2 Carspring IMI Female Automotive scholarships worth £1000 each are offered to women passionate about the automotive industry

If you are a lady who often receives questions such as “why are you into the automotive industry?” and every time, the art of manufacturing gets you hooked, you might want to know more about the Carspring IMI Female Automotive scholarships. The scholarships are offered by Carspring, first online used car dealership where buying a used car is simple, in association with the Insitute of the Motor Industry (IMI) which is a professional association of people who work in the motor industry.

Any female student or apprentice who wants to work in the automotive industry is invited to apply for the bi-annual scholarship worth £1000. The scholarships were designed to help the next generation of female talent and support them through work experience. Besides the amount offered, the lucky ladies will have the possibility to work for 2 weeks in Carspring’s London or Berlin office.

Which are the personal requirements for the Carspring IMI Female Automotive scholarships?

Because many of the key positions at Carspring are held by talented and inspiring women, the scholarship is also dedicated to talented female students who share a great enthusiasm for the automotive industry. You can apply for this scholarship no matter the discipline you are working in. However, there are some aspects that will be taken in consideration such as:

1. If you are a female students or apprentice with an unbridled passion for car, of course.

2. You are expressing your interest in working in the automotive sector.

3. You have a confirmed place to study at a UK university or college.

4. You are currently taking or planning to undertake of a relevant Level 2, 3 or 4 Apprenticeship (advanced technician etc.).

5.  You have scored A-C grades at GCSE.

International students are welcome to apply for this scholarship also.

How can you apply for this scholarship?

Prepare your CV and two letters of references. You are also required to include a cover letter that should not exceed more than one page of A4. The cover letter should prove your achievements so far and your interest in pursuing a career in the automotive industry. In case you already have a sponsor, you are advised to mention it.

You are also required to write a 500-1000 word briefing document on the subject of ‘The Future of Automotive Retail’. Focus on a summary of the most pertinent and emerging trends in the automotive industry. Relevancy and quality will be considered in the selection of successful applicants. All the required documents should be submitted at support@carspring.co.uk, with the subject line ‘Scholarship Application: Your Name’.

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