The general categories of students eligible to receive money for college

Colleges and universities across the world are seeking to award distinguished alumni who are well prepared and devoted to their academic endeavor. Colleges and universities want students who have the potential of becoming brilliant students and give back to them, either we are talking about giving back with money or in reputation. If you are asking yourself which are these sought- after categories that have such a great impact on the selection process initiated by the scholarship administrators we have the answers. Let’s take a look at some of the categories both universities and colleges are looking for.

1. The gifted, outstanding, brilliant students who hold a top grade GPA – grade point average – and class rankings. This category receives some of the best tuition discounts, as well as other incentives. It is highly understandable since colleges and universities are higher learning institutions.

2. Famous students who have written a book, who have been mentioned in a major article or even appeared on the local news as a student spokesperson for an environmental group. This category always manages to impress the committees based on the outstanding individual and collective performances. The selected college or university has a reason to believe that these students will bring recognition to the school. This category has increasing chances to receive scholarships from independent foundations for its leadership activities, activism and so one.

3. Students who are into sports. For the universities or colleges where a serious athletic competition is running, basketball as well as football is moneymaking ventures.

4. Physically disabled students are also forming a category for which governments and colleges are offering grants and loan programs.

5. Ethnic minorities are also considered a viable segment for scholarships. They are Asian Americans, Hispanics, African Americans, Native Americans and many other groups who are invited to apply for special scholarship and grants.

6. Women are also forming an eligible category which can receive grants and loan programs, specifically those with dependents. Even so, there are still programs offered by colleges which encourage and empower women to join programs more heavily male-dominated. An example in this respect is the engineering field where women are promised a deal to study.

7. The elder students or mature as they are called due to their age. In this category are accepted students who are 26 or older. This specific category can use all the life experience gathered so far and demonstrate a wider range of interests and abilities.

No matter in which category you may place yourself, it is highly important to proof that you have been pursuing your academic endeavor and your grades, activities and so one reflect it. Otherwise, you will not be able to secure a scholarship.

  1. Please help me with this scholarship, I am basket ball player at High school and now I have graduated and hoping to study Education in your reputable college.

  2. My parents have difficulties in paying my tution because they earn less can l also be given a scholarship through your will pliz? Am Nakaggo Rachael from Uganda.

  3. Hello, am shilla from Uganda, am requesting for a scholarship for my studies in Uganda pursuing a bachelor\’s in business administration in Makerere University

  4. I had rad all what was written,and one thing I came realized is that there\’s no secret of self creativity it is as a result of preparation, and hard work.

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