Win a college scholarship based on your #1 skill

A lot of people assume that it is the perfect score (4.0 or above) that guarantees a place at the Universities, with all the expenses paid. However, this perspective has hindered a lot of talented students from applying and wining money for their college. But let us tell you something. There is a thing greater than the perfect score – that goes hand in hand with your writing skills – and it is called independence. Make it your #1 skill and all the odds of winning a college scholarship will be in your favour. Let’s see why and how. Are you ready?

The feeling of independence helps you gain more confidence in your abilities to manage on your own. Winning a scholarship is about showcasing determination, concision, and clarity. These are valuable assets that will help you while responding to essay questions. You have to keep in mind that selection committees ought to read a great number of applications and they may not read yours if it is way too long. If you are not a native speaker of the language you are writing, double check your application before submitting it. Also, choose the alternative where someone who is fluent in the language read your essay. We strongly advise you to use a word typewriter to finish your application.

The same feeling of independence will help you shed a light on your strengths and your weaknesses. Here is no room for being shy when talking about your dreams and your accomplishments also. Your application ought to give the selection committee a sharp idea of who you are, what are you studying, what are your future plans and so one. A person who lacks the feeling of independence will stumble upon these simple yet decisive questions about himself or herself. Be creative and be honest! Be prepared to explain your weaknesses in your application, such as poor grades or lack of work experience. After all, they are part of who you are and you should not be ashamed of.

Now that you have understood the importance of creating and brushing up your writing skills for an outstanding scholarship essay, a final but important thing has to be mentioned. Start early!!! Most students do not think about winning bursaries or scholarships until they have applied to college. It is then when they realise the greater costs associated with what means higher education. However, those who start early – in middle school or as a high school freshman – will benefit from being familiar with all the scholarship processes. They will be comfortable with applying for even more scholarships than their peers.

REMEMBER!!! Being independent is a vital skill for those who are willing to take control over their lives, both personally and academically. An independent person is self-motivated, hence he will make everything to accomplish his dreams.

Believe in yourself and trust your own decisions! You will see how everything around you changes positively for you to succeed.

  1. I would like to thank you for this opportunity we give us .. I think through this, my dreams will come true soon.

    Thanks again.

  2. I am really looking forward to get a scholarship, I\’m a Namibian citizen from a poor family.. it would be a blessing to get a scholarship to be honest, please help me out

  3. My name is Jafouk Stephen yennumi I\’m frm Ghana. i have completed my diploma course n i want u to help me do my degree , i mean financially

  4. My name is AbdulBasit .I have finished my FA exam .I am a Pakistani.I want to continue my education process with the help of you.03235443916

  5. am qualified in chemistry laboratory technician (diploma) & applied chemistry first degree with pedagogy and also I have 9 years experience in practical teaching. so, I wanna to apply, if you give me opportunity to learn. My mobile number is +251911367480. thank you for your support.

  6. My name is Aliceen Zengeya.l finished my A level last year and l am a Zimbabwean.l have always hoped to further my education but financial constraints are destructing my hope .l pray that you may help me.

  7. firstly i thank you for your kindly support so i\’m called Niyibizi Valens from Rwanda i completed my secondary studies in education so i need to continue my studies on upper level so can you offer me those opportinuties through offer me that scholarship? thanks for your kindly ansuer

  8. Hi, my names are Minang Alexis atih.I want to start by thanking the organization For giving this opportunity. I promise that I will do my inorder to make my family .I have the passion in the commercial field marketing, management,accounting,business .I will like to study in the USA and britain

  9. Hello,my name is Rashika Maharjan. First of all,thank u for this oppurtunity.
    I want to break the shell and be more independent and responsible.I want to prove that I can do things on my own and make my parents proud. I would be glab if I got this scholarship. Thank you.

  10. I am Eden Teshome from Ethiopia, Thank you so much for your kind support,I need to continue my education in Canada and US, please guide me How can i get the scholarship. Thank you so much once again.

  11. I need scholarship I studied biomedical engineering in Sudan future university and this study is not developing in Sudan I need to develop my study cause I love it and I love rehabilitataion and artificial organs but there\’s no choice to help me here in my country please help me by give me a scholarship ,, I want it as sold as possible and how can I apply the form

  12. Good evening l am Francisca Nyatowa from Zimbabwe.l finished my Advanced level studies in 2014 and had always been dreaming to study towards a degree .l have passion for social sciences subjects and l want to a social worker one day.however we are now in 2017 l have been trying to search for some financial aid but l found none.Now my hope lies in you Please kindly come to my assistance.

  13. My name is Emmanuel Joshua Anaureyi. I hail from Okehi Local Government area of Kogi state. I am presently running my Bachelor degree programme in the department of political science Federal University Lokoja, Lokoja Kogi State, Nigeria. I have obtained my NCE certificate from Federal College of Education Zaria Kaduna state from the school of Arts and Social Sciences, from Social Studies/Political Science department. My grade at N.C.E. whereas follow Education :4.11, Social Studies:3.98 and political Science: 4.13. in all out of 15 point I had 12point as my finishing grade at N.C.E level, and my first semester result at the Federal University Lokoja was of the CGP 4.89. I have a working experience as a teacher for one and half year of both primary and secondary section. My dream is to be a lecturer and to study aboard for my MSc degree and PhD degree on Internal Relation after obtaining my bachelor degree and come back to Nigeria for lecturing. In the area of my strength it’s may amaze you or not that I have been on self-sponsor since my secondary school to the very level I am today, I believe in hard work. My weakness will be in the aspect of the finance to see my dream come true in obtaining the MSc and PhD degree outside Nigeria. I will eternally grateful if this set of organization/board to help to bring this dream of mine to fulfilment. Thanks

  14. I don\’t understand your application form you can even write your name fix it and send to me or be sued for breach of agreement in the terms and condition
    And I give 48 hours to fix sorry if I didn\’t put it well thanks


  16. Im Masizwe Fakude from South Africa in Mpumalanga and I would like to be funded for my BCur or is it possible for me to be funded to study it in Spain,or change it and study another health degree in Spain if my results are good enough.

  17. It is an insightful piece of advice! In our native community, the best gift that a parents can offer to their children is education, but unfortunately many are not able to do so;fortunately, God sends angels to their rescue-YOU. You are the second parents who fills the educational gaps for such needy and people from such humble backgrounds. With your guidance I am following every step so that i can acquire a scholarship that will not only help me individually, but also positively change someone\’s life in my community.Looking forward for more info on scholarship application.Thank you.

  18. My name is Alusine Bangura from Sierra Leone ,I was studying at the university of sierra leone but due to financial reasons ,I didn\’t able to end the course as I was studying Political Science and I want to continue my studies in Europe but I need your help by giving me full funded schooliship . Thanks for your efforts in helping people\’s .

  19. Haule Joseph from Tanzania ,I\’m a gragraduate of Ba in sociology in St. Augustine university og Tanzania currently iam working as a Police officer in the ministry of home afear and Police force , my ambition to study masters in Sociology in order become an ambassador of spreading and promoting humanright in the community because i was discovered that most of police officer are violeter of human right.

  20. I don\’t really get to understand you\’re scholarship because I have tried filling you\’re form I end up sticking and I really wanna join and study with my fellows who are dealing with civil engineering

  21. Thx for that information,so what do i do first
    or what\’s the next step?but i prefer studying in my country because i have people to look after.


  22. Thanks for the support in an endeavoring people careers and transformation the world to sustainable development through education.

  23. Emmanuel from Ghana, thanks a lot may God help u to help some poor people like us. God lift you higher as u lift we the Needy and the poor higher. God grace u as u have a plan of gracing we poor students.
    Thank you very much and God bless you. Waiting to hear favourably from you.God be with you.

  24. Hellow, Am Benedict from kenya. Thanks for the inspirational and information.Am in dire need of the scholarship to enhance ma studies and given the opporrunity i will be more greatful to you. Hereby waiting to hear from you.
    Thanks in advance

  25. I am Chisom ,thanks for your support, am an undergraduate of the University of P
    ortHarcourt,Nigeria .I study Finearts and design and wld love u to be of great help cause I really want to go higher in creativity.Thank you.

  26. Hi its really awesome and I\’ll like to benefit.I\’m a masters student in applied linguistics in the univetsity of buea and ill like to be a language pathologist.please what are the steps to follow?

  27. i am full health and dependable person in my work i can do any thing canners can do my problem is only lack of financial support to do what i can do at a moment
    please let u help me this and i will satisfies you
    thank you
    hope hearing good news from you
    love truly

  28. I am able to make independent decisions to choose the most appropriate and optimal way to determine my future destiny. You must know that I am keen to take responsibility and face challenges that increase my skills and scientific knowledge that qualify me to receive a scholarship in business administration. Metallic Ores I have chosen my graduate degree in Business Administration so that I can establish a future mining company for the independence of precious and industrial minerals in the Republic of Sudan and therefore I need a Master of Business Administration so that I can achieve my goals and help my country But I have a problem that I could not afford to pay for this study if I could not get a scholarship because I belong to a financially weak family in the state of Sudan. I also have a skill in computer proficiency as well as the ability to think logically and think about the universe. Engineering projects, especially gold mining projects and other minerals, as well as criticism of Albert Einstein theories and the interpretation of particle theory and I have the ability to science fiction and vision beyond the universe and I lack the money for postgraduate studies so I hope you help to complete my studies.

    Bast wishes

  29. Iam Emilie Maseka a Namibian student (African) I am 23years old.I have grade 10 Namibian Junior Secondary Certificate.I would like to upgrades my subjects ,in order to complete my high school (grade 12)
    Namibian Senior Secondary Certificate.
    I have a dream of becoming a Medical Doctor, but my parents are poor. They can not afford to pay for my education.

    Please I need financial support to further my study.

    Thanks I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  30. Hello dear sir,
    My name is walidullah S/O Abdul Rasool, I am from Afghanistan, and Now I live in Jalalabad city.I have finished my high school in 2017, Now I wanna follow my university lessons, that is way I want study my lesson one of your best university. I need your informaton.
    Thanks! !!!!

