanks, I would appreciate hearing from you soon.
    With regards,

  246. Pardon Mafukidze is my name, I live in Zimbabwe Harare.I pass my A level with 7 points. I wish to study Banking and finance there if possible, but l don’t have money. Will you help me to find a free scholaship THANKS

  247. Pardon Mafukidze is my name,
    I live In Zimbabwe Harare. I pass my A level with 7 points.
    l wish to study Banking and finance there if possible but I don’t have money . My father was died Will you help me find a free scholarship Thanks

  248. I am Asubonteng Nicholas from GHANA.
    I will be very grateful if granted for this scholarship
    I am a boy turning to 20 years with aggregate 11 from my senior high school
    but still at home because of the hardship, please help me with this

  249. Hi am Mutuma Syria Gatwiri i wish to study journalism but my single mother cannot raise the amount please help me..here is my phone no.0791890525..my country code is 254

  250. I’M Ethiopian i have completed my B.Sc in 2015. I am ready to study in your institution if you accept my application.

  251. I.m single. I want. To Lean but i don.t. Have money i ask. You to help me. Please I .m. Leaving In zimbabwe. Thank you

  252. HI. I am solomon Aregay from ethiopia. mekelle. I have BSC degree in civil engineering, now i want to join in masters program in HIGH WAY ENGINERING. so would you please to give me this opportunity if free scholarships are available. THANK YOU. mobil no- 251914194590.

  253. HI. I am solomon Aregay from ethiopia. mekelle. I have BSC degree in civil engineering, now i want to join in masters program in HIGH WAY ENGINERING. so would you please to give me this opportunity if free scholarships are available. THANK YOU.

  254. Greetings,
    Thank you for the reply. Am interested with The Kathryn Kyriopoulos Colemere Endowed Scholarship. But what kind of studies do they offer. Am a Social Worker . Please advice the course to apply. Am from Zambia

  255. Hie my name is Sandra Tichawanda in Zimbabwe i finished my Alevels last year and would like to study BcomLaw abroad i kindly request that you consider me for a scholarship

  256. let me take this chance to you for the recommendable job you are doing,remembering the single parent families. Keep it up

  257. hello i am hewida from Egypt i am DR. Agric., Sci. (Plant Pathology), Zagazig Univ. (2009) My post is chief of department of pest control at central La b. of Organic Agric. Central lab of organic agriculture are belong to Agric. Res. Center Ministry of Agricultural. This central lab is responsible about organic agriculture in Egypt. Either legal or technical situation our lab is responsible about survey all diseases or pests attack different crops under organic agriculture and find about solution to these pests or diseases. so i would like to have FREE scholarship or short course in our field.

  258. hero, my name z dennis mwandha i will be completing my DSWSA in june however i would like to continue with my studies if am given chance. Currently am basing in uganda

  259. Hellow dear sponsors my name is Daniel Joash ,from Tanzanian ihave competed advance level of education but ihave no money to sponsor my self education abroad pleas may you halp me to get scholaship for education course. Thank you

  260. hie .my name is marble guba ,i am 26 years old i finished my ordinary level,now i want to do sa degree in social work but i dont have money to send my self to school.my contacts 263777563150

  261. hie .i am not a single mom i am married but i cant afford paying my fees thats why i am looking for a scholarship you please help

  262. Hi am ibrahim from Tanzania .i have no to complete my certificate in nursing be cause i havent money if possible help to complete it

  263. Hello,am a single mother doing my master degree in geography and environmental management with some courses in climate change. I have payed half of my tuition fee.I steel need some money for accommodation and topping up my fee. While taking care of my little Jose aged 4 months now, am about to drop because of financial issues.Please smart guys can you help!

  264. Hello I’m Christina ntswe am 20 years old,i’ve completed my grade 12 on 2015.I wanted to study policing because of money I couldn’t,my mom is a single mom! will you help m find a free scholarship. Thank you

  265. Hi, I’m a Tanzanian studying in South Africa and in my issue I need funds for an aviation course which I have started already but money has become an issue how can I be helped on that.

  266. Hello Am Peter from Kenya. A single parent kid. Having hope for further studies after finishing my secindary school level I think this could be a platform for helping me pursue my information technology course. please help

  267. Hi great people there. I am Ethiopian, live in Ethiopia,Addis Ababa city , I graduated by Economics from Gondar university before 3 years ago ,naw a day I working as customer service officer in a private share company . I wish to study my master program on Business management if there possible!. I have no enough money to study master program. Will you help me find a free scholarship to continue master program?

  268. the requirements for the scholarship perfectly fit my situation. kindly advise me on what i should do to secure this opportunity.

  269. Hi great people, my name is Kelvin K Saleh. I live in Africa with my parents, I’m looking for a free scholarship to attend so I can improve my knowledge. I asked everyone who reading this post to help me with this process and God will multiple that person effort to get double.

  270. Hi,am Emmah Bitange,I completed my highschool in 2013 and really desired to further my studies but due to limited funds Till now am not able,I come from a fa.mily of five kids with my mum as the sole breadwinner who is now taking care of my of my younger siblings.Would be glad if I’m offered a scholarship to persue my studies as per my dream

  271. I am Mamate Tophia Malefo.I wish to study Bachelor of Arts in communication at university of Limpopo .I wish to get a scholarship to help me to further my studies since I come from a poor family who depends on social grant for survival.I would be very happy if I get assistance.

