This $7,000 Scholarship Lets Creative Students Study Fashion Worry-Free

Have you ever wanted to study fashion? With these scholarships you can

Been creative all your life? These scholarships will help you channel your imagination

Have you always been fascinated by fashion and the prospect of being able to make people look good? Then you’re probably a natural fashionista who needs to study fashion. There are plenty of traditional or online college degree programs available with universities across the world, so if fashion trends have been your penchant, give it a new dimension by pursuing education in the field.

You can go for traditional or online education – it’s up to you, really – the only thing that matters is that you love fashion and preferably, you enjoy drawing too. But how about money for college? What about them?

Fashion scholarships are the way to go for those looking to enroll with an offline or online college degree. These fashion grants are offered for various levels of study including undergraduate, masters fellowship programs and many more. Here’s three you might find intriguing and with good reason.

The international fashion academy in Paris or IFA awards three types of scholarships for undergrad and postgraduate students: a fully funded scholarship (100% fee tuition), excellence scholarship (40% tuition fee reduction) and distinction scholarship (20% tuition fee reduction).

Applicants need to boast an excellent GPA and show impressive extracurricular activities or professional experience to be considered for one of these scholarships. Additionally, the IFA imposes some other requirements including a motivational letter that answers questions such as: Why are you applying for the scholarship? Why should IFA Paris award you a scholarship? In some cases, students will be required to send in a portfolio (like if you’re applying for the Bachelor of Fashion Design & Technology) and for MBA programs three reference letters are to be provided.


Another fashion scholarship available for students who are pursuing a fashion degree is the one provide by Vectorworks Design. The bursary is open to everyone who is enrolled in a traditional or online education design-based program.

The company offers two grants. One which offers students $3,000 to cover tuition, housing, textbooks, conference registration, as well as free Vectorworks design software and the another one (Richard Diehl Design Award) which awards $7,000, but also has the benefit of offering exposure in industry publication and press.


It’s quite straightforward to apply. No matter your field of design, you should submit a sample of your best work in PDF, .mov or .mp4 file format not larger than 100MB. Impress the judges and get your fashion education funded.


What if your particular niche is jewelry design? The Woman’s Jewelry Association established the Cindy Edelstein Jewelry Design Scholarship in order to help other talented women start out on their journey as jewelry designers.

The grant awards $5,000 to ladies who are willing to pursue a degree in the field. The scholarship is offered in memoriam of industry icon, Cindy Edelstein who passed away in 2016 due to cardiac arrest.

As shown above fashion students have plenty of opportunities to apply to scholarships and get the money they need to fund their education. They just need to keep an eye out for good grant options. Luckily, we’re here to help out.

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