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Most of the parents dismiss the impact of social media platforms on their children; however, their willingness to consume illegal substances, alcohol, and tobacco is more and more pregnant due to the social networking influence. The peer pressure on social media is strong and nowadays, the children are spending hours on different social media accounts which on one hand boost their social standing and on the other influence them to act inappropriately and harmful.

Luxury Beach Rehab is proposing the above topic for discussion through the launched contest named “Write an Excellent Essay about Substance Abuse” where students can win a $500 prize. Luxury Beach Rehab is a family-run rehab center based in Florida, placed in a private location on Hutchinson Island. For more info about Luxury Beach Rehab consult the official website: http://www.luxurybeachrehab.com

The topic and execution

Students are required to write an essay about how social networks influence the substance abuse among teenagers and students. It will be taken in consideration any topic which is well-argued and well-crafted. The articles should exhibit accurate facts and data. Also, any direct experience with alcohol or drug rehabilitation should be related in an insightful manner.


The submitted article should be at least 800 words long and should not exceed 1000 words. Both undergrads and graduates are invited to apply by submitting an essay written exclusively for this purpose. The article should not adhere to any academic style or convention. However, it is best if students will approach the essay in a professional manner comparable with the best student writing published within the top educational institutions and their publications. The essay should be submitted here: http://www.luxurybeachrehab.com/scholarship/

Those who participate in the contest should fill all the terms and conditions as well as scholarship rules. Afterwards, they will be able to submit their original academic quality article.

The closing date

The submission deadline is July 15th, 2017. Winners will be notified on August 15, 2017.


The lucky student will receive a $500 prize for the winning essay. The amount will be dispersed via PayPal and is aimed to contribute to the student’s educational expenses.


Participants considered eligible are only legal US residents who must be at least 18 years old. The contest is open to both undergrads and graduates students who hold any major.

The selection Process

The analysis, verification, vetting, and judging of submitted essays will be done on the basis of merit. The essays will be handled by the center’s directors.

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