Military-friendly Online Schools Offering Scholarships

If you are in search of military-friendly online schools offering scholarships of all sorts, there are lots of options to choose from. Taking college education online can be one of the smartest moves you can make in your academic life. For online schools, there are lots to choose from that you would definitely end up in one most ideal for you.

There are all sorts of military-friendly online schools offering wide variety of online degree programs. These schools are expected to be capable of supporting strong military communities with excellent support networks for these communities. In addition to that, these online schools also have excellent flexibility and financial assistance programs.

Some of the most excellent military-friendly online schools include Argosy University Online with tuition fee at $16,724, Ashford University with $13,790 for tuition fee, Columbia College requiring $8,700 for tuition fee, Baker College Online with tuition fee at $11,500, and finally Colorado State University Global with $10,500 for tuition fee. These are some of the schools you can consider if you are thinking about taking your college education online.

One of the best military-friendly online schools offering scholarships is the Arizona State University. ASU requires $12,000 tuition fee but can be written off if you qualify for their scholarship program. For eligible Arizona high school graduates, Arizona State University offers Regents High Honors Endorsement. In addition to that, specific online degree programs also offer scholarships. Example of these programs includes School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies. More arrays of private scholarships can be found at https://asuonline.asu.edu.

If you choose to have your college education online, there are lots of benefits you can have from doing so. While it can feel a bit isolating since you won’t have the presence of your classmates and even your professor in a classroom set-up, having classes online can be freeing and flexible. Your schedule can be based on what’s best for you, especially if you have work to deal with on top of your education.

Military-friendly online schools and its programs would need to be approved for Veterans Administration education benefits, which operated under the Montgomery GI Bill. Specific online degree programs would also need to be approved to be under the benefits so you would need to choose a program approved to be qualified. Other financial assistance programs include federal tuition assistance for military personnel, as well as veterans’ housing stipends. You can also ask for scholarship programs that can be used by military spouses, veterans, and active-duty personnel.


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