Study in Australia with This $10,000 Grant

Enrolling with an offline or online college degree is one of the biggest decision you’ll ever take in life. So consider every aspect carefully. Don’t rush or you risk focusing too many of your energies in the wrong places. First off you should figure out which offline or online bachelor degree is right for you. And once you decide what exactly you want to study, you can go ahead and think about the financial aspect.

It’s certainly not easy paying for college these days, regardless of whether you are looking at traditional or online degrees. But luckily grants for education are available for students who are financially challenged. Let us give you a few examples of a few great grants for education you might want to look into.

Have you ever wanted to study in Australia? Well the Macquarie Vice-Chancellor International Scholarships aim to help students from developing countries achieve their dreams. These bursaries are open for undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled with an offline or online college degree with an interest in the following areas: Engineering, Environment, Human Science, Media, Linguistics and Education.

The scholarship grant is varied up to AUD$10,000 and can be used towards covering the tuition fee. It’s not renewable, so once you get it this will be it. Although it’s quite a generous sum.

If you have always had an interest in the fine arts, the Vice-Chancellor International Scholarships at University of the Arts in London is just what you need. The grant applies to students living in low to middle income economy countries like Ghana, Somalia or Niger.

Take into consideration that applying to this grant goes beyond you being enrolled with a traditional or online bachelor degree. You’ll need to be pursuing a full Master’s Degree plan.

The scholarship awards up to £25,000 which can be used to cover tuition fee chargers and make a contribution towards living costs. On top of that, grant recipients will also be offered International Students House (ISH) accommodation throughout their stay.

Students of offline or online degrees who have graduated and want to continue their education by pursuing a master, should really try applying to the Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships.

Maybe you have dreamed of studying in the United States all your life? The US is a rich ground for finding all kinds of offline or online college degree programs, so if you are interested in a particular niche – America is the best place to be.

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program offers up to 4,000 grants for education each year. Generally, the scholarship covers tuition, airfare, living stipend and health insurance. Students will need to apply through the Fulbright Commission/Foundation or US Embassy in their home countries.

So there you go. As we demonstrated above, there are plenty of funding options for students looking for a traditional or online bachelor degree and for those who want to enroll in a Masters or PhD program. So now you can now confidently start searching for offline or online degrees, so you can start your voyage

  1. I need grant to study in Malaysia, if there\’s one opportunity please give me the chance. I really want to continue my education but I\’m faced with financial challenges. I will be glad if the grant can give me the opportunity to work while studying in order to pay the grant or loan

  2. Hello my name is Awo and I am Ghanaian. I would like to be a part of this scholarship program. Kindly send me the link to this so I may have such an opportunity too. Thank you.

  3. Hello I am Ghanaian and I would like to be a part of this program. Kindly send the link so I may have such an opportunity. Thank you.

  4. My name is Agunbiade Abiola Abigail from Nigeria, please how can i be part? Hope to hear from you soon tanx

  5. I Glancy Tomu Sayape is from Papua New Guinea an interested student to this schlarship program. Tell me more about, how do I go about been part of the student in this scholarship?

    Hope to hear more,

    Kind regards,

  6. Am a Ghanaian and am soo much interested in this scholarship. Could you please give me the link to this scholarship. Thank you.

  7. Thanks for the wonderful opportunities. I wish to do an online bachelor\’s program as a veterinary technician or agricultural economics. Is there any scholarship for any of these programs?

  8. First, I would like to appreciate you for these great opportunities you provide for US, and then I want to study in MBA In PUBLIC FINANCE, OR entrepreneurship, so I would like to ask you how to Apply and Condition required, Thanks.

