Get $1000 through Arts for Life! Award

What are you passionate about? Do you doodle every now and then or draw when inspiration hits you on any surface? Do you have a drawer full of pages with doodles written all over it? How about post its or notepad that has snippets or quotes? Do you like to write stories or novels? Does poetry help you express your emotions? How about dancing? How do you feel when you dance? Do you lose track of time dancing or choreographing routines and other dances?

And acting? Have you starred in a play or have you considered directing? Do you spend hours reading lines or memorizing a script? Have you considered multimedia arts?

These are the common questions asked to teenagers in high school. In many situations, students discover their talents, skills, and abilities while at school. Some are blessed and have it as early as elementary but it is usually in Junior High that it becomes pronounced. It may have something to do with the developmental stage of such age group. This is the time that they try to discover their individuality, who they are and what they can do.

By Senior year, high school students must decide if it’s something they’d like to do long-term or if it’s something they’d like to pursue college or formal education. They must assess if it’s something they’d like to consider on the side if it’s going to be a rewarding and meaningful experience if it’s going to sustain their livelihood.

Should you be one of those high school students in that dilemma, you might want to consider scholarships and grants in the process. A college education isn’t cheap but it does not have to be such a liability for a budget-conscious individual such as you. What we suggest is you maximize your talent and use it your advantage. You might want to consider applying for the Arts for Life! Award.

The Arts for Life Award is an annual grant given to 25 graduating High School students from Florida. The recipient will receive $1,000 cash award along with an eligibility to a matching in-kind scholarship to Florida participating college or university. The non-profit program has awarded 425 scholarships since its inception in 1999.

Last year (2016), the application period was from September to February 1st. Interested applicants must send their application along with an essay that explains the positive influence of arts in the applicant’s life. The applicant must also submit their portfolio along with the application.

Winners of the scholarship come from 5 art categories namely: creative writing, dance, drama, music, and visual art. The awardees and their winning work is showcased in the grant’s website: http://artsforlifeaward.org/wordpress/apply/

You may choose to check back later in September for the opening of the scholarship or contact the Program Director, Lisa Raguso, for information at (850) 345-6284 or Lisa@Excelined.org.

  1. Hi,i am fron kenya and i am intrested in dancing and creative writing.Please offer me a chance to share my skills with you.Thank you

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