$15.000 for Business School International Undergraduates at Massey Business School, New Zealand

Massey University, located in Palmerston North, Albany, and Wellington, New Zealand is hosting around 35.000 students of whom 17.000 are distance learning students or extramural. Massey University’s teaching and research departments are distributed into 5 colleges such as: College of Creative Arts, College of Health, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Sciences, and Massey Business School.

Massey Business School is one of New Zealand’s leading and largest business schools being ranked in the top 2% globally. It offers world- leading and research-led tertiary education aimed to prepare students for their first job and beyond. Massey Business School has launched the Massey Business School International Student Study Awards for undergraduate and postgraduate international students interested to enroll in full-time business programs at one of Massey’s campuses: Palmerston or Wellington.

International undergraduate students will be required to meet the English standards. Undergraduate and graduate students are advised to consult the following link for the English language entrance requirements: http://www.massey.ac.nz/massey/international/study-with-massey/entry-requirements/entry-requirements_home.cfm#UG

The International Award is offered based on Academic Merit annually and it is valued at $5000 per 120 credits enrolled, for up to the total credit value of it:

1. Undergrads will receive a maximum of $15.000.

2. Postgraduate students will receive a maximum of $10.000.

The number available of scholarships offered is 65 and the total number of new awards annually is subject to the approval by the Business School Exec Team. Scholarships can be taken in New Zealand. The scholarships offered by Massey Business School are awarded only to International students enrolling in a full-time business programs at Wellington or Palmerston.

How students can apply? First of all, prospective students must submit an application form and apply to the university. New students will complete the following web based form: https://smsportal.massey.ac.nz/sitsvision/wrd/siw_ipp_lgn.login?process=siw_ipp_app_crs. After the students have been accepted and receive their Offer of Place, they will be able to login to the Massey student portal down below:


Afterwards, students are advised to search on the scholarship page for the business scholarship they wish to apply for. IMPORTANT NOTE! Undergraduate and graduate students will have to complete two different forms. The closing date for the scholarship is November 30th 2017. For more info about Massey University, entrance requirements and other scholarships, students are advised to consult the official website: http://www.massey.ac.nz/

  1. I am very interested, I need to join MA in Economics and I candidate of MA in leadership and good governance so for the future I would like to join MA in economics and PhD leadership and good governance in 2018. but I have no chance to start because of shortage income .in short can you help me ?

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