Full Scholarship Worth €25.000 Offered by UvA for Talented Master’s Students

Planning to visit Amsterdam always comes accompanied by the thought of exploring unmissable experiences and must see attractions that immerse you into the beautiful history of the town. Whether you want to visit an exhibition, go on a canal cruse or relax in a green park, the options are unlimited and enticing. Visiting Amsterdam is a continuous vacation even though you plan to continue your studies here.

Because nothing compares with learning by doing, University of Amsterdam replicates Amsterdam’s atmosphere where their ways are understood through exploration. University of Amsterdam provides academic education for tomorrow’s leaders and innovators and has a leading international reputation which has been attracting students from across the world. The University is well-known for the implication in the academic progress of its students and as well for the programs initiated aimed to reward academic excellence.

One program such as is named Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship and is directed toward Master’s students from outside Europe. The scholarship program is worth €25.000 and covers tuition and living expenses for one academic year. The Master’s program usually extends over a period of 2 years and while the first year might be covered the second year requires that you come with a solid plan to support yourself while studying at UvA.

Who can receive the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship? The program is oriented towards non-EU students from any discipline but who graduated in the top 10% of their class. Since it is a merit-based scholarship program, only outstanding students will be considered for this prize. You can choose one program among the following:

Child Development and Education – closing date January 15th, 2018

Communication – closing date January 15th, 2018

Economics and Business – closing date January 15th, 2017

Humanities – closing date February 1st, 2017

Law – closing date January 15th, 2018

Psychology – closing date January 15th, 2018

Science – closing date January 15th, 2017

Social Sciences – closing date January 13th 2017

Before initiating the admission process, you need to decide which Master’s program suits you best and then proceed by clicking on the chosen program. You can then submit your application for the Master’s program of your choice. It is important that you submit your application no later than the established closing date or else your application will not be considered.

For more info about the program you can consult the official website here http://www.uva.nl/en/education/master-s/scholarships–tuition/scholarships-and-loans/amsterdam-excellence-scholarship/amsterdam-excellence-scholarship.html

  1. I would like to obtain a scholarship in sociology of education.I have a diploma in secondary teaching, thanks in advance

  2. I want to study a degree program on scholarship bases in the university. I want to study degree in law or any other one which goes contrary accordance with my field.

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