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EUR 500 Ghanaian Students at the University of Malta

When we look at education today, we can certainly name quite a handful of problems that appear to be pestering how people learn. One conspicuous problem is, naturally, is money. You will find yourself quite challenged at all the little annoyance that crop up, but also a silver lining...
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Design students can pay for school with this $2,500 grant

Creative and in need of funds to pay for college? This grant might be for you Design students who don’t have the necessary funds to pay for college can apply to the scholarship offered by Pave Global Design is everywhere: buildings, physical spaces, virtual spaces, illustrations and so on....
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One Lucky Winner Receives €25,000 and Gets to Study in Amsterdam

Studying abroad does not always go as planned on paper even if you are scholarship awardee. But that does not have to discourage you as long as you know you can compete for the most generous scholarships around the globe. One of them is Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (AES) offered...
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Looking for funds for you online degree? Try applying to this $1,000 grant

Online students can get scholarships just like any other learner Online students are invited to apply to this $1,000 scholarship with a summer deadline offered by MyBioSource There are many benefits of obtaining your degree online. Perhaps the biggest one is flexibility. What differentiates, for example a masters degree...
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Fund your higher-education with a $1,500 grant

Write an essay and win a scholarship for college Looking for extra money to pay for your college tuition? Why don’t you consider this easy-to-apply scholarship offered by LC Holdings PR Receiving a scholarship has traditionally been regarded as a sign of academic achievement and success. Often people who...
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Get your higher education funded with this $1,000 grant from Soliant Consulting

Not only universities offer scholarships, but also companies and foundations Couldn’t get funding from your university? Not to worry, companies such as Soliant Consulting offer scholarships as well Our daily lives are intertwined with technology. In an era where the technology revolution is shaping up our lives, education hasn’t...
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Female online students can apply for this $2,500 grant

As an online student, you should try applying for scholarships Don’t have enough money for college? If you’re a female student, you can try and apply for this scholarships which is worth $2,500 Distance learning has grown in different ways and dimensions to become the route of choice for...
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