Mainstream and Online Scholarship Opportunities

The many faces of education today are ephemeral and tangible. You have your everyday solutions and perplexing many conundrums. How then should we make sense of the vastness of education and learning out and available? Some would argue that it is quite easy to find your bearings in the world of learning today, but we will argue the opposite.

Let us look at the two main axes of learning that are dominant today:

  • Mainstream education – all education that has been carried out on the campus of some institution of higher learning;
  • Online learning – all learning (including mainstream universities’ ones) that has been done remotely, from one’s home;

With this in mind, we should be cognisant of the truth that the mainstream has become too dear and too difficult to pay for. If you are looking for alternatives, then you may want to go with online learning. Online learning has quite a bit to offer to everyone who dares enough to defy the status quo and try something new.

Every new journey and every new untested road will eventually lead to some dead ends, but this does not mean that the idea behind the undertaking is impossible to put into a good practice.

Learning today has a lot to offer. You can start with the myriad mainstream mysy scholarship that promise to make your learning process quite a bit exciting. There is a lot you will get out of it.

Meanwhile, you should give online studies a fair consideration. They will quite readily offset some of the most difficult moments in any learning process that is pushing through your degree and achieving meaningful results. Do give yourself in full to this type of study.

Make sure that you experiment with both learning modes for the best results possible.

For the most part, accredited online universities are the best bodies that promise to not only issue you credible certificates that employers recognize, but they may also fund your learning process and there is no reason for concern on your part.

If you opt for the accredited online universities, you will be quite content with the results.

College education online is another surefire way to glimpse at what mainstream education has to offer. If you like it, then you can surely trust college education online and push ahead with a full-blown degree. Many opportunities can be had, and you will do well into those on offer presently.

  1. Hi,I\’m Constance Andiswa Mbedlashe From Mount Fletcher,Eastern Cape I am doing Tourism Management course at Academy of York ,I would like you to grant me with Scholarship to continue with my studies

  2. Hello,am NDIBALEKERA hannirah ahighschool graduate ,l would like to have abachelors in psychology,am requesting for a scholarship for further studies,am Ugandan wishing to study from Canada

  3. Yes you\’re a good project yes am student from Kenya degree of mechanical engineering so am picking\’ of finance account no 0779010000206 post bank Kenya

  4. Hello, I am a student from Namibia interested in doing a Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy. Can I please get assistance if I can get the scholarship?

  5. Greetings
    My name is Joylyn, I\’m 24 year old from Papua New Guinea looking for scholarship to assist me further my educational career on Psychology and Mental Health. I hold a science degree in General Nursing. Please assist me wherever necessary because mental health is an issue in our country and I wish to further specialist in this field. As a matter of fact many people are suffering from mental illness and man power is also an issue faced in our health facilities. I am currently working 8hrs shift in our nation\’s capital referrals hospital\’s psychiatric ward.
    Please contact guarantee a space on email address provided below
    Thanks for your time
    Stay Blessed
    Yours in Holistic Health

  6. I\’m Michael John A. Algodon from Philippines and I want to study in any aviation school because I want to become a pilot someday, I\’ll hope you can give me opportunity to achieve my goals thank you

  7. My name is Mohamed Morray, from Sierra Leone west Africa. I want to study in Canada or Netherlands as a financial engineer and intermediator, so please help me to complete my course, Thanks.

  8. Hi,
    lam a nurse and wish to study abroad to so masters program in famil and domestic violence practice if it is offered in any University in New Zealand.


  9. Hello.I would like to apply for scholarship to study nursing abroad and if there is any requirements please let me know I am ready to contribute for anything.

  10. I\’m interest in this scholarship. Tell me more about the scholarship to undertake my studies in the camps. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much.
    Mike Moli Kup from Jiwaka in Papua New Guinea.

  11. Am mwayiwawo mdala from Malawi eagerly looking for my tertially education support,,please consider me ,,

  12. Study on Engineering is my aim. I am a citizens to Papua New Guinea but living in Vanuatu. I need this scholarship to carry on.

  13. Hi. I hope you would grant me this scholarship. I am a student here in the Philippines. It would be a great help with my study. I promise to value it if ever I would be given the opportunity. Thank you in advance. God bless:)

  14. Please I need help to pursue my Dreams of becoming a nurse and helping the sick in my country since the health here is poor.please I hope you can give me a chance.Thank you

  15. Thank you for this opportunity may you please send me the CHIEDZA TRUST FUND application forms or its link .

  16. hi,can you please send me funza lushaka application forms or send me the link where this bursary is obtainable

    iam looking forward for your positive response

  17. Thanks so much,like me who dropped out of school ayear ago since I never had anyone to support me at High school level,what can I do???

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