Postgraduate Students from Developing Countries Can Get Full Scholarships at Westminster University

Westminster University offers a wide range of scholarships, for international undergraduate and postgraduate students. There are four types of scholarships offered by the Westminster University: full scholarships, (which cover not only tuition, but also accommodation, transport to and from UK, and living expenses), full tuition fee scholarships (which awards only the cost of tuition), half tuition fee scholarships (the students receive only 50% of the tuition cost) and part tuition fee scholarships (which awards up to 50% of the tuition costs).

International students can only apply for one type of scholarship. Also, the full scholarships and full tuition fee scholarships are not available for international MBA students.

Students who are interested in this scholarship must first apply for and receive a place at a postgraduate program at the Westminster University. You can find more information about the available postgraduate subjects here.

For students interested in starting the postgraduate program in January 2018, must apply for a scholarship until 13 October 2017. These scholarships are for one-year master programs and are available for UK, European Union and international students.

The Westminster International Scholarships is a full scholarship (tuition, accommodation, living expenses and transport), offered to students from developing countries, who hold a degree corresponding to a UK First Class Honors degree, who prove they are in financial need and have a development potential. Another scholarship for students starting their academic year in January 2018 is a Full fee tuition fee, with the same requirements as the Westminster International Scholarship. Students who have received a place at a postgraduate program at Westminster University can also apply for one of the two half-tuition fee scholarships or for one of the two partial tuition fee available.

Applicants can find out more information about these scholarships here.

At Westminster University, other full scholarships for international postgraduate students are offered in cooperation with different organizations and trusts who usually aim to help students from developing countries to get a chance to higher education. For instance, students refugees from South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda or Kenya can apply for a full scholarship which is awarded in conjunction with the Windle Trust International. Full scholarships are also granted especially to students from Asia, Latin and Central America or from small island developing countries. Applicants coming from regions or countries affected by natural or man-made disasters can also receive a scholarship, through the Disaster Regeneration Scholarship.

  1. Am a graduate from Ghana and will like to apply for Schorlarship in ur school so please kindly contact me through my mail. I will be very grateful.

  2. How about those with a second class upper degree, aren\’t they qualifying for such scholarship if they are from developing nations?

  3. I am very interested to get this chance to learn my PhD. in your university. I am from Ethiopia I have MBA from Ashland university which is international university of Anerican.

  4. I am John L. Momoh, I am interested in a full scholarship including air-ticket to travel to Europe for Masters degree. I obtained my Bachelor\’s degree from the university of Liberia in Public Administration class of December 2016.

    Last year I applied for a Westminster scholarship but was unfortunate. Moreover I learn t that my name was left out of the graduation list for 20114-2015 class.

  5. Zine Mesbah from Algeria 45 years in the mid-career government administration obtained a baccalaureate +03years of university study in Business Administration Law I want to continue to study for a master\’s in public administration
    I hope a guideline on how to get a scholarship or financial

  6. I really want to continue my studies majoring in education. I am from one county in the South Pacific called Vanuatu . How can I apply for one of the scholarship that are available this year.
    Sandy Massing

  7. Thank you very much.
    I would like to apply for westmister university scholarship.
    Kindly advice me how to apply.
    Ali Eltawiel

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