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Planning to receive a high-quality international education in the comfort of your home is not complete without getting an online grant. An online grant? Is it possible to receive one? Yes and we can help you select the best online degrees without the financial efforts of providing the annual tuition. The $1000 “Get Educated Online College Grant” is the perfect solution if you intend to undertake one of the thousands of accredited online universities based in the US. You will not have to spend a huge amount of time thinking about how you will get money for your college. Instead you will keep your mind busy and weigh all the college/ university options now that you do not have to worry about paying your tuition.

Info about the “Get Educated online college grant”

The $1000 grant is offered twice a year to distance learning students who wish to pursue a course offered by an online accredited university. Read our article, in case you missed it, about the importance of choosing an accredited online university here https://www.educationalscholarships.net/2017/07/17/why-is-it-so-important-to-choose-an-accredited-online-university/. This grant is financial and merit based which means that is available to a wide category of distance learning students. You can choose any online accredited university to attend the online grant is not bound to one online university.

How can you secure the “Get Educated online college grant”?

This online grant is available for U.S citizens who are attending an online accredited university in the US. The minimum cumulative GPA accepted is 3.0. So, if you are an U.S citizen pursuing an accredited online program, you are invited to submit your scholarship application by October 15th.

What documents do you need to apply?

First of all, you need to write a 500-word essay on the following topic “What an Online College Degree Means to Me”. Second, you need to gather your recent grade transcript and your FAFSA which is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Learn more about FAFSA here https://fafsa.ed.gov/. Once you have gathered all the required document, fill your scholarship application here https://www.geteducated.com/free-college-scholarships/20-distance-learning-scholarships. At this link you will find an e-mail address where you ought to submit the documents. It is highly important to comply with the scholarship requirements otherwise your scholarship application will not be taken in consideration.

Choosing the most suitable online accredited university is a good way of boosting your resume without attending to a full offline degree program. And if you are also the lucky recipient of a $1000 scholarship, your future employer will shortlist you. Good luck!

    I would like to serve to the societies for many reasons. I was brought up in a society of Ethiopia and other international countries where helping each other was considered as an obligatory routine. Instead sharing what you have with someone giving you that world can be a better place to live for the further generation if we could ever work hand in hand to day to eradicate the present problem
     Name :-Mr.HanchaluGeletaWegari
     Sex:-Male
     Date Of Birth :-2/6/1981
     Place Of Birth :Oromia ,West Shoa Zone ,MidaKegnWoredaDidiksaAmuma
     Current Address :West Shoa Zone ,Ambo Town
     Marital Status :Married
     Nationalirty:Ethiopia
    • Phone :number 0910599414
    • Email :hacegeleta@gmail.com
    Afan Oromo Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Amharic Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
    English Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent

     Working At Education Office On Adult Education And Community Deployment
    7. CERTIFICATE: – Training
     Early Child Hood And Care Education
     BIBLE (Community Service On Spiritual Development)

    Year In E.C Level Education Place Awarded
    1986-1993 Primary education BitileEmentary School Grade 8th certificate
    1994-1996 High school Gedo High School Grade 9th certificate
    1997-1998 preparatory Gedo Preparatory Grade 12th certificate
    1999-2001 University Jigjiga Digri certificate
    2007-2010 University Ambo MA certificate

     Reading history which related community based organization
     Helping children who lost their parent
     2002-2004 high school teacher
     2005-2008 high school directors
     2009-2010 education office Education Office On Adult Education And Community Deployment
     Sr. AlmenshEjeta 0910164284
     Debesawegari 0911896255(Ambo University Lecture)

    —————–I NEED PHD program in international develomment

  2. I am Iauben kwiha school of petroleum engineering NKUMBA UNIVERSITY spe chapter Uganda,3rd year. Though iam not a citizen of U.S, but outside there we are crying for the tution,our lands and plots have been sold for us to acquire studies but even they are not going to accomplish the task allocated for.Those who are concerned please adjust and consider your son lauben in field of petroleum production and transportation engineering.
    Mighty God bless you during screening period.

  3. I am interesting to apply in this scholarship my hope to late the study be the fast way in my future so I would provide engineering of Road and bridge is more as I want in my life…

  4. I would really appreciate if you granted me this scholarship, I\’m a single orphan trying to strive and achieve my goals. Please grant me this scholarship

  5. Thank you.My name is Mbalenhle Mtshali I wish to study film in America in 2018, so I\’m looking for funding.

  6. This is a good and rewarding opinion. But it is not available for a non U.S citizen. How can i access it as a African,

  7. I\’m passionate to get scholar contact me please…..I\’m chemistry student in Ethiopia at Adigrat university

  8. I am a student base on ports an terminals management.with a bachelors degree in ma field of study.am desperate in need of this scholarship to further ma education an to ease the burden from ma average parwnts

  9. I am sorry, I really need a scholarship to continue my education.I don´t know how to apply scholarshi. Especially, I do know online payment.

  10. Am conelious from Uganda,I need this scorlarship because its convenient,saves time since I can be studying online and as well save time to do other things.online education is a form of education where you obtain knowledge through your PC or smart phone,get in touch with your lecturers online through visual and in visual system, visual includes getting work or exams in while communicating eye to eye via Skype,WhatsApp video calls with the lecturers while as in visual may be through messages.

  11. Really I\’m enjoying by learning so please my intention is serve my society inotentely for that it required good ground regard tsegaye tanks

  12. I want this scholarship i have problem please i going to use this scholarship as my study\’s
    I don\’t have amount please help me

  13. please i need the scholarship
    iam an IT student with diploma Certificate , i offered hardware and Networking ENGENIEERING.
    please i need the scholarship to continue My education because i dont have money to pay My fees and other bills ..Thank you

  14. My name is Abeje Molla Mengistu from Ethiopia and I have 1st degree in marketing and sales management from Ethiopia government university. I worked above 6 years at finance and economic development office. So I want to learn MBA programme in scholarship.