  272. hello,
    my name is asabere-obeng foster. I will like to take this opportunity to apply for your help (scholarship) to continue my education at any of the Europe countries. Am in financial difficulty but have passion for education. i want to learn more so as to impact what i learn to help my society. especially the poor.
    hope to hear from you.
    Thank you

  273. Am Marcellinus Zaagbeb looking for scholarship to study Banking and Finance abroad, please if there is one you can help me.

  274. My name is Emmanuel Lawi 28 yrs. I’ve finished my diploma in Mechanical engineering last year with G. P A. Of 3.3 my parents are poor and unemployed, my father broken legs I was looking forward to study my degree in Mechanical but i have no money, I am looking for help, I will be so happy to get your response

  275. Hi, thank you for considering my application for scholarship, i am a single parent of two, and i troped out of school, in my secondary education, due to lack of school fees, and i would like to pursue my life dream, i find it to be big challenge to pay my children education and myself, and i am not an american, but iam from kenya, east africa, can i qualify for scholarship or it is meant only for american citicens? thank. wating for yoour reply.

  276. I wish to study medicine and study abroad, am a nigerian , any scholarship available for such. Thanks in anticipation!!!

  277. am a father over 40 years of age ,dream of having a degree in any social sciences course.need a help .am from nigeria.

  278. I want to do masters in development at Livingston’s University here northern part of Malawi. I want to contribute much to the development of our nation which is underdeveloped through the church for iam a parish minister. I have already started doing that but I need some knowledge which will enable me to have an extra know how on fulfilling my call and iam very hopeful that you can be the angels of God sent to help me in financing my call.

  279. Am a university student l wish to be assisted. Am in first year at University of Zimbabwe doing crop science.

    from Sinikiwe

  280. Please notify me am so interested in applying for scholarship.I’m 22 years old and I complited my matric 2014. I’m also accepted at Oxbridge Academ for distance learning in computer skills.

  281. Hi I am a Swaziland citizen studying in the university of limpopo, doing my first degree in accounting science …so please i need a scholarship..im looking forward to be a CA

  282. Hellow kathryn,am interested to pursue bachelors current i have a teaching certificate and would like to pursue bachelors of education using scholarship because i cant afford to pay for it. Looking forward to hear from you.thanks.

  283. Hello I am an African, a Sierra Leonean born. I want an undergraduate scholarship but I have no money and I want to study civil engineering. I am looking for a fully funded scholarship with travelling and living allowances. Thanks in advance

  284. hi.my name is mercy from Zambia. I grew up from an orphanage… am a student studying teaching at rockview university but I have no money to finish up my course because the one who used to pay for me passed away away in august last year. pliz help me with sponsorship.

  285. Hello there!! I just finished my highschool education and I want to prosper In my studies..but I have financial problems and my parents are not able to support me through my campus education…. I want to pasue accounting causes …please help me study…

    I would like to study abroad and I would like to apply for scholarship with your institution. I would love to study government, or policy studies or political science. I will be happy if you offer me an opportunity to study.

  287. My name is Lebaleng Lentsa, am currently staying in South Africa. My aim is to complete office Management course these year but I have the financial problems. We six at home and daddy is the only one working at home. I have to pay the amount of 18000 as school fees and I really don’t think daddy can afford that. May you please guys help me further my studies. Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you

  288. Nakyejjwe Viola is my name .I am a Ugandan ,i finished my secondary level of education but i have no support to complete my education. I humbly request for your support using this opportunity.I would like to study hotel and institutional catering. Please help me find a free scholarship.
    I will be greatful if am supported.

  289. I am Zemenfes Hagos from Ethiopia a graduate engineer in the discipline of Electrical Engineering from university of Mekelle(Ethiopia).
    Now i want to Master degree program related to Electrical Engineering to explore my knowledge at research level & I have been working at MIT- MU as a senior technical assistant for about 5 years in the EEE AND ECE department And I have prepared two lab manual . during these years. I have helped students to improve their theoretical background and practical skills in the laboratory sessions . I have been assisting during laboratory session of various courses such as Electrical Circuit Analysis, Digital Electronics I ,II, Analog Electronics I , II, Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Fiber Optic Communication Systems, Digital Communication Systems, Information Theory and Coding, Fundamentals of Communication Systems, Digital Communication System, Liner Control System, Power System Analysis and Stability, and Electrical Machines I&II. And intrested to advance my massage therapist course in Australia but dont have fund or a visa to help my dream come true if you can help me I can Realy appreciate and promise to do my best Thnx in advance as you prepare to help me

  290. i have a single parents who is mother and i need the scholarship to support my degree study in your country i promise i will do better and good assist other student as what cooperation to my degree

  291. Hi my name is Buba Manjang,a Business Mnangement student ,i needed scholarship inother to help me pursue my education since my family is very poor to help me achieve my goal.I believe i can get support from this instituition and my hope is on you as a concern student.THANK YOU

  292. hello my name is Marcia I am from South Africa. I need a scholarship please assist me. I am interested in doing labour law

  293. hello am a Kenyan.. have just finished my secondary education and u want to be helped..please give me scholarship to study environmental management

  294. I am a lady aged 24 who is looking for a scholarship, I really want to have a degree, but I can’t manage to sponsor myself, I really need your help. your your response will be highly appreciated thanks.