Grants for School for Students with Disabilities

There are many circumstances in today’s world that make it extremely hard for disabled students who are looking to pursue a higher education, to actually attend college. Fortunately there are many financing opportunities for those looking to enroll with an offline or online university. Scholarships especially designed for students with disabilities have become more frequent, especially with the advent of online education, which allows students to learn from the safety of their own home.

Disabilities can range from hearing impairments, chronic health conditions, mental illness and physical disabilities. As an example, just because you are in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to college. Take advantage of one of the grants for school available for disabled students and enroll in one of the online degree programs. You don’t have to spend your life indoors, being supported by your family. The following grants for school will help you gain your independence, despite your issues.

DisabledPerson.com Scholarship

If you are enrolled in a 2-year or 4-year program at an offline or online university in the US, enrolled in a full-time or part-time degree due to your disability, you are eligible to apply for funding. The website awards a $2,000 bursary and you need to apply before March 31, 2017.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Scholarship

Students afflicted with the disease who are looking to sign up for one of the offline or online degree programs available, for the first time are invited to apply for this grant. The foundation is willing to award up to 400 grants for school (depending on the available funding).

Interested parties are urged to send their applications online until January 15. The society offers scholarships between $1,000 to $3,000 depending on financial need and background of the student in question.

Beth Carew Memorial Scholarship Program

Students interested in pursuing traditional or online education and who have been afflicted by an inherited bleeding disorder can apply for financial aid with the Beth Carew Memorial scholarship program.

Eligible individuals have the opportunity to be awarded $4,000 which should be used towards for educational expenses only. Applicants must be enrolled or considering applying for a degree at a brick and mortar or online university. The deadline for this grant is April 15.

Ruby’s Rainbow

This grant applies to students over the age of 18 who have been diagnosed with Down’s syndrome and who wish to attend an offline or online education program in order to develop new life and work skills.

Ruby’s Rainbow awards up to $3,000 per individual and you should apply until July 6.

J.C Runyon Moving Forward Scholarship

This is one of the grants for school who is targeted at students afflicted with mental illness. Specifically people who have been diagnosed with behavioral disorders like language disorder, autism spectrum disorder or development delay, are eligible for this grant. Applicants need to use the $3,000 award to pay the fees for one of the offline or online degree programs currently available from educational institutions. Don’t forget to apply until May 6, or you risk not being able to submit your application anymore.

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  1. I will be delight if I win scholarship from this programme. I hearing impairment from Uganda finalist bachelor degree from kyambogo university Uganda

  2. Am a Kenyan and greatly interested with the schollarship program. send me the aplication link so as I may apply. I would be greatful to get you response.

  3. Darlington A Sleh is my name. I am a Liberian seeking for help in education. I really need a scholarship in order to improve my education.Thanks for understanding.

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