Grants for Education for Visually Impaired Students

Major progresses have been made in the last few decades that currently allow people with all kinds of disabilities to have a fair shot at getting a higher education. Particularly for the visually impaired the application process can be highly stressful, but with the advent of online degrees, blind students stand to benefit. Online college degree programs are thought via a series of audio lectures, so blind students can easily take advantage of them, as well. Not to mention most books have now been converted into audio-books allowing easy access to information for those with a disability too.

What’s more, if you’re a visually impaired student pursuing an offline or online bachelor degree, you should know there are dedicated grants for education for to the blind. In what follows were going to share some of these scholarships with you.

American Council for the Blind Scholarship Program

The ACB has a few grants for education to offer. It can give up to 20 scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 to students who are able to maintain a 3.3 GPA and demonstrate an involvement in their student community.

The scholarship is opened to undergraduate or graduate students enrolled with one of the many offline or online degrees available. On top of being enrolled with a traditional or online bachelor degree, applicants need to send in an autobiographical essay, a certification of legal blindness and a transcript of their academic history, on top of two letters of recommendation.

Students enrolled with offline or online college degree programs are required to send in their application by February 15, 2017. Good luck!

Barbara Jackman Zuckert Scholarship for Blind Students

This bursary is awarded to students of the George Washington University. The school also offers online degrees like the Master of Science in Project Management. The grant is designed to help visually impaired students who are currently enrolled at least part time in one of the undergrad degree programs.

The recipient of the grant will be awarded based on financial need, specific disability-related expenses and potential for career advancement in the chosen field.

Christian Record Services for the Blind Scholarships

If you are a visually impaired child or teen planning to enroll with offline or online college degree in a few years, you could be eligible to apply for this scholarship.

The Christian Records Services for the Blind award several partial grants for education on a yearly basis to students pursuing an accredited offline or online bachelor degree programs offered by universities out there.

Applicants need to be legally blind at 20/200 with correction and be planning to enroll with one of the many offline or online degrees proposed by the available colleges.

As you can see, even if you have a disability it’s easy to find grants for education offered by institutions which want to help you get a higher education. For visually impaired students it’s often more difficult to enroll in college, but online education makes things a lot easier by allowing students to stay at home and learn in a safe environment.

  1. It will be a great honor for me to get a scholarship as my both parents are not working and all I want is to further my studies and become a police or Traffic. Ur assistance will be highly appreciated
    hope hearing good news from you
    sincerely yours

  2. hy i\’m abraham iradukunda i finished tourism secandary school at 2016 i wish to cantenue plus help me or find sponser i haven\’t ability.

  3. if you was selected for the scholarship to study abroad and after two weeks u pay d forms charge,nw MY question is is OK?
    secondly if I was selected for United Nations African scholarship and they left me due to financial problems.now my question is I have to apply again next year or not

  4. Hello sir/mam
    I\’m murad from SWAT…
    I\’m very intelligent student as well a player…
    I want & need bachelor scholarship
    Plz soon inform me

  5. my name is muhammed amin from Africa Ethiopia mob no +251 923 23 3955 i have finished BSc Degree in Information Technology i want to start MSc degree pls help me

  6. It would be a great honour for me to get a scholarship to a privet school because my parent can not afford. If you guys look at my every term results you will be impressed.
    I do not have any disabilities currently in grade 5

  7. It will be a great honour for me to get a scholarship as my both parents are not working and all I want is to further my studies and become a police or Traffic. Ur assistance will be highly appreciated

  8. hello;i am visually impaired and ,i am academically upright,i have just finished bachelors degree and looking forward to getting a sponsor for my Masters,because due to poverty levels at our household ,my family is unable to continue.

  9. Hy guys I really need money to study Nursing as my parents are unemployed so they cannot afford it……I really love helping people who are in need

  10. Thank you so much, am so much interested to pursue bacholer degree in public administration and management and make social networking in the field of business.

  11. it will be a great honour for me to get this scholarship as my parents can\’t afford.I need to study army my second option is policing.

  12. it will be an honour for me to get this grants to further my studies, my parents are pensioners they cant pay for my studies. please help me with a scholarship in want to study army my second opinion is policing.

  13. Am Albina , from uganda ,highly willing to extend my studies but their is no money
    Please help me with the scholarship.

  14. Dear:sir/madam
    My name is Abdullahi Hassan
    From somalia specially MogadishuI
    i need scholarships for bachelor degree in health science or economic or IR
    Please and please and please help me
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  15. am for bachelors in nursing but unable to continue because of school fees .kindly re guest is help me with scholarship .am in Muni university Uganda Arua district.


  16. i am an NCE graduate. I need scholarship for my degree programme. because I don\’t have money to further. I will so much appreciate it if am given this scholarship.

  17. HI I have bachelors in tourism management and I really would like to take masters program in Cultural Heritage could some please assist me to obtain that, and help educate my people to preserve their Historical and Cultural Heritage before they do away completely those unique cultures and traditions.please email bgfsales@gmail.com thanks.

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    please help me with scholarship in music production i\’m already have a little knowladge from the street just to upgrade and perfect my job professional. please!

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    my name is MARCO EMMANUEL
    godbless you

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  22. Hi i m not blind but i hv another disabilty problem so do you hv any opportunity of scholarship for masters coz i hv first degree in civil engineering.

  23. I really want to continue my higher education but as I am in Afghanistan I cant.
    Ther are many problems for ladys to cobtinue ther education, I wish for any one to sponsor me.

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