  31. Thank you for this important advice I\’m really thankful.I\’m a student federal university otuoke in Nigeria, my study is biochemistry please I really need this scholarship please help me

  32. My name is Nakanwagi Florence currently persuing a degree in business administration at Makerere university business school Uganda ,am in my second year .I am really yearning to get a master\’s scholarship in the UK immediately I get done with my degree. This has been my dream from way back then in primary school bt because of my lack of knowledge about the scholarships and grants given to students ,I didn\’t not apply till I joined the university because I was now more exposed and I had acquired my first phone I used it to look for more scholarship opportunities on the internet .I believe education can change the world, one philosopher said said when you educate a girl child ,you will have educated a nation ,,education is so vital because it makes us better humans, in the way we think and the way we conduct ourselves because it is a life\’s training, .An uneducated man can become rich through hard work but will need education to sustain his empire at the top or makes sure he employs skilled and educated personnel to run his business. My dream is to become a knowledgeable and ,innovative business woman all over the world ,\

  33. I\’m Neeyon Alphonso Cole, a Liberian and earned Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with GPA 3.09 from African Methodist University, Liberia. I also earned certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation from Liberia Institute of Public Administration and I will be earning a Diploma in M&E from the same institution from now to December 2017.
    I need an MBA in order to build my capacity and competency.

  34. Thanks for your encouragement, it takes strong will to be independent and most especially standout. I am a chemist that wants to explore the world of analytical and environmental chemistry because that\’s where the future is for my great country Nigeria. I hope to get this scholarship to make a great impact, to effect change in my economy. Hope to get it soonest!

  35. My dream is too study aboard be the best in my year group in medical engineering then come back to my home country Nigeria to help develop the medical sector.
    Why? Because I am the future.

  36. Every information come your way we lead to transformation, thanks for your wonderful and your encourage word,
    I\’m basiru Jeremiah who hail from Nigeria, I\’m looking for a bursary in order to accomplish my mission as a electrical and electronic engineering. For me to accomplish my mission to be an electrical and electronic engineering I need help.
    My dream is to be a electrical and electronic engineering in my country so that I can help my country.
    In my country we are lacking power supply and electrical equipment, a lot of people die by not having light in there town even when God want to create heaven and earth he said let there be light and there was light, if there is no light there is no life. I achieve my a level excellent, I should have enter college but is because of financial problem of my family.
    I really need this scholarship to accomplish my mission, my vision because if you are not running in vision going on a mission or burning in a passion your life is become rubbish, I did not direct myself here is the spirit of God that direct me here and I hope I will be hearing from you very soon
    And I hope if my request we be granted
    Thanks for reading

  37. Am Zzimbe Emmanuel a Ugandan from Bukomansimbi district. I have just completed a Bachelor\’s Degree in commerce with Second class honours-Upper division. I request for a scholarship for Master\’s Degree in Business Administration so that I can be able to help my district. I was paid for on bachelors level by the director of my Secondary school. I have a dream of going back to my district and train them on how to use the available resources to start their own businesses, sustain them and make them grow bigger. My weakness is in limited finance, limited exposure and I can speak very few languages. When u help me, u would have made a very strong kickstart to my remote district. I have skills in using a computer and a typewriter.

  38. hello iam by names of uwitonze brendah from Rwanda,iam looking for a bursary in order to achieve my goal of becoming a pilot.For me to achieve my goal i need your help and it is my prayer that ican be selected.Thank you and Iappreciate while waiting.

  39. My Name is Lewis Daniels from Bluecrest college of technology Liberia, I am studying Information Technology but facing serious financial problems and need your help

  40. I\’m Gorety with special skill in good English and public speaking skill ,I\’m also a good at hair dressing and bracelets handcraft making

  41. My name is Thomas Mwakuna Mwasakyeni I am really in need of a scholarship, for my master degree program. I got my first degree at Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University in Tanzania Tanga region. (Bachelor of education in special needs) which makes me a special teacher specified in teaching children with hearing impairment .am a special teacher who needs a lot to be a qualified professional in order to be able provide the best services to all members of the society in need.
    Many children especially in Africa are not enrolled in school due to insufficient qualified professionalized special teachers who can provide the best education, thus teaching according to the needs a of a student, also ignorance of many African parents keep children with dis abilities at home thing that they cannot get education due to deafness,deaf-blindness
    ,blindness,or cognitive disability. The problem of hearing loss is getting bigger everyday due to human now day’s activities such as industrial activities but also loud music with earphones or disco loud speakers that leads to noise induced hearing loss.
    My dream is to help children with disability lead them into success by teaching them well but also to save the community with hearing loss treating them as an audiologist. I really want to be the best competent specialist teacher in the world but also the best audiologist who can treat patients with any type of hearing loss in the world.
    I believe disability is not inability and all human are equal value. I really need scholarship to fulfill my dreams but also to meet the needs of deaf children and the society in general. I wish my dream will come true.my email;thomascruse08@gmail.com

  42. Hello, am Davies Muiruri Muthee from Kenya. Am in my first year pursuing degree Bachelor\’s in arts International Relations and Diplomacy. Currently, facing fanicial constraints due to the fact that am from humble family leaving below $2 per day just to secure my fee. This is just but an example of the sacrifice my family is taking to ensure that am studying. Please assist . i will be gratefull. Thank you

  43. اتمني ان احصل على هذه الفرصة لإكمال تعليمي الثانوي والدراسة في كلية هندسة الطيران

  44. اريد ان احصل على هذه الفرصة لإكمال تعليمي على ان ادرس في كلية هندسة الطيران

  45. Hie, am Maxwell from Malawi. Am studying Bachelor of science in medical laboratory sciences at Malawi Adventist University. Am facing financial challenges in my studies so i need your help by considering me in scholarship so that i can complete my studies.

  46. My name is mugabe boniface from Rwanda,I studied senior six in agriculture 2005-2007,so I want to continue my studies in UNICAF UNIVERSITY SCHORASHIP ,program of Bachero\’s degree in financial and accounting,mode to study is boarding

  47. My name is Rahim from Ghana iam undergraduate student holding HND certificate in Accountancy
    i will be very grateful if you could help me to study accounting in your reputable university
    Thank you.

  48. Thank you so much for the heads up,am hoping that through your help i will be able to accomplishing a bachelors degree and so much more.God bless

  49. Hi, am call Floribert Sama Ayaba, Cameroonian by nationality and a holder of a bachelor degree of GPA 3.31.
    I wish to further my studies so as to achieve my goals being an engineer for power production. It would be grateful if my requeste is granted.
    While remain positively, I remain your faithful applicant.

  50. Andualem Fentie

    I am Andualem from Ethiopia and have BA degree in statistics.I like to study MA degree in your coledge.Thank you to give time for consideration.

  51. Hi,I am Michael SUAH student\’s council president of my school in Liberia ,I have a dream of becoming a medical doctor after my high school ,because of our Economic system in our country, I can now enter collage, so I really need a scholarship, in other to make my dream come though, so that I can give back to my society.

  52. Hi, i\\m from Tanzania , have studied Bsc with education specifically in Chemistry but my dream is study masters in chemistry in Canada but oh my God i can\’t afford , please help me meet my Goals, Sigfred

  53. Absolutely and defintely! Independence is often taken on after the high school years where nobody will be ordering you around you are your own leader. These words are entirely encouraging and they lead to success through determination and dedication.

  54. Good day…
    Thank you so much for those beautiful and encouraging word,to open and letting in to a better life..As i was reading it seems..im already a winner.
    Hi my name is jade.From the city of Pearl of the orient..Im one of the thousands aiming for this scholarship,if be chosen or granted for this opportunity..i would be very grateful.i take this opportunity for the reason i want to reach my dreams to be able to study in college.Im already 37 years old,and still dreaming and hoping one day my dreams come true.After i graduated in high school.i started to work until now..i work hard for my family and forgot my self.I support my sisters to study in college..but i was disappointed.(long story)I am the breadwinner.And still supporting my youngest sister studying in senior high..My father pass away few years ago…My mom got operated and she has a maintenance.And then luckily a survivor of super thypon haiyan that hit our province..our livelihood got destroy and all turns to nothing.I though that would be our last day in the world..But thank god..he keep my family and i safe.Too many trials comes our way..but i never ever give up instead.I be more stronger abcourse for my family.and always think positive.And keep in mind that ur not alone.god is always there for us.Appreciate that life is beautiful.
    thanks for reading..

  55. Hi,my name is erfan I\’m from Afghanistan first who I can get scholarship from Oxford university second I don\’t know who to apply for scholarship please just give me a way to find out who I can do it

  56. Hi,my name is Maphefo Beauty Mokone I am from South Africa in west of Pretoria. I am a second level social worker student at University of South Africa,I have registered with the university since 2013 but due to finance I have been struggling to register my modules so i have been taking them one by one.My dream is to became a qualified social worker ,my mission is help people to realize their potential and their abilities to help themselves in the future and trying to reduce domestic violence and child abuse in our society by implementing awareness and therefore to open and ran a shelter for the homeless and the orphans.I am willing to get the scholarship to feather my studies to complete my social worker degree .Please let my dream come true in a sense of Ubuntu.
    Thank you…..

  57. Hi,my name is Lelise Debela, I am from Ethiopia. I like to study law and I cannot afford the money to my university fees. I really need your support to continue to my education. Thank you, stay blessed.

  58. My name is Dickson from Zimbabwe,i would like to study Sound Engineering in Germany.i did an in house basic training for Music Production but i have no the required documents to support my work experience,,,really need your support and help..
    Many Thanks for this platform

  59. Hi am octorvia from South Africa.i am intending to study microbiology as a first year student un melbourne australia.But since am struggling financially am hoping to be awarded the schoolarship.It will be my greatest honour to hear from you

  60. I am Daniel NaySan from Myanmar. And serving the Lord for Church planting . I apply that Biblical for my further study to NewZeaLand. But , have financial problem in my life. So that I am joining to you and needs of your consideration in the name of Jesus.

