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Looking for extra money to pay for your college tuition? Why don’t you consider this easy-to-apply scholarship offered by LC Holdings PR

Receiving a scholarship has traditionally been regarded as a sign of academic achievement and success. Often people who were awarded scholarships were the cream of the crop. However, these days, things have changed. Many more scholarships are available for students of university online degrees and traditional ones, than there were a few years ago.

In fact, scholarships have become so accessible that even students who don’t have such stellar academic records can get funding. The key to getting a grant is to start your search early and to be persistent. At first you might experience a lot of failures, but as you come to grasp the process of applying for scholarship and get better at it, you will see your fortunes improve.

Start now! The earlier the better. There are many scholarships that are available for high-school students, especially for seniors. You shouldn’t stop searching for scholarships as you enter college, as funding for undergraduates is widely available.

Try to find at least 10 scholarship funds to apply to. It’s a numbers game so the more you apply the better chances you have to getting a grant. Also, here’s a pretty good tip to take into consideration when applying: once you have written your first application and gathered the additional documents (letters of recommendations, transcripts, etc) you can replication the basic elements for all your other applications.

Scholarships are not awarded out of the blue. So if you receive an email one day from a shady organization offering degree programs funding, you would do well to simply delete it from your inbox. Students of university online degrees or traditional ones who have been awarded a scholarship have worked pretty hard to get it. No skipping over steps or sending incomplete document portfolios.

Speaking of scholarship recipients. Find your friends or family members who have managed to pay for their degree programs through scholarships and ask them for tips and tricks on how to write the best application possible.

While you reflect on our recommendations, we’re taking the moment to share with you a scholarship opportunity you might want to bookmark.

Awarded by LC Holdings PR, the LiveCareer Education Opportunities scholarship is open to students who are currently enrolled with a university.

In order to apply for this $1,500 scholarship, you are required to submit an original, never-before-published essay between 200 and 800 words based on the following topic: “Which personal or educational accomplishment will you be most proud to share with future employees and why?

Candidates are expected to submit their work until February 28, 2018. The entries will be judged on a number of criteria including the student’s ability to answer the prompt, the coherence of the argument or personal statement, as well as grammatical and spelling correctness. Creativity will also be taken into consideration. But in order not to get disqualified from the competition, make sure your essay is spotless and mistake-free.


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