The University of Sussex Awards a £10,000 Grant for Master’s Students

Student scholarships are tools that help students achieve their educational goals. Not everyone the money needed in order to enroll with a college degree online or offline. Luckily universities and third party institutions recognize that the financial aspect is one of the main reasons why some students never manage to sign up with a traditional or online college degree, despite wanting to pursue a higher education.

In general, online degree programs offer lower tuition costs, but for those truly financially challenged, this cutting of costs isn’t enough to afford paying for a college degree online. That’s why student scholarships were invented – to help young and old individuals overcome financial struggles and get them onboard with an offline or online college degree.

On such bursary is the full scholarship awarded by the University of Sussex in the UK for students from around the world who want to study with a Master Degree, after graduating from an offline or online degree.

Yes, this is the first criteria to keep in mind – students must have graduated with a bachelor collage degree online or offline before applying to the University of Sussex’s student scholarships. On top of that, applicants need to want to pursue studies in one of the University’s areas of interested including Energy Policy, Project Management, Science and Technology Policy, Strategic Innovation Management and Sustainable Development. A prior offline or online college degree in the field isn’t mandatory, but preferred.

Now before you apply keep in mind that this scholarships is awarded based mostly on merit. Applicants should have achieved or expected to achieve a 1st class honors degree. Still a 2:1 or equivalent international classification with excellent supporting statements are also eligible to apply.

What can graduates of college degree online or offline programs stand to benefit from this scholarship? Well the University of Sussex is willing to award £10,000 towards covering fees, while any remaining funds are to be used to support maintenance in the UK throughout the study period.

Applications will assessed with a focus on past academic achievement and post study aims and goals. The bursary is open for everyone including UK citizens, European and non-European students from across the world.

The deadline is set for July 1, 2017 so if you too have graduated with an offline or online degree lately, think about it. Master Studies open the door to new opportunities and learning experiences. Not to mention you will be living in the UK, one of the oldest and history rich countries in the whole world.

Before you start your application process, make absolutely sure you are eligible to apply, so as not to waste your time with futile endeavors. It’s highly imperative that you have good grades in order to be taken into consideration by the University of Sussex’s scholarship program. If you aren’t top of your class, you’d best start looking for some other scholarships. You can find others on our website, so you don’t have to look too far.

Since we are months away from the deadline, you have time to gather all the documents needed and to obtain copies of documents that attest your grades. You’ll also need to draft a supporting statement, which you need not rush – as it is a very big part of the assessment process.

Apply here : http://www.sussex.ac.uk/spru/about/50years/scholarships/asapply

  1. I am Tinzar Aung from Myanmar.
    I want a scholarship for my master degree.
    I am an extension staff in Department of
    Agriculture. My work is transferring agricultural knowledge to farmers.
    By attending master degree, I think I will
    improve my agricultural knowledge which is very helpful for my work and farmers.
    I really interested in agriculture and enviromental management.

  2. i am very interested in the scholarship for a Master of degree Accounting +254727671744 more information

  3. I am Caleb Onchwari from Kenya, I have a bachelors degree in public Heath. Am looking ahead in pursuing a masters degree in your university.

  4. I would like to study online Master degree in humanity: International Relation and Diplomacy I need a scholarshi to support my studies. My English is good I can understand and communicate fluently I am holding HDN in BIT. I also holding an english language certificate from King\’s College, University of London.y

  5. I am Isaac odeke from Uganda. I just completed a bachelors of education 2.1 class from Uganda Christian university, specializing in English and literature. I really wish to expand my knowledge and master in literature/ English language but I have tried to mobilize resource but cant find enough as I don\’t have a reliable job. This is way I have resorted to seek for help. I was excited to read about this opportunity. Please a humbly request if The university of Sussex could grant me an opportunity in this to be enabled achieve my dream so that I can help my community as well. Please advice( +2560789640978)

  6. I am Alfred Addo having BT In Building Technology in Engineering Division
    and I am interested in your offer to do my Master programme with you
    Thank you.

  7. Am interested in the award scholarship.I chatting from Nigeria. I have Beng in Agricultural and environmental resources engineering.(Beng)

    • Hello,

      You can apply for one of its degrees courses. At the and of the article you will find a link where you can submit your application form.

  8. This is the best opportunty offered. i like that but, i do not know how to get deposits done to make payments online beacuse i do live in remote setting with limited technology

  9. My name is Bonnes Augustino Maleva from Tanzania, i have a masters degree in Educational Management and Planning. So, how can i get your scholarship to continue with the Doctor of Philosophy in the same career at one of the University in the world? My contact is +255682892060.