  9. My name is Tatenda am from Zimbabwe,am really in need for a scholarship and especially in Australia.If there is any opportunity please inform,thank you

  10. I am from Ethiopia,and firstly let me thank for offering scholarships to students. This will make country improve much and also uplifts the status of the people in the country and outside country. I am interested in study Development Economics. Thanks much

  11. I would like to ask you a scholarship so that I can finalise my studies MBA in Australia.
    I am JACKSON NEMEYIMANA fluent in English, French, Esperanto, Kiswahili and other two languages. I have got a Bachelor of Business Administration with 79.6%, 3 years Diploma in Liberal Studies with GPA 3.822, 3 years diploma of Psychology and Pedagogy, certificates of higher education facilitation skills, Medical Laboratory, computing, domestic sciences and English. Additionally, I was working with Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) adult education, women centre, Umodzi Katubza full primary school, Mtendere Respite care, Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins in helping diploma students, Red Cross in construction of houses of vulnerable people, teaching at Crazmatic high schools, voluntarily interpreting in UNHCR surveys, voluntarily making projects under Pentecostal Churches Community, and directing some weddings in our community. All of these activities and experiences have been part of business administration life.

    Moreover, I have applied and I am doing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) because it is part of my life and the skills involved will help me to develop my knowledge and experience and improve my carrier. I am interested and motivated to get this opportunity of continuing further with my education in order to empower my brothers and sisters anywhere in the world to be responsible and independent in their lives, and intelligently and effectively make a positive contribution to the welfare of our society. I will lead them to life decisions and that will provide opportunities for personal and professional development.

    To quote to what Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the first weapon which we can use to change the world”, it will change and transform my knowledge in order to get a good employment in future. It will open doors of success in management, accounting, finance and marketing in public and private sectors. It will help me to promote research and development by facilitating the community in decision making and resolution of business problems and conflicts. I am sure that after completing my studies, I will rise up the life of people through research and development services.

    My ability to work well in a team or leading a team has been demonstrated in a number of activities and experiences in different settings. I am a hardworking student with ability to meet deadlines and produce a work to a high standard in Business Administration. I am also proud of my creative ability that I have in creating solutions to contemporary business problems.
    Please, assist me!

    Email> nemeyimanajackson@hotmail.com
    Phone> 265996193114
    Thank you for your understanding

  12. I am Ngasa B. Ng\’humbu form Tanzania. I am asking for financial assistance for Master degree at the University of Dodoma in Tannzania. The cost is about Tsh. 21,980,000/= which covers meals, tuition fee, research publication and Books and stationary. Please I beg these sum due to financial family problems.

    Please contact me through
    +255784343738/ +255655343738
    e-mail address :- bngasa@yahoo.com

  13. I am a holder of a National Diploma 2 in Purchasing and Supply so l would like to know how do l apply for Schollarship for chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS)

  14. I am serving as an assistant professor in economics in one of a public university of bangladesh and lookinh for masters program with scholarship.
    Where and how I can get the chance?

  15. The challenge is no choice, but the victory is competition
    Some people are eager to make life successful in their life,so i would like to win this grant to succeed in my life and to introduce new things in the world.

    best regards!

  16. I have a B.SC in Urban and Regional Planning and I wish I can have the opportunity to explore the avenue of studying my masters Thank you

  17. i want to study in MBA in business administration or entrepreneurship so i want to know how to apply and conditions required

  18. my name\’s abshir Aden ILive Ethiopia my parents don,t have been money to give me this chance so please help me to finish my high school please contact me +351905479522

  19. I would really love to study in Australia especially after offering me the scholarship. Thank you very much for the offer.

  20. I have a B.SC in Political Science and I wish I can have the opportunity to explore the avenue of studying my masters and Ph.D. abroad . Thank you

  21. Thanks for the ceaseless opportunity provided for young talented vibrant minds. It is however,a sensational privilege to live to its peak in relation to the dreams of my heart. More of these grants and scholarships are needed in the less developed and under developed countries.you have equally given the mirror of hope to explore the geniuses in us. Please send more of the offline scholarship offers to study abroad with easier process of applications.

  22. Dear Sir/madam

    Iwould like to apply this scholarship and hopefully need an assistance if possible.
    thank you

  23. i really need a scholarship, i\’m from Liberia but don\’t have any means to enter in collage or university. since i graduated from High School in 2014, i\’m finding it too difficult.

