12 Students from Developing Countries Will Receive Scholarships at Hasselt University

Hasselt University is inviting nationals from 31 developing countries to compete in the ICP program 2018 “ROAD SAFETY IN LOW & MIDDLE INCOME COUNTRIES”. 12 students from the following countries – the list of the countries can be accessed here https://www.uhasselt.be/UH/education/Actueel/News/2017/2018-ICP-scholarships-application-now-open.html – will be awarded scholarships to obtain an MSc in Transportation Sciences, specialization Road safety. Only graduate students are eligible to apply for the scholarship which is tenable for two years at Hasselt University in Belgium.

The program “Master of Transportation Sciences – Road Safety in Low & Middle Income Countries” offers a unique focus and approach to Road Safety in Developing Countries and is supported by VLIR UOS, an institution of public utility which supports partnerships between universities and university colleges, in Flanders and in the South, aimed to search for innovative responses to global and local challenges. More info about the organization can be accessed at the following link http://www.vliruos.be/en/about-us/.

Few words about the potential candidates

It is highly important that the participants in the competition have excellent command of English and hold a Bachelor degree in domains such as transport or civil engineering, transport economy, mathematical and statistical sciences, political and social sciences, psychology or sociology. Students whose English skills or current academic training do not comply with the established criteria should not consider applying for the program. Also, the maximum age of applicants should be 35 on January 1st. Only nationals from the countries mentioned in the above link will be considered.

During their studies, students will be trained to identify transportation and road safety issues in order to create innovative solutions by using an integrative approach based on the following pillars: the individual, the environment, and the society.

The application process   

The online registration form can be accessed here https://uhintra03.uhasselt.be/webregistratie/(S(4s24xzpzucr2t0qkkfvqriue))/Default.aspx. Accessing this link will allow students to apply for the “Master of Transportation Sciences – Traffic Safety” and not for the scholarship. In order to apply for the VLIR UOS scholarship, students must follow a certain procedure. Students will find more about it on the VLIR application form which can be downloaded at the top of the UP/DOWNLOAD page of their online application form. For a complete list of steps and requests regarding the scholarship, students should consult the following link https://www.uhasselt.be/UH/education/ICP-Scholarship-Programme-Road-Safety-in-the-South/ICP-Apply-now.html#anchor.

The closing date for the application is March 1st 2018 when students are advised to have a completed online application and hard copies of their legalized degree certificates and academic transcripts by post.

  1. Thanks for this offer for scholarship request. I wish to apply for a fully funded Scholarship to enable me meet up with my long awaited dream and career. It will be a great pleasure if i am given this opportunity. Yours humble applicant.

  2. I\’m interest to learn Business management or project management option in order to help our community in development and fight for poverty in society but I have no capacity to pay school fee so please if is possible help me to get that educational scholarships,N. Thank you for your good willing. God bless you.

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