  10. My name is Takunda L Ngwenya. I am willing to do a Masters in Biotechology,Microbiology or Molecular Genetics

  11. my name is kasim gemachu from Ethiopia. i want to apply in your scholar chance. so i Bsc in sport science in 2016 from jimma university . phone +251906181471

  12. I wish I fulfill your University\’s Scholarship programme for Masters of Arts Degree in Sustainable Development field of studies. Since I have been working and well experienced in Rural Sustainable Livelihoods Development Programmes of The Government of Ethiopia, For almost 10 years till now.
    Please; I would like to say thank you in advance for such an opportunity.

  13. i would like to go for masters degree of economics . my first degree is in economics of uganda christian university

  14. Dears, thanks for coming up with this opportunity Im from Jimma Ethiopia, Im Graduated from Haramaya University by Agribusiness Management on July 9,2011 with BSc.Degree. for those in need of higher education but unfortunately b/c of financial issue not in the truck like me. Now I want pursue in masters program in Agribusiness Management . so It is well come to me if this opportunity that might be available.

  15. Hi, i am solomon Aregay from mekelle , tigray, Ethiopia I have B.S.C degree in civil engineering . Now I want pursue in masters program in HIGH WAY ENGINEERING. so It is well come to me if this opportunity that might be available.

  16. Am grad to know that there is abroad scholarship…what are qualifications needed for individual to get scholarship….

  17. Some grading systems are country and school specific, 2.2 GPA in Ghana for instance is a 2nd class lower division and once the eligibility GPA is 2.1. How do I get out of this delima? since am dare in need of this opportunity .

  18. veruli joel says:
    April 20, 2017 at 11:06 am

    I am Amos Ojok an alumni of Gulu University, Uganda (East Africa), I have perused through abroad university\’s scholarship and sponsorship across the google and thank God I have gotten education scholarship in UK for international students who need to pursue masters degree. I have as well learnt the terms as per applicant but the conditions put forth for the scholarship is for honor degree first class only. I have actually attained second class upper degrees with a CGPA of 3.72 in education. Can I also try my luck! Very much interested to pursue masters degrees either in education management or project planning.
    Desperately waiting for your kind intervention.

  19. Dears, thanks for coming up with this opportunity for those in need of higher education but unfortunately b/c of financial issue not in the truck like me. May I get an opportunity for MSC in Nutrition or paediatrics.

  20. I am a citizen of city Turbat,province Balochistan and country Pakistan…..I am from a very backward city and very interested in education because I want to educate my nation where every body does not have access to quality education……I am studying in university of Turbat and doing mastersin Chemistry so I am very much interested and in need of this scholarship.

  21. Iam willing to persue my masters in psychology in your university can I get assistance?iam requesting because I could have studied it elsewhere but I don\’t have capability to pay school fees I reguest for assistance plz allert me on way forward

  22. How about having doctorate in my country funded by some agencies. Please i need some referrala for my doctorate. Thank you

  23. Thank you very much the team. I acknowledge receipt of your vital informations.

    I am not willing to pursue masters program in any disaplines.

    I was eligible to study ENGLISH LANGUAGE in the USA, and the school fee was approximately US$8500.00. I have exhausted Avenue to afford the required amount. Since I am in dare and desperate need please could you assist me in any means if possibilities may arise.

    Your kind action to my request is very much appreciated and God bless.

    Yours faithfully,
    Orex Kombea.

  24. Its such a great opportunity for those who r going for their master
    In my case ,,where I need a scholarship to join my university ….. it doesn\’t work for me
    Thank u for providing us such great opportunity mostly for people like us who cannt pay our tuition

  25. Iam Ian Chitchumba Mkhalipe I need to do online masters degree and currently I have a degree in divinity studied with University of Malawi. I want to do my masters in counselling or development and funds were limiting me and coming across your scholarship I know my time has come. Help me please. My goal is to help in shaping the morals of people to be good citizens and help in delopment in our nation which at the moment is very far.

  26. I like this opportunity show me the way on how to get application form to join masters at Sussex university and have grants for studies.

  27. I have my MA in English but l would to enroll for fhe fields offered because have a passion the Field of Energy

  28. I am veruli joel from tanzania, i was passing through abdroad universities scholarship and sponsorship across the google fortunately i have found education scholarship in UK for international students as well as european students for one who need to pursueing master\’s degree.i have learnt the term as per applicant but the creteria put forward for receiving the scholarship is for honor degree only who they have already obtain it or who expected to earn it of which is challenge to me while i real wish to achieve my goals by studying abroad but i have second upper class degree with a GPA of 3.7 of bachelor of education with science. So how would i have to go ahead so that i can obtain the university in UK that my creteria can meet terms and conditions that a neccesity for cuttering my passion…?

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