  24. I am a girl who is 19 years and i want to study in australia ,doing social sciences ,but i would lyk to start with an diploma cause i have a certificate but would lyk to continue with the studies til i get masters thats my wish

  25. Hi

    I\’m a young black South African lady so much would love to study nursing but dont have the finances to that allows me to do that. I\’ve grown up seeing a need of taking care of ones life as a saying that\’s said one hand can\’t wash it self. Nursing is my dream. How can I apply

  26. Hi,how can I apply. Am a Zambian citizen and very much in need of such help.please guide me on how to apply. God bless you

  27. I would like to pursue a dream in dentisry in general after having a master\’s degree in operative dentistry at one of your high standard universities in Australia

  28. My name is yared tareke from Ethiopia. i have Bsc dgree in horticulture from mekelle universty before nine years ago. currently, i am working in the first botanic garden in ethiopia called Gullele botanic garden as senior horticulturist. Especially in regard to in botanic garden,in land scape horticulture, or landscape architect no body have no experiance. i want upgrade and share experiance off line if i have got the oppurnuity. there will be good addition and input for the garden. thank you available response .

  29. Thanks much, am Baraka Waziri from Tanzania finding scholershp to study my bachelor degree of political science with public administration or human resource management may you help I please so as I can get education which I will use to liberate my society my words to you is that may God bless you all and your family because of your work you done of assisting poor people like I. Thanks much gmail.Barakawaziry5@gmail.com

  30. Hello, l am from Ghana and I\’m interested in pursuing a post graduate studies in environmental science, how do l apply? Thank you


  32. I am from Ethiopia my name is Mathewos Makebo. I obitan my BA degree by Sociology & if get chance i wont to sudy master program than kyou
    Mathewos Makebo

  33. Hi I really want to study abroad and need scholarship. Please do consider assisting me to pursue with my education through your scholarship programs
    Joseph Ogun
    Papua new Guinea

  34. Yes I really have a great wish to study geology at Australia and I\’ll be glad if I have been given this enormous opportunity

    • Hello,

      I am afraid that only those who have an excellent command of both verbal and written English are eligible.

  35. Thanks for the great passion you have for us from these developing countries. am a male completed my HSC from anon government grands and community organized school in Rakai Uganda.Am ready to be among those students to be granted this chance of studying in Australia

  36. This is a very crucial information for me!I am desperately in the need of funds to further my education.I am intetsted in doing Masters in Psychology,but I am not able due to lack of funds.I need help.Thank you big.

  37. help me with the procedure, i want to apply for masters degree, I need your assistance so that I can study in australia

  38. I just had an admission for my PhD in Geography and Environmental Management (Pollution Studies, Environmental Management Option) in a Federal University (University of PortHarcourt) in Nigeria., with a research topic titled \

  39. Greetings

    I\’m a young lady who has been living in unfavourable condition and I have been brought up by a poverty stricken family, but my dream is not to be consumed by my condition.
    Yes I have hope & have faith that my situation is changing. I would really be gratefully if I could be one of those who get the student grant.

  40. Yes it is real great if you could support my studies, i like to have specialized course on Educational management and planning

  41. I do have interest in the Environmental Human Science,but I will need some assistance from organizations to help in the process.

  42. Good day I did business skills, I want to further my studies online I want to do pharmacist assistant course.

  43. Ifif you provide me this great chance I am so happy. Because my family is poor economically to teach me and cover education fees and any others costs.

  44. Am interested to study in Australia, kindly help me with the procedure of application.i would like pursue a degree in project management.

  45. Hi, I would really like to further my studies. I would like to study Professional Guidance and Counselling. How can I apply?

  46. Yes I want to study in Australia but due to financial challenges am un able to do that, I wish I could be assisted. Please I really need your assistance so that I can follow the right direction.

