Art-related research for Ph.D. supported by UNSW Art & Design International Scholarship

As an Art student, you must have come across much distinct architecture, design and significant artworks notable in various countries of origin. Finishing your graduate studies in Art can render you unprepared for your next steps.

It is always best to find experience by working in galleries or museums so you’ll be hands-on art pieces and specialize in the field that you have worked on. It is, however, as good to pursue your doctorate degree, and where else can you consider doing so, but in the University of South Wales, Sydney!

Sydney is one of the famous cities in Australia, oftentimes mistaken as the capital of the continent. It is the home of the famous Sydney Opera House and is known for such an artistic structure, it is undeniable to assume that Australia must be home to various art opportunities and scholarships.

University of South Wales Art & Design was originally known as UNSW College of Fine Arts (COFA). It was also known as Sydney Technical College, the National Art School, Alexander Mackie College and the City Art Institute, all names that echo its specialization – programs pertaining to visual arts, design, and even robotics. Globally acclaimed, UNSW Art & Design is home to over faculty and students coming from over 50 countries.

The UNSW Art & Design International Scholarship Research awards up to $30,000 international postgraduate scholarships for projects that are related to the university’s research projects in coordination with the Australian Research Council grants. You will get to study and implement your research in Australia.

The scholarship amount is the same as the International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) for the year (payment of tuition fees and an annual stipend) and the duration is up to 3 years depending on merit and satisfactory progress.

This scholarship is open to any international graduate (citizen of any overseas country excluding New Zealand and not normally living in Australia). There are 4 rounds available depending on the academic year that you shall enroll. Round 3 ends on August 18, 2017, and Round 4 ends on October 11, 2017, 11:59 AEDT.

Applications are completed online and since this is going to be research-driven, a supervisor should be consulted. The following are requirements that must be prepared ahead of time:

  • electronic transcript including an explanation of the grading system
  • curriculum vitae (CV)
  • research proposal
  • supervisor contact
  • certificate/diploma of prior degree/s
  • proof of English (meet English Language entry requirements)

You will be notified of your application status about 2 months after the deadline and must follow instructions for acceptance and enrollment afterward.


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