  61. Hie, my is Naomi Nyirenda and I am from Malawi, I know and I believe that God will guide and make away for me. Am not perfect or genius to get this scholarship but am ineed of it because I myself and my family can\’t afford to pay my university fees, and to have a chance to have this opportunity it will be a blessing to me and my family

  62. Hi good day! I\’m Carla I know we are thousands who\’s aiming for these free scholarship and i think honestly I\’m not the one who will got it, but atlest I\’m trying my luck, so let me get to the point, I want these scholarships not because it\’s my dream or either helping my family, it\’s deeper then I thought .I graduated AB Sociology 4 year\’s ago and my dream was to take my master\’s degree or anything related to human behaviour, last time i only think i want to graduate in college and work so that I can buy the stuff I want to provide the needs of my family, but when I got independent and see the harsh truth of life , I said to myself I\’m a lucky person after all because i don\’t go to Streets like the beggars , i have a shelter ,I have comfortable clothes unlike them , they have nothing and we who had everything can\’t sometimes understand them, we thought they are weak and pity for .. I know it\’s a little bit dramatic and my application for the scholarship was not all about these ,but I want these opportunity to study more in human behaviour and how to, Development our inter personal self , our perspective, that instead of blaming we should understand that sometimes life was not fair, even if I\’m not the one you\’ll going to choose , right now I Will say thank you ! And may Godbless you all , ! To those people who won\’t choose like me( 😉 don\’t lose hope God will guide you along the way )

    -knowledge is an endless quest!
    -Mabuhay (thank you)

  63. Thank for the information, I am a final year student, I need this offer to forward my education to degree level. am a computer expert.
    God bless you.

  64. Hi, my name is scholastica uloko. Am from Nigeria. Am yet to be a college student and I don\’t have enough fund for one. That is why am applying for a scholarship where I can study hard because am a fast learner. I want to study psychology in any school that dims it fit to grant me scholarship. Thank you!

  65. Thanks for your information am grateful. My name is shallom JJ Amu I completed a bachelor of science degree in nursing with six years working experience. I need you you to help me acquire a scholarship to do masters in psychiatry. this will enable me serve people who are deprived of psychiatric care in any part of the world especially my Ghana. Am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  66. Hi, thanks for the words. Am Erick Mgongo from Tanzania am lookiing forward to any available scholarship application opportunity please help me get one.My dream is to be a professional neuroal surgion in my country so that i can save many lives lost every day due neuralogical problems , here in my country people with this field are less than 10 which explains how my families are in great danger. i attained my a level studies taking physics chemistry and biology please i need any direct connection to this issue because i know i can pasue and save people.In Tanzania there\’s no university offering this program although i couldnt be able to afford the expenses.Thanks for reading.

  67. How can I attain scholarship for a diploma in clinical medicine and community health.I finished my alevel but my parents could not afford fees for further studies but I really need to study .thanks

  68. Thank you for your encouraging words. Am Jackson O from Kenya
    I\’m looking forward to get a scholarship in your colleges.It will be my great pleasure for me to finish my study, and to pursue my goals.
    Please! please! help me, I believe I deserve to be one of the selected scholar student.
    Your positive reply to this will be highly appreciated

  69. Thank you for the encouraging words of yours! My name is Breasvane Gonzaga. I have completed my first year first semeter here also at University of Pangasinan 2 years ago. I have studied Bachelor of Architecture but didn\’t even paid my tuition from the very start of the class. If ever i desire to proceed this coming June 2018, I believed that I will be one of the incoming senior high student. I worked for almost one year untill now in order to pay my remaining balance in this school and be able to have scholarship. Please help me to finish my studies because I am a independent person. I even graduated elementary as an honor student and finished my high school despites of having not enough money to go for college. So please help me, I believe I deserve to be one of the selected scholar student. Thank you and I wish you could really help me 🙂

  70. Thanks a lot my name is Abdulwahid Danish i have completed my Bachelor of Engineering and wish to proceed my masters but unable to pay my tuition please help me to fulfill ma gaol by providing me with ur scholarship

  71. Thanks a lot my name is Raya A Juma i have completed my Bachelor of law and wish to proceed my masters but unable to pay my tuition please help me to fulfill ma gaol by providing me with ur scholarship

  72. Hi
    My name is Janeth Daniel i have completed high school and i wish to proceed with college
    but i can\’t afford the expenses. Please help me accomplish my goals through scholarship

  73. My name is Mayen Del iam South Sudanese, i have Diploma in business information technology, and iam interesting to doing Bachelor in Business Information Technology if get the scholarship,please help me.

  74. Hello,
    Thank you so much for your guidance. My name is Belay Defaru Adem from Ethiopia I have Adiploma By Radiography field and I am willing to connect with you to study a Bachelor in Medical Radiology Technology. And therefore I\\’m looking forward to get a scholarship so that I can achieve for further education.
    Thank in advance, may God bless you.
    Belay Defaru Adem

  75. Hello my name is esther omole, am 25 years old and a high school dropouts.l also learned fashion and design for a year, which i hope to be good at and own my own fashion line. But i also want to be educated and hopfully be an accountant. All am asking and praying for is a chance to do so because my dad do not have the financial means. Please am in need of a scholarship and financial aid and i will be very greatful if given a chance, thank you.

  76. I am a 22yrs old nigerian, focussed and very ambitious pls help me in my education with a scholarship to study abroad, because my school is on strike and we havent resume since last year, i am studying agricultural economics, i will be very grateful if you can help me thank you in advance.

  77. I am a 22 year old zimbabwean,focussed and very ambitious.l struggled a lot with my education right from primary school up to A level.Please help me on this final step in education with a scholarship to study abroad,it doesn\’t matter where. I\’m interested in political science.Thank you in advance

  78. Im called Sheron Manyi aged 19,im a cameroonian with great skills and talent.i wish im given an opportunity to pursue a degree program in law

  79. I am queen Mkhize from Durban KwaZulu Natal. I am doing my first year at Varsity College doing my B.ed. I have financial problems due to my parents my father is not working for 15 years so I am depending to my mother. I have three siblings which are still at school. Teaching is my dream job from the early age I like to help the poor children from my community. I live in a formal settlement where lots of children never succeeded due to the poor of their parents and lack of information,by completing my studies I will make sure that there will be no children are not schooling due to fancial problems.
    Thank you

  80. Am by the names mukae moreen, a Ugandan by nationality aged 26yrs. Am agraduate with abachelor\’s degree in business administration from punjab technical University India. Due to the fact that I come from a low developed country jobs are scarce so am walking in someone\’s retail shop as a sales person wea I earn to little yet i hv other people (siblings) depending on mi. I would be very grateful if am given an opportunity of doing my masters from abroad. Thanks looking forward to hearing from you

  81. I\’m Fred wandwasi from Uganda holding a diploma in water engineering in a technical college would like to pursue bachelors by getting scholarship from you please your positive response will be highly appreciated

  82. My Name is Mulki Abdi Gedi Iam from Somalia I studied Bachelor Of Nursing lam interesting to join Your college And it is great Hanor To Me to study And Continue My studies for Master of Public Health

  83. Hello,I\’m Emmanuel Mrema in TANZANIA being studied barchelor of science in education majoring physics and chemistry at university of Dar es salaam and wishing to study msc analytical chemistry at your universities,so requesting for checking if I can be admitted at your university, my academic certificates may be attached to the email for the smooth conversation

  84. My name is sani abdul rahim from accra Ghana..Im looking forward to get a scholarship in your colleges.It is a great opportunity for me to finish my study, and to pursue my dream course through your good office for a less fortunate people like me.
    I would be honored if you take my application as one your scholar.

    God Bless you always.

  85. Hello! I am a young lady from Zimbabwe. It would be a great priviledge to get a scholarship in one of your colleges as I would get an opportunity to finish my studies. I completed two Diplomas In Business management and Entrepreneurship with the UK board (ABE) and I would like to pursue my undergraduate studies in Business Management. It would be a great honour if you take my application as it would pave way for me to achieve my dreams.

  86. Hello Sir/Madam:
    Im RINABEL from Philippines.Im looking forward to get a scholarship in your colleges.It is a great opportunity for me to finish my study, and to pursue my dream course through your good office for a less fortunate people like me.
    I would be honored if you take my application as one your scholar.

    God Bless you always.Thank you in advance .

  87. Hello
    My name is Gyasi Emmanuel a citizen of Ghana.
    I studied general science.
    I would be very grateful if your high office grant to me an educational scholarship to study at University of Canada

  88. I have high interest to obtain a scholarship to complete my education for me as an undergraduate, since l already completed my advanced diploma in human resources management with Association of Business Managers and Administrators (ABMA) UK board. Hence have high interest to complete my degree course either in Human Resource Management or Business Administration.
    Kazinda Macford Munthali

  89. I\’m Igbadumhe Linus Aleogho from Nigeria, I need scholarship to study Civil Engineering abroad. I can use computer very well, I need support.

  90. Hello,
    I\’m Faith Frank from Nigeria and I would like to apply for an undergraduate scholarship to study international business and relations in canada. I would really appreciate it if am given the opportunity and am very good at hair making.
    Thank you.

  91. Im Jefrance Demol and i am looking for a scholarship/ financial assistance. I would like to pursue my college as a marine engineering if ever given a chance.


  92. Hi im Jefrance Demol looking for a scholarship and i am from Philippines. I would like to pursue my college as a marine engineering. Anyone that can help me is a big answered with my prayers.

    god bless

  93. Im doing grade 12 and i would like to apply for sholarship To get higher education because im living with my grandmother and she cant afford to pay for me all of the fees needed

  94. Hello,
    I am Rahmatu Ilyas. A female high school graduate. I studied general science and I passed all the eight subjects in my WASSCE examination. I would like to go to a medical school. It has always been my dream to become a medical practitioner and so I decided to apply for your scholarship to pursue my dream course. I would be honoured if you take my application into your kindest consideration.
    Thank you.

  95. I\’m doing grade 12 I would like to apply for the scholarship to get higher education because my parent can\’t afford all of the fees needed.

  96. Hello,
    Thank you so much for your guidance. My name is Geoffrey Wambani Mululu from kenya I have completed my secondary education level, and I am willing to connect with you to study a Bachelor in criminology and security operation management. And therefore I\’m looking forward to get a scholarship so that I can achieve for further education.
    Thank in advance, may God bless you.
    Geoffrey Wambani Mululu.

  97. want to apply for international exchange of programmes in the faculty of engineering to study mechanical engineering outside Africa. currently am studying in the university Botswana

  98. Hello.
    Thank you so much for you guidance. I completed my Senior Secondary school certificate.
    I would like to study a Bachelor in Agribusiness Management in your Universties to further education.

    Thanks for your support and I have made this decision.