  47. I need an individual to contact and progress my scholarship search. Could you please suggest me something. Thanks

  48. Am a single mother and a secondary teacher in business studies wit a diploma, i want upgrade in my career.how do i apply? thank you

  49. Please l have completed my master degree in construction project management in 2014 from KNUST and I need a scholarship to study PHD in project management or constructin engineering management if possible please .

  50. if you accept me am ready, how can I apply please ? am 8th semester mechanical engineering student.

  51. I am in dire need of the grant to study in Australia, but how can I GO about applying for the programs? Please am waiting for a prompt reply.

    Herrings K. A. Msokwa

  52. Iam a B.SC graduate of Geography and Environmental management .
    I would like you help me with this your scholarship program to do my Master\’s in pollution control
    Am so much interested to further my education through your scholarship grant.
    Please help if you are sure of what you are saying.

  53. Please help me i want to study nursing in Australia with this grant. I passed my science subjects at Advanced level

  54. My name is Almachius Deus, a graduate from University of Dar es salaam iam really interested in applying for this chance. I am humble to wait application guidlines.

  55. Hello my name is Henok Tadelle from Ethiopia. I have a B.A Degree in Marketing Management.I really appreciate to get this chance of further study in Australia.
    I am very glad if If get this scholarship.
    How can I apply?
    Could you please inform me .
    Hoping to hear very soon.
    Best regards,

  56. Thank you for your e- mail, so I am interested to apply to your university but could you show me the way to how to do an application.

  57. Am a Kenyan. Did my final highschool exam in 2015.I attained an A plain. I really hope for scholarship so as to help the world after my studies.

  58. I would like to seek for a fully funded scholarship on the undergraduate programme for Environmental Management.Am a UGANDAN with an ADVANCED LEVEL CERTIFICATE

  59. Thank you for the exposure. I do like to do my PhD in Ecotourism, currently I like I\’m a Polytechnic in Nigeria, Africa. I will like to do an offline studies. How can I benefit from this scholarship. Thank you.

  60. I am a Gambian by nationality and i am studying electrical and electronic engineering ccertificate level at Gambia Technical and Training IInstitute(Gtti) and am seeking our a scholarship to further my education in engineering because I find it difficult to pay for my tuition fees.
    Regards Alieu

  61. I\’m really interested and glad to get this info, so much interested in this scholarship bcos I\\’ve been looking for this opportunity to further my studies in Australia but how do I apply for thanks

  62. Being African, I recognize Africa’s need for home- grown talent in the form of “planners” (assistants with possible solutions) . Coming from Kenya my greatest challenge is in helping to improve the livelihoods of developing nations through sustainable development and good governance principles.

  63. i would like the scholarship opportunity to Australia. i am a SOUTH SUDANESE REFUGEE IN UGANDA AND STUDENT OF ORDINARY LEVEL LEVER.

  64. Iam Tanzanian citizen who is 19 years and single parent family.My education level is o\’level and have already complete by perfoming good.
    My father die last year and mom is unemployed thus help me

  65. It\’s very wonderful of you sending us these exciting informations . So how do we apply for the scholarships?

  66. I am a regular undergraguate student of mechanichal engineering, and i have dream to study in australia since i were a kid. I hope you will give me an aportunity to fill my dream. please help me? Thank you.

  67. Good evening sir, my name is nduka onyeachonam from Nigeria. I have a B.Sc degree in geology with a second class upper division (2:1, CGPA of 3.90), from Delta State University here in Nigeria. I proceeded to University of Benin Nigeria where I obtained my masters degree in Petroleum Geology with 66.25% average score and GPA of 4.2. I saw this scholarship opportunity and i am very much interested. Please sir i need detailed information about this great opportunity.

    Thanks and God bless you.

    Nduka Onyeachomnam.

  68. Hi, thanks for this great offer but instead of me can this great offer be given to my other family member(sister). I would like my sister to apply for this great scholarship, please consider and advise.

    Thank you.

  69. I am Ghanaian it is desire to give it back to my society. This opportunity is awesome to bring my desire into fruitful. thank you.

