Applying for an online or offline scholarship: What do I need to know? Part one

Are you making plans to pursue online education or go the traditional way but you do not know where to start? Is the lack of money a burden and impedes you from following your path? Then you need to consider applying for a scholarship. Don’t you know where to start? Then the following guide addresses your concerns.

Studying at a top offline or online university can be an expensive choice to make, indeed; however, there is money out there for you. Almost all offline schools as well as online schools have scholarships available. What you need to consider is what they are, where you can trace them, and how you can make yourself available for them.

Do your research early. Pressure is not our friend and often demotivates. So, to avoid putting pressure on yourself while submitting your application for any scholarship in the field of online education or offline education, consider searching earlier. It will save you from spending time on an application for a scholarship you are not a good fit for.

After searching and finding the scholarship, check if you are eligible. As much as you wish to meet all the criteria established for the scholarships by the scholarship providers, it cannot be possible. By doing research in advance, you will have time to see which scholarship is more appropriate for you and spend time working on your application.

Be extremely organized as it is important when it comes to working on your scholarship application. Create a folder on your desktop and gather there all the scholarship materials. This way you will know where to retrieve your documents in case you wish to update them or add other materials as well. In case you wish to apply for several scholarships, it is best if you create a unique folder for each one and maybe name it according to its name adding also the closing date of them. Having this kind of info displayed will alert you to finish the documentation process and apply.

Include all the required information. It is important that you introduce all the information that the selection panel has requested of you in your application. Lacking documents will guarantee that you will not be shortlisted which is specifically what you do not wish. Review all the requirements and do not dismiss any of them.

Stay tuned for part two where we will reveal other important tips on how to increase your chances of winning a scholarship even if you opt for pursuing the classes of offline or online schools.

  1. Iwant schoolship to study information and technology in australia university .please help me because im looking for a sponsor inord to saccesiful my dream

  2. I\’ve been dreaming to have a scholarship near in our country Philippines especially in Bulacan, I want to pursue my dreams I hopefully you guys help me,,

  3. I have already started at the University of Livingstonia in Malawi but i do not have money further my education.I am doing my bachelors in public health.I am looking for a sponsor.

  4. please i need your help i want to study outside and I know you will definitely pick me and also am now having a single parent.

  5. Its my prayer to study outside Africa and I think a scholarship will make this dream come to pass and am hoping you can help me find one.

  6. Hello,I would like to apply for a scholarship and study in Kwnya since I have to keep watch of my aged parents. Is it possible?

  7. M already started at University of North West and I end up 2nd year now I want to complete my diploma, I don\’t have money to further my studies.


  8. Am taking Diploma in Theology at Scott Christian University in Kenya second year. I wish you to consider me to continue my studies in abroad or offer the education on line. This is because i have school fees challeges.

  9. Am taking Diploma in Theology at Scott Christian University second year. I wish you to consider me to continue my studies in abroad or offer the education on line. This is because i havd fees challeges.

  10. Am Thomson ozil finished my A\’levels but i couldn\’t afford university though i have love to continue with my education i will be happy if my prayers are answered thank you

  11. I’m a technician in electromechanical I want to study electromechanical engineering how you can help me please!

  12. I have bachelor of electronic engineering department computer science and I want scholarship to study bachelor of electronic engineering

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