  99. Hello, My name is Ebissa Belay, I am from Ethiopia, I have diploma in studying physics, and looking forward to get a scholarship in your college by physics , I believe in myself .Thank you for your support.

  100. Hi
    My name is Dzidula Kwaku Amebese Atidzorhu, I am 31 years of age with a wife and two children one girl one boy.
    I am from Ketu south of Volta region in Ghana and have competed Motor Vehicle Technician Part lll in 2012 with one credit and three passes successful on my certificate.
    I now gain admission at Koforidua Technical University Eastern region in Ghana to study two years BTECH Automotive Engineering at faculty of engineering.
    I please need your help through your scholarship to help me pay my school fees which is ghs2,437.00 and other learning material to attend this school and complete in two years later that is from this 2017 to 2019.
    I am counting on your cooperation.
    My contact number +233249978371
    Email dzidulakwaku37@yahoo.com
    Thank you.

  101. Hello, am Edison Habimana from Rwanda I completed my advanced study in mathematics, physics and chemistry and I need to further education in engeenering please help me to get it because am really poor .
    I will be grateful if am considered and given this opportunity thank you.

  102. Hi, thank you for your encouragement. I am a senior school graduate and looking forward to get a scholarship in one of your colleges as a business management student, I believe in myself .Thank you for your time.

  103. Hi.I am Ademoye Abdul Sobur,i am an undergraduate and I\’m willing to gain a scholarship in order to further my education. I want to study mechanical engineering/telecommunication science.

  104. Thanks so much for the encoragament and guidance you have proffered to me.l am very much keen and determined to study for doctoral or PhD in the aforementioned disciplines and have developed proposals which I can share any moment.Now lead me to the next item so much that I progress, once again thank you for the wise counsel. Best regards,

  105. hi im kholeka makhaza,im from ladysmith
    im currently unemployed nor studying
    therefore i would like to apply for a scholarship
    i would like to do nursing or teaching

  106. Hi I\’m Amanuel Leta from Addis Abeba Ethiopia I\’ve finished high school lesson by scoring 4:00 and I\’m gonna have preparatoy in few days..i have the willing of taking ma lesson in better school(college) if u caIn help me in getting scholarship 251918795147

  107. Greetings
    kain Celine from Cameron
    Am an undergraduate student .I read microbiology.I wish to apply for a scholarship to study in your prestigious university

  108. greetings
    do you offer TEACHING scholarships? if yes how to apply and are the second years granted those scholarships? i\’m currently studying in South Africa at the University of KwaZulu Natal Edgewood campus
    Thank you

  109. Good evening, am 23 years and am a female from Nigeria. Am a writer and I need your help to certify my academics and become a source of inspiration to the world….

  110. I am a high school graduate and I kindly request for college sponsorship .
    James Tinyefuza
    Thank you

  111. I\’m a soon to be high school graduate and I would like to apply for the scholarship to get higher education because my parents can\’t afford all of the fees needed

  112. My name is James yaya kanu I would like to study Bachelor of science in social work in this noble university

  113. Hello I am kopelo Lephole from Lesotho have completed my Associate Degree in Marketing from Limkokwing University of creative Technology. I will highly appreciate if application procedures can be sent to my e-mail

  114. Dear sir/madam.
    With dear owner and great respect, I would like to submit My application into your office hand with qualifications and knowledge I have, I am so intrested to learn under your university with the post of medical doctor. I am south sudanese, i have completed my secondary in juba, Above all I will be looking forward seeing your response.
    Yoursfithfully: Gatwech Lual thichuong.

  115. I am TEKLAY from Ethiopia, I have completed BSc degree in electrical and computer engineering at hawassa university.I am currently working at ethio-telecom and I want to further study if you help me the way how to apply scholarship.
    Thank you.

    With best regard.

  116. Good morning? Am currently undertaking my first degree in Fisheries and Aquaculture in University on Nairobi and it will last for four years, am a Kenyan and I would like to continue with my further studies after that if I can get scholarship from you. Thanks and I will glad to hear from you if possible. Be blessed.

  117. Hi am Rehema mavere from Tanzania I have completed my advance study I need to further my education please help me to get a scholarship to study abroad,since I was young I had vision of studying abroad and stay there this is what I like help me my mother and father are passed away years ago now am orphan I will be thankful if I will get it my contact number +255717119426 or +255765602156,God bless you

  118. high education is too expensive especially to the poorest families ….which means in order for then to continue with their education they have to apply scholarships …….. This is a great advantage to us

  119. Thats how I always think. I thought only the brightest students (those who have passed highly) are the only ones who do apply

  120. Hi am Joslyn James from Papua New Guinea, I completed my year 12 and am currently studying Bachelor of Nursing in Pacific Adventist University and I want to further my studies to study oversea, therefore I need a scholarship to apply.

    Thank you

  121. Hi,I am Ego Esther Daka,from the south -south region of Nigeria in West Africa. I am really in need of this scholarship to study abroad for my masters degree in high way engineering. I am determined,a fast learner eager to continue my studies but do not have the financial means to achieve my goal. This is why I want to apply for this scholarship.
    I will be grateful if am considered and given this opportunity.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Ego Esther Daka

  122. I want to apply for apply for sholarship these coming june im rhea carmela huplo i lived in brgy.ALItas infanta quezon province im 2nd year colleges these years of june im stop study why ? im work in any work these manila

  123. I am Annette Aminio, from New Ireland Province. I\’m currently doing my Gr 12 this year at Lihir Secondary and really need a scholarship to overseas to continue my Education. I\’m taking General Mx, Language and literature, History, Geography and Music..And I want to apply for lecture or Secondary teacher. I just wait for my year 12 certificate….

  124. Thanks first I am really poor and I am not understand English well but I Will try to complete my request this chance is my dream and i am very interesting this scholarships I have degree of general nursing and midwifery anyway everything will be ok thanks secondly

  125. Am Shukuru Zebedayo from Tanzania,am studying Msalato theological College, am complete my study next year and my dream to get degree in applied theology. i need support.

  126. Hello i\’m RABIA here I am from Pakistan amd i completed my intermediate and now a days i am doing bachelors in Medical laboratory technology but i want to continue my medical studies in aboard just for my bright degree and future as well.

  127. Hello Sir or Ms, I am a student who has just finished high school in Myanmar. I haven\’t joined any university yet . My dream job is to be a doctor. I really wish to win a scholarship and study medicine in one of the world\’s top university.
    Thank you

  128. Am Wanyonyi Edwin from Kenya I real want to study to change my life and the society at large given an opportunity I use it to the maximum,

  129. Hello, I am Twahirwa Delice from Rwanda.finalizing my high school this year.

    I am looking for a university scholarship to proceed my studies in economics.

    thank you!

  130. Hello, I\’m khadija S Rasheed from Tanzania, I\’m 20 years old and I\’ve finished my A-level studies this year 2017,
    I\’m looking for a university to proceed my degree for a doctoral course like dentistry.
    I\’m also looking at a scholarship to aid my further studies.

  131. I am kelemu honja, a Ethiopian. Am a student doing three year BSc in chemistry at dilla university,i need to learn msc in any related field.
    Am looking for a scholarship to help me complete my studies.
    Your consideration will be highly appreciated.

  132. Hi, I\’m Amaechi Humphrey a student of federal university of technology Owerri, Nigeria. I\’m 20yrs & currently in pursuit of a barchelor degree in Building. Pls I need a scholarship to help me complete my studies.
    Thanks in anticipation of your favourable consideration.

  133. Hi I\’m Locrecia molapo and I\’m 18years old… I\’m from mpumalanga bushbuckridge …but now I\’m here at Pretoria upgrading my subjects ….so that it can fits for my dream career which is nursing ….and I\’ll love to get ur help since I know that my parents can\’t afford for the fees …I\’ll be happy if I become one of the students that will be accepted for this financial assistance…. I also appreciate for the response on my mail….

  134. Thanks for response. I\’m Marlena xalise currently in Northwest Province I\’m 21 years old.I completed my matric in 2016 I\’m not able to further my studies due to financial problems. so I would like the scholarship to help me further my studies so that I can get a better job and have a brighter future.

    I did the following subjects at school:
    Mathematical Literary

  135. I am Albert Kamanga, a Malawian. Am a student doing four year BSc in Natural Resources Management (Land & Water) at Lilongwe University of Agriculture & Natural Resources.
    Am looking for a scholarship to help me complete my studies.
    Your consideration will be highly appreciated.

  136. Hi, thanks so much for responding to my mail. I`m a Ghanaian male aged 28 yrs, a holder of a bachelor`s of science degree in nursing. I`m keen on persuing a masters degree in Paediatric nursing or Public health nursing in the USA, Canada or UK, however I`m incapacitated financially. I therefore appeal to you to aid help lives better..! Counting on you

  137. Thanks for the opportunity, am a Ugandan I came from a poor family raised by a single mother who educated me upto Senior six.
    I had started a higher institution doing a course in IT but I dropped out due to financial problems am now a driver but still dreaming big in education hope to achieve.
    Thanks for your consideration


  139. Hi Hello,
    My name is Ahmad Abed I am from Afghanistan I have finished school.
    I have the ability to write an essay and
    speak English very will thanks from your new scocholarships I wish you
    examine me but unfortunately my econimical situation is not good.thank you very much. please send me an e-mail if you get dicision

  140. Please I am Ibrahim Limann Khadijatu.I am19 years old and an SHS graduate who read science and lack the financial support to pursue medicine at the tertiary level.I would be very glad if this scholarship would be granted to enable me attain my dreams and be of support to the world at large as my medical carrier is concerned. Thank you.

  141. Thanks for this advice, it has motivated me in great way. I will keep in touch with you now. I almost quitted on tirelessly searching the internet for full funded MPH scholarship. Please give me a little detail about this website.

  142. I wish you to offer me scholarship to offer PhD in accounting and finance. I suffered for education a lot and I need your assistance .I had a lot of loans without paying them finished .individuals and financial institution.. Iam looking for you earliest reply.
    Thank you for sending me information already.and hope you Will help me.

  143. My name is Roland T Diantan i\’m frOm in the philippines.i\’m taking the course of Bachelor of Arts major in Sociology and i am 2nd year student.Thank yOu for acceptinG me in your scholarship and i would to learn about writing..and i just want to improve my skills to communicate other people by using of the writing..I\’m so glad to be part of you.!!