  70. I am an persistent outstanding and honorable student from the Philippines. Im good at Mathematics as well as Science and other major subjects. I have skills and talent when it comes to arts and designs. My goal in life is to be successful and be a part of something that can change me and the society to be a better one and I believed that this scholarship will give me opportunities to achieve my goal. This program may help me and my family to maintain my study. This program may motivates me to pursue harder my studies and be a stepping stone to reach my dreams and goals. As a student, I would be grateful if I was chosen and be part of this. I will always try my best at all times to meet your expectations and never disappoint you by studying hard and showing that I am the right one. Thank you very much.

  71. My name is Mutyaba Paul Paul from Uganda. I have a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and Social Administration from Bugema University in Uganda. I want to do a Masters Degree in related academic discipline in Australia. I need your assistance. How can i apply for a scholarship in Australia?

    You can reach me on +256773418383

    Email: mt.paul2009@hotmail.com


  73. Thank you for your information. Iam a Tanzanian citizen who is not reach a college or university thus can I apply?and if yes how can I apply?

  74. I am a graduate from University of Cape Coast, Ghana. I pursued a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) Program and obtained First Class Honours with a CGPA of 3.8. It is my desire to further in Clinical Health Psychology or Psychiatric related programs. My undergraduate program gave me a solid foundation for pursuit of higher degrees. Am a self-motivated student and strongly believe that I shall be a positive addition to the community of researchers in the field of Psychology. I am also a teacher by profession and believe I have the requisite human and ethical skills need to pursue a program in Clinical Psychology and or Psychiatry. It is my dream to get a scholarship to study in one of the top-notch universities with states- of -art- facilities in Australia.

  75. I\’m really interested and glad to get this info, so much interested in this scholarship bcos I\’ve been looking for this opportunity to further my studies in Australia but how do I apply for thanks

  76. Am a 39yr old ugandan, I would to undertake a masters degree in public health. Am i eligible for the above grant.

  77. Thanks for this opportunity. Please show me the way forward to apply for undergraduate degree. I am interested in reading General Agriculture or Environmental Science

  78. I want to study in Australia with this _100000_ grant Scholarship.
    Please help me to get a Scholarship.I would like to study in Australia.

  79. Please I am already doing a PH.D degree programme, can I be assisted financially to complete the degree either in form of loan or otherwise (bond) after I pay back by rendering service or work, earn money and pay back.

    Thank you

  80. I\’m Grace from Rwanda i did physics chemistry n biology in high school so I need to continue in public health in kind of financial I\’m poorly so if you have any fully funded scholarship you can help me the how I can apply for it.

  81. please it has been my dream to study abroad but finance has been a problem please help me to achieve my dream

  82. hello I\’m from a very poor home and I\’m exited about this how can I go about it I will be very happy if you help me get this

  83. dear si and all
    i am akam i have diploma for radiation therapist and radiographer and 9 years expirance working i want admission study this department please help me so
    beast regards

  84. I have a dream of studyig abroad. I have finished my master degree ( phase-shift, scattering length, and effective range). I want to continue the PhD degree ( charge symnetry breaking in mirror hypernuclei) . Let me joins this program.

  85. Am a registered nurse from a poor background interest ed to study in Australia to do degree in nursing,kindly help

  86. Vraiment je suis très convaincu d\’étudier en australie seulement ce les moyens qui me manque du tout et je besoin de votre assistance , et comment je pourrais y arriver en australie?

  87. Am a Uganda I stopped in high school I have my advanced certificate of education, how can I be helped?

  88. please may someone help me on how I can get this Scholarship opportunity. I really need to continue my education.

  89. This looks like a mock.How do you give people the amount of scholarship tenable in Australia yet no University link to be associated with it.Could you be playing with our financial needs deficit?

  90. Am having BSc degree in textile engineering. So, please help me apply to postgraduate level MSc in one of the departments below:
    1. Textile engineering
    2. Garment technology
    3. Industrial engineering

  91. How do I apply, am a. Graduate already, am having HND in civil engineering and want to have my msc

  92. Am already enrolled in the university in Australia second semester but am looking for the scholarship to help me paying my tution fee.Am really in need of tution.Please how can i apply ?

