How to Become an ASSE Exchange Student? For Undergraduates Only

Which one of you, while dreaming about visiting America did not picture all the giant skyscrapers, cinema, basketball, world-class symphonies and many more that you will one day see? As an ASSE exchange student, you will not just enjoy the beauty America has to offer but you will also have the chance to improve your English. Improving English will give you a in-depth understanding about the diversity of this country. Sounds perfect, right?

Let’s see first what ASSE represents. In 1976, ASSE was established at first as the American Student Exchange by the Swedish government as a collaboration program between USA and Sweden. Later on, Denmark, Finland, and Norway joined also. However, since then the number of member countries has exponentially increased. Here is the complete list: https://asse.com/about_asse/ .The mission of this program is to match highly-qualified international students – who comply with the admission requirements – with North American colleges and universities and also European, South African, South American, and Asian.

However, the students can benefit from such an offer by choosing one of the two scholarships, “Walter Danielson Scholarship”, to North America and “Jodi Kiefer Memorial Scholarship”, to Spain that will cover the program fee, round trip airfare, and one field trip in the host country, comprehensive insurance and monthly pocket money. These scholarships

The students can come from a variety of countries such as: Bangladesh, Ghana, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Saudi Arabia and many more so there are no boundaries when it comes to the country of origin of the applicant. The amazing part of ASSE is that the students can choose among more than 30 countries to visit. Here is the list: https://asse.com/student_countries/ . When the students will fill the application form, they get the chance to select maximum 3 countries of preference that they would like to explore. Keep in mind that you cannot benefit from one of the tow scholarships if you want to visit other countries rather than Spain and the countries from North America.

One of the programs developed by ASSE is the “Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange & Study (YES) Program” dedicated to international students who come from a wide variety of countries. For a student to proceed and select further this particular program, he/she has to have already a scholarship awarded by the US government.

How can a student become an ASSE exchange student? He/she has to have good academic grades, good recommendations from teachers and community members, good physical and mental health, an optimistic attitude towards his school and family and other cultures, and a social personality. She/he also have to be an undergraduate student. As an exchange student you will be hosted by a carefully selected host family. Annually, ASSE places thousands of students in host families throughout the world so the student will feel welcomed as if she/he were enjoying the comfort of his/her own home.

Before applying, read about the different types of programs here: https://asse.com/manuals/ASSE_Outbound_US/# .

You can apply here: https://asse.com/scholarship_programs/youth_exchange_study_programs/

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