Pitch Your Idea and Win a Grant Valued at $2.000

Sponsored by the Scholarship Fellow Institute, the “Pitch Your Idea scholarship” program is a grant available for inspiring students across the world pursuing any discipline. The Scholarship Fellow institute is interested in locating brilliant students who have an idea but lack the financial support to breathe life into it. The grant is offered monthly where 15 entries will be awarded based on the applicants’ essays describing their ideas, the expected impact and how this particular scholarship will help them pursue their dreams.

The scholarship is available for all the students undertaking a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any field of study. Students are encouraged to explore their innermost ideas, work on them and elaborate them in writing based on the rules established by the Scholarship Fellow Institute. An elaborate list can be accessed here http://scholarshipfellow.com/pitch-your-idea-win-a-scholarship/eligibility-selection/ so that students will consult the admission requirements.

How to apply for the “Pitch your idea” grant?

Students who wish to participate must write an essay describing their idea of impact in detail and submit it here: http://scholarshipfellow.com/pitch-your-idea-win-a-scholarship/submit-your-scholarship-entry/

The maximum length of their submission has to be 5000 words, written in Times New Roman. The submission should contain the work of the student without any paragraph being copied from elsewhere. Also, the submission has to include personal credentials, phone, name, email address, and phone number. Students are encouraged to consult the following website for more info about the content of their submission: http://scholarshipfellow.com/pitch-your-idea-win-a-scholarship/how-to-apply-for-pitch-your-idea-scholarship/.

Students are advised to submit only one essay which will not be reused in subsequent months. The students are highly encouraged to apply for the upcoming scholarships in case they did not win previously. It is important that the entries should be original and unique presenting accurately the vision of the applicant.

The Selection Committee

The Scholarship Fellow Institute has formed a selection committee that will evaluate each eligible entry monthly. The criteria based on which the committee will evaluate the entries are: comprehension, organization, creativity, language, and conclusion.

The prizes

First place will receive $2.000, followed by the second place where the lucky winner will receive $1.500 and third place which will receive $1000. 12 more students will receive prize of $450 respectively.

Students are encouraged to let their ideas free on paper and make their entry count. Inspirational stories can be found anywhere!

  1. Hey dear sir/miss I am shalom from Ethiopia I got half scholarship in Gordon college I need some one to help me to get to study in Gordon

  2. I am Sean Gian Karl Gumabon from Philippines. I\’ve been stopped my studies for years because of financial problem. If you grant this 2000$ to me i can continue my studies

  3. Iam Norman Tom iam doing grade 10 and iam interested to study maths and social science and iam really interested for this

  4. Hello: I am interesting to study USA, but my family are so poor we live now third country, I think u aware situation there. my family cann\’t pay my fee study so thanks for your given us this oppotunity .

    Dear sir/madam
    Look for my request I wish best anwers. Best regards, yours faithfully.

  5. hello. i am steven from Uganda. i need a help of a full bursary in environmental sciences or in geographical information system and remote sensing at masters level. thank you

  6. my name is clinton imitin i am a Nigerian studying law, please is this offer still on because I am interested.

  7. Mysel Bhagyajyothi I have a doubt it is which type of essay I have 2 write ,like politics,medical,argi or present news I really confused pls help me 4 this scholarship,,..

  8. good morning Sir, if I am coming to you is about my studies because I have my admission letter from Africa University but I could not make it this year 2016-2017 because of money and my father is a retired in United Methodist and he does not have money, even myself I do not have money to pay my school fees at Africa University, so may you help me with some support from you, If you support me, I will accomplish my goal because I am too young and I want to study please help me because I did not find another way for asking help and I know that you will help me, please I need your help to support my studies.
    God bless you

  9. I\’m female I\’m doing grade 12 doing physical sciences,mathematics,life sciences,geography. I\’m learning at Cedarville public school.I\’m interested to do nursing but my parrent can not afford to pay for my fees next year so I don\’t have hope that I will learn next year .may I be with those that can win because I wish I can change my community and my home I\’m from deep rural areas from Matatiela

  10. Am ubor uzodin!a john from Nigeria ….studied logistics under transport management technology ready to run my master degree. Came out with second class upper division.

  11. I\’m looking for such assistance to me and l\’ll be the helping hand to my family and community at large

  12. i am the scholor of M.phil ZOOLOGY i want to got admission through full scholorship in P.hD zoology one of the best university of US how can i win this scholorship

  13. I am Amanuel from Ethiopia, I am nursing student at bahr dar university, and I am interested in nursing scholarship

  14. Hello Sir Or Madam,am Nawati Faridah From Uganda And I Did History,economics, Geography,general Paper And Submath And Scored 18points with (A)in history,(B)in Economics, (B)in Geography,with Points Of Subsidiary,am Requesting For A Scholarship In Bachelors Of Business Administratio

  15. i am graduated electrical engineering i like to mastering my skill by electrical power in order to support my country that going on project of clean energy form to over came global warning.

