This $3,000 Grant Enables Refugee Students to Study in Australia

Refugee students don’t have to give up their dreams of getting a diploma

Students coming from countries torn by war have a chance at a better future by applying to scholarships for refugee students

The crises in countries like Syria, Jordan or Lebanon have created an unprecedented academic emergency caused by the almost total collapse of their higher education system. Students in these countries are facing major obstacles, but fortunately educational institutions from around the world have pledged support to refugee students.

Those who are interested in enrolling in degree programs can access student grants which will allow them to pay for school taxes partially or in full.

With the numbers of refugees being on the rise in recent years, it’s critical for this educational crisis to be tackled appropriately. For example, the IIE Syria Consortium for Higher Education in Crisis has assembled a network of colleges that are providing scholarships for Syrian students and refugees whose education has been disrupted due to the war.

Universities offering bursaries to refugee applicants are located all over the world. The University of Canberra in Australia offers a bunch of different scholarships to refugee students willing to enroll in one of its degree programs. One of them is the UC Foundation Refugee Scholarships which awards a cash grant of $3,000 for the first year of college.

In order to access the funds, applicants need to be able to demonstrate financial need, as well as attach a 300-word statement explaining how the money would help them toward pursuing their college objectives and ultimately, their career goals.


In Canada the WUSC Student Refugee Programme of the World University Service Canada, offers student grants to up to 65 refugees every year, also supporting them through the process of gaining permanent resident status.

The WUSC only accepts applicants coming from the following countries: Malawi, Jordan, Kenya and Lebanon. On top of that, students need to be between 17 and 25 years of age and have completed secondary school at the time of the application.

Students need to have been recognized as a refugee in their country of asylum. They also need to be proficient in English or French.


European universities have also pitched in to help. For example, the French University Service association is offering student grants to Syrian refuges who are already residing in France. This grant is available for those have completed university, but are interested in continuing their higher education.

To eligible to take advantage of bursary, applicants need to put together a pretty substantial portfolio of documents which includes things like wage sheets of the last 3 months (in case of employment), CV, letter of motivation, results obtained on the examination for the last academic year and recipient of rent or a certificate of accommodation.


Scholarships for refugees can be easily found online. All you need is to conduct some research and you’ll see you get a lot of options. However, it’s important that you know an international language such as English or French before applying. Some scholarships have this requirement and it would really boost up your chances to succeed if you did.

  1. I need scholarship master program and I finished my first bachelor in this year but i don\’t have fun to study a master and i need that but i do know how I do ,please help me a scholarship ;and my nationality is somalian but I do know your university accepting my country thank you

  2. hi,my name is alemayehu yihun from Ethiopia. i have been working on a biodynamic farm since 2013 and i would be happy if i get a biodynamic agriculture scholarship.
    hope to see sth. from you.

  3. My name is Ezekiel Él\’Räíñól Malitino. Can I get a Scholarship for Athletics. I wanna improve my talent and the skills of my talent and show casing to the world what I\’m also capable of.

  4. I am student in Kenya, I have been here in Kenya for the last 8 years as a refugees, so I would like to be helped to continue my study.

  5. Hi,I am oliver s. kerkula,wishing to apply for the Austrialia Educational Scholarship,to do my Master in Education.I am from Liberia West Africa.hope to hear from you .

  6. i am interested to study in Australia and i am an international student im from Philippines. my question is am i eligible for this scholarship?

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