  15. I really get inspired by the people who succeed when they are given scholarships ………in my heart i pray and wish am considered and given a scholarship.love you guys

  16. This is Kaliisa Caleb from Uganda
    I am a high school graduate
    I need this scholarship in that I can get
    a degree in finance and accounting

  17. Am Jane studying a diploma currently so i would like to study on line a degree programme especially sith your universitythank you

  18. Iam Ian sitienei,am upto joining university of Machakos next month first week to pursue Telecommunication with Information Technology and I have no finance,I hope to have scholarship with the same course in order to attain my goals and save my family.

  19. I am interested in an online masters\’ scholarship in either community-based conservation or Primatology. Please check out one for me.

  20. Hi I\’m interested in this scholarship please consider my application.is wI\’ll very pleased if u do consider me as one of your students tanew you.

  21. I\’m interested to get this opportunity. please contact me by Mamikolove23@gmail.com. I have a first degree in law. I\’m from Ethiopia. I need full scholarships. please help me with how to apply and the details requirements.

  22. Hello my name sina sous
    I\’m from Cambodia
    Now I\’m looking full scholarship for study abroad
    Pleas help me to find your college dear
    Thank you!

  23. I am Mwami Yoweri from Uganda in Africa , I would like to get the grant also but the problem is that it is restricted to only American citizens , why don\’t you adjust so that it fits all students who would like to be helped in the world like me, I have \

  24. I want the scholarship for social science I\’m an shs graduate from Ghana. Please help me I really need it

  25. I\’m Rejoice, I lost my father when I was 8years and since then it has not been easy paying for my fees. My uncle who takes care of me also has so many burdens on him .Therefore I will be happy if I am giving this scholarship

  26. I\’m very grateful for this offer. Please I\’m in need of a full tuition scholarship most especially in countries like USA and Canada. Please add me on and update me on the said scholarship opportunities in the above countries. Thank you

  27. Thank you very much. Please I\’m very much interested in this scholarship opportunities. Please add me on. Thank you.

  28. Do you have scholarship in chemistry course?Also please tell me if you have scholarship for 1st year university student ?
    With respect

  29. I felt so lost and confused about my dreams and vision because of financial crisis, until a friend told me about this scholarship I need this scholarship please

  30. Thank you for your mail and Iam very ready to take up this this golden opportunity to study nursing. The challenge is that am a Kenyan citizen. Would you please consider me?

  31. I want scholarship for nursing i have interest working in clinic to help but I don\’t have matric only pramary health certificate

  32. Hello my name is baboucarr Touray am from Gambia i need your help so that i can complete my education. Am from a poor family my parent cannot paid my schooling for me to further my education so am looking for scholarship

  33. If there is open admission to students from foreigners with clear criterion of admission and feld of study along with detailed curiculum requirements ,it will be very interesting,hope you will brief y it soon

  34. Thank you for your mail. I have read the contents rushy. But i am not American national and i am foreigner/from Africa. So would you comment me what can i do in such circumstances, in telling the conditions weather might it be allowed for foreigners and what other criterion are to be fulfilled……

    sincerly Yours, SOLOMON BEKELE

    Thanks a lot!

  35. Clement mutuku from kenya. Ill be joining moi university this month to do a degree in community development. I have no means to finance my studies and ill be greafull when i get this scholarship

  36. Hello.I\’m Pius from Cameroon. I don\’t really know how I missed your mails but i\’ll get to work on the essay ASAP.Thanks…

  37. I am a south sudanese by nationality who is a refugee currently in uganda
    is it possible for me to get the opportunity? I studied diploma in Registered Nursing but it is currently difficult for me to continue studies because of financial problems

  38. I wish to get this scholarship if it is posable
    iam from Ethiopia I learn 3rd year clinical pharmacology in mizan tepi university
    first degree I like to join scholarship in oder to develope my education as I can
    so please help me to get this opportunity
    if you wish to help student
    thank you for offering this important idea
    to any one who like to exploit this chance

  39. Hi My name is Thomas Boakai from Monrovia, Liberia . I have a Diploma in Building Construction but really need a degree. +231880573434

  40. Dear i am birhanu tamirat from Ethiopia. Just i hold my First degree in veterinary science (DVM). I need further study MSc in veterinary public health, microbiology, veterinary epidemiology and other related course. Please help me i need full scholarship.

  41. I\’m a student at Unisa doing PGCE major in mathematics.I would appreciate to granded the scholarship tp pay up my fees at Unisa

  42. please i need the scholarship
    iam an IT student with diploma Certificate , i offered hardware and Networking ENGENIEERING.
    please i need the scholarship to continue My education because i dont have money.Thank you

  43. Hi,
    Etiendem Dieudonne Nkongmic.
    Sir I am a graduate, I pursue a degree in civil and environmental engineering, and I wish to apply for a scholarship to continue with my masters degree or any other programs like project management, urbanization etc.
    Sir /madam I look forward in receiving your helping hand.

  44. Can I get helped with sponsorship? I have been admitted at Botho University to study Bachelor of Science ( Honous) in Health Information Management.

  45. I am chepkurui Joan ,from Kenya .I request that u may accept my application to this scholarship.I would like to work towards my career by your support

  46. This is NJI Molan from Cameroon and a registered nurse looking to having a degree in nursing or any other health related field

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