Expanding your Theatre Exposure and Experience in Australia through the George Fairfax Memorial Award

Art is said to be universal but society and culture have a huge impact on an individual’s perception of art. In many instances, a person’s history defines how art is portrayed – the more that he or she is exposed to various places, scenarios and generally speaking, people, the more that his appreciation of art in itself as an expression, becomes wider and more meaningful.

Theatre is one of the classic and yet continuously evolving performance art that many people explore. Graduating from a theatre course may have given you sufficient background and experience to start your career but choosing to expand your knowledge, exposure and expertise with a different audience and culture make you more versatile and adaptable to parts, roles, and responsibilities.

If you’re just about to graduate or have graduated from any theatre related course such as Drama or Production, have started your professional career and have been on the field for 3 years, you can consider taking post-graduate or doctoral degrees in Theatre at the University of Melbourne.

University of Melbourne welcomes international graduate students and offers a range of periodic scholarships to support continuing education. It is also said to be the top university in Australia and #33 in the world.

One of the faculties of the University of Melbourne is the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). Catering to graduate courses related to writing, music, arts, film, dance and theater, it is incidentally situated on Kulin Nations – home of the people of Wurrung and the Woi Wurrung – the first Australians.

The irony that you will be tapping an art-related course in this university is not lost. If your educational career is as important as the professional career you have started by graduating and having 3 years experience; and if If you’ve been living in Australia for 4 years or are an Australian resident, you would be eligible to the George Fairfax Memorial Award to be awarded next academic year.

Opening on March 2018, you will have ample time to prepare for the requirements and be considered for the scholarship. The Geroge Fairfax Memorial Award will help you pay approximately $20,000 worth of tuition and expenses based on your talent and achievement. Highlight on your accomplishments and contributions while working in Australia or the 3-year experience that you have in Theatre. You should be confident with your skills and you should know your goals.

VCA will also take into account your travel plans, study plans as well as your commitment to your goals. Serious Theatre Scholarship applicants should have a picture of how they plan to pursue and expand their knowledge and career. They should have a clear path and direction to what they want to do and how they would like to achieve it. Assess your skills and know your goals. Being prepared is always the key to anything you’d like to do in school and in life.

Your financial need will also be considered in the process. Financial capacity or budgeting, including income and expenditure cash flow, may be asked so your documents should be ready. Supporting documents including your academic transcript must also be ready for upload.

You must also learn to promote your success and achievements. Your latest Curriculum Vitae (CV) is going to be required. Make sure that it is comprehensive and if documents are available to support the details on your CV, make sure that you have them ready.

Applications are done online. The link to the application form will be available once the scholarship opens which is estimated to be in March 2018. Watch out and be ready when that happens so you have an edge! Grab the chance to be granted $20,000 for your tuition and other expenses.


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