  144. Hi, thanks so much for responding to my mail. I`m a kenyan male aged 33 yrs, a holder of a bachelor`s of science degree in nursing. I`m keen on persuing a masters degree in cardiac care nursing or critical care nursing in the USA, Canada or UK, however I`m incapacitated financially. I therefore appeal to you to aid me through my dream. Kind regards.

  145. Please I wish to study translation and interpretation abroad but my parents can\’t afford it so I will like to have a scholarship to study abroad

  146. Hello, i have also read this & understand it.I want to get this scholorship because i have done my intermediate and want to become a doctor by doing mbbs,but my parents can not afforf it although this is also their great wish but due to financial problem they are unable to fulfil my as well as their own wish…i have completed my intermediate in 2016 but because of financial and some others problem i can not get admission in medical college…kindly help me out to get my admission in a medical college and to get my dreams fulfil as soon as possible because i am a very hard working and obedient student and i do not want to waste my another precious year.I\

  147. MY name is Bahaa allam ,I am Egyptian . Really I need to travel and get the master degree in the English language and this is my dream and I am rady to do my best to make it come true one day.So I trained a lot and got the certificate of IELTS and Teaching knowledge test .Moreover many courses have been taken since I decided and determined my dream.So Please, help me to accomplish my goals because I work hard on my self and I do not forgive my self if all my deed efforts are in vain at the end .

  148. I want to study mbbs but my parents can not afford it i have exellent acdemic records as well as its my keen desire to study and enlighten the england with my abilities i am the right perdon for this sclarship as i cannot pay my fees and other charges kindly allow me this scholarship thanx

  149. Hello, thank you for this, I have read it and understand it well.My opinion is, my results qualify (4.0 and above) points for joining University. But the big problem I face, is to get a full scholarship for MBBS course and a University for the studies I want to take, please I need your help and support

  150. Hey my name is Faizu Saidu i am a student i like to complet my study in high school but the problem is my parent is a poor people i need yours help to assis me to complet my study in any university.thank you

  151. Hello Sir, My name is Dr Moise HABIYAREMYE (BVM), I hold a bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine and I request you to help me to get this scholarship because I did not continue to study in the master program because I have no fund. I hereby very thankful for sending me this message and I shall be happy if I get this scholarship

  152. hello sir,
    My name is Muhiya kelly janvier form Rwanda , I am a graduate of high school in Bio-chemistry, please help me get this scholarship to study chemistry.I\’m 21 years I don\’t have any body to help me, I came from a poor family and that is why I dropped out of school because of no opportunity to continue my studies and I hereby very thankful for sending me this message and I\’ll be happy if I get this scholarship….

  153. I am really thankful to you for sharing this. My name is okechukwu Eunice Chisom. I am from the north eatern part of Nigeria, west Africa. I would be really thankful if I can partake in this scholarship. I am a student studying finance in the university of Lagos, Lagos state. I am very fluent in English language, I have really good morals and dedicated to work. I am a fast learner. I am currently working on how to use Microsoft word, excel and power point. I can work with teams and can work alone when needed. I am also an upcoming photographer. I would be really pleased if you can consider me for this scholarship. Things aren\’t really easy for me and my family, that is why I am pleading to be considered for this scholarship. Thank you very much.

  154. Thanks for having the opportunity to have my scholarship for college if am k chosen. Because I needed it to fulfill my dreams and have a bachelor degree in the near future.
    I am a ICT or Information Communication Technology student. My skills and abilities are focused in terms of editing videos, making posters, disassemble and assemble computers, and configuration of computers.
    Hopefully I\’m one of those chosen students to grant the scholarship for college.

  155. Hello sir/madam
    My name is mushra am 19 years old and very talented in fashion and design i studied a short course during my vacation but please am requesting for a chance to study more inorder to make my dreams come true
    I will be glad to hear from you

  156. l have got admission to pursue four years degree in bachelor of business administration Human Resource Management as an option and the fees for the first year is Gh3000 ghana cedis and l need a financial suppport due to the dead of my biological father.the name of the institution is university of education winneba Ghana

  157. Hi sir my name is Miah Lizette ziah from Cameroon, i am a graduate of High school in business studies commercial, please help me get this scholarship to study business management, i am 26years i don\’t have anybody to help me, i came from a poor family and that is why i dropped out of school because of no money to continue my studies, please i really want to study hel me.

  158. Thanks for the opportunity . Please help me get this scholarship to enable me do my PhD in Food Processing and Storage.

  159. am Henry from kenya am a clinical officer by profession having graduated in 2014 from kakamega medical training college faculty of clinical medicine and surgery. I have 3years working experience and am willing to do a bachelor\’s degree in medicine to realise my dreams of being a physician.currently working with an NGO as a volunteer in a ccomprehensive care centre in managing people living with HIV aids.am looking for sponsoring whom can assist me to realise my dreams by furthering my studies.Am hopeful that my prayers will be granted.Thanks in advance

  160. My name is Richard Komey from Ghana, a High School Graduate from the Presec Osu Senior High. I furthered my course at the Ghanatta College of Art and Design as a Diploma student but was not able to complete my final exams due to financial issues. Am into ministry now doing the work of God with Kairos Chapel and a young minister but I really want to further my course in Graphic Designing and Textiles because I really need to work and help take care of my family. Looking for sponsorship to complete a 2 or 3 years degree program. Thank you for your consideration.

  161. Iam, a Malawian living in Mzuzu, pursuing a BSc in mental health at St John of God college of health sciences. Looking for sponsorship to complete my two years degree program.

  162. Iam Aaron William, a post graduate student at St John of God college of health sciences. I\’m pursuing a BSc in mental health. Looking for sponsorship to complete my course.

  163. I\’m Jeremiah D. Flomo from Monrovia, Liberia I\’m a high school graduate and also with C certificate in computer science.
    I\’m highly interested in the scholarship in studying aboard, because right now my parents and I can\’t afford but I want to move on forward with my education.

  164. Am sekagya andrew from uganda i do desire to have an M b A IN ACCOUNTING that i do require a schlorship that i will parform well with accounting or management course pliz kindly in vcase u can help i can be reached on a cell phone below +256700214820 and an email address seekaandrew@gmail.com thank u so much

  165. Am a Diploma in Records management holder i would like to get sponsorship on the field related to Records, Archive and Information Management in Africa.

  166. Hi,my names are Nangeh Linda,a Cameroonian by nationality and a high school graduate. I am currently a nursing student in the saint Louis university. I would love to be admitted be admitted into the university of Pennsylvania so that I would fulfill my dream of becoming a good nurse.l am very flexible and intelligent and I love reading too and a very esy going person so quick to adapt and very creative in craft work.I do lots of craft workwork to raise money for school and buy other needs.I will be greatful if u assist me.thank you

  167. Dear Sir/Madam

    In persuant to the subject, I had completed my Bachelors of Business, Majoring in Accounting and now working. But I still have the desire to pursue my Masters degree in Accounting at Southern Cross University, hence I looking for schoolarship to continue my studies.

    Kind Regard

    Michael Nita

  168. Hello, am kaunda magdalene Mwende, having pursued a degree in agricultural education and extension in university of embu Kenya. I hereby would wish to get a scholarship to further my studies(master\’s degree in agricultural extension) in outside country. I wish to get a positive answer from you thanks

  169. Hii I am sayed arif I am grade 12 students in ghazi high school I want to learn my bachelor degree by mechanical engineering how I can get that chance

  170. thankyou for the great advice.I have always feared applying for scholarships.Now I know its Independence #1.
    My area Leadership and Theology.

  171. Hi,am Lydia from Uganda with the will and determination to further my career but constrained.
    Any help rendered in line with securing a scholarship will greatly be appreciated.
    Looking forward to getting positive feedback.

  172. Hi. I\’m Siakhile Ngomane a south African student learner looking for help in taking my goal towards a success, studying abroad is my biggest dream I believe in me completely

  173. Am in need of a bursary to further my studies in post graduate degree in business Administration.Am from Uganda and financially constrained in that I come from a poor family.Iwill be very grateful if given the opportunity.thax

  174. Hello
    I\’m Padita from Ghana west Africa. Can u help me in securing a scholarship to study in the field of arts ??
    Thank you.

  175. hello,i have finish my science secondary school i want to further my education,but unfortunately the person to sponsor my education has passed away. i am willingly to accept any hello. Thanks

  176. Just about to complete my primary education. Wish I can get a grant which will enable me to go to the best high school so that I can achieve my dream

  177. Please i want scholarship to continue my Education. I want to do my master in Accounting and i want to become an Accountant but am financial down so please help me.

  178. I have BA in journalism and communication.I a great desire to have this award in order to further my study in any programs of communications.Please do a favor.my name is kusse kutema from Ethiopia.0983457471.cellphone

  179. I have a bachelor\’s degree in English modern letters.I wish to hv a scholarship to further my education in any field of human or social science.

  180. Am doing degree in education as a continuing student but I find it difficult to pay fees due to poverty. I will also wish to take masters in literature after graduating hence am requesting for a scholarship to see me through.

  181. Am Lenailoj Jeremiah,I hold a BA in Community Development, it\’s my pleasure and passion to further my studies but due to lack of financial Pitfalls this has lagged me behind, so it\’s to my dream that if a door opens for my studies that would be brilliant. So to this far I call upon for your consideration on a scholarship position.
    Jeremiah Lenailoj

  182. am an under graduate student taking bachelor of education science, it is my will that i get somebody to sponsor my studies because am a first year student I come from a poor background and to continue with my education have became a problem because of lack of fee, thanks.

  183. I need a scholarship to do my masters in Developmental economics. I worked for 8yrs in a enterprise as planning and marketing,and now marketing officer.

  184. Hii I am firaol I am grade 12 students in Ethiopia I want to learn my bachelor degree by mechanical engineering how I can get that chance

  185. I want to persue an undergraduate studies in either electronics or ICT AT ALL COST to be recruited in the army in the Cyber or EW

  186. Hi, am Margaret a BSC Nurse in zambia. Am asking for a procedure on how i can go about applying for a scholarship for my masters degree

  187. i m zaheer ul islam from pakistan city gilgit i really want to study aboard at scholarship i have a lot of interests and skills …like i m good player of football,cricket and athletics hardles and marathon race ….
    academic interests in astrophysics , geophysics , physics and civil engineering

  188. 10Q for this scolarship programe prepareds . I need to learn Msc in mechanical engineer stream of motor vehicle or mari time. When it posible I will agree with any commutiment pleas help me.