  16. this m
    assage sent me bursary .me what i make i want help when i click the access here i get large topic want help i get full scholarship i want help Sponsored by the Scholarship Fellow Institute, the �Pitch Your Idea scholarship� program is a grant available for students across the world who…

  17. I want to study computer networking I guess if I have the opportunity to win it will help me to finish degree.

  18. I am Oscar from Rwanda now I am interested with your comment but me I did information technology ,I like web design but I miss where to develop my knowledge deeply and internationally.thx

  19. hello, I would like to appreciate your offers. and i got my B.Sc dgree in this year for some reasons I need to got my msc for that I can\’t afford the price I hope I got some one to help me or some one can solve my problem that is your organization and thank you again!!!

  20. please select me i am graduated in Economics so please send any filed to study. special by spiritual theology

  21. I\’m a student nurse doing bachelor of science in nursing and midwifery,year 3 now.i would like a full scholarship in Canada to proceed with master\’s degree

  22. I\’m now in grade 12th this this offert will help me because I don\’t have parents
    woh can help me for my study

  23. Am curtiss i would like to study in canada in the field of entomology or parasitology. I would like to have a full scholarship because i come from developing country n a poor background which cannot he able to raise the money.

  24. it been really hard for me to study and travel at at the same time try to study I hope this grant will come through for me

  25. Am in Liberia, I\’m a high school graduate and has never enter college neither university because there\’s no fanance to forward my education.I want to study agriculture

  26. hi, am salaudeen olanrewaju kabir. am from Lagos state Nigeria, pls, how can I be a lucky winner\’\’\’\’\’. here is my contact. 08097130891. thanks

  27. I\’m phiwayinkosi Zulu from nongoma(KZN) I want a schoolership .I have single parent ,my mother the don\’t work ,we living with grant ,I was pass my matric (diploma) I was doing this subject
    mathematical literacy
    life orientation
    life sciences
    Now I\’m staying at home please help me I want to continue with my dreams

  28. Hi everyone coming from poor financial family do not hold your future or success all you in need in life is to believe in yourself,know you can make it no matter how hard it becames,be a hardworker in everything you dream of putting faith and believing in yourself hamble ask for help will also lead to road of success without you realising,education is everything no matter how old you are be strong and ask for help thank you

  29. Am a BSc in Nursing student .i thank you for your support to needy students all round.i d like to request a scholarship to undertake masters in theatre nursing.i love nursing with passion as a calling

  30. I want to take dis opportunity to thanx u all the sponsors ma the Good lord grant wit all u want and proctct
    Actually am agal who as grw without adad he dead wen I was young av grow up suffering wit ma mum no money for ma school fees nw I had to stopp in senior 1I started looking for jobs to tek care ov ma mum I didn\’t get I sat hom for 3yrs nw I wish to go bck to school if u hlp me I want to go bck ad graduate so dat I can tek care ov ma mum am 18yrs old I wil b thanxful to dat person ad am praying for him/her mai d lord teach u so dat u can hlo mi Amen

  31. I\’m peter from Kenya completed my O level education, am interested in shipping management, grateful for the offer.

  32. Hello everyone?
    i think we are all fine.

    About me:
    i live here in Burundi.

    i finished my studies in scientific section, i am very good in mathematics, i have succeeded in national examinations with 72,7%,i was very intelligent because .But i am waiting at home thinking about my destiny because i was born in a poor family,
    i don\’t have money to pay at the university.

    my beloved friend,have a mercy on me, i need your help ,

    thank you to the best answer ,you wanna go to give me,

    be courageous to wish us good things .


  33. This is quite interesting, hope this fortune could help me settle my outstanding university arrears which now stand at 10,500 ZKw. I have been doing my BA degree in Social Work.
    I will participate in the contest.

    Thanks alot.


  34. I wont to study in canada but I need full scholarship becouse I am from developing country so that my parents can not afford my tution fee

  35. I\’m Puseletso Monyane in Pretoria doing grade 12 with maths and science. I\’m interested in studying veterinary science and IT. I\’m looking forward to this offer

  36. I\’m ELGA in Rwana doing grade 3 with biology, chemistry and geograph/ I;m interested in nursing facult/ I\’ll grateful for this offer. thank you.

  37. I am in college . I am interested in bca subject . Everyone want scholarship . Everyone has to undergo to any situation but they fulfull their needs due to scholarship . I want scholarship and I am sure scholarship do not disappoint us.

  38. I\’m CYRIL in Durban doing grade 12 with maths and science I\’m interested in chemistry faculty and nautical study I\’ll grateful for this offer.

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