  93. pls i have a diploma(nd) in biomedical engineering since I graduated last year, I\’ve been working hard to get a degree in a very notable school its just hard to find a school back in Nigeria that offers this course am very committed to biomedical engineering and just need to further my education am just 20 years old help any one.

  94. Australia has been my dream country since I was a kid, I would be glad when given the opportunity to study in your country but I\’m financially I\’ll, how can I apply.

  95. My interest is to advance my level of education to enable me to get involved in entrepreneurship field and achieve my goals in fighting for human rights and inspiration to youth and children.

    I am ready to study anywhere be it America,Australia,UK,Spain anywhere a part from India and China where I don\’t interest to study.

    If you offer me any opportunity I will appreciate

  96. HI. I am solomon Aregay from mekell, ethiopia . I have B.S.C in civil engineering . Now I want to join in your university in masters program specially in HIGH WAY engineering. So would you inform me how to apply. please kindly inform me using this telephone number +251914194590.

  97. hi I\’m interested in studying overseas I have an NVC in primary agriculture and N6 in farming management now which place can I get to further my dreams in agriculture field. I\’ll wait to here from you thank you.

  98. I would like to enroll for master in education but if possible l need a scholarship for my masters please get back as soon as possible

  99. Hi, Im from Kenya and my desire is to study medicine in Australia but my family cant afford, how can i get full scholarship.

  100. Indeed, I would like to study in Australia only that the means is so challenging.If this is a genuine information then, hundred of thousand of problems are resulting in my life.I am Southern Sudanese living in Kenya, please. I will be very grateful if this dream has come true.
    may God bless all.

  101. I am a Government Veterinarian in the Philippines, I want to pursue a masteral degree, what course is in store for me in your scholarship grant or program?

  102. well talented and very bright had passion for learning but no one was their for me, love to do medicine but it is too late life is short cant achieve what i wanted i hope your grant will fulfill somebody dream thank for helping the needy

  103. I am a student at the Management College of Southern Africa. I would really love to study abroad . I am currently doing a bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain Management.

  104. Thank you very much for such good scholarship, I also from poor countries but not the mentioned ones. can I apply for this scholarship in a education based programs.

  105. I want to persue law with an on line college,please help me get the college in Australia that offers on line law courses also where i can get a grant for that course.

  106. I want to study in Australia. I want offline studies. I will appreciate if I can be granted a scholarship to study in Australia because it\’s a dream of my life to study in Australia.

  107. Hi. I am currently studying first year with Unisa for my Degree in Community and Health Psychology. Am in my first semester. Will I qualify for this offer has am really excited and interested in this opportunity. Please reply soonest.

  108. Yes I want to study in Australia but due to financial challenges am un able to do that, I wish I could be assisted. Please am at a crossroads and I need your assistance so that I can follow the right direction

  109. Hello
    Single mother looking for assistant to study abroad.
    Would be great full if your office would assist me.

  110. I am Abdi Bedassa a graduate of BSc Degree in Veterinary Laboratory Technology with CGPA of 3.83/4.0, from Ambo University, Ethiopia .
    Please help me telling me the way I can apply this scholarship.

  111. Am an orphan who have just graduated from the college of Agriculture with several awards and certificates, I have great passion for the field of agriculture science and its ecology, I will love to further more into the field to acquire more theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in agriculture, I wish I will be granted the opportunity to win the grant . Looking forward to hearing of you. Thank you.

  112. Am an orphan who have just graduated from the college of Agriculture with several awards and certificates, I have great passion for the field of agriculture science and its ecology, I will love to further more into the field to acquire more theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in agriculture, I wish I will be granted the opportunity to study in your esteem school. Looking forward to hearing of you. Thank you.

  113. I thank you for the information that is given. I have a question which to know if there is any scholarship for undergradute students that are from Togo?

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