  189. Thank you very much for this great and wonderful opportunity, I would like to study Aerospace Engineering/Electrical Engineering. I need a scholarship to fund for my education since I cannot afford it on my own.

  190. I am Arhovwakpo Samuel, about rounding up my master degree program in environment chemistry in Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria.
    please, i really need the scholarship to enable me to do another master in Industrial and Environment safety.

  191. I wan get this scholarship but I don\’t know the process that I will follew pls I want get a full details about it thanks this is my phone number 08103748800

  192. am Nancy currently taking bachelor of science in biotechnology at MMUST. It\’s my humble request for a scholarship to further my studies as a biotechnologist specializing in the field of microbiology.Thanks

  193. My name is Aliyou Hussen. I am an ethiopian and I hold a Mast rate Degree in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering) from Bahir dar University in Ethiopia. So I want to learn PhD in Engineering stream in one of your universities in free scholar ship and try to help me to get this opportunity please!

  194. My name is nakigudde margaret from uganda.i would want to get an opportunity to change and be agood influence to children around the world through my talent and the gift God has given me.but i would want to first study a course of early childhood development to gain more skills that i will be able to pass unto them.for any scholarship opportunity given to me in that field i will be happy to change the world.God bless.

  195. Am Jang john from Tanzania (eastern part of Africa) am 23 years old am kindly request for scholarship my education level I went A level then accomplished with mathematics B Economics B Geography B (division two )

  196. My name is Tortema Terwase am an undergraduate a 400level student studying mechanical engineering at federal university of technology Minna (futminna), niger state, Nigeria.
    I want to further with a professional course in Aircraft Structures Design and Analysis. Please I need your help.

  197. Hie am Tatenda am finishing my high school and I really really need a scholarship please help so that I can continue my studies my phone number is+263774793801

  198. Am Rebecca Boateng and am in my final year in Diploma in Basic Education I will be happy if I get scholarship to further my education

  199. My name is Rebecca Boateng and am in Ghana. Please I have completed senior high school an I need scholarship to further my education

  200. My is Boampong Samuel an SHS final year student I really want to further my education to the university so I need your help

  201. my name is Rosemary Raymond I\’m in Tanzania I have finished A_level and I want to join university so I need your help on scholarship please.

  202. Hi my name is claassen. I am a under – postgraduate student and really needs a scholarship to help me to go to a university for better education. So I would really appreciate it if you guys can help me.

  203. am namirembe Irene from Uganda rural development training institute completed the certificate in motor vehicle mechanics which will take me four years to graduate therefore need a full scholarship

  204. I Am an electrical and computer engineering student in Hawassa university and I will graduate in 29/7/2017 so i want full scholarship

  205. MY name is Kibrom Assefa from Ethiopia and am 4th year student of Mining Engineering that means Next year I will graduate in Bachelor of Science In Mining Engineering so after I have completed my learning immediately I want to apply scholarship to study Mining.
    So if you accept my idea please Inbox me.@Kibromassefa461@gmail.com
    Yours sincerely Kibrom Assefa.

  206. Hello… I\’m a student from Africa and I\’m finding it hard to apply… Can you please help by letting someone help me to apply from your agency please

  207. Hello,
    Am from Africa, Ghana to be precise and a first year student of University of Education Ghana (Windy Bay) am doing my Bachelor\’s Degree in Theatre Art and I really need full scholarship to do that, please help us, I want to use this opportunity to ask you to help us Africans because financial problems is one major factor that hinders our educational success.
    Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

  208. I need a full funded scholarship, am a graduate with Bachelor of science in agricultural economics and agribusiness with GPA of 4.0

  209. Thank you very much for your helpful information scholarship provider, My name is Hannah Kubalua, i finish my 11 grade in secondary high school, i attend rural training center, i really want to do farther studies but luck of finance, now am working as Clark in one of our government office, i learn by look and learn, cos i never attend any business training. guess what? all i need is a scholarship, so that i can do my further studies in helping me to do my carrier for my family and a Nation Solomon Island as well, dreaming to be part of any scholarship is always a dream awaken my mind.

    My name is Julius Tawiah Adri a 2016 senior high school graduate, I sat home for one year before entering into senior high school after I completed Junior high school.
    My parents could not afford to send me to senior high school so I ought to find my ways and means to make sure I attend school so I worked for one year and gathered some money before I was able to make it to the senior high school the following year.
    During my school days, I was still working to get my fees paid and buying of books, so I think that led to the cause of my poor performance in some of the subjects.
    So I think with the help of this scholarship scheme I will be able to concentrate fully on my studies to acquire better grades than what I have here.

    Thank You
    Julius Adri

  211. My name is Geofrey Murimi Wambui.I have been longing for a full scholarship to do my masters in human resource management.
    I am willing to even leave my job to empower myself more,by doing a masters degree in human resource management. I look forward to your consideration.

  212. Thanks a lot… I can\’t tell how happy I am because it\’s been long I have been waiting for this
    It will be a pleasure for me for I have been looking tirelessly for a scholarship that help me study hospitality management on bachelor\’s degree and at the same time support myself
    Thanks again….

  213. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I respond to the name of Paulin Essokiziani Agate.l am Togolese and i am about to get my Bachelor\’s Degree in American Literature which was not my target.I have been longing for Translation studies(French-English and vice versa) but nothing like that can be found in Togo.This is a great opportunity for me.I would be grateful if you could allow me to get this scholarship in order to get a Masters and Doctorate in Translation Studies.I am lookinglooking forward to hearing from you soon.

  214. I will be so greatful to be part of getting the scholarship… I was studying Diploma in Business management because of a lack of finance I got out of school..this would be an opportunity to persue my career. Thank u

  215. Thank you so much, I will be glad to recieve more from you.I have been waiting this for so long, iam from Tanzania studying at the university of Dar es salaam facult Educational Psychology i wish to get a help from you so that i can rrach my dreams of being a complete psychologist by getting my masters degree i realy need a help from you.Thank you.

  216. Hello am a Malawian and i compeleted my 12 years study in 2017. Since then I\’ve been looking for a place to complete my studies but till now i haven\’t found any. Right now i just wish to get a scholarship to complete my studies. Please help me

  217. Im yonwaba from Gauteng( JHB) I need help for Scholarship to continue with my IT course pay for me. I want to finish my course …i hope my request forword to u

  218. Am a student at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology pursuing bachelor of science in information system and knowledge management. I have a challenge in school fees. I really request for you support. Am a Kenyan.

  219. I am Elasto Carsten Millimbo and I am tirelessly but hopeful looking for a scholarship for me to study Development Studies or NGO Management through e-learning from a reputable organisation or individuals. I started these courses but could not proceed due to tution. Initially I sponsored myself at UNISA distant learning, I also got sponsorship to study NGO Management tona Certificate level, University of Lonndon(Imperial College )through Oxfam GB. I am a Development Practitioner by profession. Please help me and Malawi as well as Africa

  220. Yes, this what I have been looking for. Please help me to study Development Studies. This has been my food. Even if it has to be e learning, I have a workable computer and internet facility. I am a Development Practitioner and started distance learning with UNISA but could not progress due to fees since it was self sponsored. I also did NGO management with IMPERIAL COLLEDGE University of London and obtained certificate. I would like to study to completion(degree ,masters or PHD G od willing ) I am coming from a third worl country. Malawi in Africa. Please help me on online studies. Please help me studying while at home from a reputab
    le college.

  221. Can I get the scholarship and then pursue with my education while am still in my country and study in one of the universities in my country while you are paying my fee tuition

  222. I am a complete orphan but have keen interests in learning .I then need financial compensation to pursued a degree in business administration at KNUST Ghana

  223. hi i am areej i am a medical student .. i have done FSC part 1 with 85% marks and waiting for part 2 result…i want a scholarship to do MBBS or BDS because my parents cant afford the expenses of my studies..Kindly give me a scholarship i really need a good scholarship…i hope you will help me…THANK YOU….

  224. I really need a scholarship, am a Kenyan by nationality, a third year in one of the credited universities in Kenya that\’s Kisii university.

  225. I am Nampiima Maria Gorret a fresh graduate from Makerere University Kampala and I am a Ugandan by nationality. I perused a Bachelor\’s degree in Social Work and Social Administration. I am interested in getting a scholarship to study in Australia because currently I cannot continue because of financial hardships. I am looking forward to attain a Masters in Social work or a Masters in Public Health. My motivation is attain more knowledge and skills in transforming local communities in my country and the world at large. I will be more than grateful to get a scholarship to peruse my dreams.
    Thank you for your willingness to transform the world through increased access to Education.
    Kind regards, Nampiima Maria Gorret.

  226. This is a great platform for every student to make his dream come true and I wish to get the opportunity first lol

  227. I really want to appreciate the organizers of this unique program which I believe is a path way in helping our new generation to make impact in society. I am really happy to apply for this program cause I believe my story is going to be a new one so please accept me. The country(West Africa, Liberia) I am from the Youths want to learn but such opportunities is done on who knows u basic so I am happy tobe a part of this Program. I am waiting patiently for a positive response.

  228. iam from ethiopia ihave degree level depart of logistic and supply chain
    i dream always how to get study of scholarship please contect me if its really this apportuniy thank you

  229. I have always dreamt of studying to equip myself in the deep things of God. I have been searching for how to study and equip myself to become a better servant in the vineyard of God. I have dreamt of studying theology and serving God through the spread of the word. I have been wondering how to go about this since I can\’t afford the tuition and other expenses. Thanks be to God I can now have hope through you. I pray God to make a way that I could be better equipped and acquire knowledge to serve Him through scholarship. God bless you

  230. This is really great, I have been
    wandering on Internet for any means of scholarship award post for this year, please message me for any update
    . Thanks for the privilege

  231. I\’m a cameroonian born in an anverage home where i could study what i always wanted. I already got a degree in geography but right now its not possible to continue with my masters because its so expensive. I wish to study international migration. Its important for me to do this. Thanks for this infos. I\’m Tebug ngoh and email: Initebs@gmail.com

  232. I was born in poverty but I didn\’t take my self for granted I manage to get where I am today with that nothing that I have look at me now am doing grade 12 and I believe that I will pass my matrix with a bachelor so that I can achieve my dreams and make my mom proud of me my dream is to start my own film and television company one day I would be gratefully if I can get this scholarship thank you

  233. just to add on, i am in need of this scholarship to study international relations anywhere around the world because i want nations to relate in harmony as it should be.

