Are you a leader in your community? Nestpick awards you €2500

Are you a student who is struggling with the costs of paying your student housing? Do not worry anymore! Nestpick values outstanding students like yourself and is planning to help you. But, first of all, who is Nestpick? It is an aggregator platform for midterm rental of furnished apartments. You can consult its official website here www.nestpick.com where you will browse more than 80.000 listing across Europe’s countries and you can book your apartment on the website of a trusted partner. Nestpick was founded in 2014 in Rotterdam and is currently based in Berlin.

Nestpick is proud to present the €7500 Nestpick scholarship, an award offered to 3 students aimed to cover their costs of housing for the fall semester of 2017. The company is pleased to reward the students who are the leaders in their community, at home or abroad. The scholarship is available to all students across the world.

How can you apply?

You need to create a 1-2 minute video and upload it to YouTube. Once you have done it, you need to send the link to your video to Nestpick. You will be required to apply here https://nestpick-scholarship.typeform.com/to/BYnyai. The online scholarship application form requires you to fill the blanks such as personal details and info about your current university. You are also required to upload your proof of enrolment and of course, paste link to your YouTube video.

The YouTube should contain the following information:

1. Who are you and where are you from?

2. Where do you study and what?

3. How are you personally contributing to helping your community?

The main criteria based on which your video will be judged are: originality, authenticity, the number of people / impact reach.

IMPORTANT NOTE! In the case of a tie-breaker, you will be required to make proof of financial need. Your proof of financial need will be requested and taken into account. You will receive a big plus if you can show clear examples, eg. testimonials from community members, footage of you working in-action, etc.. Do not forget, Nestpick is willing to support financially the students who are leading members in their communities.

The closing date for the application is October 15th 2017. Also, keep in mind that applications without proper video submission will not be considered. In case you are the lucky winner of one of the Nestpick scholarships, you will receive €2500, amount that will help you cover the costs of housing for the fall semester.

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