One Lucky Winner Receives €25,000 and Gets to Study in Amsterdam

Studying abroad does not always go as planned on paper even if you are scholarship awardee. But that does not have to discourage you as long as you know you can compete for the most generous scholarships around the globe. One of them is Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (AES) offered by the prestigious university, University of Amsterdam. You can consult its official website here http://www.uva.nl/en.

With more than 30.000 students and 6000 employees, the university is the one of the largest comprehensive research universities in Europe. The research and teaching conducted by the university are well known and sought for their quality and recognition. In the process of selecting the most appropriate university for you, the faculty’s stuff experience is extremely important.

Who can apply for the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship worth €25,000? Non-EU students from any discipline who graduated in the top 10% of their class. It is a highly competitive scholarship, precisely, it is a full scholarship which covers tuition and living expenses for one academic year. The selection will be made based on academic excellence, ambition and the relevance of the selected Master’s program to a student’s future career.

Interested so far? Then this is how you should apply. You need to submit your application to the Admission Offices of the Graduate Schools. It is important to keep in mind that the deadlines differ for the AES per Graduate School. The participating graduate schools can be find below:

Do not forget that each school has its own established deadline and the only way you can apply for any of the chosen disciplines is by checking the above links. Each Graduate Schools has a set of criteria based on which the selection is made and has to be respected accordingly. Do not dismiss any information or else you will send an incomplete application and your submission will be considered invalid.

  1. Greetings I\’m Saima Siraj belong to a poor family studying in BZU Multan Pakistan but unable to pay my fee of next semester looking forward for scholarship thanks

  2. Moi c\’est Isaac shauri ,je suis en L3 agronomie et je serais ravie de pouvoir poursuivre mes études en Master à l\’étranger dans des bonnes conditions pour mieux apporter ma pierre au développement responsable du monde par la production biologie . Merci

  3. greetings to you. I am Emmanuel Micheal Alexis. I need financial support to pursue my dreams of becoming an Engineer(civil) in form of scholarship. your response would be most appreciated by me. Thank you

  4. Hello…
    Im a BBA student
    i requesting to This Scholarship for my Education.
    im looking forward to hear from you.

  5. Hello my name is KIZZA ISMAIL…….from UGANDA. I am requesting for a scholarship to study a degree in INFOTMATION SYSTEMS.
    I am looking forward to hear from you.

  6. Hey iam in critically in need of financial aid because I lost both my parents. Iam from Uganda and I passed A-level with the following symbols (physics-D, Economics-C, mathematics-B, General paper-1, Ict-1) I want to study B.of economics.I will be if my request is taken under consideration.

  7. Thank you for that flat form I am Benjamin mutua from kenya and from maginarised family i need someone to finance my education i.e i want to take degree in disaster management

  8. Greetings to you. Am a zambian female aged 22 completed my secondary school in 2013 did a certificate in hospitality. I want to further my education in accounts and business management your assistance inform of a scholarship will be highly appreciated for it will help me achieve my goals. Your response will be highly appreciated.

    Thank in anticipation

  9. Hello am Natra .M.Chileshe from Zambia.Am studying animal science at NRDC .Am in my third year.Am really in need of financial aid to further my education please help.

  10. Good day Sir/madam,my names are Humphrey Bwalya and Iam from Zambia.Iam hereby applying for the undergraduate Scholarship in either invironmental health or Criminal Justice.I have always dreamt of studying abroad to acquire quality education but my financial status brocks my dream to come true.

  11. Hello, I\’m Sohag Pervej, I live in Bangladesh.I have completed SSC, HSC, and also ongoing study at Honours 2nd year, ,,I need a scholarship to get higher degree in foreign university.My father is a far mer, he can\’t bear my educational expenses So I badly need to a scholarship to continue my study.

  12. Hello, I\’m Sohag Pervej, I live in Bangladesh.I have completed SSC, HSC, and also ongoing study at Honours 2nd year, ,,I need a scholarship to get higher degree in foreign university.

  13. hey im critically in need of financial aid. Im in Zimbabwe and i passed my advanced level education with the following symbols (Accounting—A, Business Studies—C, Mathematics—–C). Hearing from you will be my pleasure. I want to study Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting.

  14. Hello i like this, am Chris christo from Nigeria aged 21
    i finish my high school level education in
    2015… i need a scholarship to further my education
    ..please help me to pursue my dream. Please leave a reply to me. thank

  15. Im Florence Madriaga and hope im the one who get the opportunity toget the scholarship im only high school graduate im 28 years old and my parent no work hope I get that opportunity for my kids

  16. Iam a mosotho last aged 35yrs I need a scholarships to continue My tertiary certificate .I have marketing and management certification therefore I want to add more

  17. My name isRayhan Ali.I came from Bangladesh.I am studying B.S.C. honours 2nd year in University Of Rajshahi.I have two brothers and one sister.They are studying in different classes.My father is a poor farmer.He cann\’t bear my educational expensive.So,I need a scholarship to continue my study.

    Kindly offer me a scholarship to continue my study and got higher degree.

  18. I need a scholarship I recently finished my secondary education.am from a home which is financially unstable.I am from kenya .

  19. iam a nurse midwife educatot with a Bsc in Nursing education from university of malawi. i passed with a credit in my degree program. i teach at one of the country nursing colleges but need to further my knowledge and skills by attaining a masters degree in public health or related to nursing. i need scholarship to achieve my goal. please help me.

  20. Hi am Steve ogwayi from Kenya aged 21i finish my high school level education in 2015…and due to luck of financial i have not join any collage for further education ..please help me pursue my dream thanks you

  21. I am in need of a scholarship next year I will be doing grade 11 in south Africa and I want to apply to a university as soon as I get my results I really don\’t think my mother can afford for my higher studies so that\’s one of the main reasons why I really need a scholarship

  22. I want to further my studies and im in need of scholarship to achieve my goals .i will be honoured if u consider me…

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