$2,000 – $2,500 Sam and Ida Turken Family Scholarship

The Business W.P. Carey School of Business is one of the United States’ foremost learning institution of higher education. As part of the Arizona State University, the scholarship offers innovative and far-reaching teaching methodology that makes a splash both in the life of its graduates. These innovations include online degree programs and online education.

The University offers a variety of scholarships online available on its overall scholarships section of the website, found here. Whether students are enrolling in an online degree program or pursuing online education, it is worth considering these scholarships.

Particularly the grant awarded by the Sam and Ida Turken Family was established back in 1987 and since it was conceived, the scholarship has sought to support pronounced leaders who will have positive influence on their respective communities.

The scholarship awarded by the Fund targets students who are enrolled full-time and are in their sophomore, junior or senior year. Overall, up to 8 students will be distinguished, following a thorough appraisal of their involvement with their respective communities.

In order to make a positive impression, prospective candidates will need to present an outstanding extracurricular activities that they have done solely for the benefit of their communities and which have also helped shape their skills at the helm of their localities.

Students will also be advised to present a professional reference that will serve as a testimony to their personal involvement and commitment to meaningful causes.

As with most scholarships, this one will only be available upon full-time enrollment and will require students to re-apply from year to year for renewal of the scholarship, provided they meet the criteria. The scholarship is currently being granted for students enrolling in their 2017/2018 academic year.

It is well worth taking into consideration the qualifying criteria that will determine which candidates obtain the funding of up to $2,500 and which candidates are also eligible to reapply. As with other scholarships in the university, candidates will be required to complete 12 hours of grade level work in order to qualify. An overall grade point average of 3.25 will be a minimum prerequisite for candidates to either make the cut or obtain a renewal for their grant.

The grant will help students meet their costs of tuition and associated registration costs as well as provide an allowance for living costs. The scholarship will be paid in two installments, at enrollment and in the fall semester. Online degree programs and online education are also available at the website. Hurry up and register by 15 September 2017.

  1. I am looking forward for any help of acquiring a scholarship. I am vulnerable student ,I completed my high school last year and qualified by joining a private university in Kenya. But due to my Orphan status and lack of support seems my dreams will be shutterd. Any little assistant will be of great help.
    Thanks. joselogoi95@gmail.com

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