  234. thank you for the wise words. i shall surely do my best though sometimes what we think is the best is not really the best. how can effectively build that confidence?

  235. Hi,
    Good morning.
    I want to undertake a study program and wish o know more about the scholarships and etc.
    Please can you help me on this?


  236. My name is Gabriel Fritz-gerald Harmon, and I like to say that I desperately need this scholarship. My number 1 skill is cooking. I\’m a very good cook, especially African food.

  237. Hello sir oh madam I would like to win a scholarship in your institute I kindly request in order to help young little sisters who needs to study in future because we are opharns am on my knees please,

  238. hello, can you please help to get this scholarship in order to make my dreams come true, how can I apply for this?

    thank you so much

  239. Hi I am Ntombifuthi desperate for education as we all know that education is the key to success.i really need this key.thank you in advanced

  240. I am Emmanuel Emitu a Ugandan desperate to have a greater education status to strengthen my dream….from an average family I am .I need help

  241. I am Ovbighodua shedrack from Delta State Nigeria. Singing is my hubby.
    I Really want to appreciate you all for your good works.
    My parents are well to do but are too proud they don\’t care much about my brother and I and they feel without them we can\’t make it through life. So I will really appreciate it if I am assisted with a scholarship so as to proof to them that God is not dead and he is the father is the fatherless.Thank you.

  242. I need this scholarship more than anything my parents are poor and im intending to study overseas and hopefully make a living and support my poor and old parents.
    Fiji, Lautoka

  243. Ideal need this scholarship to study master\’s degree in special needs education in the field of visually impairments.

  244. Hi I am Philip A Bangura, I am a sierraleonean from Sierra Leone I applied for this scholarship to acquire quality education and I want to thank this institution for helping we the poor ones to be having the opportunity to be educated and thanks to the management and staffs of this institution for at least giving me this opportunity to apply for this scholarship and I hope my request will be accepted because without this I cannot achieve my goals. thanks in advance.

  245. Hello.
    I am ansa. I need this scholarship to countine my study. I am student of BS English.. I want to learn more and more in this field.. So I need this scholarship plz

  246. I would like to obtain a scholarship from your institution to help realize my dream in doing Environmental Science. I have always admired the environment and would want contribute to the development and improvement of the environment. In this manner, my country stands to greatly benefit from my expertise as an environmental science specialist. The environmental condition of Liberia is one of the poorest in the world that needs serious attention. By offering me this opportunity will be a great help to me as an individual and my country and the world at large. Thank you for your assistance.

  247. Hello! I always dream to study cartoon or comic strip but here in my country(DRC) there\’re not a good schoolteaching if you can I\’ll be very happy please make my dream come true

  248. Hi am Hadiza am pursuing my degree program in mass. Com and I would like to further my study by gaining a scholarship. Tnkz

  249. Since day one of my academic life I had this interest in studying business and specializing in accounting and finance not because of the prestige and reward attached to it but to clear off the misconception that accountant are corrupt and fraudulent. I want to become a chartered accountant infused with patriotism and industriousness in making my organization an outstanding one which in the long run will contribute to nation building. It\’s your assistance of a scholarship opportunity that will make this dream of mine a reality.
    Thank you.

  250. To take a master in immigration is my dream.
    First, immigration is a problem that costs many people their lives, all over the world.
    Second the only way I can fulfill that chance is through your institution.
    So please make my dream comes true.

  251. I need this scholarship to study psychology .l come an area where many kids and young people are psychologically stress up with their living conditions and their learning process. I will be grateful if l got this scholarship to study psychology

  252. All my life I love colors and shapes and for this reason I want to study more about fashion design.
    I will want to have a degree to start with and continue with masters.
    I want to be one of the prominent fashion designers .thank you

  253. All my life I love colors and shapes and for this reason I want to study more about fashion design.
    I will want to have a degree to start with and continue with masters.
    I want to be one of the prominent fashion designers .thank you

  254. Please,I really need this scholarship to study zoology.I am always happy with animals,but zoology is not appreciated over here.

  255. Thanks a lot for the scholarship I wish and love to perfect my self education sector thorough having Master degree in education multimedia instructional design in order to improve on education system in the community and I make education more close and reduce on the cost that has limited the community to study ,and I got the idear through my own experience in education that even led to my average performance

  256. True, i totally agree with what ever has been indicated about being independent. Most of us fail to realise our dreams because we don\’t seem to work with focus to accomplish what is expected to reign our future.

    Learning is the only route to change the world and make it better and desirable place to live.

    I am a community Development expert and need to study Masters Degree in any relevant field so that i should advance my knowledge and help my country move from being one of the top poorest countries in the world.

  257. I am community base woman thanks for the opportunity l will like scholarship in environmental issues and developmental studies in order to impact the live of my community

  258. hello thank you for accepting my request.I need the scholarship so as to study geography and rural development. geography is a subject that I really like and I will like to go further into it. my family can\’t support me because of money. I don\’t have any work experience and I pray that by the grace of God am giving the scholarship so as to make my dreams come true.

  259. Sir, i just did my matriculations. I need scholarship for undergraduates subject science. And iam ready for the interview. When is it?

  260. Hello! Am Abdi biranu from Ethiopia and I have first degree in architecture and I want to learn my masters with related course In your university!
    Thank you!

  261. Yasmin from Somalia, plz help me to get scholarship of sociology master degree, i learned social science in my Bachelor degree. Thnk you.

  262. Hi, am Ajongwen NumforNumfor in Cameroon. Please give me the steps I will follow in order to apply in your institution sir. Thanks, am waiting.

  263. do you receive replies when to post..iam also a student from uganda doing agriculture engineering and I would like u to help mi see if I can and how to apply.thank you

  264. I really appreciate this committee you\’re helping the good students in Nigeria, and please I want to know how to apply for this scholarship and the requirements without waste of time. Thank you

  265. I\’ve really generated a delightful desire in your cooperation to help lift education up in this modern generation but may I ask, how can apply these scholarships? What are the requirement?

  266. I am Paulos Tadesse from Ethiopian. I am a 4th year University student at Wollega University. For a long time I dreamed to get scholarship. I am Deaf and education is the backbone for me in Ethiopia. Thus I will be happy if I got a chance of scholarship!

  267. I am looking for a scholarship to do a master\’s in religious studies or psychology. I am a teacher who has served for 17 years and I am aged 42. your consideration will highly be appreciated

  268. In the developing Counties one of the main problem is how to utilize the available resources due to unpractical scientific research.My dream is to make this field more practical through
    increasing knowledge by studying the Master in petroleum geology.But problem is to finance my study.I need the scholarship for masters in petroleum geology, in 2017/2018 year of study.

  269. People perished for lack of knowledge. However, hindrances to acquire knowledge contribute most to this social problems. It is important to note that financial accessibility is one of the greatest determining factor in knowledge acquisition or it\’s inaccessibility.

  270. I need a scholarship to do my masters in accounting. I worked for 7yrs in a fish company as accountant, general manager and marketing officer.

  271. I need the scholarship for masters in Human Resource Management starting from July 2018 soon after my undergraduate degree in June 2018
    Am working as Human Resource Management Officer Since 2007, Through further Education I have managed to improve my profession both out put and quality of work with some promotions from one level to another.

    I hope the degree will also give me the same results. I further hope The masters will even make me a star! My only worry is how to pay for it,

    Hence the request for a college Scholarship is the only solution.

  272. Im Momsa i believe in Education and that Education is the key to success please may I be granted this wish to prosper and be an example to other youth that with Education anything is possible and with Education we can conqure the world.

  273. My name is Amaefula peace and I really need this opportunity to study abroad to help my community and family and help people achieve their dreams too.

  274. Hi Henry from Uganda and I would like to access a scholarship in order to uplift the social welbeing of my communities and family as well

  275. I really need the scholarship to pursue my tertiary education.
    I have a high school certificate so I need an undergraduate scholarship to read economics at any available institution.I am from Ghana

  276. I have always to effect changes in the lives of people who just like me have got potentials to move the world to another phase through creative thinking and inovation, yet are limited by the opportunity to educate brush themselves up to catch up with their dreams. if I could find an opportunity to enlighten myself, I believe I would go a long way to affect humanity.

  277. my name is odubola opeyemi,from Nigeria.i need this scholarship so that I can go school and be a better person that will be useful for the nation.

  278. Hello my name is Jude Oteikwu from Nigeria, I really need a scholarship to go back to school, I loss my parent since when I was 16years old, after I have finished my secondary school I have not been able to further my studies
    I will be grateful if am considered

  279. Hi my name rindy mwandama from Zambia,,I really need a scholarship at any available school, if there are any for January 2018 please I will greatly appreciate if am to be given any really need to upgrade my studies.
    Your response will be greatly appreciated

  280. Hello my name is Masai timothy from Uganda and i need an education sponsorship because my parents are no longer able to me back to the university. i will be great full if am helped .

  281. Hellooo.Am Princess Opoku ,am applying for a scholarship to study in Australia .This my first time trying this online .I believe in my self ,I believe in a capabilities and my instant\’s. I am solely responsible for my actions and decisions in life so I make the right one and good or bad I bare the benefit or the conciquences.I believe am in the right path of success .I have confidence in everything I do and I know I have confidence my dreams are coming through ..Thank you

  282. Hi my name is samantha am from mpumalanga currently a studying at nkangala tvet college doing my second year this year as a hospitality student my father can no longer afford to pay for my fees therefore I end up trying to get money in all the wrong ways possible en that\’s killing my dignity and my personality at the same time u have a 4 year old daughter who also needs to be taken care of please help as my father is the only support system that I have i need help please

  283. Dear brave and warmhearts out there
    Ï became very happy and glad with your important information and that is sign how you are faithful . but ï want scholarship in Canada , because ï am New bachelor and ï wanted to continue my university in Canada but my family Could not paid this Money so search for Someone Who could help me financaly etheir in my study and in my life

  284. My name is HESTINGS GOMA (MR) from Lusaka, Zambia. I am 39 years old. I have been accepted to do a Masters Degree one year online course at Robert Kennedy College in Switzerland. The fees are too high and I desperately need a scholarship from those brave and warm hearts out there.

