Humber International Entrance Scholarships Valued at $5000

Have you been dreaming about pursuing your favorite courses offered by a university whose main focus is to deliver hands-on, career-focused learning programs? Or have you been dreaming about that the chosen University will offer you a broad range of credentials which will help you chart the best path that will lead you towards your goal? If the answer is yes, our reply is Humber.

Humber College has been delivering amazing learning experiences producing more than 20.000 students determined to change the world they are living in. Located in Canada, Humbert College provides students with amazing state-of-art learning environments which offer unique learning experiences through its Humber’s Centers of Excellence. A complete list with all the centers of excellences can be found here: http://humber.ca/about/centres-of-excellence.html

Among the unlimited learning opportunities offered by the college, Humber is offering full and partial renewable tuition scholarships for international undergrads who will begin classes in January 2018.

Humber International Entrance Scholarships are divided throughout three semester intakes each year – winter, summer, and fall. The eligible applicants can receive two full tuition scholarships and one $5.000 scholarship available in September 2017 and one full tuition scholarship and one $5000 scholarship offered for January 2018. Even though the closing date for September 2017 scholarship applications has reached the end, students who are interested can apply for the September 2017 intake and secure a scholarship. All the applications will be analyzed based on academics, community involvement, referee/reference letters, and statement of interest.

The application process

Students who wish to apply for the International Entrance Scholarships need to know that the admission requirements depend on their home country and their current level of education. Here are the steps students need to follow in order to secure the scholarship.

First of all, the students have to pick a program and confirm availability because admission to Humber is extremely competitive and the program availability can change throughout the year. The link below will provide the program availability status:


Second, the students will have to make a proof of their academic standing and are required to scan copies of their original certified secondary school graduation transcripts for diploma and degree programs, and any college or university transcripts for postgraduate programs. Here is the list with the admission requirements: http://international.humber.ca/study-at-humber/application-process/requirements.html At the same time, English Language Proficiency requirements are mandatory such as IELTS, TOEFL, CAEL, or MELAB. Here is the English Language Proficiency Policy http://humber.ca/admissions/how-apply/english-proficiency.html?

Third, secondary requirements include letter of intent, references, a portfolio which vary based on the selected program. The admission requirements can be found here http://international.humber.ca/study-at-humber/program-availability.html for every program selected.

Forth, students need to review tuition/ fee schedule. In case they opt for the scholarship, they should read the requirements here: http://international.humber.ca/student-services/managing-your-finances/scholarships-awards.html

Fifth, the students will apply here http://international.humber.ca/study-at-humber/application-process/apply.html and pay the application fee which is $75 CAD.

Sixth, after the students will receive the letter of acceptance, they should inform themselves on how to prepare to come to Canada. The following link can be consulted http://international.humber.ca/study-at-humber/virtual-passport.html

  1. I would be very glad to have this opportunity but i dont have money. If you can help me get free scholarship. From Ghana. Thanks.

  2. hi my name is betelhem i m still looking for a scolarship i would really like to study in your college for my bachelor degree if you want to give me a scholarship keep in touch thank you

  3. Thank you for showing an interest in offering me a full bursary and I just wish one day you put my desire in reality because I would love to join your university for sure.

  4. Thank you for update .I wish to further study in accounting,current I have got higher national diploma in accounting and staysvin Zimbabwe,hope you will consider me

  5. I want full information about how scholarship will be deliverer and it\’s amount for each applicant and I wish to get the opportunity

  6. I wish to get the opportunity to further my education bt I don\’t have the funding so I will be grateful if I get this scholarship

  7. Thank you for showing interest in offering me a scholarship I really appreciate it and I would love to join humber university

  8. Hi,I am charles from Hammanskraal Gauteng Providence (RSA).I am a former student of Fairdeal agricultural tranning centre with short course certificate of 56 credits.i wish to upgrade my studies in crop,plants and poultry and i also like piggery,animal breeding and artificial insemination.so i don\’t affort that cause i\’m unemployed.i m looking for help so that my life can change.i have the power to fight poverty in our country but i need help and advice to start as an entreprenuer.

  9. Hi everyone.i really need this bursary so bad.Humber is the right place to be.i believe i can make a difference by learning and improving my skills in computer technology.i\’m hoping to hear from you soon.

  10. I am a 17 year old girl from Ethiopia east Africa and I am about to be a highschool senior and I do not have much connection like the other applicants in other word I have no one helping me and I am not trying to get ur pitty but if you give me a chance I am so eager to join this programme and I have a lot to offer.please Contact me at (hiwotbogale8@gmail.com)

  11. I would love to study at that university.. But what\’s the procedure.. I want to further my studies in aquaculture..

  12. Please I would be glad if you grant me full scholarship to study nursing as a full time student .Please you can call me for more information about me +233540658775

  13. I\’m so honoured to be part of Humber collage and I can only enrol next year because I am still completing my ordinary certificate.

  14. I highly appreciate yr university and yr scholarship to every one in the world specially the Rwandan.
    I hope being who will gain the chance about online studying.

