50% Tuition Fees Off, Dean of Law’s Merit Scholarship

Have you ever wondered why university attendance is so important? Do you think it is because of the possibility to burden yourself with a whopping amount of student’s debt? We hardly think so. That is why alternatives are now sorely needed. Naturally, those alternatives do not come as easy, nor are they as popular. Take online universities, for example. Who out there really believes in those? Do you think that they provide the necessary skills to prepare you for what is out there in the world? In fact, a growing number of people believe or like to believe that. When studying costs so much, substitutes such as online universities are quite welcome.

Of course, this is not the only level of education that you may undertake. You could also try college education online which allows you to secure a set of rudimentary skills. Commutes, costs and the general bustle of getting up early are all reduced and nearly-eliminated. Of course there is the drawback that when we are left to our devices, we may default to a more nonchalant state of being, meaning we pass up on college education online altogether or just carry it out pro forma. Whatever the future hold though, we are sure that education will change a lot. In the meanwhile, you can always try a mainstream degree.

Speaking about mainstream degrees, we also ought to mention the generous offers that are currently in circulation and which guarantee that we can carry on when it comes to studying and learning new thing.

Picking new skills is possible with the money grants that are invested into students. Take for example the Dean of Law’s Merit Scholarship which is one of the world’s most prestigious one.

In order to apply for this scholarship, however, you will have to demonstrate an excellent command of English via one of the internationally-recognized certificates currently available out there.

The deadline of this scholarship is also quite generous and it extends all the way back to 1 April 2018.

The scholarships will be awarded for the Bachelor’s degree only, and any applicant for a higher level of study will not be accepted.

Overall, there are 12 scholarships that are handed out to contestants. The beneficiaries of these awards may win either 100% tuition costs covered (for the first four beneficiaries) or 50% covered (the remaining 8).

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5 thoughts on “50% Tuition Fees Off, Dean of Law’s Merit Scholarship

  1. I am interested take online university learning but i have idea how to undertake this. Plz would u like to help.? I am under graduate student of Sherubtse University of Bhutan.

  2. I want this scholarship I have applied for teaching online please accept my applicate I really need a scholarship

  3. I surely in need to apply for this.am doing my second year diploma in clinical medicine and I truly want to obtain more learning knowledge, so that my passion to help clients grows.

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