  285. Hello am from Uganda, I was a freshman in high school, my mom has no job and my dad reached his retirement age still with no job and they couldn\’t afford our education so our Uncle has been providing us with food and education but early this year that uncle of mine who was sponsoring my education and also my other sibling\’s education died and we are left completely hopeless with no education. The whole of the year I\’ve not been in school since we didn\’t have education. But recently I met a man who advised me to get a laptop, iPad or tablet then I start studying online for free. I really welcomed the idea because its the cheapest way to get education since I only get a laptop, iPad or tablet then I study for free. but the problem is that I\’ve really tried all possible ways to get a laptop for a tablet for my self but I\’ve come to fail. Please am requesting anyone who can really help me with a laptop, iPad or tablet to really help me or if that person knows someone who can help me please help. Am really stuck and I have no way out. please help me.
    Thanks ,God Bless you

  286. Hello, am from Uganda currently in High School (Grade 9). I would want to study a Bachelors Degree in Aeronautical Engineering after my grade 12, but am currently experiencing a problem. My parents have no jobs and they are not able to support me financially. Is it possible for me to get any kind of assistance to enable me continue with my studies? Thanks for your help. I will be very grateful if my request is put under your consideration. THANKS

  287. Good evening dearest.My name is Nkwuda Kenneth Odii.I hail from Southeast part of Nigeria.A first year diplomat,History International Relations,EBSU.
    I am most obliged and therefore owe my special gratitude to the generosity of the founders of this luminous cum educational platform.May God fulfill your individual purposes,Amen.
    Being so desperate, I deemed it pertinent to be among the wise elite as it is said iron sharpens iron; I believe will be more wise when I enrol on such this impactive programme. Thank You.

  288. I study transportation engineering and I would like to continue to study in your universities in order to get a hiher degree.

  289. I great you !so I Would like to thank the opportunities what I got to be one of student of english speaking courses.therefore I am Rwandan and am undergraduate students in Polytechnics(IPRC).I also like to pray and to read books and to watch a reseach movies.

  290. I am Ethiopian citizen. My name is Zerihun Mulu Beriso. i am graduated from one of Ethiopian University on June 2017. I have BSc by mathematics. I want to learn MSc program please give me the chance to get this opportunity. Iam actively participant and a talent man on the field of my study.

  291. Hi.so previllaged to get this opportunity am a Ugandan and well talented in playing cricket. Currently I volunteer with the national museum in the field of guiding. Am an orphan as well under the care of a single mother.. Am still hustling to raise tuition for university and I will be honored if you count me in… Thanks

  292. I am a Lesotho citizen lady pursuing my diploma in civil Engineering which I\’m to complete second semester of 2018.coming from a less fortunate background can be such a disadvantage and limitation from being an educated community.I am that one girl who is willing to make the difference in my community and with the scholarship it will be a stepping stone for a brighter future,not just for me but for my community as well for it takes a village to raise a child.

  293. Hello My name is godfrey .Iam Tanzanian i would like to get scholarship to study diploma of accountancy .And iam talented to play basketball

  294. Attaining scholarship in Nigerian or at international level is always a privilege.So as said,with God Almighty everything is possible,nevertheless my name is Abdullahi Idris from F.C.T,Kuje local government.I am studying physics(400level) in Usman Dan fodio university sokoto (B.sc Physics),and my dreams is to study med.physics abroad for my Msc(masters degree).based on my work experience in national hospital Abuja,I finally found what am very good in,because I believe I have a great passion in this field,and by doing so I will be helping thousand of cancer patient in Nigeria.thanks

  295. Hello.My name is Frieda Hoebes I am an Namibian by nationality.I am 15 years old and I would like a scholarship .I really want to study some where interesting .I am in high schoool and would like to go study in a collage in the futher.I will be glad if you help me out.

  296. Hello.. I am a Ugandan by nationality… I am truly and kindly in need of your scholarship because I have am helpless and I really love to continue with my studies so that I do great in future and help others do better as well…I have been offered a place at a university here in Uganda for a degree program (B.A & social sciences) my tution is 630,000# Uganda shillings) which is equals to 200dollars….thanks I will be so grateful if my request is put under consideration.

  297. am delighted thanx very much but i would like to study for degree in graphics design but the problem is money please help me.

  298. Hi, my name is Dawa Zam from Bhutan. I completed my undergraduate degree in B.A English and Environmental Studies. My biggest dream is to do masters in environment related studies but it remain unfulfilled due to lack of financial support. So if I am given opportunity, I would be very thankful and I will work hard in the future.

    Thank you
    Dawa Zam

  299. Hello guys i am very happy to hear such kind of clarity which i never seen on others and I am Mustefa Haji I am Ethiopian I have Bsc Degree by Rural development and agricultural extension and i need to study abroad with agricultural business and Natural resource conservation since our countries economy is agricultural based and I want to learn at Australia if i got a chance

    with regards

  300. my name muktar and am from Nigeria and i m in final year to complete my study in Nigeria.I m very glad if schoolar is given

  301. My name is Izuorah Onyedika. I\’m 19 years old and I\’m a Nigerian.I\’m in my second year in the university but I\’ve always had the dream of studying abroad due to financial, I wasn\’t able . I would be glad if I\’m given scholarship.

  302. My name is Anne Banda, am 19yrs old I have a high school certificate. It has been my wish to study further with my education but due to financial problems I can\’t. Am a first born in the family of four children. I will be very happy if you Will help me.

  303. Hello,Princess Opoku is my name. 22years of age. Am in Ghanaian and lives in the capital city of Ghana.
    I completed high school in 2013,and I didn\’t the fund to further my education. It\’s my biggest dream to study Victoria university in Australia. I saw you App online and I knew this is my biggest opportunity to earn fund to further my education.
    I love to draw and paint ,am also good in human relations.I generate some monies for charity ,and visits orphanages mostly.. .
    It\’s my greatest joy to earn this scholarship to further my education and come out with flying colours and also help the needy and the unfortunate ones too.
    Thank you for granting me a scholarship am really grateful. With much love

    Princess Opoku

  304. Hi, my name is Mebrahtom Kesete. I am Eritrean refugee currently residing in Ethiopia. Last year, I graduated and held my BA degree in Sociology from Adigrat University, Ethiopia. That chance was given to me by the Ethiopian government in collaboration with the United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) by which we are not allowed to further our study beyond the first degree we obtained from any of the Ethiopian public universities.

    I completed my undergraduate degree with GPA of 3.98 out of 4 grade point standard and do have great desire to further my study, but I couldn\’t find any fully funded scholarship for refugees. But now, I read on your website that there can be scholarships granted for international students for those who can not afford the fees for their further studies. And I want to continue my masters degree in your such universities if I get the chance. Thank you for your consideration.

    Best regards,
    Mebrahtom Kesete

  305. My name is Somto Nwobu a Nigerian.I am 19 years old.I would like to get sponsored to study Architecture at a University in Canada. Due to the increase in the dollar rate against the naira, we are unable to fund such a huge amount of money. I would really appreciate it if I was offered a scholarship. Please thank you for this opportunity. God bless you.

  306. My name is Phelelo Moswetsi i would like to get sponsored i have done advance certificate in social work did voluntary work as a community treatment suppprter for one year under USAID project in in improving the life of HIV and AIDS patient within the community .And this year worked as a community health worker under the same project for a year please i look forward from hearing from you as this can be a life changing opportunity for me as i applied for sponsorship alwys got turned down .

  307. Hey I am nomvuyo shiya. I am 17 years old and I am doing Grade 12. Please offer me a scholarship so that I can further my studies next year at a high institution as my family can not afford to i would really appreciate it. I am a South African citizen

  308. my name is ester nashipala.I am 20 year old I am a child who comes from a poor background . please offer me a scholarship I really need it in order to complete my study at high institution please. I am a Namibian citizen

  309. Thank you for your advice and motivation. I have got MEd Degree specializing Guidance and counselling in 2015. I also have BSc, BEd(English&Biology),M.phil(Education)and Diploma in English. I devoted my life in teaching students and studying various courses cocern with education. As I am a lifelong learner, almost of my free time I learnt how to motivate my student to learn effectively. I tried my best to continue my education but I couldn\’t do PhD because of my duties and financial problems.Now, I am 50, so l can\’t get a chance to get PhD Degree in my country. please give me opportunity to get scholarship to do my education.
    Thank a lot.





  312. Dear, I have masters degree and now I want to study third degree abroad of Ethiopia, please help me how can I find through write place to study with fully sponsored basis.

  313. Dear friend how are you please i just need an inscription ,to get place in one of university because i want to apply for the student visa.

  314. I wish to study nursing. I believe that I can improve the nursing industry by being a hard worker and being committed to my work

  315. I wish to be train in aboard as a great scientist and mathematician or engineer and these have been my dreams. Am HND holder in electrical

  316. Thank you!! I want to study master abroad for free scholarship! Because I want to get high degree in education.

  317. Thank you for the offer. Where do I go for the English test? Do I do it online or you have representatives in Zimbabwe where I can take those tests? Thank you.

  318. Hi I\’m sindisiwe I like to get some bursaries next year because I want to achieve my goals,I want to be a pilot at loutzavia college but I don\’t have money to study please help me.

  319. Independence to an African born child is a natural instinct since some of us started caring for ourselves and our young ones at early stage.I have struggled all my life trying to create hope for my brothers and I in this difficult world and some times thing of giving up like most of the African children do but what keeps me going is when I look at the kind of life my friends who gave up are living it gives me more courage to avoid the same conditions.

  320. i am a Ugandan based pursuing bachelor of science in agriculture in 4th year at Uganda martyrs university nkozi campus can i be offered a scholarship

  321. it has always been my dream to study abroad,I want to further my studies.I have diploma in social work and community development, I am the last born in the family of ten, it has been very hard for me to study because there is no one to sponsor my education, if given this golden opportunity would be very happy to study and work hard to bring change in my family, I want change, to learn to be dependant and focus ahead and attain my goal.

  322. i want to apply for schorlarship in studying in abroad ,,please can someone send me the details in my email pls,i d appreciate thank you

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