Design students can pay for school with this $2,500 grant

Creative and in need of funds to pay for college? This grant might be for you

Design students who don’t have the necessary funds to pay for college can apply to the scholarship offered by Pave Global

Design is everywhere: buildings, physical spaces, virtual spaces, illustrations and so on. So if you have always had an eye for the aesthetic and are looking for a degree program to sign up with, maybe you should consider design.

Design degrees now recognize the diversity of the creative industry and allow students to develop strong creative skills, while helping them explore their own unique talents.

Indeed, studying design can prove to be quite challenging at times, but in the end it’s quite rewarding. What’s more, design degrees are available both as traditional and distance learning education, so they can be taken from the comfort of your own home, if you prefer.

Given that the majority of design work can be done digitally, students who lead busy life have the option of pursuing a distance learning education degree if they are short on time and find they can’t fit regular classes into their schedule.

A design degree program can be both wide and narrow when it comes to its content and they can come in a wide range of specializations. Upon graduation, students of design degrees can any jobs from graphic designer, illustrator to interior designer, fashion designer or game designer.

The approach differs widely from university to university, so you should make sure to fully research various modules in order to make sure you’re making an informed choice.

On top of that, paying for design school is a lot easier these days thanks to scholarships which are officially targeting students pursuing a career in design. You will need to search for such scholarships yourself, but by now you are probably familiar with the whole affair of searching for stuff on the Internet.

Obviously, your school of choice might also offer a few scholarships, but if you find that for whatever reason you can’t apply, know that the Internet is your friend.

If you don’t know where to start while scholarships are concerned, here’s a push into the right direction. The scholarships we’re going to talk about next is offered by Pave Global and is targeted at individuals working toward a degree in visual merchandising, store design or interior design. Note that in order to apply, you have to have a minimum GPA of 2.5 or above.

Students need to be enrolled in a full-time program with at least 12 credit hours under their belt.

What do you need to apply? Well for starts, you have to write a letter (up to 500 words) in which you must offer a detailed explanation of your current situation and make the judges understand why financial aid is crucial to you.

A copy of your current transcripts, as well as a letter of recommendation from an educational adviser are also to be included. The winning candidate will receive a grant of up to $2,500 to use towards school tuition.

No info for the 2018 scholarship is available at this point, but make sure to bookmark the page and comeback at a later time for updated info.


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  1. Hellow, My name is Emmanuel fares, I from Tanzania and I have a question to ask you. I want to study medical laboratory in haematology and I want to study in Canada for degree level know I have accomplish my diploma level……. But am good in designing houses and city, can I join in this site so that I can be paid in order to get the money for studying? Because fees and other accomodation are crucial to me, I can\’t afford the due to my economic status.

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