  15. My name is Said from Tanzania.I have graduated from advance level on may 2017.I want to join a University for the Bachelor Degree but financially weak.I have been looking for any financial support or Loan or Scholarship just to reach my dream but till now I\’m in bad luck.I didn\’t get any financial assistance.
    Can I kindly have your help?
    Here is my mobile contact; 255712076441
    Thank you

  16. I am very pleased to get this advert because am interested in partaking my first degree of aerospace engineering in Canada. I had got an acceptance letter from St Marys University but I failed to raise the fees that was needed. I am a holder of 14points in MPC ( Mathematics A, Physics A and Chemistry B) It is my hope that if I could get a sponsor I will be very grateful. Currently am not going to school because my father has failed to get fees for university. So, am appealing for any assistance

  17. I want to join am in Uganda Will you transport me to Canada and this my number please I really need it 0777660056

  18. I would love to be among the students selected to come and learn from that institution if given an opportunity.

  19. Dear Madam

    I like to apply for the listed University but i need time to re-arrenge all my needed documents and information at all.

    And we need your support how we apply and process each and every criteria.

    With Regards



  20. yes .i\’m interested to this university.how can i get this chance?i\’m in kenya but i don\’t anyway.be blessed

  21. yes i am interested to this university but i don\’t see how i can get this chance.can you help me?

  22. I\’m tired of these scholarships.
    I\’m academically a good student yet still you guys don\’t accept my application.
    I have almost given up on furthering my education to the university.

  23. This is the Best Opportunity for Us as fellow students I am So much interested to be One of Your successful students. Education Is the Key To Success

  24. I what to be a student in the university of any university i realy nid scholarship, iam at home despite having passed well in my secondary education.due to lack of school fee.please I need help……

  25. please I would like to join your institution with your scholarship..will be more grateful if you will accept me

  26. I am a student from Cameroon and will wish am been offered this scholarship which help me improve on ma know-how

  27. I am in need of an overseas education opportunity and I promise upon graduation I would serve as per the recommendation of the scholarship owner

  28. Am Harriet from Uganda and need to persue a master\’s degree in law on intellectual property. I would like to know if the scholarship can cater for it and if it\’s available for next year September. thank you very much

  29. I am very impressed with Humber. Please, I would like to be considered for enrollment and scholarship to study Psychology

  30. my aims in life is to study,but I born from penury family…can I get any support from schorlershi?

  31. Thank you for information.How ever my need is to pursue Ph.D Business Administration if therer is any possibility please

  32. Thank you very much . Am very interested to get this scholarship . But I don\’t know if I can qualify .

  33. It\’s Khurram Butt from Pakistan I want to start LLM from Humber please give me scholarship and opportunity to start LLM from your institution please,

  34. I will be very happy if i attened in this university.but our income is low.can i get some scholarship?

  35. lm joan from kenya resquesting for scholarship at your place, please consider my resquest.

    yours faithfully

  36. Hi I would love too and thank you so much, but I am in South Africa I don\’t know how can I get into all of this.

  37. yes I want this scholarship please help me to get this wonderful scholarship, and how can I get this please

  38. I would love to join Humber university and would be really grateful to get scholarship to further my desired studies

  39. Hello thanks for showing me your kindness.actually i want to study in humber university. I want to fullfill my parents desire.you are the only way that I can fulfil my desire

    I shall be very thankful to you.

  40. I am Abenezer and gratuated in applied biology in 2014\’ I have a TOEFL score of 67 ibt. I am looking to continue my masters. Thank you. I am from Ethiopia.

  41. hi i wish to receive your offers so that i can continue with my studies and stop being stressed about my tuitions cause it affect my studies thank you.

  42. Hi, Am Pena Regan From Uganda, Thanks For The Offers You Provide To Students Abroad, I Would Like To Inform You That Am Already Persueing A Bachelors Degree In Accounting And Finance At Kampala International University.

  43. Thank you for this opportunity, however my interest is in Msc Public Health and Health Promotion and I already hold unconditional offer from Bangor University in the U.K, could it be possible for me to get scholarships for that program because I am in dire need of scholarship to fund my education.
    Looking forward to your support.
    Thank you

  44. Hello, my name is Robert Anyigba. I will love to joind the but l am is Ghana founding it difficult to apply. How can n go about it.

  45. Is there any simple way or just sending the form to my email?? Really it is very hard to apply… It could help us if it should be direct

  46. I will be very grateful for the rest of my life if can award me the scholarship.
    please get back to me if I qualify

  47. I want to ask if I can get opportunity to study in the university after going to nursing training

  48. I am a student at the university of djibouti i want prolange my study a canada to profit of scholarship of study

  49. i would like to apply for next year january but am from Malawi i would to upgrade my career,i studied clinical medicine

  50. i realy nid scholarship, iam at home despite having passed well in my secondary education.due to lack of school fee.please I need help

  51. Hi am from Kenya I would love to be one of the students in Humpr University ,am asking if I can get fully sponsored

  52. Thank you for showing interest of offering full scholarship so that I can fulfill my career,
    I would like to study in Humber University to study Master in Human resource or Master in Public Administration.

    I\’m asking if the programmes are offered at Humber University so that I can continue with admission process

  53. I will be much grateful to attend the University , but am from Ghana please can I apply for the admission ?

  54. I love to join the university and further my studies .I will be very grateful is am offer this scholarship

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